tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWe'll Take Mom as Downpayment

We'll Take Mom as Downpayment


Even with the sun low in the evening sky, it was stifling hot. Jeff wondered why his Mom insisted on jogging in weather like this. The few times he had asked, her answer was always the same: "Because I don't want to look old."

At eighteen, Jeff somewhat understood. Still, why put yourself through that, he thought to himself. Was it that important to a thirty eight year old woman to look ten years younger? While he couldn't totally comprehend his mother's logic, he certainly could appreciate the results. She was a stunningly sexy woman for her age. For any age, in fact. He embarrassed himself quite often by thinking that if she was one of his friends' mothers, he would be more than happy to spend some time in bed with her.

Jeff surfed through the TV channels, unable to find anything that interested him. Part of the problem was the fact his mind wasn't all there at the moment. His persistent gambling habit had caught up to him. A big-time bet fell through, and now he owed considerably more than he could pay. The consequences frightened him.

The men he was dealing with were all older than him, more experienced in the illegal gambling game, and short-tempered. They didn't play well with 'kids' who thought they could participate in the big time, but not take the responsibility of paying their debts seriously.

Jeff took it seriously. He just didn't have it.

He flinched when he heard the doorbell. It couldn't have been his Mom coming back from her run because she would come in through the garage. Jeff walked to the door with more than a little bit of alarm.

When it opened, his heart stopped at the sight of two guys he only knew as Marco and Danny. These were the faces he least wanted to see under the current circumstances.

"Hey, guys," Jeff said.

"Hey, Jeff," Marco mimicked, stepping up into the house without an invitation. Danny followed.

"What's up?" Jeff asked as the door slid shut.

"Time's up. That's what," Marco said in his deep voice. "Are you alone?"

"Yep." Jeff didn't want to even mention his Mom to this duo.

"Too bad. I've heard your Mom's a babe," Marco said. "Is that true?"

Jeff glared back. "What do you want?"

"We want the money, Jeffrey."

"I'll have it this weekend," Jeff said with as much conviction as he could muster.

"Not good enough, dude. They want it now."

"I don't have it now. I'll have it this weekend."

Marco looked around at the opulent furnishings in the large, expensive house. It seemed incongruous that someone living in such luxury couldn't afford to pay his gambling debt. Years of his own poverty flashed through Marco's mind.

Without warning, he turned and planted his fist hard against Jeff's stomach. The young man struggled for breath and stumbled backward. Danny moved behind him and took his arms. Before Jeff could regain his senses, two punches landed on either side of his face.

"This weekend might be too late," Marco growled, his face red with rage.

Pain clouded Jeff's ability to think. He stammered, "I promise, man."

Marco landed another blow just below Jeff's ribcage.

"Promises don't..."

Before Marco could finish, they all heard the slamming of a door inside the house. The sound of steps was followed by a female voice shouting, "Jeff?"

"Mom! Don't come...," Jeff shouted back before Danny had his hand over Jeff's mouth.

Kendra Collins turned the corner into the living room and froze. With maternal instinct, she focused more on the blood trickling out of her son's nose than the two thugs with him.

"Jeff. What's going on?"

"So this must be Mom," Marco said delicately and in sharp contrast to a moment ago.

Marco and Danny quickly took an inventory of the woman in front of them. She had long, light auburn hair with even lighter streaks throughout. It was pulled back, but a few strands on her forehead were held there by glistening perspiration. Her tight jogging top was little more than a stylish sports bra and more perspiration collected in her ample cleavage. Her flat stomach belied her age and the silky running shorts led to a pair of long, lean legs. Kendra was an impressive sight to two brutes not used to pretty things.

"Get out of my house," she ordered.

"But you don't even know why we're here," Marco replied.

"Let go of my son and get out."

"It seems your son isn't a very good gambler," Marco said. "Or at least, he's not very good at paying his debts. We're here to collect."

Kendra admittedly didn't pay enough attention to her teenage son's doings. But as a single mom with a budding professional life to take care of, time was short. She had suspected he was into stuff she wouldn't approve of, but Kendra let things slide once he reached eighteen.

"I'll call the cops," Kendra threatened. "Let him go and get out. Then Jeff and I will discuss it privately and I'll make sure everything is taken care of."

Marco rolled his eyes. "Man, I'm tired of delays. My boss is tired of delays. We're not leaving here without payment."

