tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWeekend at the Lodge Ch. 01

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 01


Six lovely college co-eds had rented an isolated mountain cabin for a week of cross-country skiing. I'd seen them up here before and was prepared for them. Being in an isolated cabin up in the mountains, the girls left the doors to the car and cabin unlocked. I arrived late at night and leaving my van down the dirt road I snuck into their cabin. Everyone was asleep and I quietly opened my kit. Within moments, I moved from room to room with a bottle of chloroform and a rag. I held the rag over each guest's face until they succumbed to the fumes and lay motionless. I tied them up. I was surprised to find two guys with them. I hadn't counted on this but it just might work out well. One slept alone and the other with one of the girls.

Once everyone was safely tied up, I went out to get my van and move it closer to the cabin. I brought in the rest of my supplies and removed the distributor cap from their van. No one was going to be leaving. As they started to come around, I brought them each into the main room of the lodge. The cabin had a large living room-dining room, with a kitchen at one end, two downstairs bedrooms and a large loft, where most of the girls were sleeping.

First I brought in Steve, who had been sleeping alone and was still a bit groggy. I sat him in a wooden chair, tying his arms behind him and his legs to the rear legs of the chair. His ass rested on the edge of the seat. Next I brought in John, who had been sleeping with a giant breasted woman named Judy in one of the downstairs bedrooms and tied his arms above him from ropes I'd dropped down from the loft railing. I then brought Judy in and sat her in one of the armchairs.

Up in the loft lay the five other co-eds. Each had her arms bound together at the elbows by leather cuffs and a metal clip. Some were bound in front, while others were bound behind. I led them downstairs and set them on the couch or in the padded armchairs that sat in the living room.

I went to my kit and brought out a short, leather lash and a huge, plastic dildo that was mounted on a wooden base. I also set up an apparatus that I'd built for use at other occasions when I enjoyed abusing women. I could tell it was going to see a lot of action this weekend. Taking the whip in my hand, I walked past each of my terrified captives and gave them a moderate swat on their legs with the whip. I wanted them to know its kiss and just how much pain it was capable of causing them.

"Now that you know what the lash feels like, let me tell you that you girls are going to serve me and my sexual desires for the next few days. I plan to fuck each and every one of you and one by one, fill every hole you own. I expect your full cooperation and obedience. If not, you can expect to feel the lash on the most sensitive parts of your beautiful, young bodies and with considerably more force than you just felt. Guys, your disobedience will be paid for by the girls.

From what I'd seen of the group when they were in town a few months ago and by the way the others seemed to look to her, I realized that Judy seemed to be the leader of the group and I knew she'd have to be broken first. Her sister, Joan, sat trembling in the armchair, her arms bound in front of her, framing her huge tits. I pulled her to her feet and had her sit on one of the kitchen chairs I'd placed near the wall. I tied her ankles to the front legs of the chair with a piece of rope and then pulled her arms up over her head and tied them to the chairback. I looked down at her huge tits and licked my lips. Standing in front of the bound beauty, I straddled her legs and brought my crotch to just inches in front of her face. I wrapped my fingers around her slender neck and pulled her face to my crotch. She could feel the huge bulge in the front of my jeans as I rubbed her cheeks over my sheathed cock. I could feel her luscious, young body tremble.

Letting go of her head, I reached down around her hips and pulled her body forward until her ass slid over the padded seat of the chair and she slid down to a squatting position. She desperately tried to keep her thighs closed as she adjusted to her new position. I looked down at her beautiful, young body as her thin T-shirt slid up around her slender waist. Great abs. I crouched down in front of the terrified beauty, my knee between her open thighs, pressing against the front of her silky panties and filled my hands with her magnificent breasts. They were amazingly firm as they stood out beneath the sheer material of her T-shirt. I could see her nipples harden against the soft cotton. I began to squeeze them and pinch her taut nipples as she gasped. As her body moved slightly, her pussy ground against my knee as it pressed hard against her pussy. Her nipples became very hard as I toyed with them and she whimpered as I twisted them and pulled her huge breasts upwards by her tender nipples. I could feel her body trembling as I teased her huge mams. Reaching down to the hem of her shirt, I pulled the front of it up over her chest, revealing her massive tits and her large, pink and very hard nipples. The guys tried not to stare. I leaned forward and sucked her very hard nipple into my mouth. The bare-breasted beauty gasped.

