tagInterracial LoveWedding Trip #01

Wedding Trip #01


As I sat at the airport waiting for my flight I thought a lot about the coming trip. My old friend Judy was getting married in six days. I haven't seen her in nearly a year since my husband John and I moved nearly an entire days drive from where we grew up three year ago for work reasons. It was a big change but worth it. I can't deny that I'm not looking forward though to seeing all of my friends again and all the familiar faces I grew up around. Judy also made me her maid of honor giving me some extra work to do but happy to for her. Her wedding is going to be the first weekend in November, mere days after Halloween. Which worked out for the bachelorette party idea a couple of her bridesmaids came up with.

Sadly my husband John couldn't get off work also so I have to go alone. I promised to call him every night from the hotel room so we can stay in touch. After he dropped me off at the airport I went through the long check in process. Waiting for nearly an hour I am now finally on the plane giving me the next three hours to relax and explain more about who I am.

My name is Marisa. I am 26 and have been married for four years now to my loving husband John. We have had a great relationship from day one. The only thing that surprised him was that I was a virgin when we got together, which he of course ended up taking. In general my body type is average. My hair is naturally red, have blue eyes, and very pale white skin as most redheads do. I love my legs which are long for my body and well shaped from years of jogging. The only problem I do have with jogging revolves about my chest. My breasts are a natural 36 DD in size which is a real pain when running or finding proper clothing. They stand out and are hard to miss. Find it's usually the first place guy's eyes gravitate.

Other than seeing Judy and some of my other girl friends the one other person I was looking forward to seeing again is Dwane. I went to high school with him and he was one of the few black teens in the whole place. We spent a lot of time together after we graduated and were pretty good friends. I have no doubt that he wanted more but I really had no interest in him that way. He moved away to the city about an hour away to get a better job. I never knew what he did but he seems to have done well for himself. We slowly lost contact after I moved away and hadn't heard from him in a couple years until recently. He gave me a phone call out of the blue. Telling me he got our number from Judy and was looking forward to seeing me again. That we would have to make some time before the wedding to hang out. Several phone calls later we agreed on going to lunch the day after I arrived. More so since my hotel wasn't going to be too far from his house.

When the plane landed I picked up my car rental and drove straight for the hotel to relax. Was going to be here for the next seven days so the sooner I rested the better. I hadn't been there but a few minutes when I got a call on my cell from Laura. She's another old friend and one of Judy's bridesmaids. After the hellos Laura explained that her and Judy's other bridesmaids set up a bachelorette party two nights from now. All they had planned was dinner and drinking. Nothing special but it would be fine. Only difference was that since it is so close to Halloween the girls thought it would be fun for us to all get costumes to wear while we were out. That's when I kicked myself telling Laura I had forgotten mine at home and now needed to rush out to get one tomorrow. She gave me directions to a place she said was great and would likely be able to find something. After I hung up the phone I found a voice mail from Dwane making sure I got in and explaining where to meet him tomorrow afternoon. Kicking my fete up I relaxed the remainder of the evening only taking time out to eat and call John.

The next morning I showered and got dressed for my lunch date with Dwane. I can't believe it's been a little over four years since I have seen him. Putting on a nice plaid skirt, green short sleeved v-neck tee shirt, and mid calf high low heeled black boots I thought I looked pretty good. Fixing my hair and some light makeup I walked towards to meeting spot since it was close enough in the nice fall weather. Arriving at the restaurant I got a table and waited for Dwane. Thankfully I didn't have to wait for long. While looking at the menu I saw some one approach the table. Looking up I saw Dwane standing before me. My had he changed. He was still a deep brown in skin color with dark eyes and with short hair. Yet, he was larger then I remember with a strong upper body and well shaped. I was almost speechless when I saw him but without thinking I jumped up giving him a big hug.

