tagIncest/TabooWe're Screwed Ch. 02

We're Screwed Ch. 02


As Joyce carried a stack of plates to the dinner table, preparing to set places for dinner, she glanced into the living room where her daughter was sitting on the couch reading. Madison was wearing a yellow sundress with white floral patterns, her bare legs and feet curled beneath her. She had coiled her long blonde hair into a dance of kinky curls and was wearing an alluring touch of eye-shadow and lipstick.

"Honey, do you have a date with Grant tonight?" Joyce asked, distributing the dinner plates.

Madison looked up from her text book and shook her head, "No, why?"

"You look so pretty," Joyce smiled. "Usually you only do your hair like that when you're going out."

"I guess I just felt like looking nice," Madison lied.

The truth was that Madison had been paying more attention to her appearance because of her step-brother Nathan. Since the pair of them had shared two nights of mutual masturbation, Nathan had grown more and more flirtatious towards her and Madison found that she craved his attentions. She adored the way he looked at her, the desire in his eyes, and wanted more of it. Even when they were just hanging around the house, Madison would wear enticing clothing and style her hair. The sundress she was currently wearing had a short skirt and was low-cut in the chest, revealing plenty of golden skin.

"Dinner is almost ready," Joyce said. "Will you go out and fetch Nathan?"

"Sure," Madison replied, closing her book and uncurling herself from the couch.


"Don't you ever miss?" Warren asked as he watched Nathan sink another shot. He picked up the basketball and tossed it back to his friend.

Nathan grinned, "I've been shooting hoops in this driveway since I was old enough to dribble."

"So what do you want to do tonight?" Warren asked, standing near the net as Nathan sank another. "Marissa's having a party; her parents are out of town."

"I think I'm going to chill at home tonight," Nathan replied, catching the ball after Warren tossed it back to him.

"What are you talking about, man? It's Saturday night! There are going to be kegs of beer and lots of drunk girls at this party."

"I just don't feel like a party," Nathan lied.

The truth was that Nathan wanted to be with Madison. Ever since they had masturbated together, Madison had become extremely flirtatious with him and Nathan was excited by the game they played. Over a week had gone by since anything sexual had happened, but they had become inseparable. After school they would spend their evenings together studying or watching TV. Madison would even hang out with him when Nathan worked out in the basement, chatting with him as he lifted weights. They traded little touches and seductive glances with one another, each of them enjoying the secret, unspoken courtship that was occurring.

"Oh, I get it." Warren suddenly looked smug, "You want to hang out with your sister tonight."

"Step-sister," Nathan corrected. "And that's not it at all."

"Whatever," Warren smiled widely. "Are you banging her yet?"

"Keep it down," Nathan hissed. "Of course I'm not banging her; nothing is going on between us."

Warren was about to tease his friend some more when Madison appeared from within the garage, padding towards them in bare feet. She looked stunningly beautiful, as always. He couldn't help but stare.

"Hey Maddy," Nathan greeted. He propped the basketball between his wrist and hip, pretending like he and Warren hadn't been talking about her.

"Supper's almost ready," Madison said, admiring Nathan's torso. Why did he always seem to be shirtless?

"Hi Madison," Warren said. "You want to go to a party tonight?"

Madison had been trying to ignore her brother's friend. She knew that Nathan had told Warren about their first encounter and hated the way he looked at her; like she was some kind of slut. She knew that Warren had been harboring a crush over her since they were in high school together. He probably assumed he could score with her.

"A high school party?" Madison asked. "I don't think so."

"Aw, come on," Warren said, "you could be my date."

Madison leveled a look at Warren. He was shorter than Nathan. His shaggy brown hair was nowhere as crisp as Nathan's tight haircut. He was far bulkier than Nathan, too, a lineman on their high school football team. She didn't like stocky men.

"Keep dreaming," Madison replied, dryly.

"Stop hitting on my sister." Nathan grinned as he walked past Warren towards the garage. "Have fun at the party tonight, I'll call you tomorrow."

"Bye, Maddy," Warren waved.

Madison swatted Nathan's shoulder playfully as the two of them walked back into the house together, "I can't believe you told him about us."


During supper, Madison and Nathan silently flirted with each other. Subtle glances when their parents weren't looking led to hinting smiles shared only between them. When Madison rose to gather everyone's empty plates, her hand brushed Nathan's shoulder. He felt as though an electric spark had jumped between them. As the two teens stood together in the kitchen, rinsing and loading dishes into the dishwasher, they giggled and laughed while playfully poking elbows. The sexual tension was palpable, though they made sure their parents were left in the dark.