"Now to get started, what is your name?" I asked as I turned to Joan.

"Joan." she whispered, still recovering from my assault on her breasts.

"I am going to beat Joan's magnificent breasts with the lash every time one of you doesn't immediately obey my command. If necessary I will beat her tits until they bleed and then she will be replaced by one of you. One of you may even piss me off enough to get to sit on St. Peter's Revenge over here." I said as I walked over and placed my hand on the top of the huge rubber dildo that sat on the table.

"I wasn't expecting you guys to be here but if you play your cards right, you just might get to cum in each of these beautiful girls." I said. The girls looked terrified and the guys tried hard not to look too eager, considering my last comment.

"Shall we get started?" I teased as I walked over and sat down beside Joan. I looked down at her bound body as she was arched over the seat of the chair, her thighs parted slightly and her naked breasts thrust upwards as her upper back pressed across the padded seat. I looked over at Joan's sister, who glared at me with cold hatred. I placed my hand on Joan's naked breast and began to pinch her firm flesh. I looked over at Judy as I caressed her sister's magnificent breast. The bound beauty whimpered as I teased her massive chest.

"What is your name?" I asked and when she didn't answer, I lifted the lash and brought it down hard across Joan's exposed breasts.

"Aaaghhh!" the young beauty screamed as the others jumped. They looked at the poor girl's chest and could see that an angry, red mark covered her creamy, white tits. Now they were really terrified.

"What is your name?" I asked her again as I raised the lash once again.

"Judy." she answered quickly. I lowered my hand with the whip.

"That's better. Okay, Judy, come here." The buxom beauty quickly began to move in her chair as she tried to lift her body out of the armchair. It was hard for her to get her balance with her arms bound behind her. I watched as she spread her long, tapering legs in an effort to lift her body from the chair. Once she was standing, she walked in my direction. Her shoulders were pulled back by her bindings and her huge tits were thrust forward pressing firmly against the soft silk of her teddy. They bounced gently as she walked. I held my hand out in front of her at the height of her crotch.

"Over here." I said and she stepped closer to me, looking down at my hand as my fingers pointed to her pussy. She stopped inches from my fingers. Without looking away from her, I brought the lash down hard across Joan's tender breasts.

"Aaaghhh!" the bare-breasted beauty screamed once again as Judy quickly stepped forward and wrapped her warm thighs around my extended hand.

"Much better." I said softly as my fingers probed between her satiny thighs. The bound beauty turned her head away and let her hair fall over her face as I rubbed my fingers across the front of her panties and could feel the heat that emanated from between her sculptured thighs. "Spread them." I said and the young beauty quickly slid her feet apart. I eased my hand further between her legs and rubbed her pussy and ass with my fingers as her beautiful body began to squirm. Sliding my fingers into the front of her panties, I pulled them down to her knees in one quick motion. Sliding my fingers back between her thighs, I caressed her swollen labia and she gasped as my fingers pressed between them and entered her tight pussy. "Pretty wet," I commented as Judy turned crimson. She was drenched.

I lay the lash down over Joan's huge, beaten tits and then looked up at her sister. Judy wore a black teddy that came to just over her magnificent ass. The front was closed by a simple bow just below her breasts. I reached up and pulling on the tie, the teddy opened, revealing her deep cleavage and huge tits. I filled my hands with her trembling breasts as I began to squeeze and pinch them. My fingers closed on her taut nipples and I shook her tits gently. The young beauty gasped as she felt me tease her massive titflesh. I slid my hand back down between her thighs and probed her dripping pussy as she gasped. She was a very attractive woman with an exceptional body. I was going to enjoy her.

"What's your name?" I asked the guy she'd been sleeping with.

"John." he answered quickly as he looked down at Joan's beaten tits.

"How is she in bed?" I asked. He didn't answer. Joan screamed again as the lash bit into her tender breasts and another red welt appeared across her creamy, white skin.

"Good, very good." he answered quickly.

