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Well Matched


I was promoted to a middle management position after only three years with the company. Personally I put this down to my being black and the company's need to show it was moving people like me to senior positions in the firm as fast as was feasible. I had started out in life expecting to be a professional footballer but a cartilage injury to my knee put paid to that ambition. After that I knuckled down to my studies and got a degree in business administration.

It was at university that I met my girl friend Cathy. She was 22, two years younger than me, and was a shapely dark-skinned girl with an engaging smile and a great disposition. We got on well enough for us to move into a flat together, and whilst I wasn't head over heels in love, I was pleasantly and comfortably set up on the domestic front.

With my promotion, we could afford a better address, so we moved into a more expensive apartment block.

Not long after we moved in, we met our new neighbours, a married couple called Chris and Sandy. Chris was 29; Sandy was a petite, curvaceous blonde of 21. We hit it off with them from the start. We went out to shows, cinemas, evening meals and picnics together. On one picnic outing, Chris and I took our fishing rods and did a little casting without even a murmur of protest from either of the girls. They were too wrapped up in their own conversation to miss us, I thought.

Chris and Sandy invited us for a meal in their flat one night. After the eats we played some music and danced with each other's partners.

At one point Sandy said to me, "Don't they look good together?" referring to her husband and Cathy who were slowly going round the floor holding each other very close, their bodies almost moulded into each other.

"I bet we look just as good as them," I heard myself say, and hardly believing I'd dared to say it. Sandy just smiled and squeezed my arm.

Several times I noticed that Sandy would touch me whenever the opportunity arose. And I noticed that Chris often took every chance to touch or tip Cathy. I also noted that Cathy was doing the same to Chris.

Because we had the same Wednesday afternoons off work, I had started to give Sandy driving lessons. She was the only one of the four who couldn't drive and Chris had refused to teach her, because he averred, it was likely to cause friction between them.

Sandy always dressed very nicely for our outings in the car. That week she wore a light filmy flowered-print dress which she pulled up as she got into the car, revealing a white satin and lace petticoat beneath.

I could hardly help but notice. I said, "That's a nice bit of underwear you've got there, Sandy!"

She just grinned, "You like it?" she asked, actually pulled her dress up even higher as she settled herself into the seat. She was unashamedly showing about six or seven inches of white satin as her dress rode up well above her knees.

"I'm beginning to think you're a bit of a prick teaser, Sandy!" I told her in a tone of mild rebuke.

"Not at all!" she retorted with a sly grin as she started to drive off.

She drove carefully and well. Indeed I was thinking that she was ready to take her driving test soon. Then as she went to change gear, our hands seemed to collide. She pulled my hand onto her lap, holding it there whilst driving one handed. I realised that she was pushing my hand into her 'mound of Venus' and it thrilled me. I began to massage her, moving my hand over the satin of her petticoat and making her gasp with pleasure.

I pulled the white satin and lace up, moving my hand onto the equally smooth silk of her knickers. I used my middle finger to push into her slit and could feel the dampness through her the thin material. She uttered a gasp of pleasure as she came on my finger, then she suddenly turned into a lay-by and unzipped my pants. She fumbled a little, feeling the outline of my hardening cock through my underpants. She got her hand down through the elastic and I felt the wonderful coolness of her fingers as they closed around my cock. She pulled it free and before I could say or do anything, she bent down and took my cock in her sweet mouth. I gasped with joy and pleasure as my cock grew to its maximum size and stiffness as she slobbered over it and rubbed her tongue all over it. It was fantastic. I soon felt myself coming and warned her but she kept on sucking me off until I came and shot my load right into her mouth. It felt wonderful. I could hardly believe what had happened.

"Now do you still think I'm a prick teaser?" Sandy asked me with a sly grin.

She kissed me open mouthed, forcing some of my own cum into my mouth. It tasted a bit weird but mixed with her own saliva, I was able to swallow it.

"I've been wanting to suck your cock for ages," Sandy told me shyly, "I hope you didn't mind, did you?"

"It was the best blow-job I've ever had," I told her, which made her grin wider.

"I came on your finger and thought you deserved a little reward," she said.

The following week Sandy started to drive but after ten minutes, she stopped at a secluded motel.

