tagLoving WivesWhat A Time At The Cottage

What A Time At The Cottage


A chance meeting in a pub one hot summers day in August 1979, was to lead to a life changing series of events.

The Anchor, was a pub used mainly by students from the local college. It was early afternoon and just before closing time, the pub was empty apart from the four of us.

Colin, Steve, Tony and myself Nick, we were playing darts and generally gossiping about college, and naturally girls.

This subject brought us really together, as we all had been involved with the same girl, and had been hurt in someway by the relationship.

What started as gentle banter, about exacting revenge on the “cock teaser”, turned into a serious plot.

Yvonne, worked in the college library, she was married to John. She was a tall slim girl, with long blonde hair, and very petite figure. Always wore jeans and tight tops, no bra and her nipples standing proud. Her nickname was “scrumbly bum”, as when she walked her arse looked like to cats having a fight in a sack. Definitely was the best looking girl in the library. Problem was she new it, and used her seductive charms on us drooling boys.

We all had similar tales to tell of taking her out, wining and dining (more than we could afford on student money). In return we got he odd pet on the cheek or a feel of her through her clothes, and promises of more, which never materialised.

Colin was her current victim, and he had got closer than the rest of us put together, he had actually stayed the night at her house, and touched her boobs in the flesh. Even though they were alone, she refused to let things proceed.

As we drew up our plans, with Colin leading the way with ideas and times to execute our plan.

Yvonne and John, lived in a cottage in a country village. Every Friday they would visit the local pub the Generals Arms. Usually after closing they would invite people back to theirs, play records and carry on drinking.

According to Colin, after about an hour John would go to bed, leaving Yvonne with whoever had come back. A little while later she would go up to check on him, change into a lime green, halter necked micro mini dress. Then start dancing really seductively.

We all agreed to meet up this Friday, and put our plans into action, and teach the “cock teaser” a lesson or four.

Nine thirty on Friday, we all arrived at the Generals Arms. Yvonne was in the saloon bar, surrounded by fellahs as usual. John was playing darts in the public bar with Colin.

We muzzled in with the other fellahs, in the saloon bar with Yvonne. She was being as tarty as ever, trying it on with most of the young lads. Getting drinks paid for her like no tomorrow.

Steve quoted “I don’t like girls, that say they do then don’t. I prefer girls who say they don’t but look as though they might”.

We all laughed knowing that this young lady was about to get it, whether she wanted to or not.

Just as Colin predicted we all got invited back to Yvonne and John’s . There was us four, a young lad called Julian, Hugh an old boy in his 70’s, David and his girlfriend Joy. Shortly John went to bed, and David and Joy went home. A little while later Yvonne emerged in the little lime green halter neck dress. So far so good I thought.

Yvonne set up the record player with a stack of lp’s, and started dancing, to all the boys seated around the room. Julian got up and danced with her.

We four chatted about our plan. Colin said “ we will make our move when Autobahn, by Kraftwork starts playing, is everybody ready”

As soon as the record started playing, all four of us took off our belts, and got up.

Yvonne said “what the fucks going on boys”

Colin said “Its your turn babe, you teased one time to many”

Yvonne started screaming, “ I will get John, you barstards”

Colin said “he won’t wake till morning, waving a box of sleeping pills in front of her”

“Oh my god” she said “Hugh you going to let this happen”

Hugh was asleep, and never replied, Julian protested a little until we promised him a bit of the action.

We each took either a wrist or ankle, and looped our belts round them. Colin then undid her halter neck and the dress fell to the floor. Her body was superb, her tits stood proud, so firm. Her nipples were large and stood out like organ stops. Her white bikini pants, let the top of her arse show above them, and her mound was really round and stood away from her belly.

Yvonne whispered, “you know we are trying for a baby, you going to wear something, don’t hurt me, please be gentle”. With a sense, of resignation in her trembling, voice.

We laid her on the floor, tying her wrists to the legs of the sideboard unit, and her ankles to the settee, her legs spread wide apart.

Julian was looking on in amazement, his mouth open wide. Hugh started to stir. Looked down at this young 21 year old, naked apart from her white pants in front of him. Rubbed his eyes in disbelief, saliva started dripping from the corner of his mouth.

Colin said, “I am just going upstairs to check on John”.

When he came down he had Johns shaving gear with him, “he said everything fine up there, now for the fun”.

