tagLoving WivesWeekend Surprise

Weekend Surprise


This past weekend was the greatest weekend of sex I have ever had. It started out as a weekend getaway with me, my wife Tera and her best friend Susan along with two other couples at a secluded cabin near a lake. We were relaxing with lots of drinks and food, it was a great time. The first night there we were all partying and my wife and the other women were having a discussion about men and their limitless fantasies. The girls were drinking and laughing as they poked fun at the fact that we guys were constantly horny and so our fantasies were less creative, sort of a quantity over quality argument. I had to disagree so I interrupted them to pose a challenge, I suggested we all write down a fantasy and then read through them to see if they could tell the difference between the mens and the women's. If they could do it without mistakes I would concede the argument. The room definitely got a little hotter after that. There was some playful discussion as they decided to pick up the gauntlet, write them out and read them tomorrow night. I went out on the deck to let the guys know what I just got us into.

So there it was my mission was to write down a fantasy that the women would like enough to call their own. When Tera and I went to bed later all I could focus on was how hot this was gonna be. We were both pretty drunk and instead of discussing our deepest fantasies we attacked each other with an animal like intensity that I usually saw in her after we had been drinking. Before I was even finished undressing she had my cock in her mouth and was sucking furiously. I could only stand this for a few minutes before I pulled her up and grabbed her ass tightly as I pulled her into me and we kissed as we fell on the bed. Now it was me who was charging ahead. I kissed and squeezed her nipples feeling them go instantly hard as I slid down the front of her body stopping just above her sex. I waited for a minute feeling her breathe in but it didn't last long, she pushed my head to her already soaking wet snatch and spread her lips as I went to work. In a few minutes she was writhing with pleasure to the point that I was holding on to her thighs so I could keep at it. I sucked down hard on her clit as she shuddered with pleasure and commanded me to fuck her now.

I grabbed my rock hard cock and easily slid into her, slowly at first but I was up to speed almost immediately. She was gasping with each thrust as I drove my cock inside her. She was pushing back to meet me as I pounded into her. We were probably waking up the rest of the house at this point but that we didn't care. She grunted that she was going to cum and started screaming. I was right behind he, she started shuddering I shot my load inside her. We both lay there wrapped in each others arms for several minutes after we were done before cleaning up and finally falling asleep.

The next morning we were drinking a cup of coffee on the deck and our friends were laughing as they commented on how loud we were the night before. My wife's best friend Susan said that she got so horny listening to us she rubbed one out. Susan has been single for over a year after a bitter divorce. She's a beautiful woman with a great body and her little joke set up an image in my head I couldn't let go of.

I took a gulp of my coffee and reminded everybody that night after dinner we would be deciding the winner of my challenge. Everyone seemed excited about it. It was decided we would print the fantasies to avoid anyone using handwriting to identify the author and read them to the group.

The rest of the afternoon I was trying to get the image of Susan wanking herself off out of my head so I could focus on writing a "winning" fantasy for this contest which led me to a great idea...

I set right off to the computer in the spare room for a few hours as I typed up my fantasy, throughout the day everyone was doing the same. The mood in the house was playful and light, everybody seemed to be asking provocative questions trying to get an edge for the challenge that night. It also seemed to be keeping everybody thinking about sex even more than normal. We had a late lunch and of course more cocktails on the deck that afternoon. It was the perfect preamble to our little showdown.

Lindsay and Tom volunteered to do all the reading and let everyone else judge. Lindsay started off

"My fantasy begins with me and my spouse in a Las Vegas ballroom at a huge black tie event. The room is full of men and women all wearing formal wear and masks with the exception of the beautiful cocktail waiters who are all wearing thongs. At regular intervals there is a short break from the music and an announcer booms into the room simply saying "yes" at this prompt everyone removes an article or layer of clothing. After only a few more "yes" announcements the entire place is walking around drunk, in various states of undress. The voice booms out again "action" and the crowd reacts. One of the women seated at our table who had not spoken a word to this point called out to a waiter, when he came near she grabbed his thong and pulled it to the side and put his huge 10" cock into her mouth as she stared into our eyes. We were mesmerized watching her suck and slurp on this enormous cock. I was distracted as I felt the heat of another waiter pushing his cock up against my cheek as he stood behind me. I slowly worked his shaft as I licked the tip of this equally big cock while my spouse looked into my eyes..."