"I don't think we should waste too much time with this driving thing today, Paul. I just can't concentrate on what I'm doing," she said. She got out and we went into the room she had, I noted, previously booked. She went into the toilet to 'freshen up' and I wandered out to the small pool at the back of the block of chalets.

The water looked very inviting and I felt a bit hot and bothered, so I stripped down to my underpants and went in. When I surfaced, Sandy was standing at the poolside, smiling down at me. She was wearing the same pretty floral patterned dress as the previous week. I found myself wondering if she was wearing the same pretty petticoat and knickers underneath.

"It looks very cool in there," she said, "I wish I could join you."

"Why don't you, then," I invited her, "just paddle your feet."

She just grinned and kicked off her shoes. She stepped forward onto the top step where the water just covered her feet.

"That feels lovely," she told me.

"You've still got your stockings on," I pointed out.

"Oh! Shit!," she exclaimed, "Well, its too late to do anything about them now."

I stepped forwards, reached out my hands to hers and pulled her towards me ever so gently. She stepped down one step then another. The water was an inch below the hem of her skirt. I let go of her hands and pulled off my underpants to show Sandy what she was missing, that is to say, my fairly large erection. Then I stepped towards her again, held out my arms to her and she raised her hands to hold mine. Sandy had made no attempt to use her hands to hold up her skirt clear of the water. I pulled her towards me again, even more gently. She stepped down and I saw the hem of her dress dropped four or five inches into the clear water. I slowly eased her towards me, two more steps down and she was in my arms and up to her upper thighs in the water...

She gave no hint of resistance, quite the contrary. She put her arms around my neck and began to kiss me open mouthed. I was quite sure she could feel my cock pressing into her belly. Indeed she began rubbing herself deliberately against it.

I reached down into the water, pulled up her dress and petticoat and got my cock up the leg of her knickers. I eased the head into the mouth of her cunt. Now her legs wrapped around my waist and we began a steady fucking motion.

"So do you still think I'm a prick teaser now?" she said smiling from ear to ear.

"Certainly not, Sandy," I assured her.

"I've always had fantasies about being fucked by a black man. Now I'd like you to fulfil them for me, please!"

I just couldn't get enough of my prick into her. I thrust and thrust into this beautiful blonde's cunt as hard and fast as I could. I just wanted to fill her cunt with as much spunk as she could take and then some.

She cried out, "I'm coming, Paul darling. I'm coming. Fuck me! Fuck me! I'm coming!"

Her excitement brought me on too.

"I'm coming too, Sandy. I'm fucking you now. I'm shooting my spunk into your cunt right at this moment. There it goes; consider yourself fucked, you gorgeous bit of cunt, Sandy!"

"You do pay a girl the nicest compliments when you're fucking her, don't you, Paul!" she laughed.

As she said it, I shot load after load of cum-juice into her beautiful body.

Eventually we got out of the pool and went, dripping wet, into the chalet. Sandy began to take her wet clothes off.

"I don't know how I'm going to get these dry quickly," she complained, "I wore a pretty dress and all my very best underwear today just for you. Look at my nicest petticoat, my lovely bra and knickers and my cute little satin and lace suspender belt, as well as a new pair of my very best nylons, all soaking wet! I thought you'd appreciate my nice satin and lace undies; I thought you liked all that sort of thing."

"I do. I love seeing you in all your fancy lingerie, Sandy. Just remember how the sight of your slip turned me on in the car last week. I also love seeing you get all your gear wet! I found that was quite a turn on for me too. Your figure looked gorgeous when you were struggling out of that wet slip just a moment ago. There's a heater here. It might help dry you clothes off," I suggested, "And then lets hurry to bed. Those images I've been conjuring up of you in your wet underwear have given me a hard-on and we wouldn't want to waste it, would we, Sandy!"

When we were both nude, we went onto the bed and started fucking again. I marvelled at how black my skin looked against hers. She too seemed to exalt in our difference in colouring.

After I had come three times in her cunt, Sandy gave me a great blow-job and she even let me fuck her up her asshole, something new for us. I was careful to massage her tits and her clit at the same time as I was thrusting my cock into her asshole though. I felt I had to make sure she enjoyed a good come too.

When we had finished fucking to our hearts content, Sandy and I discovered that her clothes were still damp.