Reaching for her knickers he pulled them down, as far as he could, just above her knees. Exposing her very hairy bush, and large rubbery lips. He put some shaving foam on her bush, and started to shave it.

Yvonne had a tear in her eye as she said, “please don’t, I will do anything”.

We all said as one, “You right baby, you sure going to do everything and everyone”.

Colin continued to shave her pussy. Hugh was kneeling next to her, and started touching her tits, squeezing her nipples between his arthritic thumb and finger.

We all goaded him into kissing them, which he did, stopping to take his teeth out, which he put in his pocket. He looked like old man Stepoe, as he sucked her nipples through his gums, making loud gurgling and sucking noises.

Yvonne actually appeared to be enjoying it, lifting her side up so more of her breast went into his mouth. They were now covered in old Hugh’s saliva.

Colin had finished shaving her, and asked us to inspect his handy work. He sure had made a good job, she looked really inviting, the cleft of her now bad pussy, started well on top of her mound, and her large lips were showing droplets of moisture from with in.

Colin said, “Hugh, you dirty old man, what do you think of that”.

Hugh could hardly speak, “only pussies I’ve seen have been in magazines” With that he put his hand over it, and slid a finger inside her. As he pulled it out, we could see it glisten, with Yvonne’s juices.

Yvonne surprised us by pushing herself up to meet him, and was biting her bottom lip, and murmuring softly.

As we watched Hugh, we all started to strip off, including Julian. His cock was bigger than the rest of us, at least 10 inches long and as thick as a baby’s arm.

Meanwhile Hugh had left his silvery trail, down over her navel, to the top of her cleft, and was getting his head between her legs, he looked like a tortoise coming out of his shell. His face was very red, his tongue blue, as he continued to slobber all over her pussy.

Colin went into the kitchen and wiped her boobs down, as the rest of us were all naked, by now, started stroking and touching her, kissing her nipples. I was biting her neck and along the top of her shoulders.

All off which were greeted by a sense of pleasure from Yvonne, who was moaning and muttering, even reaching up with her mouth to kiss our rampant cocks.

“Come on Hugh”, Tony shouted as he ripped her Knickers off, “Fuck her, and let us have a turn, you old git”.

Hugh did not need asking twice, he fumbled with his trousers, dropped them and his pants to his knees, and knelt between her thighs. Before sliding his cock into her wet pussy.

Yvonne shouted “Hugh, Hugh you know what you doing, don’t die on me”.

Hugh was going like a train, really ramming his old podger into her, it was not long before he was cumming inside her. He rolled off lying on his back gasping for air.

Yvonne, seemed to cum with him, and bit Steve’s balls as she did, which caused amusement to the rest of us. Kissing it better, and with a look of anticipation in her eyes.

“Come on whose next”, shouted Tony, “go on Julian you have a go”.

Julian guided his cock into her already cum filled shaved pussy.

Yvonne squealed with delight, as the large tip of his circumcised cock, slipped into her, “fucking hell that feels good she said, Whose a big boy then”.

Julian was soon emptying his cock inside her, meanwhile Hugh was kneeling over her face and getting her to lick his old cock, which she was actually doing almost greedily, judging by the slurping noises.

Tony was next, Julian’s, large cock had stretched her, so he slipped in easily. Colin and I were sucking each of her breasts; Hugh was sitting in the chair, with a look of disbelief and total satisfaction on his face. Yvonne, was sucking Julian’s huge cock, his face was a picture. His cock was starting to rise again. Tony had his hands under Yvonne and was fingering her arse as he fucked her. His balls were really slapping against her arse.

“I’m cumming baby”, Tony shouted as really slammed his cock deep into her.

Yvonne squealed, “ that’s good, oh yes that’s good, I’m cumming with you, yes, yes”.

Julian joined in the shouting, “I’m cumming too”.

I was still sucking her nipple, as her body arched to take all Tony’s, cum deep inside, while clamping her mouth over Julian’s cock, which unbelievably had all but disappeared into her mouth.

She did not let one drop of his cum escape, from her mouth. More than what could be said about her pussy, which had made more than a puddle on the floor.

Tony’s semi limp cock slipped out of her, and he crawled up towards her mouth, shouting, “Who wants the next go, she is one hell of a shag”.

Colin was next, with Steve to follow leaving me for sloppy afters. It was a strange sensation, slipping my cock into a pussy full to overflowing with 5 other men’s cum.

