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Wet and Wild


Ben lay curled up on his bed, his slim, but fairly muscular body was wracked by pain. A college senior, he was home ill. He suffered from cramps, and every few minutes he suffered another lot of gut wrenching squeezing. He was also running a high fever, and he lay on his bed wearing only a pair of jockey underwear, sweating.

Suddenly he heard the front door open, it was his mom Lisa. She had been out teaching swimming at the local pool. She was 41, had a great body for her age, she was about 5'7, very tanned all over. Blond hair just below shoulder length, she has average sized breasts, but a very firm butt. She was still turning heads, even as a middle aged woman.

She called out to Ben, and when he didn't answer, she came to his room. She asked what was wrong, her voice tinged with concern. He explained how bad he felt, and told him to meet her in the bathroom.

Ben stood up unsteadily, and made his way to the bath room. His mom walked in soon after, holding what Ben soon found out was an enema.

Lisa told Ben to take his jockeys off, he was a little hesitant at first, but the pain in his stomach urged him on.

As he slid his jockeys off, he noticed his mom, sliding her jeans and top off. She was still wearing her swimsuit from swim training, for perhaps the first time, he noticed how trim she was. The swimsuit was very high cut, it really showed off her slim waist and flared hips. Her long legs and firm butt were displayed proudly. If he wasn't wracked by pain, he would have had the first signs of a hard on.

Lisa, closed the lid on the toilet, sat on it and asked Ben to lay across her lap. He was nervous and a bit scared, but he trusted his mom. He was aware of the heat coming off her body, and he could smell the fragrance in her hair. As he lay naked across her lap, his penis rubbed against her thigh, his pulse quickened.

Suddenly he felt some probing around his ass hole, his mom had a glob of lubricant on her fingers and she slowly worked one, then two fingers into his ass hole. Ben's cock hardened slightly, and it slipped between his moms thighs. The sweat from his and her body was providing a nice lubricant.

Lisa moved her fingers in and out of his ass, and soon introduced the nozzle of the enema, as she slid it further up his butt, his cock now became fully hard. It peaked at about 7 inches long, and the friction caused by lying on his stomach with his cock between his moms thighs was taking his mind of the pain in his stomach.

Lisa suddenly noticed that her son had a hard on, she had NEVER thought of her son in a sexual way before, but as she allowed hot water to flow into his colon, she realized he had a hot body, and a good sized cock....which was now very hard!

She freaked out a bit, but as more water pumped into him, she became a little curious, and even a little wet in the crotch of her swimsuit.

As his stomach swelled, Ben's hard on became even harder, and before he realized it he had slowly began bucking his hips a little, and in doing so was rubbing his hard cock against his mothers pussy lips through the fabric of her swimsuit.

Lisa eyes fluttered open as Ben's raging hard on, flicked against her clitoris. Pre-cum oozed from Ben's cock now, and the small gap between Lisa's thighs became more and more lubricated.

All this continued in virtual silence, neither Lisa or her son, spoke a word, both were enjoying what was happening, and were perhaps a little scared, that if they spoke the magic of the moment would be broken.

Before long Ben was nearing climax, as was Lisa. Ben's mom realized the enema bag was empty, Ben's stomach was visibly bloated, and soon Ben noticed that it was becoming pretty uncomfortable. Lisa gestured for Ben to get up off her lap, he stood, and his rock hard glistening cock hung inches from her face.

Ben was now in a bit more pain, Lisa indicated he should sit on the toilet, and release the warm water, she turned her back as he sat down, and released. The relief was instant, he felt much better, and yet his hard on remained.

Lisa told him to have a quick shower, he washed off quickly, and Lisa said one more enema would make sure he wouldn't have anymore problems.

This time Lisa had him stand up, but bent over at the waist. She inserted the lubricated enema nozzle in his butt hole. She stood behind him, and held the bag aloft as the warm water drained in him. Ben's cock became even harder than before. Lisa held the nozzle firm, and her hand glanced against Ben's cock, it twitched, and he looked back at her.

The wet spot in the crutch of her swimsuit grew and the lust in her loins grew to unstoppable heights. The water from the bag was now all in Ben, and Lisa inserted a small plug into Ben's ass hole. As he stood bent over, she slowly moved her hand to his stiff cock, she took him by the shaft, and slowly began jerking him. Still not a word was said between them, Ben's mind raced. He couldn't believe he was being jacked off by him mom. He slowly began moaning, and as he looked back, he watched as him mom began flicking her clitoris through her swimsuit with her other hand.

Lisa took her hand off Ben's rock hard dick, and pushed him down onto the toilet, he sat down with his cock straight up in the air. Lisa pushed the crutch of her swimsuit aside, revealing her shaved pussy, she moved forward, and sat down on her sons cock, she lowered herself down fully as his 7 inches sank deep into her. She sat facing him as she rode him, she licked his smooth chest and his hands jerkily moved over her breasts. She rocked back and forward, and one of her hands flicked her engorged clit.

It didn't take long for Ben to begin twitching, and moaning louder, as he came close to cumming. Suddenly his full body jerked and he came deep inside his mother, and he released his seed, it then triggered a deep climax of her own.

They both shuddered, and their sweat coated bodies lay collapsed against each other. Lisa got up and had a shower, while Ben emptied his bowels again.

By the time he got of the toilet, Lisa had finished showering and was getting dressed for her next swim training. Barely a word had passed during them during the whole experience. She gave him a wink as she closed the door behind her.

Ben was exhausted, he walked back to his room, and passed out on the bad...wow what a day...

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