"Oh! Well, I guess we will have to confess," I said, picking up the phone.

I dialled Chris and told him that we had broken down and wouldn't get the car back until next morning because it needed a spare part the garage didn't have on site. He sounded very nonchalant about it and wished us well.

So I went out to get a take-away dinner for us. After eating, Sandy and I got down to some more very serious fucking. I had been counting the number of times I had made her come and when we left next morning I informed my lover that she had enjoyed fifty orgasms in a little over twenty hours of almost continuous sex.

"And how many times did you come, Paul?" she asked me.

"I only managed five," I replied, "I think you girls get the better of us all the time!"

When we got to my apartment, Chris and Cathy were having breakfast wearing dressing gowns. They grinned rather sheepishly at us as we came in.

"We had a good idea what you two were up to last night so we thought we would follow your example!" Chris told us.

For myself I was glad things were out in the open. I knew I would never be any use as a spy or undercover agent. I wasn't suited to subterfuge at all.

Cathy got her stuff and moved in with Chris whilst Sandy brought her huge pile of clothes, including a fantastic amount of underwear, into my place.

On the Friday, Sandy and I entertained Chris and Cathy just as if nothing much had changed. We sat down with our friends for a meal and afterwards put on some music and danced. Cathy chose some soft slow music for us to dance to. She and Chris certainly looked good together, their bodies fitting together as if they were made for each other.

Sandy pulled me up to dance too. She held me close to her and I could feel her nylon-clad leg pressing between mine. It felt wonderful to hold Sandy's soft body against me. I saw Chris's hands over Cathy's ass, so I let my own hands wander down over Sandy's curvy cheeks too. She smiled up at me.

"That's right, Paul darling. Have a good feel of anything you fancy," she whispered to me.

Sandy and I were barely moving as we danced. When I got round to see where Chris and Cathy had been, they had disappeared off to the spare bedroom. Sandy pulled me into the main bedroom.

"We'll be in here, Paul. Chris and Cathy are using the other bedroom," she told me.

With that she flung her arms round my neck and gave me a kiss that started softly, then hardened up and we began to open our mouths, bringing our tongues together. She tasted beautiful and sweet.

My cock was getting very hard and she moved against it.

"You feel as if your ready for some serious love-making, Paul," she said as she rubbed herself against me. I took her in my arms and started a long slow kiss, gently at first, then moving slowly over her beautiful tasting lips and then becoming an open mouthed bit of tongue-fencing that Sandy eagerly joined in. I ran my hands down from her waist to her bottom, the rounded cheeks of her ass fitting into my over-large hands perfectly. I squeezed them and pulled her lower half tightly against me. She felt wonderfully soft and yielding and she smelled so clean. so fresh, and so desirable. She unbuttoned my shirt and unclipped my jeans as I kicked of my pumps. I stood there in my underpants with a great bulge sticking out the front.

I lifted the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her head, carefully avoiding disturbing her hairdo. She wore a shimmering white satin full-length petticoat underneath.

"I thought you might like this one," she said with a smile, "and I so wanted you to have a good time fucking me this evening." I caressed her breasts; there was no bra underneath the petticoat. Then we threw our arms around each other and drove our tongues into each other's mouths. She tasted so good. Surely she couldn't want me as much as I wanted her at that moment.

As if to answer me, she started to move her hips, grinding her mound against my engorged cock, whilst her sparkling eyes and broad grin told me she was enjoying herself immensely. I slid my hands down onto her curvaceous ass again and began to knead her cheeks. Then I ran my hands up under her slip until they rested on her panties. I slid one hand into her knickers and down the crease of her bum until it reached the wetness of her lovely cunt. I used my middle finger to massage her slit till it seemed to overflow with her cunt-juices.

We were kissing open mouthed again. I slowly pushed her down onto the bed and let go of her. She lay there looking so very desirable, opening her legs to invite me in. I dropped my underpants and let my very hard erection loose. She chuckled as she saw my huge stiff black cock.

"Are you going to fuck me with that monstrous great prick?" she asked.

"Well now, I didn't get it out to make a pot of tea!" I replied.

I reached up under the hem of her slip and pulled her silk knickers down. Then I lifted the slip up, spread her nylon-clad legs apart and settled myself into position. She took hold of my cock and used it to run the head over her slit a few times, then she positioned it at the entrance to her cunt and nodded to me. I began to drive it into her. She gasped and I stopped, thinking I was hurting her with such a great big cock.