After supper, while alone in her bedroom, Madison could sense that something was going to happen between her and Nathan soon. The two simply couldn't continue their innocent flirtations for much longer without acting upon them. Thinking about Nathan, imagining being in his arms, her cell phone signaled that a text message had arrived.

It was from Grant: I MISS U WHY DONT U CALL ME?

Madison frowned at her phone. While technically she hadn't broken up with Grant, she hadn't spoken to him in the week since he called her 'clingy'. He had texted her several times since, and also left voicemails, apologizing for the night they argued. Madison thought she made it pretty clear she didn't want to see him anymore. Grant had shown his true colors that night.

Grant had never looked at Madison the way Nathan did, with desirous and admiring eyes. When she had asked Grant if he ever fantasized about her (the way Nathan did) he got all flustered and refused to even talk about it. Madison didn't want to date a prude who couldn't even talk about masturbation, much less admit to doing it. She wanted a guy that was crazy about her, pursued her, lusted for her. She wanted to be the object of his fantasies, to turn him on so much that he wasn't afraid to jerk off right in front of her. She needed to be wanted.

The way her step-brother wanted her.

"Hey Nathan," Madison knocked quietly on his door moments later, "Can I come in?"

"Sure," Nathan called.

Madison found Nathan at his desk when she walked into his room, "What are you up to?"

"Just checking out scores and highlights," Nathan said, clicking his mouse.

"You and your sports," Madison rolled her eyes, moving to lie across his bed.

"At least you didn't catch me playing with myself again," Nathan joked.

Madison grinned, "I was just thinking about that."

"Oh yeah?" Nathan turned, swiveling in his desk chair.

Madison admired Nathan's tall athletic body. He was wearing a tight tee shirt that showed off the athletic muscles of his arms. "Yeah," she replied, laying on her side and propping her head up with a bent elbow. "Those pictures you have of me aren't very good, and they're kind of old. When did you take them?"

"Last summer," Nathan replied, recalling the time he had used his digital camera to take pictures of Madison. She had been in the backyard, lying in her bikini.

"You should take some new ones," Madison suggested, rubbing her bare legs against one another. "Where's your camera?"

Nathan was a little flustered watching Madison's seductive pose on his bed, "Uh... in my closet."

"Why don't you get it?"

Nathan nodded, quickly rising from the chair to dig in his closet.

Madison rose, as well, to kneel on the top of Nathan's bed. She unfastened her sundress where it snapped at her back, and then lifted it off her body. When Nathan found his camera and turned around, he saw his sister drop the garment to the floor. She knelt on his bed wearing only a pair of yellow bikini panties, the rest of her tan body on full display. Nathan loved her full breasts and the way they hung against her ribs like soft, pillowy sacks. Their white color was a sharp contrast to the rest of Madison's golden skin, well-defined by tan lines.

"Wow..." was all Nathan could say, staring.

Madison grinned at Nathan's expression, thrilled by the unashamed lust in his eyes, "If you're going to jerk off while looking at pictures of me, the least I can do is make sure you have some good ones."

"This is so cool," Nathan smiled, turning the camera on and pointing it towards his bed. "You're hot enough to be in Playboy."

"You have to promise me that you won't show these to anyone."

Nathan nodded, "I promise."

"Especially not Warren," Madison added. "And you have to keep them in a secure folder in your computer."

"I won't let anyone see them," Nathan assured her.

"Okay," Madison smiled and gave the green light by taking hold of her own breasts.

Nathan immediately began snapping pictures, watching as his sister squeezed and fondled her milky breasts.

Madison tried to be as seductive as she could, fueled by Nathan's devoted attention. She ran a hand over the slender contours of her stomach while lifting one of her breasts to her lips to nibble on the pink, chewy nipple.

Nathan moved closer as she slid from the bed and turned her back to him, taking several pictures as Madison thrust her panty-covered bottom out. She teasingly hooked her thumbs under the hem of her underwear and pushed them halfway down, giving Nathan a view of the top half of her ass crack while tossing her hair, looking seductively over her shoulder.

"That's so hot," Nathan said. "You're going to melt my camera lens if you keep that up."

