tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWeekend at the Lodge Ch. 12

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 12


This is a series and will best be enjoyed by reading them in sequence.


It was time to bed everybody down for the night. I decided that I should let Mark fuck Sandy for the first time, since everyone else had. I lifted her body up and walked her over to the middle of the room. I lay her down and tied her arms to the leg of the sofa, above her head. I then positioned Judy between her open thighs, her own head barely touching Sandy's open pussy.

"Okay Mark, over here." I said and he walked over to where the two girls lay bound on the floor. "Climb on." I said and he straddled Sandy's body and then lowered himself down on top of her. He'd dreamed about fucking her for a long time and though this was not how he'd envisioned it, he didn't want to miss the opportunity. I tied a strip of cloth to his wrist bindings and then wrapped it around Sandy's throat. He could move his bound wrists down as far as her breasts, but any further would choke her. "I suggest that you let Judy suck on your cock until you're hard enough to fuck Sandy," I said. "I hope you enjoy her," I added as he leaned forward and lay down on top of his girlfriend. He could feel her soft breasts press against his chest as his cock slid down across her open pussy and then brushed against Judy's face. She reached up with her bound wrists and massaged his balls as her tongue licked the length of his cock. Mark moaned with pleasure as he felt Judy suck on his cock and he kissed his girlfriend passionately as she sucked his tongue deep into her mouth. As he slid down to suck on her breasts, he felt his cock move across Judy's lips and she then guided it into her mouth. He moaned with pleasure as he sucked on Sandy's hard nipples and felt Judy suck on his hard cock.

I tied John on top of Mindy and I tied Leslie on top of Steve as he sat astride the chair and Joan I tied over Bob's body. I then tied the other girls to each other in a 69 position. Finally I pulled Marilyn over and had her kneel under the loft. I tied her wrists to one of the overhead ropes and secured them so that she would be able to lie on her back with her arms above her.

"If you please me enough, you may get to sit out the rest of this ordeal on my private sidelines." I whispered to her. She smile.

"You mean I won't get to fuck any of the other guys?" she asked with a touch of sarcasm in her voice.

"I could arrange it if you like -- I can even arrange for you to do some of the girls." I added. She smiled and then leaning forward, enveloped my cock with her talented mouth. I moaned as I felt her suck my cock between her soft lips and tease the sides with the tip of her tongue. I let her suck on my cock for a while and then withdrawing from her mouth, I lay down beside her on the floor. Leaning forward, she pulled on the rope as she lowered her huge breasts to my mouth. She pressed one nipple against my lips and I sucked on her hard nubbin as she moaned with pleasure. Lifting her body slightly, she turned her chest and then lowered her other nipple to my lips. Then lifting her tit from my mouth, she moved her body alongside of mine as she lowered her chest to mine and then dragged her huge tits across my body until I felt them press across the stiffness of my cock. She rubbed her huge tits over my cock as her arms were pulled up over her head. Then inching back a bit further, she slid the tip of my cock between her lips. I moaned deeply as I felt her warm lips envelop my cock and her talented tongue tease the tip of my cock.

Pulling my cock up straight with her lips, I watched as she slowly lowered her face down the length of my cock and the tip pressed between her tonsils and deep into her throat. I watched as her mouth slid all the way down the length of my shaft as her arms were pulled up over her head and her massive breasts hung heavily below her chest. She was magnificent.

I continued to watch as she lifted her face off of my cock and then slid it all the way back on until her soft nose pressed firmly against my pubic bone. Marilyn continued to deep throat my cock as I watched her huge tits dangle below her chest. I reached out and palmed her dangling tits and she moaned as I began to tease her hard nipples. I watched as she continued to deep throat my cock and then reaching between her thighs, I pulled on her leg and she turned her body to straddle my face. I gazed up into her seething pussy and could smell the sweet scent that emanated from her loins. I stuck out my tongue and slid it between the soft folds of her drenched pussy. Her body began to tremble as I probed her oozing pussy with my tongue. Marilyn slid her knees out to the side, bringing her pussy closer to my mouth as her own mouth continued to suck on my cock. As my lips closed around her erect clit, her body convulsed in a powerful orgasm as her sucking became even more voracious.

