Whatever Your Heart Desires Ch. 01


I chose a sheer red nylon-and-lace peignoir for myself and slipped into it. I then took Danny by both wrists and led him across the bedroom to my huge walk-in closet. I slipped into the floor-length sheer red nylon and lace dressing gown that matched my peignoir, then slipped my feet into red marabou-trimmed mules with clear Lucite five-inch stiletto heels. Normally, we were about the same height. In these slippers, I towered over my husband, lending me just the right air of authority.

I selected a black silk mid-thigh-length kimono and silently held it open for him. He yielded without a word, turning to allow me to help his arms into the sleeves. I slipped the smooth fabric over his shoulders and turned him to face me. Wrapping the two halves around him, I cinched the belt with a sharp, authoritative tug, holding the wrap firmly in place. I then stepped forward and kissed my mate lightly on the lips.

"Thank you, Danielle," I purred sensually. "Now, would you accompany me to the kitchen? I believe we have both worked up a bit of an appetite."

I took ‘her' arm in mine, turned, and made for the door. My stiletto heels click-click-clicked on the hardwood floors of the bedroom, hallway, living room and dining room, then the tiled floors of the kitchen. I hadn't offered ‘Danielle' pause, any opportunity to interject. Nor had ‘she' attempted to, accepting my authority and ‘her' feminine appellation without protest. My heart soared. I felt ten feet tall.

We prepared a platter of Cheddar and Jack slices, crackers, grapes and strawberries. I opened a bottle of Chablis and fetched two wineglasses. We placed everything on a tray which ‘Danielle' carried as we returned to our bedroom. I sincerely hoped it would not be obvious my heart was hammering madly in my chest. We had taken a small first step, but a significant one. I had no idea how long this journey would last or where it would end, and would have to make up the rules as we went.

I could sense the danger here. One misstep, a single word misspoken or taken out of context could lead to disaster. Despite the risks, I was looking forward to this brave, new future with renewed optimism – for us, our relationship, and me personally. There was still uncertainty in those emerald eyes, a touch of fear. Was it just my imagination, or was there also a flicker of… hope? Only time would tell.

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by usmclass03/19/18


I want to see it play out like her "test" fantasy. Wow. And the fact they obviously love each other only makes it better.

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