Madison smiled at Nathan's comment and could see a lump in the front of his baggy shorts where his erection was swiftly growing. Pushing her panties down, she stepped out of them and turned to face the camera, twirling the bikini bottoms on a raised finger.

Nathan's finger pushed the camera's shutter button repeatedly, admiring Madison's naked form. Her legs were slender but shapely, with trim thighs and ankles. Her bush was blonde and shaved into a soft V shape between curvy hips. His favorite feature, perhaps after her breasts, was her stomach. Madison had a slight hint of baby fat and it formed a tiny tummy on her otherwise skinny torso.

"Do you like my body?" Madison asked with a soft murmur.

"I love your body," Nathan replied, "You're the sexiest girl I have ever seen, Maddy."

Madison beamed at the compliment, lying back on Nathan's bed. She spread her knees, giving him a perfect angle of her pussy.

Nathan shot forward, zooming in between Madison's legs as she used a pair of fingers to part the lips of her sex. "Holy shit," he breathed out, taking several close-ups. He couldn't believe how daring she was acting.

Madison was in heaven as she watched her brother. Nathan was entranced by her naked body and she had never felt so desired in her entire life. The more pictures he took the more naughty she wanted to be for him.

Then suddenly Nathan stopped and glanced at his camera, "My memory card is full."

"I guess you're going to have plenty of pictures to jerk off to," Madison said.

"I want to do it right now," Nathan replied.

Madison nodded easily, as though giving her permission. She watched as Nathan pushed his shorts down and licked her lips when his erection was released. It was standing straight up and looked as hard as granite.

"Will you do it, too?" Nathan asked. "It's so sexy when you touch yourself."

"What am I going to do with you?" Madison teased, moving a hand between her legs. "I've created a horny monster out of my own step-brother."

Nathan moved to his dresser where a bottle of hand lotion sat; he used it to lubricate the length of his shaft. "You're the one who came in here and got naked," he replied.

Madison watched as Nathan greased up his cock, absorbed by the way he slowly began pumping it, "I can't help it, I love watching you jerk off."

"I only jerk off for you, now."

Madison blinked, "What do you mean?"

Nathan moved to stand at the edge of the bed, "I only think about you when I masturbate; I never fantasize about other girls anymore."

"Oh, Nathan," Madison whimpered, aroused by his words. She began circling her clit with a finger, "I love being your fantasy. Will you cum on me again, like last time? I want to feel your desire for me as it lands on my body."

Nathan nodded, pumping his erection earnestly, "Will you lick your tit again? I've never seen anything so hot."

Madison wanted nothing more than to please her brother, so she curled a palm under one of her breasts and dipped her chin. Pushing the soft flesh to her mouth, she began circling the nipple with her tongue.

"Oh god," Nathan moaned and began pumping his fist faster.

Madison suckled her own nipple until it was stiff with arousal and glistening with her saliva.

Nathan grunted loudly and his body jerked. Semen flew from the tip of his cock in the form of one large blob of milky-white goo, which landed on Madison's chest right between her breasts.

It was like his cum was made of hot lava the way Madison felt it burn against her skin. Her fingers danced between her legs as Nathan continued to rapidly pump his cock. "Oh fuck yeah," she encouraged him.

"Uhhhnnn!" Nathan groaned as his orgasm shot forth, continuous jets of semen flying through the air to land in splattering strands upon his sister's breasts.

Madison closed her eyes and her head rolled back as her orgasm consumed her. It was as though Nathan's cum was the fuel she needed, and every drop that landed on her body made the pleasure more intense. The thought of being covered with his fluids filled her mind as she quivered and moaned.

Spent, Nathan felt his knees go weak and he sat at the edge of the bed beside where Madison lay. She took longer to come down from her euphoric orgasm and he watched every moment of his sister's squirming ordeal.

"Oh, Nathan," Madison whispered when she finally regained her senses. "I love doing this with you."

Nathan smiled down at her, looking at the way his pleasure decorated her plush breasts and sin-kissed skin of Madison's stomach.

"What are we going to do?" Madison smiled, trailing a finger against her tummy and swirling Nathan's fluids around her belly button.

"I don't know," Nathan replied, still holding his softening cock. "But I don't know if I can stop."

"Me either," Madison admitted.

"I don't want to stop," Nathan added.

"Me either," Madison agreed. "But how far can we take this? If we keep it up, it won't end well."

