West Side Games


I pulled my cock out a few inches then slammed it back into her cunt for the second time. Ashley screamed again and again. I gave a few hard long pumps until her screams got softer. Each thrust got easier, at least for me. With each thrust her pussy started getting a little wetter. I yanked her head off the bed and told her she better shut up and take it or her ass was next.

"Please take it out...your killing me... pleeeeeasee...i cant take it" she cried

"You want me to take it out... huh bitch... if I take it out...I'm putting it your ass next...now what will it be... your ass or your pussy?" I said with my cock buried deep in her pussy.

"Ok...ok...please don't put it in my ass...I beg of you," she said whimpering.

"Then tell me...tell me you want me to fuck your pussy... say it... tell me you want me to fuck your pussy or I'm going to pull my cock out and slam it in your fucking ass.

I was getting straight up mid evil on her ass. I felt like and sounded like some kind of ancient demon. But the control and the power I felt was pure. It was pure fucking evil and liked it. I pulled my cock out of her tight little pussy and placed the tip of my swollen cocked head at the entrance to her asshole.

"NO...NO... please...fuck my pussy...please fuck my pussy," she said hysterically

"Are you sure bitch... I'm not fucking, playing games with you any more...are you going to shut the fuck up or am I going to have to tear your asshole apart."

"Yes...I'll... I'll be quiet... please don't fuck my ass...fuck my pussy... please fuck my pussy."

Ashley's words were like music to my ears and for some reason I felt relieved. I took my cock and put it at the entrance of her now wet pussy and pushed it in slowly balls deep. Like she promised she didn't say a word. I then started to slowly work my think cock in and out of her tight little pussy. Slowly my cock stretched her out real nice. I started to hit that ass faster and faster. Her plump ass felt good when I my cock hit the bottom of her pussy. Ashley's pussy was getting slicker with every thrust. I closed my eyes and started hitt'in that pussy like I imagined I would be doing on the ride to her house. Ashley was moaning softly, I didn't know if it was pleasure or pain. All I knew was I didn't give a damn what she was feeling

. After a few minutes my cock was gliding in and out of her wet hole without any resistance. It had been so long since I enjoyed some white pussy. I actually forgot how fucking good white pussy was, especially young white pussy.

"Mmmmmm...yeah baby... that's it...take this dick...you like it...you like this dick don't cha bitch...that's it...you got some good pussy bitch...do you like it baby...do you lick this big black dick in your cunt...hey bitch...that was a fucking question bitch."

"Yes... I like it...yes I like... please don't fuck me in the ass."

"You ready to suck my fucking cock...you ready to taste your pussy juice on my cock."

"Yes... take it out please...let me suck your cock," She begged.

I knew damn well the only reason she wanted to suck my cock was so I could take it out of her pussy. I wasn't going to just let her have her way. I started to violently pound her pussy hard from the back. I was going to let her have it before I let her suck my cock. I could feel her breath leave her body with every powerful thrust. I couldn't tell if she was moaning or gasping for air.

After some good old power fucking doggie style, I was ready to fill her mouth up with my cock. I pulled my cock out of her stretched out cunt and admired my work. Her pussy lips were nice and swollen and liked mangled up. I was loving it!!!!!!

"Get on your fucking knees Ashley," I commanded.

I never saw the little bitch move so fucking fast. I guess she was happy to have my thick black cock out of her battered pussy. Ashley got on her knees and looked up. It wasn't till that moment that she saw my cock for the first time. Her eyes flew open wide when she saw the beast that had just finished punishing her insides.

"Oh my God," she said, in pure disbelief.

I started laughing at the stupid little white girl. She stared at my cock that was glistening with her pussy juice as if it wasn't for real.

"Don't just fucking stare at it...open your fucking mouth and start sucking... and you better suck it good...cause I haven't forgotten about your ass."

Ashley knew I meant business. I started to enjoy threatening her asshole. I guess the visions of my large cock forcing its way into her ass made her think twice about wasting another second.

"That's it baby open that mouth... hold the shaft baby... Mmm...yeah...suck it."

Ashley opened her mouth as wide as she could. She had to force her mouth open just to get the head of my cock in there. She had a small little mouth. But it felt so fucking good. she could only take few inches of my cock into her mouth. Her face even looked all stretched out. Ashley didn't even look like the pretty little white girl I met only a few hours ago. With my cock in her stretched out mouth, Ashley looked like a totally different person. I started to laugh at her cause she looked so fucking funny. She looked up at me to see what I was laughing at.


"Don't fucking look at me you little bitch...just suck my fucking dick."

I started moving my hips forward trying to force as much of my cock into her little white mouth. I hit the back of her throat and she started gagging. I didn't give a fuck I just kept on pumping my cock in her mouth hitting the back of her throat with every blow. Her mouth felt good but the bitch wasn't that experienced. I had to teach this little girl how to suck big cocks. Her technique was weak. But before the night was through, she would be an expert at sucking big cocks.

"Use your tongue girl. ...Yeah... that's it... and stroke the shaft...I haven't got all fucking night," I instructed.

Slowly but surely her technique was starting to improve. Ashley was becoming a good little cocksucker. She worked her tongue nicely around the head of my cock. And her little hand was getting a nice little rhythm going. I could feel my balls tingling. And I new if she continued I would soon fill her mouth up with cum but I wanted to sample some more of that young white pussy before I shot my load.

