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Wheelchair Schoolgirl


I drive the short bus. Yep, that's me. I pick up about ten geeks a day at their homes and take them to the local special needs high school. For the most part, my mentally- and physically-challenged bus riders are pretty easy to handle. My bus comes with a special side door with a motorized wheelchair lift for the few kids unable to hoof it up the short steps, and seatbelts for the mentally inept little roundheads.

Now, I admit that I am a total scumbag, but I treat my geeks with respect. I help the ones who need help, I don't allow fighting or for the better-off ones to degrade or demean the pitiful ones. Most of my kids are sweet, hard-working students who just want to lead a normal life.

Physically, I am about six feet tall, skinny, with wispy dirty blonde hair and a wiry, spotty goatee and mustache. I have several dragon tats on my muscular forearms, and my left eyebrow is pierced. Overall, I have heard other people describe me as "that meth-addicted scary redneck convict dude."

I do not do drugs, nor have I ever been to prison, but people see a skinny redneck guy with tattoos and piercings and immediately think "crack addict." It's not a bad image to portray, however, as it keeps people from fucking with me. I do an excellent job for the school, and once the parents get to know me, they realize not to judge a book by its cover.

So, back to the scumbag part. Let's talk about Sarah – she's one of my little geeks. Sarah has a rather severe case of Muscular Dystrophy, a hereditary disease that is characterized by skeletal muscle weakness which keeps her in a wheelchair most of the time. Her physical therapist makes her get out of her chair several times a day and use her walker, so I know she is ambulatory, but for me she mostly just sits in her chair and reads her Bible and prays. All the fucking time. Non-stop. Pray, pray, pray. What I do know about MD is that most of the people afflicted with this disease are mentally fine, just a physical mess. This would generally describe Sarah. She appears sharp as a tack scholastically, but maybe a little immature for her 18 years.

Sarah's home life kinda sucks out the ass. Her parents are Bible-beating assholes who think they can pray Sarah through her problems. They live way out in the sticks at the end of a long gravel road, with a couple of rusted-out junk heaps littering the yard. Sarah has unfortunately inherited her parent's religious fervor, as she constantly recites from her ragged Bible during the ride to and from school—when she's not bitching about the heat, or little Billy, or something else. Her Mom home-schooled her through 8th grade, but finally gave up in high school.

Sarah would actually be very pretty were it not for the MD wasting her muscles away. She has raven-black hair which she keeps pulled back in a shoulder-length pony tail, usually decorated with a bright red ribbon. She tends to wear fairly trendy clothing, and on this day she wore a denim mini skirt with hot pink leggings underneath and a tight white t-shirt which showed off her small, perky little titties. Because of her medical

problem, she is very skinny (even more so than me), with a gaunt, angular, heart-shaped face and full pouty lips. Oh, and she also tends to drool a lot.

So, back to the scumbag part and the day in question. One day as we drove the last few miles to her house after dropping off the last little geek (Sarah was my final stop), I looked up in the rear view mirror and saw that she had accidentally dumped her book bag and several sheets of paper were spread out over the floor. She was straining to reach down with her one good hand (her other was cramped up in a semi-permanent claw), and scoop up the sheets, glancing up at me every few seconds. I pulled the bus over to the side of the deserted road and stepped towards the back of the bus.

"Oh Dear Lord, please help me... help me Lord," she moaned as I walked back. Her face turned bright red, and she straightened up as she realized she could not reach the papers without getting out of her chair.

"Mr. Murphy, don't you dare look at those sheets – I'll tell my parents if you do! Lord help me in my time of neeed," she slurred through a mouthful of drool.

I bent down to pick up several sheets and noticed that they were pencil drawings Sarah had done herself. Sarah was quite the little artist, and she had made drawings that would make a porn star blush. One was a close up of a hairy turgid cock spurting cum in copious amounts. Another was a side view of a man fucking a girl doggie-style. Her artistry was phenomenal, the detail astounding in its vulgarity.

Sarah was, understandably, red-faced and ashamed. She held her face in her good hand and moaned "Dear Lord" over and over again.

"Hmmm, what do we have here, Sarah. It appears you have been doing a little extracurricular work for art class. I see you even signed and dated them, how very thorough of you."

Sarah peeked up at me through her hands and said plaintively "please put them back in my bag, Mister Murphy, Okay?"