"Only good?" I taunted. "With a body like hers, she ought to be spectacular. Does she give good head?" I asked as my fingers continued to probe Judy's tight pussy. He looked over at Judy, who was totally humiliated. I hit Joan across the chest once again and she screamed.

"Yes, she does." John blurted out as he looked at Joan's magnificent tits. The dark, red marks left by the lash stood out distinctively against the creamy, white skin of her breasts.

"I'm pleased to hear that. Have you ever fucked any of these other women?" I asked.

"No." he answered quickly, afraid that I would hit Joan again.

"Are you interested in any of them?" I asked as he watched me probe his girlfriend's pussy with my fingers. He could see how her body writhed as my fingers rubbed between her open thighs. He did not reply. "Come on, pick one." I pressed him. He looked around the room at the bound, young women. Judy watched him closely as his eyes roamed the other captive women. He looked at Sandy, a tall, slender blonde with a beautiful body. Judy was furious as she watched her boyfriend.

"You think about it for awhile." I said as I slid my hand from between Judy's moist pussy lips. "Over there." I said to her and she walked back to her armchair, her panties down around her knees and her teddy open, revealing her massive tits to everyone. As she walked, her panties slid down to her ankles and she kicked them off. As she sat down, her teddy opened further, keeping her massive tits on display.

I walked over to a slender, young girl who sat on the couch. I grabbed the front of her T-shirt and pulled her to her feet. Reaching down between her elbows, I unclipped her cuffs. Sitting down, I looked at the nervous, young girl.

"Strip." I said as I picked up the lash that lay across Joan's beaten chest. Without any hesitation, Annie reached down to the hem of her T-shirt and peeled it up over her head and dropped it on the floor. She stood before me wearing only a brief pair of panties as I gazed at her pert breasts. I noticed that she had a cute, little ass as she slid her thumbs into the waistband of her sexy panties and slid them down her tapering legs. I held out my hand and she stepped up to me and deposited her pussy on my fingers. She could feel the moistness on my fingers from Judy's dripping pussy. I probed her pussy, sliding first one and then another finger into her tight pussy. She couldn't look at me as I probed her intimate flesh in front of her friends and turned her head to face the wall. I wasn't offended and continued to probe her moist pussy.

"What is your name?" I asked as I continued to probe her drenched pussy.

"Annie," she whispered, still not looking at me. I released her pussy and then I reached up and reclipped her elbow cuffs together below her breasts. I reached up and pinching her taut nubbin, twisted it gently.

"Okay, you. Over here." I said to the next girl on the couch. A very slender girl, with narrow hips slid her ass off of the couch and approached me. I eased my fingers back into Annie's moist quim and then sent her to sit down.

"What is your name?" I asked as the slender girl approached me. She too, wore a T-shirt over her panties.

"Leslie." she said softly as she walked towards me.

"Turn around." I instructed and I reached up to unclip her elbows. "Strip." I said and the scared, young girl reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head. I saw that her waist was tiny and her hips small but the space between her thighs was quite pronounced.

"Now the rest." I said and as she stood with her back to me, she slid her fingers into her panties and bending forward, slid them to the floor. I watched her ass as she moved and looked forward to enjoying her tightness. I slid my hand between her thighs and she gasped as my fingers grazed across her swollen labia. She grunted as my fingers slid between her moist lips and probed her tight pussy. Withdrawing my hand from her pussy, I reached up and clipped her elbow cuffs together and then sent her to sit down.

"Next." I said and neither girl moved. I lashed Joan's huge tits with the whip and Mindy looked over at Sandy. She could see the terror on Sandy's face and before I could raise my hand again, Mindy started to move on the sofa. As she walked towards me, I could see that she was very short but her tits were amazingly huge. They bounced gently with every step as she walked. Her hair was dark and short and the rest of her body looked great. At five foot-one, all she needed was another 8 inches of height and she would have the perfect proportions. Her elbows were clipped in front and her arms framed her huge tits beautifully.

I reached up to the clip holding her cuffed elbows together and my hand brushed against her magnificent breasts. I unclipped her cuffs and nodded. Scared, she reached down to the bottom of her shirt and peeled it up over her huge tits and then over her head. What a body. She dropped the T-shirt and stood before me, wearing a matching bra and panties.