Sitting back down Dwane took the chair across from me. We just sat and talked for some time before ordering our food. We had a lot of catching up to do. I didn't admit it but he had become a good looking guy. Not that he was ugly before but wow. After eating we still just sat there at the table chatting when my cell phone buzzer went off. Asking me if it was a call I explained no it wasn't. That I was actually a bit embarrassed because it was my pill reminder.

"Pill?" Dwane asked. Yes, I told him, my birth control pill. I have to take it around the same time each day and set my cell phone to remind me. Reaching into my purse I pulled my pill pack out, popped one out, and swallowed it down. I couldn't help but notice that Dwane took this moment to look down at my chest again, for the fifth or sixth time in the past hour. We finally left the restaurant but continued talking as we walked down the street. He asked me how my husband John was doing since the two of them were friendly as well. At one point I mentioned to Dwane about the bachelorette party tomorrow night and he was surprised that there wasn't going to be a stripper. I explained I was too but they hadn't found one in time because it was set up on short notice.

"I'll do it!" Dwane blurted out. "And I won't charge either." I stopped and looked at Dwane in shock. That's when he went into detail about what he has been up to all these years. He has been making a living as a male stripper. Which made sense consider how well built he was now. I told him I wasn't sure but Dwane insisted. He had that night off anyway and would give him something fun to do. I asked him if it would be weird doing that for people he knows and more so an old friend like me? He assured me it would be fine. That Judy and the other bridesmaids only met him once or twice years ago. That he has changed a lot since than and has even run into them several times since but they haven't ever recognized him once. He also said he would wear one of his old stage masks to hide part of his face. I was really iffy on the whole thing more so since I wasn't sure where we would do it.

"At my place" he said. Explaining how he has more then enough space plus it would be free and private. He also said that he could as part of the night give lessons to the girls. His ex-girlfriend was also a stripper and had a pole and small stage installed in the basement for practice. That we can got out for dinner then drive to his house for drinks and a private party. I was still unsure but he twisted my arm and I gave in. We continued walking until we reached my hotel. There we said our goodbyes until the tomorrow evening as Dwane went home to ready his house. On the elevator ride up I called Laura and told her about the change of plans which she was actually fine with. Hanging up the phone I still couldn't believe that Dawne was a stripper or how sexy he had become. Was hard not to think of him in a sexual way. Which is new for me since I've never considered being with a black guy before. Dropping my leftovers off in the hotel rooms refrigerator I got into my rental car and drive off to the costume store.

When I got there I was very disappointed than again what could I expect. It was so close to Halloween that the few woman's outfits that I liked and would fit my oversized chest were mostly sold out but for a handful I likely wasn't to normally consider. I ended up buying a German beer wench type outfit. It was two pieces consisting of a short, upper thigh length, blue skirt with white fringe lace along the hem. The top was one piece that had a black corset with red lace ties in front that tightened it to fit better with an attached white shirt piece that covered the breasts and only a small portion of the upper arms with nothing on the shoulders but the corset straps. The corset part was shaped so as to just curve under the boobs to make them stand out more. I'm guessing to give some form of support since you can't wear a bra in this thing. To go along with it I also bought a pair of white thigh high stockings with plain whit tops like in the costume cover photo. Thankfully I had a pair of black pumps with a three inch heel I could wear with it.

Leaving the store I went back to the hotel. Not a moment after parking the car my cell phone rang. Picking it up I found it was Dwane calling. Answering the phone I bid him a cheerful hello.

"I've been thinking all day about this" Dwane started saying. "I want you to stay at my place for the rest of your stay. I have an extra bedroom and you're an old friend so I want to help you save some money for the rest of your trip by not having you pay for a hotel. You can come and go as you please and we can hang out more if you want because it's been way too long. And no matter what you say I'm not taking no for an answer and will bother you until you agree."