Still enjoyed it, and because of all the extra lubrication, lasted a lot longer than I would normally. Yvonne and us both came together, her pussy was still able to tighten around my cock. It was really sensational, feeling her body cumming, and gripping me so tight.

We undid our belts, letting Yvonne free for the first time in 3 hours. Instead of running away, she cuddled us all in turn.

“Wow, boys that was good, Yvonne said, breaking the silence. “I think it was worth, the provocation, don’t you? Not sure what john is going to say about you using my pussy like that. Or its new look, if you promise to keep me serviced, he need not know.” She smiled broadly as she held Hugh’s hand, “Hugh darling, there is certainly life in the old dog yet, and as for you Julian, you certainly reached the parts others dream of.” Hugh was spluttering “Yvonne, this will be all our secret, if we can do it again.”

We certainly did, our Friday night treat for nearly 4 years, Yvonne had three kids in that time. The first looked liked Hugh. The second one like Colin, and the third like me. Having Yvonne pregnant seemed to enhance the pleasure for all of us.

Hugh died, having had a pleasurable end to his life. He left everything to Yvonne and John. Julian moved to New Zealand. The rest of us are married and have families of our own.

That is not the end of the story as Yvonne and John’ youngest son, got married to my eldest daughter yesterday. Everyone says they just like brother and sister. I stayed over at their house, my wife returning home, leaving us to talk over old times, naturally slightly worse the wear for drink, was unable to drive.

Waking in the morning I find self-naked on the bed, my hands bound, as are my ankles. Yvonne was standing, at the bottom, of the bed. “I have waited 20 odd years for this”.

Then I heard Autobahn playing, and knew I was in for some fun, but wondering exactly what type.

I did not have long to wait, as John entered the room,” I knew everything that as going on, he said, “I am gay, it saved me a lot of grief.”

This really shocked me to the core, as I had in all this time never suspected anything of the like.

Yvonne released my ties slightly, and then said, “John and I are going to enjoy this, and I think you will to.”

She took off her housecoat; she was naked, underneath it. Her breasts still looked good, nipples large and standing proud. She was lying next to me on the bed; she then lifted me slightly and slid under me. I could feel her nipples pressing against my chest. She spread her legs wide; John was lifting them up, as she reached down, to guide my rock hard cock into me.

As she did so she said, “You were always my favourite, when ever it was your turn, I knew it would be the best.”

God it felt good, so tight. She was pushing up to meet each of my thrusts.

“Slow down boy, “she said. “Can’t have you cumming before us.”

“Us. “I said.

With that I felt something cold and creamy, between the cheeks of my arse.

“Yes us. “said the deep excited voice of John. “We have always dreamed and talked of this moment.”

Then I felt something entering my arsehole, opening it up, it was a really strange sensation, and the way it moved I guessed it was John’s finger. I clenched my arse, involuntarily.

John said, “come on Nick relax, all the pleasure you have had with Yvonne, over the years. Its time to repay the kindness.”

I then felt his cock, start to slowly enter me, could feel the crown, getting right inside me.

“Feel good Nick darling, “Yvonne said. “Come on John. Fuck his arse hard babe, every thrust pushes him further into me.”

The mixture of pain and pleasure was unbelievable as John fucked my virgin arse; it felt like I was being ripped in two, luckily I thought he felt small. Once he had managed to get it all inside me, he changed pace, his balls slapping against my arse. His stokes were getting longer and faster. Soon all three of us got into rhythm, and it was truly sensational.

“Oh this is good babes, “she screamed. “I love the feel of you two riding me, feels so good fuck me hard.”

John, was holding Yvonne’s legs in the air, making me get deep inside her, could feel my cock pushing against her cervix. She was gripping my cock tight, with her still shaved pussy, every time I did.

We all came together, my arse-felt red raw as John slipped out of it. I got off of Yvonne, and lay next to her. John pulled her away and went down on my cock, running his tongue along the eye, before starting to suck it.

I could feel myself getting hard again; Yvonne was now running her tongue between the cheeks of my arse. And licking John’s, cum from deep, inside it. I just lay there enjoying all the attention from the pair of them.

After we had all licked and sucked each other, we adjourned to the on suite Jacuzzi.

Talking about all the things that had happened since those days of scrumbly bum the sexy college librarian. From those hazy college days at the cottage, until today, nearly 30 years later, I would never of thought the fun was going to start again.

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