After several wonderful minutes of 69, I realized that she was about to make me cum and there were other holes I wanted to enjoy before shooting my load. I pressed up on her open thighs and Marilyn lifted her lower body from my face. Then lifting her face from my cock, she let my ramrod slip from between her soft lips. She quickly straddled my body and began to rub her drenched pussy across the top of my cock. She was unbelievably wet. When my cock spasmed and lifted slightly, she trapped the tip between her labia and then eased her body back until it wedged firmly between her pussy lips. She leaned back as I saw my cock standing straight up into the entrance of her tight pussy. Slowly she lowered her body onto mine as my cock slid deep into her loins. I felt her powerful inner muscles clamp down around my invading shaft as she brought her body all the way down onto mine. She started to ride my cock and she felt wonderful. Her inner muscles massaged my ramrod as her huge tits bounced wildly with each thrust of her body. I reached up to squeeze her bouncing tits as she fucked me with the passion of a woman possessed. Her arms pulled over her head, she wrapped her wrists around the rope and then used it to pull her body up and down as she skewered her tight pussy onto my impaling cock. Suddenly she gasped and a powerful orgasm wracked her magnificent body. I could feel the added moistness in her pussy as she continued to hammer her beautiful body down onto my cock. Again she gasped and another powerful orgasm overwhelmed her. She looked down at me with a very determined look and then as she plunged her pussy onto my cock, she rolled her hips and squeezed tightly with her powerful inner muscles. It was more than I could stand and with a loud grunt, I shot my load deep into her twitching pussy. I watched as her young body convulsed once again with yet another powerful orgasm.

Marilyn smiled at me and then collapsed onto my body as her huge tits came down onto my chest and her arms were pulled tightly up over her head. Her face was a mask of passion as her huge tits heaved. I reached up and wrapping my arms around her back, I rolled us over until I was lying between her open thighs, her arms bound over my head. I slid down slightly and as my cock slipped from between her soft labia, I rested my head on her magnificent tits. We both drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, I awoke with my face buried between Marilyn's magnificent tits. I sucked and chewed on her taut nipples as I felt her body begin to move beneath me. As I slid forward, she lifted and spread her thighs and my cock easily slipped into her warm, wet quim. I felt her powerful inner muscles clamp down around my cock as I began to slowly thrust up into this beautiful woman. Once again, I wrapped my arms around her back and rolled us over, this time onto my back. She looked down at me as she drew her long legs up under her and knelt astride my hips, my cock buried to the hilt in her tight pussy. I pulled a pillow over and slid it under my head as I watched this amazingly beautiful woman prepare to ravage my body. She wrapped her wrists around the loft rope and then began to piston her tight pussy up and down on my raging cock. I watched as her huge tits bounced wildly as she impaled herself over and over again on my ramrod. Her face became a mask of passion as orgasms began to ripple through her beautiful body.

As she fucked my cock, I reached up to her bouncing titflesh and then pulled her forward until I could bite at her hard nipples. As my teeth closed around her nipple, she stopped moving up and down and began to gyrate her hips as she massaged my cock with her powerful inner muscles. This was one talented lover. I released her breasts and she began to hump onto my cock until I exploded deep in her loins as she too was overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm.

As she sat astride my hips, my cock buried to the hilt in her tight pussy, her huge tits heaved above me. I reached up and pinched her hard nubbins and then began to pull and twist them as she watched me. Glancing around the room, I could see that all of the men were having their morning hard-ons tended to by the women they were tied up with. Mark in particular seemed to be pleased, enjoying the pleasures of Sandy's tight pussy for the first time.

"Let's get back to you." I said as I walked around Debbie's hanging body. My hands reached up to her magnificent breasts and I pinched and pulled on them. She gasped as my fingers closed around her hard nipples and her body squirmed as she tried to get away from me. I released her tits and then slid my hand between her open thighs. "You are going to eat every woman here and then suck on all of the men and have your ass reamed out thoroughly by all of us." I said as I shoved my fingers up into her cunt. "Not only that, you are going to beg for the privilege." I added as I slid my fingers from her moist pussy and rubbed my fingers through the crack of her magnificent ass and pressed them against her tight sphincter. Debbie said nothing but she did grunt as she felt my finger prod her tight asshole.

"I said beg." I hissed at the bound beauty. There was no response. Pulling my hand from her crotch, I picked up the whip and hit her hard across her creamy, white tits. Debbie screamed as she felt the leather bite into her soft skin. I hit her again and then once more. Still no response.

"Well, I guess it's time for you to take a ride on St. Peter's Revenge." I said as I walked over and picked up the huge dildo.