"I'm afraid you'll have to," Kendra said defiantly.

Marco was not the type to take orders from women. Kendra was not the type to let men walk all over her. But if it came down to a battle of brawn over brains, Kendra would lose.

Marco took two giant strides toward the woman. She stepped back and then turned. One step later, he had her by the arm. Marco spun Kendra around and flattened her back against a wall.

"Listen to me, bitch!" he snarled. "We came for the money. We're either leaving here with the money or something of equivalent value."

He pressed against her with his body, using his six inch height advantage for leverage. Marco wavered for a second at the sudden feel of her body. He ground his crotch into her.

"Maybe money isn't the only solution after all," he said more calmly.

Jeff and Kendra both struggled in vain to get out of the grasp of men paid to rough people up.

"Get off her, you asshole," Jeff barked.

Marco smiled without even looking back at the kid. One hand held Kendra's arm tightly against the wall while the other hand began to wander over the petite body in front of him. He felt her bare skin before sliding up to her top. He let his thumb skim along the base of her breast before putting more of his hand on her.

"Perhaps we can bargain," he told her.

"Perhaps not," Kendra replied.

He slapped her so fast she couldn't avoid it. Kendra screamed and tried to kick up, but he was ready for her. Marco put both of his legs inside hers and grabbed both of her wrists, holding them just above her head.

"Don't fuck with me, bitch. You don't want me angry. Follow orders and you should both live. Got it?"

Kendra just stared.

"Got it?" Marco shouted.

She nodded.

"Are you going to fork over the cash?" he asked.

Kendra's throat was almost too dry to talk. "How much?"

"Fifty five hundred."

Her heart sank. "I can't right now."

She saw the disgust on his face. "If I hear 'this weekend' one more time, I'm going to really hurt somebody. Now do you want to reconsider?"

"I don't have it today."

Marco's cock began to react to her constant shifting back and forth. He rubbed it against her and looked down at her sweaty face and body. Her nipples pushed out the thin, wet fabric of her top.

"Then I'm afraid we'll have to go to plan B," Marco said. "Which way's your bedroom?"

Kendra was almost in tears. "I said I'd pay it. I can't do it today."

Marco yanked her off the wall. "Which way?"

Kendra nodded with her head in the direction of the upstairs master bedroom.

"Bring the kid. Follow us," Marco told Danny.

Marco pushed Kendra in the direction of the stairs and never took his eyes off her curvaceous ass as they climbed the steps. She led them to the door of her bedroom.

"Where's the biggest shower?" Marco asked.

"In there."

"Let's go," he said.

"No. I'm not going to let you...," Kendra started to say.

Marco seized her by the arm and flung her violently onto the bed. Kendra quickly attempted to recover, but he was already on top of her.

"Do you want me to fuckin' rape you right here in front of your kid?" the anger returning to his voice.

"I told you..."

He slapped her. "And I told you to take us to the shower. Now do it!"

He yanked her up and she stumbled toward the master bathroom with the intruders and Jeff in tow. Kendra entered a spacious marble bathroom with separate areas for the Jacuzzi tub, toilet, sinks, and shower. Once they were all inside, Marco said, "Take your clothes off."

Kendra was over her rebelliousness. She knew disobedience from this point forward could have dire consequences for her and Jeff. All eyes were on her, to see what she'd do.

With trembling hands, she grabbed the sides of her black top. Her thumbs slid inside and Kendra began to pull it up. The tight band at the bottom slipped over her breasts and Kendra lifted her arms to take off the top.

Thirty eight years had taken some of the firmness out of the breasts, but the size and shape would have made any model envious. Even with her arms lowered, the breasts filled her chest and rose at the nipples like those of a teenager. Jeff couldn't force himself to make eye contact with his mother, but didn't want to stare at her breasts either. After a couple seconds, he looked away.

Kendra paused.

"I said get naked," Marco said.

As the shorts were pushed down, it became obvious she wasn't wearing panties. The top of her pussy quickly gave way to the entire neatly trimmed area. Then the shorts were on the floor and Kendra was stepping out of them. She stood in front of the shower with her legs held firmly together. Still, the sight was remarkable.

"That is one fucking nice body. Turn around," Marco ordered.

Kendra wished there was a way to hold her legs closer together than having them already touching. The result was an even tighter set of cheeks for the men to gawk at. And they did it with pleasure.