I looked around the room and saw that it didn't matter who wrote this it was getting everyone really turned on. When we first gathered I made sure that Susan was sitting on the sofa next to Tera opposite me. I could see them both getting turned on and doing nothing to hide the fact. Lindsay continued

"I couldn't believe the size of this guy's cock, it had to be 11" long and 5inches around at the base. I sped up my jerking and sucking until I could feel him gently rocking and leaning into it as I worked. I moved even faster as I sensed he was tensing up. Without a word he rocked his head back and shot five or six long spurts of his hot sticky cum all over my face and in my mouth."

Lindsay paused her reading for a moment and I almost announced that I was sure at this point this was a woman's fantasy but I was having too much fun watching Tera and Susan squirm and fidget as they listened to Lindsay read this story to ruin it. When I finally looked back across the room I saw Tom gently removing his wife's shirt and she was helping him. Jeron and his wife Juanita weren't taking any clothes off yet but it was obvious they were just as horny. With her blouse off and her lovely bouncing tits exposed Lindsay announced she was going to begin again, this time on a new story. She thought we had enough to make a decision anyway.

She randomly chose my story next. I couldn't wait as she began...

"My fantasy begins at a secluded cabin near a lake, there's a party going on with some adults. They're playing a game to decide who can write the most depraved sexual fantasy. They're all listening intently as one of the women reads aloud from a group of stories written that day by one of the people at the party. With time everyone in the room is getting noticeably more aroused, the men are gently stroking themselves and the women are beginning to caress each other as the storyteller goes on. The two women on the couch can no longer contain their desire and kiss, gently at first but it quickly escalates to unbridled lust."

My plan had worked. Tera and Susan were full on making out like two teenagers who had just discovered the passion of kissing. As they embraced Tera was roughly sliding her hands under Susan's shirt to squeeze her perfect D-Cup tits. The scene was the same all over the room. Jeron was pulling his huge black cock out of his shorts and rubbing it on Juanita's big bubbly white ass. Lindsay was laying back on the futon as Tom held her legs up to her shoulders as he slowly pushed his meat into her little pink asshole. She moaned with pleasure as Tom entered her all the way.

Tera and Susan were now completely naked and moving my way. I stood up to pull of my shorts and meet them half way. Susan reached out and pulled my throbbing dick into her mouth as Tera leaned in waiting for her turn. Susan kept control as she pulled off of me and pushed Tera's waiting mouth onto my dick. She pulled Tera off and went back to work on me again. This time Tera shifted gears and started working her way down Susan's body. I could hear Juanita screaming as Jeron pushed that big dick in and out of her like a jackhammer. Lindsay was almost screaming at this point demanding that Tom "Fuck my ass! Oooh yeah, fuck it!" Meanwhile Susan was beginning to lose focus on my cock because Tera was doing such a good job on her snatch. Tera was probing her pussy with two fingers and her ass with another while she licked and sucked on Susan's swollen clit. I pulled away to let Tera ans Susan get into a more comfortable position. After they settled I moved behind Tera and started to finger her soaking wet pussy. I moved up to two fingers then three as she pushed back on me harder and harder, until finally all four fingers were inside her. She pushed back in a long slow thrust that allowed my hand to slide inside her the rest of the way. I slowly pumped my fist into my wife as she fingered and sucked Susan to an intense orgasm. I pulled my hand from her pussy and turned around to see Jeron looking our way. I motioned for him to switch with me, without a word he moved off of Juanita and we swapped partners. Juanita and I watched as Jeron pushed his thick twelve inch meat slowly into Tera. I positioned Juanita so we could both see all the action and I resumed where Jeron left off. I was fucking Juanita hard and fast. Suddenly without warning she reached down and grabbed my cock as I thrust into her and pulled it out. With a look of unbridled lust she pushed my cock into her tight shiny little ass. It was almost too much for me to bear. Tera was moaning and screaming as Jeron fucked her from behind an\d Susan fingered herself furiously only inches from Tera's face.

Tom was getting close fueled by Lindsay's tight ass and continuous filthy directions to fuck her harder and cum on her tits. I was tensing up, I could feel that I wasn't going to hold on much longer. Juanita was inching closer to Lindsay to lick and suck on her bouncing tits as Tom pounded her ass. Tom couldn't hold out and pulled his cock from Lindsay's ass and jerked stream after stream of cum all over Lindsay's tits and Juanita's face while I was still busy fucking Juanita's bubble butt. I couldn't wait, I pulled out and moved back over in front of Susan's face and started to pump my meat. She opened her mouth and waited in anticipation of my load. This was all Tera could stand as she exploded into an orgasm that triggered Jeron to paint her back with his cum. I splashed a hot sticky load into Susan's mouth and all over her face. As I pulled away Tera was already licking my cum from Susan's face and kissing her as they mingled the sticky load between their lips.

This was just the first session, more to follow...

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