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"However," he said, "my part six, seven and eight skills are razor sharp."

"There's a six, seven and eight?"

"Oh, there's lots more but anything past eight was strictly theoretical," he answered, standing on the floor of the car. He took her hands and pulled her up gently until she was sitting on the back of her seat. She swung her legs around and prepared to step beside him.

"Stop right there."

"Why?" Meg asked, balanced on the top of the headrest.

"Because you look so damned sexy right now." Steve slid his hands up her long legs, exposed by the formerly knee-length denim skirt which was ruched high up on her thighs.

"That teenaged boy couldn't even imagine a skill to cover what I see right now," he said as he pushed the skirt up even higher.

"I'm pretty sure it's way past his curfew now, anyway," Meg whispered and opened her thighs as the tip of his finger found the warm, wet center of her body. She let out a little whimper as he stroked the smooth labia and slid a finger inside her. Slick with her juices, he glided that finger around and around her clit, returning again and again to gather up more of her fragrant lubrication.

Meg squirmed on the precarious perch and almost lost her balance as the action of Steve's fingers continued. Her little squeak of alarm stopped Steve who helped her onto a more stable seat on the rear deck.

"There," he said. "The beauty queen's place." Meg smiled and gave one theatrical wave before she spread her thighs open to Steve's touch, her legs on either side of him, her feet braced on the seat.

Steve kissed his way up Meg's legs as his fingers continued to stroke her pussy. Kisses higher and higher until his lips were wrapped around her clit. One little suck and Meg began to whimper, tilting her hips up to meet him.

"Touch yourself," he murmured, his mouth barely leaving the tiny bud long enough to get the words out.

"I'll come," Meg warned him, her hands cupping her breasts, thumbs flicking back and forth over her taut nipples. He raised his eyes to watch her roll her nipples between her fingers.

"Come for me, Meg," he said and added another finger and then another to her pussy until she was filled with him. He sucked on her clit and then licked with his tongue, flicking from side to side just like she's was doing with her thumbs across her nipples. Suck. Lick. Flick. Suck. Lick. Flick.

Meg's hips rocked as her fingers moved over her breasts. Her legs were open wide, bared to Steve as he pulled away to look at her. Labia, plump and swollen and glistening with her juices. Her clit was erect, rosy and delicious looking and Steve couldn't wait to taste more of her, to taste her as she came.

He suckled on her clit as his fingers pumped into her. Meg's whimper intensified into one long, soft cry of "oh, god, oh, god, oh, god" as her clit throbbed with the first waves of her climax.

"Come for me, baby," Steve said again as he felt the rhythmic waves of her pussy clutching around his fingers, the pulsing of her clit under his tongue. He continued his stroking with fingers and tongue until he felt Meg's hands on either side of his face, gently pulling him away from her. He slid across the seat and tugged her down until she was sitting beside him in the back seat.

"Whew! Now I'm even sorrier I missed parking," Meg panted. She moved her hand until it was resting on his lap. "Your turn?" she asked.

"Much as I'd love to see your lips wrapped around me right now, I really, really want to have my cock inside you."

Meg freed his cock from the confines of his boxers and stroked him a few times. "Mmm. I'd like that, too," she replied. "Your fingers were great, but I want your cock."

Steve guided Meg until she was straddling him. She was lowering herself onto his cock when his guttural "Oh, Fuck!" stopped her.

"No condoms. Fuck!" he repeated.

"You mean like these?" Meg asked and pulled a string of three plastic-wrapped packets from her pocket. She tore one off and handed it to him.

"Thank God," he said. "There was a ring from one of these suckers embossed in the wallet I carried all through high school, but I didn't even think to bring one tonight." He quickly unrolled the condom over his cock and tossed the empty wrapper on the floor.

Steve's hands on Meg's hips guided her down the length of his latex-sheathed cock until it was well-lubricated with her juices. As "Never Been to Spain" began playing on the stereo, Meg slowly lowered herself onto Steve's hard cock until he was buried deep inside her.

Steve kissed Meg's mouth and then kissed down her throat, long, dragging kisses, kisses that made Meg shiver. He cupped her breasts in his hands and brought them together until he could tongue both nipples at once. Steve gently pinched each nipple as his tongue flicked over them, as his mouth sucked first one then the other into his mouth.

Meg braced her hands against his shoulders and rocked with the music. She rotated her hips in languid circles around his cock. Meg ground her pussy against Steve's pelvis, "Radar Love" filling the night air with music.

"Now. Now. Now. Now." The words ran together into a chant, a plea, a demand as Meg's climax was so close. Steve reached his hand between the two of them, found her clit with fingers and rubbed it. Meg's words changed to one long, low wail as her clit throbbed and her pussy pulsed around his cock.

Steve's hands moved to Meg's hips, rocking her body, pumping her pussy up and down over his cock, as his own orgasm began. His growl of "Come for me, baby. Come with me. Come with me. Come," blended with her soft cries as another wave of sensation swept over her. He thrust into her and held her close as he came, her orgasm's throbbing adding to his own.

They caught their breath as Rob Grill sang of his love in "Midnight Confessions". Meg slid off Steve's lap, stretching as Steve fished in his pocket for a handkerchief and wrapped the used condom in it. He fastened his jeans as Meg redid the clasp of her bra.

"So," Meg asked, the giggle quite evident in her voice, "did that teenaged boy's theory of girls, parking and panties hold up over the years?"

"Beyond his wildest dreams," Steve said. "Way beyond --"

The rest of Steve's comment was drowned out by the jarring whoop of a siren, revolving red and blue lights and the glare of a flashlight shining into the car.

"All right, kids. Time to --" the officer's words trailed off as he realized who was in the car. " A little old for parking, aren't you two?" he said, moving the light away from their faces.

"Sorry, officer," Steve replied, shielding Meg from the man's view. "We'll be leaving right away."

"The Holiday Inn still has a few vacancies," the officer suggested before leaving them with a "good night, folks" and walking back to his patrol car.

Steve reached through the seats and snagged Meg's top and handed it to her. She put it on as the patrol car, its colored lights now off, pulled out onto the gravel road. They turned to each other and laughed as they realized "I Fought the Law" was the song currently featured.

They were still laughing as they walked around the car and settled back into their seats for the drive back into town. Steve turned the key in the ignition, turned on the headlights and made a U-turn onto the road.

"Well," Steve said after a few minutes of driving, "that wasn't exactly how I envisioned this night ending."

"Who says it has to end?" Meg said. "I have a perfectly fine room at the hotel with a king-sized bed, a Jacuzzi and," she continued, fishing out the other two condoms from her pocket, "more where these came from."

"I have a feeling that teenaged boy's gonna be breaking curfew big time tonight," Steve said, giving her a quick kiss on the lips and shifting into a higher gear as the Mustang pulled onto Main Street.

And so the formerly geeky girl and the teenaged heartthrob from days long past faded away with the setting of the crescent moon, replaced by two new lovers who made very good use of the bed and the Jacuzzi and the condoms and discovered skills eight, nine and ten, {possibly going all the way to eleven}, all by themselves.

The end.


This is my story for the Summer Loving contest. A vote and your comments are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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