To this day, I do not know what came over me. Maybe it was her shiny black hair in that pony tail. Maybe it was her pouty lips. Perhaps I was turned on by the drool running down her chin. Whatever it was, as I looked down at her crying and moaning, my dick grew rock hard. I also realized that this girl had needs and fantasies just like any other 18 year old kid. Only she probably felt that she might never get to experience any of them.

I reached out and gently held her little heart-shaped face by the chin and tilted her head back and made her look me in the eyes.

"I bet your parents would absolutely shit bricks if I showed them a few of these pictures"

Sarah's eyes flew open and she moaned again "Noooooo, oh Dear Lord, please help me in my time of need. Cover me with your blood and wash my sins away. Dear Lord, Dear Lord, Dear Lord."

"I'll tell you what, Sarah, we can keep this our little secret, but you have to do something for me," I reached down and slowly began to unzip my khakis, not twelve inches from her wide-eyed face.

"Ohhhhh God, where are You now! Please give me some guidance," she slurred, as she stared at the front of my trousers.

I reached in and pulled my rock hard cock from my pants, and stroked it a couple times to get it to its proud seven inch length. My cock is respectably long, rather thin, topped with a nice, purple, plum-sized head. I like to think of my cock as the perfect length for "blowjob training". Not so big that they gag on it and can only take 1-2 inches, but long enough that they have to actually work to deep throat it.

"Now Sarah, as I see it, you either do as I say, or I show these pictures to your Momma, and she and your Daddy take you out of school and lock you up at home for the rest of your life."

"No, please Mister Murphy, don't show them. My Daddy'll beat me with a belt and Momma will make me kneel in the closet and pray for a week," she sobbed. "I promise, I'll do anything...anything. Deeeear Looooord, help me."

I reached out and took her good hand and wrapped it around the base of my cock and said lustily "You service me good, and do everything I say with no Goddamn backtalk, and we'll keep this secret, Sarah. And I want your 100% cooperation. When I say lick, you lick. When I say suck, you suck. You are gonna swallow all my cum, and beg for more, or your home life is gonna be a living Hell."

Sarah sobbed and mumbled a few "Dear Lord's" and then, if I didn't know any better she licked her lips in anticipation.

I pushed the head of my cock down to her mouth and grabbed her pony tail at its base with my free hand. "Lick the head, get it nice and dripping wet..."

Sarah slobbered over the head like a girl possessed, her tongue darting out and licking fervently, drool and spittle running down the sides of my cock and dripping off her tiny knuckles. Schlurp, schlurp, schlurp she went, her tongue circling my hot, fat, cock head, getting it nice and wet.

"Wow, we're off to a nice start," I gasped, "now suck it a little, try to take as much as you can into your mouth. Keep your tongue moving in there too. Ohhhh, that's goooood."

Sarah sucked about 3 inches in and bobbed her slobbering mouth up and down over my shaft, her tongue flicking up and down the underside of my cock. As she slurped, she mumbled "Dear Lord, Dear Lord, Dear Lord" over and over again, giving me a sort of religious hummer.

With a little more force, I pushed her face down on my cock using the base of her pony tail and bright red ribbon.

"That's it, try to take a little more – you're gonna be a great little cocksucker by the time we're done. Isn't this much better than homemade pictures, Sarah?"

Sarah nodded her head slightly in assent and moaned a few "Dear Lords" as I pushed her deeper onto my rock hard cock. At this point she had about 4-5 inches buried in her mouth, and my fat, purple head was pushing at the back of her throat, making her gag. Up and down, schlurp, schlurp, schlurp she went, producing a prodigious amount of drool while she worked my cock shaft.

"Relax your throat Sarah. You're never going to be a world class deepthroater unless you learn to relax. That's better, now you are doing it!"

Sarah was taking my full seven inches down her throat like a pro, sucking and licking the head on the upswing and then impaling her little heart-shaped face on my cock on the downswing. Her cheeks were flushed red, and her nipples stood out prominently through her white t-shirt. I knew she was enjoying this, even if she were being coerced.

"Sarah, in a little bit I'm going to cum. It's going to shoot out in several gushes, blasting your mouth with hot, salty liquid. Are you ready for it?"

Sarah pulled off my cock and through a mouthful of drool, wetly said "Please Dear Lord, help me swallow all his cum, help me learn to be a good little cocksucker."