He was as good as his word and wouldn't let up until I finally relented. I knew all too well how hard headed Dwane is and he won't ever give up on something he has his mind set on. He was happy to have me stay there and said he would help bring my stuff in tomorrow after checking out of the hotel. I immediately called my husband after getting back to my room about the change of arrangements. He had no problem with it telling me to have a good time and send Dwane his best. Late the next morning I packed all my stuff back up, checked out of the hotel, and after loading the car drove over to Dwane's place. As promised he unpacked the car for me but I couldn't stay for long, having wedding stuff to take care of before the party tonight. Meeting with a couple of the bridesmaids to try on dresses and plan for the bachelorette party. When finished we all went our separate ways to get changed for the evening. I made only one stop on the way back to buy a bunch of alcohol for the party. Pulling back up at Dwane's house I went in to do the same. First taking a shower I took the time to shave my legs and vagina which I always try to keep smooth and clean.

Drying myself off I slipped on a pair of panties, followed by the white stockings, than worked to get my costume on. Looking at myself in the mirror fully dressed I made quite the sight. The blue skirt was short, an I mean short! So much so that the hem was above the tops of my stockings and was maybe seven inches down from my crotch. Knew if I bend over in this I'd show everything. Putting on a strapless bra so I felt at least a little extra covered. I always have a problem with those things though. With my large chest the strapless bras often tend to slide down causing me to often adjust it. Am glad I had it with me having brought it to wear with the dress for the wedding. The top of the costume fit me nice after adjusted the corset lace except for the chest. It kind of pushed them up a bit more than expected showing large amounts of my already ample cleavage. I fixed my hair and makeup before dashing off to Dwane's guest bedroom where my clothes were. Going through my bag I pulled out and put on my black heeled pumps. When finished I took another look at myself and thought I looked pretty sexy tonight. Apparently I wasn't the only one.

"Damn Marisa! You're looking really hot tonight!" Dwane said from behind me. "I always thought you had nice legs and that outfit really helps to show them off." Swinging around I saw him standing there in the doorway. I watched as his eyes looked me up and down several times. Thanking him I asked if he was ready for later? "Oh yes!" was his reply. As we went over the night's plan I couldn't help but notice him constantly staring at my chest or legs. Dwane asked me if I wanted to see the basement room where we were going to be doing this? I said yes and he lead the way. Getting down there he flipped on the lights. The room is big with a large sectional sofa, TV, tables, etc. In one corner was a small low stage with a metal pole. In another was strange looking device which I was drawn to look at closer. It was a large metal frame seven feet tall and shaped roughly like a upper case A with four legs, two on both sides with a bar between each pair for support. Hanging down from the center were a bunch of strap like things. I couldn't help but ask Dwane what it was all about.

"Oh that?" he replied. "My ex girlfriend, the one who was a stripper and also installed that practice pole had me buy that for her. It's a sex swing see. These two smaller straps wrap around you thighs or for foot stirrups depending on the position you're doing. Than this one goes under you lower body for support, and the forth one goes under your upper body for the same. She loved it than again she had a the biggest sex drive of any girl I know."

I know the feeling. My sex drive is through the roof most times! He asked me if I had ever been in one? I told him I hadn't. He told me he have to change that and get me to sit in it later. Smiling I agreed but I had to run now to meet the rest of the girls for dinner. Giving him a kiss on the cheek I thanked him as I headed out the door. The meal went well and it was great to be with all my old friends again. When we finished the group piled into a couple cars as I lead the way back to Dwane's house. The whole time Judy and some of the other women kept asking where we were going? Me and Laura didn't say a word. Finally pulling up to his house I guided them all around back and down to Dwane's outside basement door. Once they were all in I pointed towards the alcohol I had bought earlier telling them to help themselves. Only Mary didn't drink since she rarely does anyway and agreed to be the driver for the night. Seeing how all I had to do was walk upstairs to bed I helped myself to plenty; maybe too much. Dwane let us enjoy ourselves for over a half hour before he finally made his appearance.

