Weekend in Memphis Ch. 3


He leaned over and kissed her his tongue swirling with hers. The he went and dressed. When he came back in the room he sat across from her and looked at her pussy. She smiled at him and spread her legs wider and reached down and stuck her middle finger in her ass, and began to run it in and out of her. Her other hand was on her clitoris and she began to masturbate as he watched, she looked at him, and shuddered as she had an orgasm, burying her fingers deep in her cunt.

Teri felt strange, she had never masturbated in front of even Roger before, and her she sat with her legs spread wide, looking into Daniel's eyes and she brought herself to the ultimate private pleasure, and she was excited as hell. The door bell rang and Daniel got up to answer it, but even though she knew he would open the door and whoever walked through would see her pussy and her ass, she continued to masturbate and spread even a little more as her fingers flew in and out of her cunt.

Daniel opened the door and told the men at the door to come in. When she looked up she saw three black men who looked as if they were gangsters rather than business men like Daniel. The shook hands and she heard them saying thing like "Nice looking whore, Danny" "Nice piece of ass, man." "I want some of that bitches ass, man."

Teri looked at the tallest one and licked her lips as he pulled the zipper on his pants open and fished out a cock that was at least 10 inches long but not too thick. He walked over to Teri pushed her hand out of the way and shoved his cock into her pussy. Her legs wrapped around his waist and he started pumping in and out of her cunt. He still had his pants on. Another of them walked over and told her "Suck this, you fucking slut" and shoved his cock in her mouth. The other one talked to Daniel a little while and then dropped his pants as the one fucking her unloaded in her pussy. He pulled free and the next one entered her. His cock was about 8 inches and thick, but she felt good and he buried it to the hilt and started fucking her hard. The guy in her mouth began to cum and she burst into another orgasm.

She grabbed the guy fucking her and thrust back at him as she moaned "Fuck me damn it fuck me hard"

The first guy that had fucked her walked over and offered her his cock. She opened her mouth and began to suck it. Her mouth was stretched wide as she took his cock into her throat. She gagged as he tried to shove even more into her, and they all laughed.

She grabbed him by the ass and pulled him toward her as his cock worked it's way back into her throat. The guy in her pussy began to unload his sperm into her and she sucked harder. She had another orgasm as she sucked on the cock in her mouth. She let go of his cock and pleaded, "Please someone fuck me, I need to be fucked" then went back to sucking the cock as she lay there with her legs spread wide, and cum dripping down her ass cheeks.

She had seen the video camera in Daniel's hands when they started, and now she was even more aware of it as he filmed her cunt oozing cum running down her ass onto the couch. The cock in her mouth swelled a little and then Daniel said "Cum on her face Leonard, I want to get it on film."

The man pulled his cock from her mouth and began to shoot semen all over her face, her hair, and she opened her mouth and her shot a stream into her mouth. One of the other guys got between her legs and put his cock against her ass hole and he pushed into her. She looked up at him and smiled, her face covered with Leonard's cum, she had another orgasm as he began to fuck her ass, then the other one walked up and she saw he was jerking his cock and the next thing she knew she saw the first stream fly through the air and land on her cheek and she jumped. She could see Daniel with the video taking close shots of her face as the cum streaked it and the guy in her ass stiffened and he began to pump his cum into her ass.

They spent the next 3 hours taking turns with her, until her face was completely covered in sperm and then they decided to leave and she fell asleep on the couch.

Daniel woke her the next morning and took her to the airport, and she kissed him goodbye, making plans to get together again very soon.

On the way back home, Teri thought about the week she had just spent and wonder how much her life had changed. She did know she loved the thrill of sucking different cocks, being fucked not only in the pussy, but she learned this week that she enjoyed being fucked in the ass, and she realized she now had a desire for black cocks that she hoped her husband would help her with. She also enjoyed being made to please men that her man wanted her to and hoped Roger would understand this. She became so horny when Daniel had made her have sex with his friends and even more when he made her have sex with the waiter at the restaurant, she felt free and very much alive and wanted to prove to Roger just how much she loved him. She pictured him bending over their bed and offering her his ass to eat...she couldn't wait.

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