"Don't let him near you with that thing!!" Leslie screamed to her friend. "Do what ever he wants. Don't let him shove that thing into you. It tore me apart! I'll never be the same inside." she screamed. Debbie stared at her friend who had turned ghost white. Then she looked at me and at the huge dildo in my hand.

"I'll do it." she whispered.

"I said beg." I hissed.

"Can I eat them out?" she said softly, her voice filled with resignation.

"Yes, but since you hesitated, I will add a little to your task." I said. I turned her body and then tied her ankles wide apart to the posts. I tied her wrists behind her back and then to an overhead rope. Her upper body was bent forward as her huge breasts hung down. Her ass was spread nicely as I positioned a bar stool in front of her face. Walking over to Judy, I led her over to the stool and sat her down in front of Debbie's dangling head. I placed two additional stools on either side of Debbie's body and Judy lifted her feet onto the stools, spreading her thighs around her friend's head. Reaching down to Debbie's head, I wrapped my fingers through her hair and then lifted her face up.

"Beg." I said.

"May I lick her?" Debbie asked.

"Yes. You will bring her to at least 3 orgasms." I said as I lowered her head to Judy's pussy. Debbie began to lick her friend's pussy as Judy slid her ass down a bit and spread her legs a bit wider.

"They had better be real." I threatened Judy and she nodded. She did not want to disobey me. "You will announce your orgasms," I instructed and Judy nodded. Her hands came down to Debbie's head and she guided her lips to the most intimate places on her magnificent body. As Debbie licked and sucked on Judy's twat, I walked over to get Sandy. I pinched her nipple and led her over to stand behind Debbie.

"Tongue her ass." I said as I pushed her face into the crack of Debbie's ass. Reluctantly, Sandy began to lick her friend's ass. "I am going to fuck her in the ass and just how easily I can get in and just how much it's going to hurt her, will depend on how much you are able to open her up." I said. Sandy remembered her first ass fucking and how much it had hurt. She didn't like the idea of licking Debbie's ass but she decided to do whatever she could to ease her friend's pain. I watched as she began to lick Debbie's asshole and Debbie moaned as she felt her friend's moist tongue slide across her tight sphincter. Her own sucking and licking in Judy's cunt became more intense and Judy's first orgasm rippled through her body. "I'm cumming she announced as her loins flooded and the sweet nectar descended onto Debbie's probing tongue.

I walked over to Geri and pulling her by her nipple, walked her over to where Sandy was licking Debbie's asshole. I had her kneel and then I pressed my cock to her soft lips. Geri opened her mouth as I slid my cock all the way in. I moaned as she sucked on my cock and I watched as the action continued.

I picked up a jar of KY jelly and handed it to Geri. "Put some of this on me." I said as she slid my cock out of her mouth. She opened the jar and rubbed the slippery cream around my cock.

"I hope that you loosened her up." I said to Sandy as I wrapped my fingers in her hair and lifted her face from Debbie's ass.

"Put me in." I said to Geri and she guided my cock to Debbie's tight sphincter. I leaned forward until the tip of my cock wedged into the entrance to Debbie's magnificent ass. She started to scream as her face mashed against Judy's open pussy. Slowly I leaned forward and my cock began to penetrate Debbie's virgin asshole. She screamed into Judy's pussy and a second orgasm rippled through her open loins.

"I'm cumming," Judy gasped as once again her pussy flooded.

Debbie was almost hysterical as she felt my cock stretch her tight asshole as I slowly descended into her virgin ass. She was tight - very tight. Without the KY jelly, I would have been in a lot of pain. She was tighter than anyone I'd ever fucked. I slowly moved into her ass until I felt my body press firmly against her smooth asscheeks. I looked down and could see that my cock was buried to the hilt in her virgin asshole. I waited as she continued to lick Judy to a third orgasm.

I reached over her body and taking hold of her hair, I lifted her face from Judy's twat. "Mindy, you're next." I said and the short beauty walked over and sat down as Judy stood up. Mindy lifted her feet onto the stools and slid her pussy close to Debbie's mouth. "Beg." I said as I lifted Debbie's head. She did. As she began to lick Mindy's pussy, I began to move in her virgin ass. As she screamed into Mindy's pussy, I watched as Mindy's huge tits began to heave. She would cum very quickly. As Debbie's tight asshole began to relax a bit, I was able to move in her body. I watched as she ate out Mindy's cunt and I began to ravage her virgin asshole.