"Don't stop," she cried, "It feels so gorgeous to have your big black prick sliding into me again. I seem to have been waiting all my life for this and I can't wait another second!"

With that I thrust my cock into her cunt all the rest of the way and she gurgled with contentment as I drove it all the way in until my curly black pubic hair mingled with her soft blonde hair.

I started thrusting in and withdrawing slowly but with a steadily increasing pace.

"Oh! Fuck me Paul. I'm coming. Fuck me with your beautiful big black prick. I love it, I want to feel your spunk filling my cunt. I'm coming. Oh! Paul, I love your fucking great prick!" Sandy cried out as I fucked her hard and steady for several minutes and she had one orgasmic climax after another.

Then I grunted as I began to ejaculate load after load of spunk into Sandy's luscious cunt. It felt wonderful to fuck this shapely-bodied blonde and shoot again and again into her, filling her willing cunt with my black baby-juice.

"There you are, Sandy, I've fucked you just like you wanted," I told her.

"Thank you, Paul, you lovely fucker. That was even better than I imagined it would be," said Sandy with a grateful smile, "I wonder if Chris and Cathy have enjoyed fucking each other as much as we have?"

"Hang on, Sandy, I haven't finished fucking you yet by a long chalk! We'll worry about that other pair later."

"Oh! Goody, that's just what I longed to hear, Paul. You can fuck me just as much as you like. I'll be a perfect little whore for you and do anything you want," the lovely Sandy told me, as she took my cock and wrapped it in her satin slip to dry some of the cum from it. She obviously didn't care much about getting cum stains on her underwear.

She knelt in front of me and kissed and licked my cock. Then she took it into her mouth as it started to expand again. When she had it up to size, she pushed me down on the bed. She sat straddling me, then lowered herself down, holding my cock in one hand to guide it back into her well-lubricated cunt. She bounced up and down, making herself cum several more times until I shot yet another load of black-baby juice into her.

She looked keenly into my face as I came.

"I just love to see the expression on your face when you're coming in my cunt, lover of mine," she explained.

I came twice more in her cunt, then Sandy decided we should do a 69. So she positioned herself on top of me, with my head between her stockinged legs and my cock in her mouth. This time we went all the way. I pulled her petticoat down over my head so I could get the wonderful smell of her cunt better as I drove my tongue into her as far as it would go. Sandy sucked and slobbered over my prick as I came and shot my load straight into her throat. It felt great. She convulsed as I shot my load into her and came, flooding my face and neck in her cunt-juice.

I still wanted more. I began to finger her cunt whilst my tongue went round to her delicate little asshole. I drove my tongue into it and began licking and twisting it to tease her. Sandy responded by wanking me with one hand while she licked my bollocks and made her way round to my own asshole. She plunged her tongue into me and made me laugh as we lay there tonguing each other's assholes. It felt like we had abandoned all restraint and let ourselves go on a sea of lust, desire and depravity which just made us feel elated. Sandy stood up and her immaculate white satin petticoat was wrinkled and stained with my spunk and her own cunt-juice. Her stockings and her little satin suspender belt were no better. She went into the e-suite and turned on the shower, standing under it in her underwear. I joined her, holding her against the wall as I gave her one last good fuck. Our arms were around each other's necks and we were kissing and fucking like mad when Chris and Cathy came in. They sat on the untidy bed and watched us, grinning at our antics, called out obscenities like "Fuck her harder, Paul," from Chris and a cry from Cathy, "Come on Sandy, suck his fucking prick again."

We all agreed that it had been a great evening and finally Sandy and I were sad to see our guests leave. But we made it a date for the next Friday and every Friday after.

When Cathy and Sandy both announced that they were pregnant, there was no doubt whose babies they were going to have. Sandy eventually gave birth to a black boy-child and Cathy had a very fair skinned girl.

At that point Chris and I had a conflab, trying to decide our futures. He said he loved Cathy and knew I felt the same about Sandy, so we found a larger apartment and all moved in together. Then he and Sandy divorced and within a month Sandy and I, and Chris and Cathy had a double wedding. This time we made the perfect match for each of us.

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