"Shit, Danny. Have you ever seen anything like that?"

"Not in person," Danny answered.

"Well, Mom, you did good," Marco said. "Now turn on the water and step into that shower. You need to clean up and we're gonna watch."

The shower was a very large open space with walls on three sides. Kendra stepped over the raised marble entrance and reached for the single knob that controlled water temperature. A few seconds later, she was ready. Marco and Danny took the prime viewing areas, while Jeff stood nearby, also within view of his mother but his way to the door blocked by Danny.

They watched Kendra put her head under the water. It flowed down her body in a steady stream, dripping off her nipples and between her legs. All three men felt the same twitch in their cock as Kendra began to wash her hair. The soapy foam ran down her shoulders and chest before being rinsed away. Then Kendra took the bar of soap and got it wet.

She purposely avoided making any contact with her breasts and pussy. Marco waited until she appeared to be done before saying loudly, "Do the tits and pussy now."

The men were feeling the effects of budding erections pushing against the inside of their pants by the time she was done sliding the soap over the remainder of her body. Kendra looked at Marco and he told her to turn off the water and get out.

"Dry off," he said with a smirk.

Although Kendra was glad to have something to partially cover her up, she knew they still got turned on by the patting down of her body. The entire exercise was deflating her willingness to fight. And the embarrassment of doing it all in front of Jeff was overpowering.

"I bet you got Danny over there good and hard," Marco said. "Why don't you show her, partner."

Danny pulled down his zipper and extracted a semi-erect cock with a menacing, bulbous head.

"It needs some help," Danny suggested.

"Sit on the toilet, Danny," Marco said. "OK, Mom. You heard him. Use that sweet mouth of yours of get him good and hard."

"Haven't you hurt me enough already?" Kendra asked, the exasperation in her voice more than obvious.

"Oh, we haven't even started. Now get on your knees and suck that cock, you whore."

Kendra put the towel on the floor to add just a bit of protection for her knees. She got between Danny's legs and looked at his cock. She knew refusal was out of the question, but she took her time anyway. Meanwhile, the men watched her breasts hang down and her ass curve deliciously behind her. Jeff tried to will his cock to be smaller, but his Mom's gorgeous naked body was too much for any man, even her son.

They all watched her lift the cock straight up and slide the tip between her lips. Danny put his hand on the back of her head and forced her down onto him. Immediately, the entire shaft disappeared into her mouth.

"That's it, babe," Marco said. "Now do him like you do all your men."

A second later, Marco said, "Oh. Wait. Danny, give me those cuffs."

With his cock free from Kendra's mouth for an instant, he reached in his back pocket and threw a pair of handcuffs to Marco. Then he pulled Kendra's head back down onto his erection.

"Come here kid," Marco said to Jeff. A moment later, Jeff was handcuffed to one of the antique cabinet handles.

With full attention back on Kendra, they watched her bob her head on Danny's cock. He was now one hundred percent erect and she struggled to take it all. But with the help of Danny's hand on her head, she managed to suck him down to the balls.

Marco watched for a while before moving behind Kendra. He ran his fingers across both of her cheeks and slapped her ass lightly. Then he held her by the waist and said, "Get up, but keep sucking him."

Kendra rose to her feet, bending over at the waist to keep Danny's cock in her mouth. By the time she was settled, Marco had his massive cock out. Jeff could only watch with frustration as a stranger prepared to fuck his mother from behind. Kendra, sensing what was coming, put her hands on Danny's knees for support.

Marco had the largest cock Jeff had ever seen, including the ones on the websites he tried to hide from Kendra. He was kind of glad she couldn't see it. But he knew damn well she'd feel it soon.

"Get ready, bitch. This is what people get when they piss off me and my boss," Marco said.

He let the cock flop on the top of her ass before sliding it down her crack and between her legs.

"Spread 'em," he demanded.

Kendra separated her feet a little more and Jeff could see the wide open pussy now available to Marco. Or was that his destination? He shuddered at the thought of the alternative.

But the head of Marco's cock landed at the entrance to her cunt and Kendra flinched. He held her by the hips and suddenly, violently thrust the huge shaft inside her.

"Ohhhhhhhh God!" Kendra screamed.

"Shut up and suck that cock," Marco shouted.