"That's it Ashley... Baby you're doing a good job...you're a good little cock sucker... now get on the bed...get on your back...I'm going to fuck your pussy a little more then I'm going to leave."

Ashley looked at me with excitement in her eyes.

"You promise...please you promise...after you will leave."

"Yeah... I promise... come on...get on your back and spread your pussy lips." I directed.

Ashley jumped on the bed and got on her back. I guess knowing that her ordeal would soon be over made her move a little faster. I didn't give I fuck I just wanted to cum and get the hell out of there. Like a good student Ashley laid back on the bed and spread her cunt lips for me. She looked so pretty lying there waiting for my cock to enter her juicy young pussy.

I brought the tip of my cock to the entrance and started to push. My cock sunk into the bottom of her pussy like a hot knife cutting through butter. Her little pussy was dripping wet. It felt ten times better then it did a few minutes ago. I started driving my cock in and out of that hot little white pussy. Ashley's cunt muscles were much more relaxed then before. I started pounding her pussy with my cock. I watched her face to see if there was any reaction. She still had that stupid drunken look on her face.

I was close to cumming, and I knew it was going to be a big blast. I started pounding my cock in and out of her pussy like some deranged being. Ashley pussy started contracting and griping my cock. I threw her legs on my shoulders and started pounding that sweet white pussy with every thing I had. Her bedroom was filled with the sound on my body descending on top of hers. I always loved the sound of flesh smacking against each other. Instead of looking like I was hurting this bitch, she had the look on her face like she was about to cum. Ashley started moaning and breathing heavy as a pounded her pussy. I knew she was close to cumming cause her pussy was soaking wet. Just at the moment when I thought she was about to cum, I jumped off the bed and pulled her to the floor on to her knees.

"Open your fucking mouth...open your fucking mouth bitch."

I stuck my cock deep into her mouth. When my cock hit the back of her throat, I unloaded. Thick boiling hot blasts of cum shot out my cock. Like a street thug unloading a 9mm gun, my nine inch cock pelted her throat with bullets of cum."

"Agggghhh...Agggghhhh...yeah...Aggghhh yeah bitch... take my fucking cum...Agghh... yeah...take it you fucking little cunt... take it." I screamed, as I unload my clip.

My whole body started shaking as cum spewed out of my cock and down her throat. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and shot the rest of my load all over her pretty white face.

"Yeah... yeah... baby...Mmmmmm...yeah... eat my fucking cum...eat it you little fucking whore...

Poor little Ashley had cum all over face. I had shot the biggest load of my life down her little throat and what was left over I kindly offered to her face. Ashley had thick gobs of cum on her chin and on her breast. I looked into her eyes and I saw pure hatred.

"What's the matter Ashley... you don't like cum on your face... Or... are you mad cause I didn't let you cum."

I started laughing at the little girl. She looked so fucking stupid with all that cum on her face. If the bitch had done me right from the beginning, we would have had a lovely evening. I wouldn't have left her home until she had cum a dozen times. Ashley started crying, I guess from the humiliation she felt. Poor little Ashley probably felt horrible that her big bad black rapist almost made her cum.

"I did what you wanted...you... you... promised you would leave afterwards... please go... Please... I beg of you." she cried softly into her hands trying to hide her face.

"Unlike you Ashley I keep my promises."

I started getting dressed; Ashley just curled up into the fetal position and continued to weep. After I got my cloths I looked around the room to make sure I didn't leave anything behind. That's when I noticed a picture on her dresser. It was a picture of a white couple. I knew it had to be her parents. I grabbed the picture and walked over toward Ashley. I grabbed her by the hair yanking her entire body off the ground. I asked her if the couple in the picture was her parents. She said yes. I asked her if she loved them and she told me that she did. I then said

"Your mother is a very pretty woman, Ashley."

And she was. She looked like an older version of the little Ashley. She was very pretty and she also had a nice body. A little heavier then Ashley, but very fuckable.

"Listen up Ashley...I am taking this picture with me...If you call the cops... tell your parents...or tell anybody about our little game we just played... or if you ever come back to that bar again...I am going to come back here and fuck you and your mother in the ass with my big black fucking cock...and then I am going to make sure your father watches...then I will kill the whole lot of you. And if I am arrested... don't you worry... I have a lot friends with huge black cocks, that will come here and punish your entire family."

"I won't say anything I promise... I swear I won't say a word...I promise... please you promised you would leave."

I got dressed and glanced at Ashley one more time before I left her home. I got in my car and headed home. As I drove home the entire night played back in my head. I knew what I did was wrong. And deep inside I knew that Ashley didn't deserve that brutal fucking. You might think that I am an evil man for what I did. We all have our limits and Ashley actions pushed me to the edge. Yes she was young and yes she was stupid. But that does not forgive her leading me on. The next time you ladies invite a man you just met to your house, you better think twice. You better plan on giving up the pussy and not wasting his time. Cause if you bring a man to your home with the promise of sex, then you damn well better deliver. It doesn't matter if he is black or white. Fuck around and change your mind once he is in your home, and what happen to little Ashley might just happen to you.


* This is just a story...and nothing else*

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