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and presented her with my large, swollen balls, dripping in spittle. Sarah dutifully turned her head sideways and began to wetly lick and suck on my sensitive sacks. After a few minutes of her slurping noisily on my butter bags, I popped my purple dickhead back in her mouth and commanded her to suck.

I could feel the cum starting to boil in my balls, and knew I was close to erupting.

"Sarah, grab the base with your hand and focus your mouth on the sensitive head. I'll help you jack me off, just concentrate on slurping up all my cum."

"Okay," she mumbled as her tongue wetly circled my cock head.

Grasping her hand, I started jerking off with short jerks while she slobbered and sucked on the head. Sarah moaned as she felt my cock harden even more, and she knew instinctively that I was about to gush.

"Oh God Sarah, I'm gonna cuuuuuuuuum," I groaned, as my cock tingled and the cum shot from deep in my balls.

Like a little trooper, Sarah swirled her tongue around the gushing head and slurped up most of my jizz. After about four jets of hot salty juice, she pulled her mouth off and gasped "Oh God, it's sooo good. Thank You Lord, You are soooo good to me."

A few spurts shot out and coated her face and chin while she prayed and cum ran down my cock to drip off my knuckles.

"The Bible says a man's seed is NEVER to be wasted," she moaned as she leaned down and licked up the cum dripping off my hand still tightly wrapped around the base of my cock.

Seeing juice dripping off my balls, she wetly slurped and licked them clean, and worked her way up my cock shaft back to the head, where she gently sucked the head, trying to get the last few drops of hot, salty semen.

I used my cockhead to wipe up her cum-coated face and had her suck me clean, pointing to spots on my shaft that still had cum clinging to it in clumps. She greedily licked it spotless and even used her good hand to wipe up excess cum from her face, sucking her fingers off for every last drop.

After zipping myself back up in my trousers, I thoroughly checked Sarah out for any telltale spots on her shirt, or cum in her raven hair. Finding her to be spotlessly clean I patted her on the head and whispered, "Our little secret, right? I think I'll keep a few of these nice drawings for insurance purposes, okay?"

Still licking her fingers clean, Sarah peered up at me and nodded obediently.


During the next few days, I tested my newfound control over this poor, religious little girl. I stopped by Red Lobster and picked up a packet of plastic lobster bibs, and every morning when I picked Sarah up (she was the first pick-up and the last drop-off since she lived so far out), I put a bib over her chest and she sucked me greedily until I came, gushing my "man seed" into her licking, sucking mouth. She always thanked the Lord for this "manna from Heaven", and promised to keep our little agreement secret as long as I didn't show the naughty drawings to her parents.

As we progressed in our fun, I had her use her good hand to diddle her clit while she sucked me off, usually causing her to have an earth-shaking orgasm as I fountained my sperm into her mouth.

The first time she came, she shouted "Oh LORD, Good God in Heaven!!! I'm cummminng!! Oh thank You sweet Jesus!!"

When she realized that during her orgasm, some of my sperm had splattered onto her bib, she moaned, "forgive me, Dear Lord, for spilling this man's seed," and she expertly lifted the bib to her face and licked it clean before taking it off and handing it to me.

A week after our first "Bible study", as I liked to call them, I decided to kick up the fun a notch.

"Have you ever really studied the Book of Esther, Sarah?"

"Yes, Mister Murphy, Esther was a great, strong woman who saved her people from Haman. Esther is my personal hero, and my favorite Bible heroine, Sir."

"That's great! But if you really read the story, something pops out at you. The Bible says that King Ahasueras banished Queen Vashti and decided to choose a new wife to become Queen. He gathered up many beautiful young virgins and had them come live in his keep, at his beck and call. Of all the women, Esther became his favorite. The Bible says that he would call for them individually, and they would "pleasure" him. However, when they married, Esther was still a virgin. Esther must have been quite a cocksucker, don't you think, Sarah?"

Sarah's eyes grew wide and she snatched up her Bible and flipped to Esther and began to read. In a few moments she gasped and her hand flew to her mouth. "It doesn't really spell it out, but yes, it does say she pleased him most. She must have been pleasuring him."

"Not only that, but as King, do you think he was happy with just blowjobs, Sarah?"

"Um, probably not, Sir – what do you think they did?"

"If I had to guess, and if you research the history of this region, you will find that many women, in order to stay a virgin, willingly gave up their ass for their boyfriend or lover. For you see, if a man married a woman and found the woman to be "spoiled" on their wedding night, the woman could be stoned to death and her father deeply humiliated."

