tagErotic Poetrywhat do you see when you look at me

what do you see when you look at me


Please baby am your slut look at me
 And tell me what it is you see
I am lying here on our bed
 My legs open wide my pussy spread
 I'm feeling hot and feverish
 All from that hard passionate kiss
 I feel as if I've gone to heaven and died
 All I need is your cock deep inside
 Pounding thrusting, making me scream
 Ohh please dear lord, I hope its no dream.

 Your fingers encounter a throbbing clit
as you explore my dripping wet slit
 Begging and pleading as I call your name
 My body turning to a burning flame
 Dripping juices over your cock
 As your hips flex and your hips rock
 Pounding and thrusting making me cum
 Ohh my god is that your thumb
 Along side your cock in my hole
 I feel it deep inside my soul.

  Screw me fuck me make me your slut
 Ill do what ever you ask but,
 Make me shudder make me scream
 My body need to be full of your cream
 Ill be your slut your whore for ever
 Ill dress in silk and even leather
 You can whip me hurt me mark my skin
 Kiss me . Lick me. Make my head spin
 Bite me , order me. Make me your slave
 Ill do what ever you want,, I even shave
 Just take away the ache, you tease
 Iam begging you darling please.
 Fuck me hard don't ever stop
 I don't care if it starts to flop.

 Use your fingers, use your mouth
 Wiggle your tongue from north to south
 Flick it over my sweet hot lips
 The aching ones between my hips
 Never ever stop that feeling
 Makes the room sway and reeling
  Drink the sweet nectar from my cunt
 Make me moan make me grunt
 Begging for your fingers deep inside
 Slippery the path they slide
 In and out and round and round
Twisting turning. Ohh the sound
As I scream your name and beg for more
  Iam your slut, darling,, your cum loving whore.

 I want your cum to cover my tits
 I love the feel of it as it hits.
 My skin and makes it stick.
 Creamy white and very thick
  Just one finger, just one touch
 Make me explode. Its to much
 I beg you to stop to let me rest
 But your just reaching the crest
  The top of your peak,
the best fuck I've had all week.
 Now that you've done I want more
 Want me to be your cum whore?
 Want me to fuck all the guys from lit?
 To suck and to swallow every bit
 Of cum that might get sent my way
And over my body , save some to spray,
 Ill lick pussy's and cocks I don't really care
 As long as my darling you are there
 To watch me as I use them all
  And suck them dry , its your call,
I want your cock fucking my throat
 To feel it swell. explode and coat
  My tongue and my lips with your cum
 So I can taste you all day long.

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