"Aaghh!" I heard Mindy gasp as her loins flooded with cum. I nodded to her and she lowered her legs and stood up.

"Marilyn, you're up." I said as I continued to fuck into Debbie's tight asshole. Marilyn replaced Mindy and I lifted Debbie's head. "Beg." I said and she did. I lowered her face into Marilyn's crotch and continued to fuck deep into her ass. I fucked her hard and her ass was unbelievably tight. It didn't take long and I felt my balls begin to boil. Holding her by her flaring hips, I rammed deep into her bowels and then felt my cock explode deep in her body. As my cock filled her asshole, Debbie's tongue brought Marilyn to a climax.

I nodded to Marilyn and she lifted Debbie's face from her crotch and then stood up. I pulled my cock out of Debbie's asshole and walked around to the stool. Sitting down in front of Debbie, she could smell the powerful scent of her own ass. As I lifted her face, I could see that her soft cheeks were coated with the sticky cum from the women's pussies. I slapped her face with my sticky cock as I held her head up.

"Beg." I said and she did. I slid my cock into her mouth and the bound beauty began to lick all the cum from my cock. "Okay Steve, your turn." I said. As Debbie sucked on my cock, she felt Steve move behind her. His cock was hard but not fully erect. I nodded to Geri and she leaned forward and sucked his cock into her mouth. She sucked him to a full erection and then guided his cock into Debbie's open asshole. He leaned forward and slid his cock all the way into her open asshole. Debbie's sucking became more intense as Steve began to fuck her magnificent ass.

"Okay Leslie, your turn." I said as I slid my cock from Debbie's lips. Leslie sat down and then lifted her long legs onto the barstools. She guided Debbie's mouth to her pussy as Steve rammed deep into her ass. Leslie held Debbie's face to her crotch as Debbie tongued her stretched pussy. She then realized what would have happened to her if she'd been impaled on the huge, rubber dong. She licked at Leslie's open cunt and quickly brought her ot an orgasm. As Leslie lowered her legs, Steve rammed hard into Debbie's tight asshole.

"Ughh!" he grunted as he rammed all the way into her ass and then his cock exploded deep in her bowels. Pulling his cock from her tight asshole, he walked around to the stool and replaced Leslie. Debbie reluctantly begged and then wrapped her lips around his cock as it reeked from her asshole. She sucked on him as Bob stepped up behind her body and Geri guided his cock into her open asshole. As her bound body bounced back and forth between the two cocks, I stepped around to the side and watched as her dangling breasts swayed back and forth with each motion.

One by one, Debbie was ass-fucked by each of the men and then she licked their cocks until they were clean. She also licked each of the girls' pussies until they each came. By the time she was finished, cum oozed out of her open asshole and dribbled down her smooth thighs. Her entire face was covered with cum, even her forehead. She was a mess. When everyone had enjoyed her beautiful body, I walked over to Geri and wrapping my fingers through her soft, dark hair, I pushed her beautiful face close to Debbie's open asshole.

"I want you to lick her out." I said as I held her face close to her friend's asshole.

"NO!!!" she screamed as she tried to pull away.

"What did you say?" I hissed at her as I pulled her hair down and her face turned up towards me.

"I won't do that. It's disgusting." she yelled.

"We'll see." I said as I released my grip on her head.

I released the rope binding Debbie's wrists to the loft. Slowly she was able to stand up. I cut her ankles free and then carried her over to the table. I set her down and then pulling her legs up over her chest, I tied them to the legs of the table. Her ass was full of cum and now gravity would keep it inside. I then walked back to Geri and taking hold of nipples, I pulled her over to the special chair. I tied her wrists to one of the overhead ropes and then lifted her long legs into the twin metal brackets. Her body was spread before me and I stepped up between her open thighs.

"Last chance." I said.

"Why me?" she asked, her voice filled with pleading.

"Because Bob hasn't been cooperative." I said as I rubbed my cock across the soft curls of her muff and then guided my cock between her moist labia. Geri grunted as I shoved my cock all the way into her tight pussy. I started to fuck her hard as her huge tits bounced wildly. I fucked her hard as I began to slap her bouncing titflesh. Then pulling my cock from her body, I reached for the end of the rope binding her wrists and pulled down. Geri's arms came up over her head and then her entire body rose up until she hung almost standing with her knees draped over the brackets. Leslie knew what was about to befall her friend.

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