"Then why did you come in here tonight?" Nathan asked.

"Because of the way you were looking at me during dinner; you were driving me crazy."

Nathan smiled, "Let's not worry about how it ends."

Madison knew that was an irresponsible path to take, but without a better answer she didn't argue, "I better go get cleaned up before one of our parents comes up here."

"And I better secure those photos before dad asks to borrow my camera again."

Madison grinned brightly, imagining the look of shock her step-father would have if he saw the pictures. "Make room for one more," she suddenly suggested. "I want to have one of your cum all over my body."


Madison yawned as she walked down the stairs the following morning, on a quest for coffee. She glanced around on her way to the kitchen, noticing that no one else was about. A note on the kitchen counter indicated that her parents had gone to church and planned to attend a luncheon afterwards. Nathan was likely still asleep.

Wearing a clinging tank top and a pair of pajama bottoms, Madison padded across the kitchen in bare feet once the coffee was brewing. Opening the fridge, she bent over to find some half-and-half. As she was digging on the bottom shelf she felt a startling squeeze on her ass.

"Nathan!" Madison rose and looked over her shoulder at Nathan, "I thought you were sleeping."

"Good morning," Nathan said, his palm rubbing against the soft cotton pajama bottoms covering Madison's backside. "I was downstairs working out."

"You need to watch who you're groping," Madison swatted at his hand and closed the fridge. She moved to the counter, hiding a smile from him. She didn't need him knowing just how much she enjoyed the feel of his hands on her body.

"I thought I was," Nathan replied.

Madison turned, leaning back against the kitchen counter. She regarded Nathan, who was wearing a pair of sweatpants but nothing else. "Do you have something against shirts?" she teased.

"Like you mind," Nathan countered, dryly. "I see you checking me out."

Madison folded her arms across her chest, "So you admit that you're trying to attract my notice?"

"Whatever," Nathan grinned. "You're the one who's been wearing all the skimpy clothes, lately."

Madison wanted to argue but Nathan's words were all too true, "You noticed?"

"Of course I noticed."

Madison smiled warmly.

"I really had fun last night," Nathan commented.

"Me too," Madison admitted softly.

"The pictures turned out great, by the way."

"Really?" Madison beamed. "I want to see them."

"Yeah, okay," Nathan agreed.

Madison glanced at the coffee pot and saw that it had a ways to go yet, so she followed Nathan up to his room. She sat down in his swiveling desk chair and let him work the mouse on his laptop, opening the appropriate folders.

Madison watched as Nathan started a slide show of the naughty photos, "Oh wow, I look totally hot."

"This one is my favorite," Nathan commented, pausing on a shot where Madison was licking her own breast.

Madison could feel Nathan's breath tickle against her neck as he leaned over her and worked the computer, "Go to the last one; the one with your cum all over me."

Nathan clicked his mouse several times before arriving on the shot.

Madison's eyes widened when she saw herself sprawled on Nathan's bed; his essence coated her breasts and tummy, glistening in the flash of the camera. "That's so dirty," she murmured. "Look at me, Nathan, I look like a porn star."

"That one made me cum."

Madison smiled over her shoulder, "You jerked off again last night? After we...?"

"Yeah, I got totally turned on loading these pics into my laptop."

Madison turned back to look at the laptop screen, "That's why I wanted you to have these pictures, I suppose, but I feel kind of left out."

Nathan daringly nibbled on Madison's earlobe and whispered, "Should I have woken you?"

Madison grinned and pushed her blonde hair out of Nathan's way as he tickled her ear with his lips; she loved his touch. "I guess I can't be with you every time, but I love it when you cum on me."

"Why do you like that so much?" Nathan asked, moving his lips to Madison's neck.

Madison tilted her head to give Nathan better access, "I like watching it come out of you knowing that I caused it, you know? That you came because I turned you on. Plus it feels really sexy when it lands on me."

"I guess I better check with you beforehand whenever I masturbate," Nathan joked.

Madison's expression quickly shifted to one of arousal. A soft moan escaped her lips when she felt Nathan's hands take hold of her breasts through the thin material of her tight top. He continued to kiss her neck as he reached around the chair and dug his fingers into her tit-flesh.

"I love it when you touch me," Madison whispered, closing her eyes. She lifted a hand to curl around the back of Nathan's head, encouraging him to continue. A tingle ran through her entire body when he started kissing the tender spot between her neck and shoulder.

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