Weird Waldo, Mom Edna, & Sexy Susan


Mr. Martin openly cringed.

"With options that's nearly an $80,000 car," he said.

"I know and the condition and the rarity of the Chevy, that's easily a $150,000 car at auction, which is why I expect you to throw in a free all expense paid trip to Bermuda too," she said.

"I see," he said turning to look at the Chevy again. "I'll need my man to take it for a test drive first."

"Of course," she said handing him the keys.

"Write them up," said Mr. Martin reappearing with the keys. "Of course you realize that it will take 8 weeks for your car to be made and delivered. I suggest you not drive the Chevy. Should anything happen to the car, the deal if off," he said.

"We'll keep it garaged," said Susan.

It was after Waldo bought her a new wardrobe of clothes and a new Cadillac, that Susan, no doubt, realized that she had him wrapped around her finger.

"Wally, I can't cook in this kitchen. Everything is old an outdated," she said stomping her foot and giving him a pouty look.

"Actually, Susan, these appliances don't owe me a thing. What do you say we buy all new ones," he said.

"Can we get new cabinets and countertops too?"

"I don't see why not," he said.

"Oh, Waldo, thank you," she said leaning into to him to give him a kiss on the cheek. Only, he turned his head in time to kiss her lips. She offered no resistance when he parted her lips with his tongue.

"I love you Susan?"

"Love me? How can you love me Wally? You hardly know me," she said.

"I'd know you better if you moved in with me. Now that Mom is gone, I have the spare bedroom you can use," he said looking at her with hopeful eyes.

"Can I redecorate?"

"Absolutely. You can paint and paper."

"I don't paint and paper Wally," she said looking at her fingernails.

"I'll hire someone to paint and paper," he said.

"And may I buy new furniture too?"

"What's the sense redecorating if we still have all the old furniture. We'll go together to pick out new furniture. Okay? I'll dump all this old junk in the trash?"

"In the trash? Your Mom had good taste in furniture. We could sell all of this old furniture at auction and earn enough to pay for the new furniture," she said.

"That's a great idea Susan."

Once the new furniture was ordered and delivered, they shipped the old furniture off to be auctioned.

"Okay, Wally," she said giving him another kiss. This time, she reached down and felt his cock through his pants. "I did promise you a hand job, didn't I?"

"You did," he said nodding his head yes as if to accentuate his positive answer.

She unbuckled his pants and pulled down his zipper.

"It would be easier if you took off your pants and underwear," she said.

"Oh, my God," he said. "No one has ever seen my cock besides my mother," he said removing his pants and his underwear.

"Your mother? Seriously? I thought you were kidding. Best you not tell anyone about your mother seeing your cock when she bathe you," she said with a laugh.

"My Mom used to wash my back," he said unabashedly. "And I used to--"

"Eww. That's enough," she said with a laugh while taking his cock in her hand. "You told me that already and it took me a long enough time to remove that image from my brain."

"Oh, my God, Susan, that feels so good for you to hold my cock."

Only, unfortunately for Wally but fortunately for Susan, as soon as she started stroking him, he ejaculated.

"Well that was fast Wally," she said with a laugh. "Next time, if there is to be a next time, you may want to prolong the ejaculation for the sake of feeling more sexual pleasure," she said.

"I'm sorry Susan. That was my first hand job."

"Seriously?" She looked at him in disbelief. "You never had a hand job before?"


"Didn't you attend your prom or didn't they have proms in your day when you went to high school?"

"They had proms in the sixties and I did attend my prom in 1969. My Mom fixed me up with her friend's daughter, a woman from church. The good girls didn't do things like that back then," he said.

"Well this good girl did a lot more than to give a hand job on the four proms she was invited to attend," said Susan with a laugh, "which is why she was deemed such a good girl. So, I'm guessing that you never had your cock sucked."

"A blowjob? No. Never," he said.

"Being that you've been so good to me, tomorrow, after we come home from picking out paint, wallpaper, buying new appliances, and furniture, I'll suck your cock. How's that?"

"You will?" He looked at her in shocked disbelief. "Seriously?"

"Sure why not? I've had worse things in my mouth than your cock."

"May I cum in your mouth?"

"Of course. It wouldn't be much of a blowjob if you didn't cum in my mouth."

"May I feel with your big tits outside of your bra?"