"Now the rest." I said and she lifted her hands to her chest and unclipped the front of her bra. She peeled the cups from her massive tits and as she slid the bra off of her shoulders, her huge tits were thrust forward in front of me. I gazed at her breasts and could see that her dark nipples were rock hard. She dropped the bra, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and as she leaned forward to slide them down her legs, her huge breasts swung forward and hung down under her chest. I reached up with both hands and taking a firm grip on the girl's huge tits, pulled her towards me. She remained bent over and as her body moved forward, she had to straddle my thighs as she spread her legs around mine. Still holding her massive tits, I let her stand up and her huge tits were just inches from my face as I squeezed them tightly. Pulling down on her tits, the young beauty sat down on my legs, her naked pussy just inches from the huge bulge in the front of my jeans.

"Hands on your head." I said and she lifted her arms and placed her hands on top of her head. With her arms raised, her huge tits rose on her chest as I continued to squeeze and rub them. "What is your name?" I asked as I continued to play with her magnificent breasts.

"Mindy," she whispered as I squeezed her tits.

"These are quite magnificent." I complimented her as my fingers closed around her taut nipples and I shook her massive tits. Mindy gasped as she felt the strain on her crushed nubbins. I let go of her tit and she felt my hand slide down across her flat stomach and descend between her open thighs. She looked down and could see the huge bulge in the front of my jeans and swallowed hard. My fingers slid through the soft curls of her muff and then across the moist lips of her pussy. With her legs spread wide across my lap, I had unrestricted access to her pussy. She gasped as my fingers entered her young body and probed deep into her drenched quim.

"You're very wet." I announced and the young beauty turned crimson with embarrassment. I continued to probe her pussy as her huge tits began to heave as her breathing became heavier. I brought my hands back up to her huge tits and pinching her nipples again, shook her tits. She gasped and felt the moistness on my fingers as I held her nipple. "I'm going to enjoy fucking these." I said as I shook her tits again. I pulled upwards on her nipples and the young girl rose to her feet. I cuffed her arms in front of her and watched as the clip came across the bottoms of her breasts, pressing her huge tits together. I leaned forward and bit her nipple gently.

"You're next." I said to the gray-eyed blonde sitting on the couch. Sandy did not move.

"Aaaghh!" Joan screamed as I beat her huge breasts again. Quickly, Sandy slid off of the couch and slowly walked towards me. I watched as her breasts bounced with every step and her long, tapering legs moved sensually as she walked. I unclipped her cuffs and looked at her beautiful, young body.

"You know the drill." I said and the young beauty hesitated. I hit Joan's tits once again and Sandy quickly reached down and pulled her tanktop up over her head. Her body was magnificent. She was tall, with long, blonde hair, a truly beautiful face, a long, slender neck and her figure was out of Penthouse. She had firm tits that rode high on her chest, with dark, red nipples, a very slender waist and hips that flared beautifully as they gave way to her long, tapering legs. I nodded and she slid her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. She hesitated and I hit Joan's tits once again.

Sandy swallowed hard and then slid her panties down to her ankles. She was a natural blonde and I could see that her soft muff had been trimmed to fit into a very small bikini. I held out my hand and the beautiful blonde, stepped towards it. When she refused to place her pussy onto my hand, I hit Joan's tits once again. Sandy stepped forward and my fingers slid between her warm thighs.

"Much better." I said as I slid my finger between her moist labia. She gasped as she felt my fingers touch her most intimate flesh. Her body shook as I let one finger slip between her soft lips. I heard her gasp again as I began to probe deeper into her very tight pussy. Now I understood her reluctance. She was a virgin. My finger hit her taut cherry and her body shook. I smiled at her as my finger pressed against her cherry. The naked beauty shuddered. I couldn't imagine how a woman this beautiful and sensual had managed to keep her cherry but for the moment I said nothing. I just continued to slide my finger in and out of her tightness.

"What is your name?" I asked as I probed her virgin pussy.

"Sandy," she whispered as my fingers teased her maidenhead. Finally, I eased my fingers from between Sandy's warm thighs and smiled up at her. I clipped her cuffs together in front and sent her to sit down.

Now that the introductions were complete, it was time to get down to the purpose of the weekend – enjoyment.

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