Another vicious push caused her to almost fall on top of Danny. Soon, Marco was fucking her with rapid thrusts that caused his body to slap against her ass loudly.

The scene continued for several minutes without interruption. Marco held Kendra's tits while he fucked her and Danny came closer and closer to cumming.

Danny had received many blowjobs from the wife or daughter of his victims. Some were very good. But Kendra proved to be in a class by herself. Her tongue was effective and the pressure she applied with her lips was perfect. The rhythm of her bobbing head was not too fast or too slow. She had him ready in record time.

Without any warning beyond a couple of deep groans, Danny began shooting streams of cum into Kendra's mouth.

"Ohhh yes. Yes!" he said in time with the spurts.

The cum accumulated around his cock and on Kendra's lips. It dripped down her chin as he kept adding to it. She thought he would never stop cumming.

Meanwhile, Marco was enjoying the extremely tight cunt he was pounding. He normally preferred the younger women, but something about Kendra's pussy made him think thirty-something was OK, too.

Just then, Marco let out his own loud grunt and another batch of cum started flowing into Kendra's cunt. He smacked against her ass with each thrust and each thrust meant another shot of cum.

Kendra was happy it was almost over for two reasons: She couldn't swallow any more of Danny's cum and she was close to an orgasm herself. She would NOT allow herself to cum, she convinced herself.

In fact, both men finished before she had to worry about it. As soon as Marco pulled out and slapped her on the ass, she leaned up and allowed Danny's cock to fall free. Cum was on her face, chin, neck, and both thighs.

"She's a pro," Marco said as he put his cock back inside his pants. "Told you she was a whore."

"Great tongue," Danny added with a smile.

"Let's get you dressed, babe. We have a trip ahead of us," Marco said.

Kendra felt her entire body go limp from his words. She hoped they were done. What more could they possibly do to her and Jeff?

"Get the kid, Danny, and take off the handcuffs. I'll take her," Marco said.

He led Kendra into the bedroom and forced her to find a jogging outfit identical to the one she had on earlier. The top and shorts were different color, but otherwise the same. Once she was dressed, they all went downstairs, through the garage, and piled into Marco's car.


It was dark thirty minutes into the ride. Jeff was handcuffed again in the passenger seat next to Marco, who drove. Danny and Kendra shared the back seat. Danny had been good, never touching her despite the low cut top and shorts that rode up her legs.

But with another half hour to go in the trip, he lost his self-control. He tapped Kendra's leg to get her attention.

"Take off your shorts," he said in a low voice.

"What?" Kendra asked with surprise.

"Take off your shorts."

His look convinced her he was serious and she dejectedly pushed off the running shorts, letting them lie by her feet. At the same time, Danny was pulling out his cock. Marco looked in the rearview mirror and smiled. Jeff looked back once briefly, but not again.

Danny stroked his cock a couple times to get it harder and then said to Kendra, "Slide over here. Face the front."

She clumsily climbed over Danny and hovered above his lap.

"Put me in your cunt," he told her.

She reached down to find him and then put the tip in place. Danny grabbed her waist and pulled her down at the same time he pushed his cock up. Kendra gasped once more as another cock slid up her vagina.

Marco let them fuck for a minute before saying, "She's good, isn't she?"

"Fucking incredible. We should keep her all night."

"Can't do that. Sorry," Marco said.

Kendra had to lean on the back of the front seats in order to accept Danny's cock without unnecessary pain. She was very close to Jeff's head and they did everything they could not to look at each other. Still, the sounds were unmistakable and Jeff grew more uncomfortable by the minute.

Kendra had another problem, however. When Danny lifted her top and began playing with her erect nipples, her body started to betray her. The feel of his cock and the manipulation of her sensitive tits was bringing her nearer the orgasm she avoided in the bathroom. Somehow, she allowed her whimpers of pleasure to escape.

"Listen to her, Danny. She's lovin' it. Make her cum," Marco said with glee.

Danny fucked her harder and pulled on her nipples, squeezing them until Kendra cried out. Pain or pleasure, nobody knew. Not even Kendra. Deep inside her stomach, the familiar tingles spread to her pussy. She nearly screamed out in her attempts to stop them.

Danny could feel her body responding.

"C'mon, honey. Let it go."

A tear fell down her face as Kendra clutched at the front seats. Her breathing quickened and became irregular. Everybody in the car knew what was happening now. Danny put a finger on her clit.

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