"I'd love for you to feel my big tits, so long as you promise to finger my nipples. I'd like to get something out of this sexual arrangement too, you know."

"Only, we'll need to rent a car for the next two months, until we get the Caddy."

Susan rented a car and they were off to do all of their shopping. It was late when they finally arrived home. Not in the mood to cook, she called for a pizza."

"What do you like on your pizza?"


"I'm ordering delivery?"


"Yes, delivery is when I order food, they bring us food, and you give them money to pay for the food," she said laughing.

"Mom always cooked. We never ordered delivery. She said it was a waste of money," he said.

"Well, Wally, I'm not your mother and if you want me to suck your cock, you'll feed me pizza first," she said laughing.

"Here's sixty dollars, is that enough?"

"You'd better give me another twenty, just in case," she said pocketing the extra money, when the pizza with tip barely came to fifteen dollars.

After the thirty second hand job she gave Wally, he was starting to loosen up a bit. Looking at him sideways, obviously, she couldn't imagine what he'd be like after she blew him. Figuring that he was a virgin too, playing him for all that he was worth, it was painfully apparent that she was curious how he'd be after she fucked him. Done eating their pizza, Wally looked at her with lust.

"You're expecting that blowjob now, aren't you Wally?"

"I sure am. A deal is a deal, after all. I spent a bundle on new appliances and furniture and with supplies, it's going to cost about $3,000 to paint and paper the entire house," he said.

"We need to buy new carpeting too, along with a new vacuum too, a Dyson," she said.

"Okay," he said willing to agree with anything she asked for at this point.

"Well, get those pants and underwear off while I remove my blouse and bra. I'd be more comfortable sitting her while you stand in front of me," she said unbuttoning her blouse and reaching around behind her to remove her bra.

"You have such big tits Susan. I can't wait to touch them and suck them," he said.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" She stuck out her chest for his horny hands to feel.

Touching them, feeling them, squeezing them, fondling them, caressing them, and sucking them, he was all over her big tits.

"I love your tits Susan," he said kissing her while she took his cock in her soft, warm hand and started stroking him again.

"Now control yourself Wally. Relax. Think of something else. You don't want to cum too soon."

"Okay," he said.

Only, as soon as she took him in her mouth and as soon as she swirled her tongue around his erect cock while stroking him, he put a heavy hand to the back of her blonde, pretty head and exploded all that he had in her mouth.

"Gees, Wally, that was the fastest blowjob I ever gave in my life and I've given lots of men, lots of blowjobs," she said.

"Sorry Susan. I just never felt such sexual pleasure in my entire life," he said still oozing cum.

"You're dripping," she said taking him in her mouth again to lick him clean.

"Tomorrow, after we shop for carpeting, I'll allow you make love to me. Okay?"

"That's more than okay Susan. I've always wondered what it would feel like to have my cock in a cunt," he said.

"Women prefer the word pussy to cunt Wally."

"Sorry Susan. I can't wait to fuck your pussy."

"Unless you're wild with sexual lust for one another, women prefer the term making love instead of fucking."

"Got it. Sorry Susan."

"Stop saying sorry Susan. There's no need to keep apologizing."

"Sorry, I mean, I'm not sorry. Sorry, you know what I mean," he said.

The next day, after buying carpeting, Susan invited Wally to her bedroom and to her bed.

Lying there naked, as soon as he saw her, his eyes were glued to her naked body.

"Well? Take off your clothes and get on top of me."

"What about protection? Aren't you afraid of getting pregnant?"

"Isn't that what you wrote in your ad? Isn't that what you wanted, to make a woman pregnant with your baby? Give me a baby Wally. I want to have your baby," she said.

Wally made love to Susan and to the day, nine months later, she delivered a healthy baby boy.

A happy marriage, Wally lived another twenty years in wedded bliss. Being that Susan was now sixty-years-old, she wanted someone more age appropriate than her deceased husband who was twenty years older than she was. On the day he died, after mourning her dear, departed, beloved husband in a few moments of silence, lonely, sexually frustrated, and horny before turning on the Red Sox baseball game, she put an ad on Craigslist.

"Lonely widow with lots of dough looking for a young, hot stud with a big cock for sexy good times. Only long lickers need apply. Call for an audition of your oral talent."

After receiving nearly a thousand e-mails from perspective suitors, with numerous auditions scheduled daily for the next several months, Susan has yet to chose the perfect man but she's having fun looking.


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