I was completely making up this current line of bullshit, but my scrawny little wheelchair girl was buying it hook-line-and-sinker.

"I would say that Esther was letting Ahasueras fuck her up the ass, and she was probably gobbling up all his cum afterward too."

"Oh," was all Sarah said, as she licked her lips and scrutinized her ragged, worn Bible.

"Tell you what Sarah, I'm gonna fuck your tiny little ass and make you cum, and in return, I won't show Mom and Pops the nasty drawings, okay?"

I gently pulled Sarah's Bible out of her hand and placed it neatly inside her backpack. Then I reached down and took off her nice white Nikes. Pushing her mini skirt up around her waist, I pulled her leggings down her legs and off her feet and gazed for the first time at her pink little pussy trimmed in wispy raven black hair. I helped her stand up and turned her around so that she could kneel on the wheelchair seat and lean over the backrest. Her pale, bony little ass poked out, and her tiny dark brown rosebud winked knowingly at me.

Moving around to the back of the wheelchair, I presented my half-mast hard-on to her waiting mouth.

"Get it nice and sloppy wet, that's my good girl," I moaned as she starting slurping and licking my hot, fat cock head.

Sarah reached down with both her hands, and with her "claw" hand, she spread her pussy lips, and with her good hand she began sliding and flicking her fingers over her hard, wet clit.

"Ohhh God help me, I'm a little cumhungry cockslut. Dear Great Lord Above, Ooooh, ooh, oooh My God," she gasped.

I moved around behind her and slipped to my knees and breathed in the pungent aroma of hot pussy. Stretching up, I began to lick her sweet little pussy in broad strokes with my tongue, lapping at her from deep in her twat, up her perineum and across her tangy asshole. She moaned throatily, and continued to rub her clit, even while I sucked and nipped at it. Spreading her pussy juice around with my tongue, I made her backside soaking wet and tongue-fucked her sweet, tight ass. She twitched and shuddered as my tongue probed deeply inside her and finally let out a series of squeals, as a shuddering climax engulfed her.

I licked her through her orgasm and as she started coming back to earth, I buried my index finger up to the second knuckle in her tight ass. She arched her back and wailed as I thrust my finger in and out, her ass muscles clenching and unclenching.

"Relax your ass, Sarah. That's it, relax and enjoy it." I slipped my middle finger in with the index finger and proceeded to finger-fuck her amazingly tight asshole while she moaned and groaned.

"Very good, I'm sure Esther enjoyed it as Ahasueras prepared her asshole for his big cock, didn't she?"

"Dear Lord, please make me be like Esther, and take this man's cock in my little virgin ass," Sarah wailed as I thrust both fingers deep into her bowels.

I stepped around, and while still finger-fucking her tight ass, presented my rock hard cock to her mouth for another round of sucking. She slobbered and moaned and sucked my cock and made little mewling sounds as I stretched her tight anus.

Feeling that the time was right, I moved back behind her and slipped my fingers out of her ass and placed the slick, wet, purple head of my fully engorged cock at her anal entrance.

I gripped my cock just behind the head and with a slight shove, popped through her sphincter. She thrashed her head from side to side and moaned pitifully, but I could still feel her fingers as they slid back and forth over her clit.

"Perfect, Sarah, keep relaxing, that's right, just a little more, okay?"

"Okay," she squeaked in a small muffled voice.

I pushed my cock in a little farther until I had about 3-4 inches inside her ass. Then I began to slowly fuck her ass, little by little. As she relaxed and opened up, I started to fuck her ass in earnest, pulling almost all the way out and thrusting deeply until my balls literally slapped her pussy lips on the downthrust. Her bony little ass spasmed and shuddered and she began thrusting back against me.

"Ohhhh Fuck me! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Dear Good Lord I'm gonna cuuuuuuum!!!" she wailed as I fucked her ass.

She came in shuddering waves, her sphincter tightening and loosening on me while I smacked her bony little ass and gripped her by her hipbones and pulled her on and off my rock hard cock.

Before I could take no more, I pulled out and stepped around and thrust my cock into her drooling mouth.

"Clean it, girl," I groaned, "Clean my cock off like a good little assfucking Bible whore."

She sucked me deep into her throat like I taught her and after coming up for air, she licked all around the head and shaft, and even tilted her head sideways so she could lick my balls clean.

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