Coming down the stairs with music playing and dressed in a stage costume with mask and all on he got right to it. Everyone squealed when they saw him. Dancing around the room he went from person to person pulling each one of us to our feet to dance with and grid against. They all looked to be enjoying themselves as he began to actually strip now taking everything but his shoes and a small pair of bikini underwear. It was very tight fitting and make his package look huge! Yet, I knew better that there was no way he was actually that big since strippers like to stuff their underwear to make it seem more impressive. Dwane pulled each one of us to our feet to dance with. He seemed to spend some extra time with me rubbing real close and even felt his hand on my butt more than once. When he finished with me he moved onto the bride. He spent the most time with her and she looked to be enjoying herself the entire time. Afterwards he had some fun teaching the other women some basic pole dancing moves and even got all of them to be in his swing set up as a joke. They all kept trying to get me to join them in doing this but I was too busy helping run the party and was worried about being embarrassed in front of all these people. Though I might have had a lot to drink by this point and was buzzed I wasn't drunk enough to look silly in front of all these people. I spent most of the time watching Dwane. I still can't believe how sexy he had become again thinking of doing things with him I have only about my husband for the last several years.

When it was all said and done I helped escort everyone back to the car. Judy and the other bridesmaids thanked me and that they had a hell of a time. Saying our goodbyes I watched as they drove off before heading back into the basement to clean up. As I was throwing away the trash Dwane came back down still only in his tight fitting stripper thong and began to help me. It wasn't easy to not look every time I turned towards him to not look down at the very prominent bulge in his crotch. I figured he must have really stuffed that thing which probably isn't comfortable.

"Why didn't you join the other girl's before?" Dwane asked. I explained I was too embarrassed to do it with the other women here. Dwane laughed when I said that telling me no one else was there so I could do it now alone with him. I told him it wasn't necessary but Dwane being Dwane he wouldn't let up. Telling me that we can finish cleaning up later. I wasn't sure about actually doing it but he as usual wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Come on lets have some fun" Dwane said as he grabbed my hand leading me over to the stage and pole. I told him we didn't need to do this but he insisted. Pushing me up onto the stage he told me to just have fun and do my best. I was blushing at that point feeling nervous. Trying to relax I began to dance and make a total fool of myself having never done this before. The entire time Dwane was being helpful though verbally directing me to improve how I did things which helped some but not enough. Not matter how hard I tried I was unable to get the spinning around the pole thing right no matter how much Dwane tried. Though as short as my skirt is and where I could see him looking I have no doubt he had a clear view of my panty covered butt and crotch. Dwane thought it was funny that I couldn't figure it out. Stepping up onto the stage he moved around behind me.

"Here lift your right leg up like this and wrap it around the pole" Dwane said as he reached down placing his hand on the back of my thigh. Bringing my leg up he moved his hand higher up my thigh close to my right butt cheek and placed his other hand on my left waist. There was a chill of excitement that ran through my body when he did this and couldn't help but notice my bodies sexual reaction to his touch. Dwane started directing me as to what to do. Not sure if the alcohol helped since I already found him to be very physically appealing and really sexy looking but I was actually getting turned on. After running me through it he released me from his grip and sat down on a chair in front of the stage. Running through everything again Dwane was impressed at how well I did.

"How about you do it for real. So you can get some real practice so you'll be ready when you do it for your husband when you're back home" he told me. I asked him what he meant by that?

"I mean actually strip" Dwane said. I was taken aback by that and wasn't sure what to say. Dwane explained that he meant only to my underwear unless I felt like doing it all the way. "Come on Marisa we're old friends so you shouldn't be uncomfortable around me. Plus it would be great practice before you do it in front of John" he said in a calming voice. I did feel a little odd but I knew he wouldn't let up so agreed to doing it down to my underwear. Trying my best to be sexy I had a little fight getting the top off but the skirt was a lot easier followed by kicking off my heels. I kept my panties, bra, and stockings on as I tried on my own to swing around the pole again to no effect. That caused Dwane to laugh as he came back up onto the stage to help me once more. I took this time to pull my bra back up which had started to slip down. Propping my leg up again he softly rubbed my upper thigh as he helped direct me again.

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