tagIncest/TabooWheeling Park Ch. 08

Wheeling Park Ch. 08


For the second time, I had the pleasure of waking up in Mom's arms. I could already tell how hot it was going to be that day as I turned over in her sun splashed bed and kissed her good morning. We caressed each other all over again, speaking in low tones about how nicely sore we were and how we loved one another before I must have fallen asleep again.

The next time I woke up, I was alone. There were voices outside Mom's room in the RV, hers and Olivia's. I stretched with a smile and got up, yawning and naked by the bed, stretching again before going out.

Olivia had Mom backed against the refrigerator, their arms around one another as they kissed.

"Good morning, Livy." I said with a smile, walking up to them.

"Good morning, little Barbie girl." she beamed.

I went to my tiptoes and we pressed our lips together, both their arms around the small of my bare back. We shared each other's mouths for a minute before Mom spoke.

"I was about to come and wake you. We're going to town and Jarid will be here soon, so go get dressed and ready."

"I'll be ready to go in no time." I said happily, having been waiting for a chance to see town.

"You are having breakfast." Olivia said warmly, but firmly.

"Okay.", I agreed.

"Good girl." she said, patting my bare ass as I turned to go get ready.

I chose a pair of faded denim, bib style overall shorts with a little (very little) white undershirt that I usually slept in and emerged from the bathroom with hair and makeup intact. Since the night before, my ass actually felt wider and I knew I was walking a little differently, unable help but smile giddily over it. It made me horny.

Mom had one of her short summer dresses on, a pink one with generous cleavage (mostly owing to the fact that she'd left the top two buttons undone) that also showed the top of a white lace, pushup bra. She finished her outfit with white stockings, shoes and a white sunhat. Her makeup and hair were perfect and, in short, she was one yummy mummy.

Olivia was dressed in blue jeans with those short, snakeskin ankle boots she often wore and a wide snakeskin belt. She also wore my brother's grey Freightliner shirt, the one he got from the thrift store, but she had it tied under her boobs and wore a black, low cut tank top underneath.

Not to mention what it meant that she was wearing it. I stifled a giggle as I silently welcomed him to the dark side, now that he'd had the milk and cookies that were promised.

Jarid himself was wearing his usual rags, although at least clean rags, while sitting in the booth, eating a bowl of cereal and staring out the window to his right. I sat across from him.

"Hey, bro."

"Hey, sis." he said without looking at me.

"It's pretty hot out, you know."

"I know."

"Well, shouldn't you wear something cooler? Anyway, you look like you work at a gas station."

He finally looked at me, pointedly at my chest and then up again with a raised eyebrow. I decided to drop it. He obviously didn't get any good morning kisses, but still, I'd have thought he'd be smiling after losing his virginity, especially to Olivia.

A little later, we were in the back of Carrie's red car and waiting for Olivia and Mom, me all excited about going for a ride with Olivia, Jarid staring straight ahead with a miserably resigned and slightly bored look. Did he have to be such a wet blanket?

I decided to give him something to lift his spirits. I kissed him. Yes, a nice big wet one and right on the mouth, not stopping until he pulled away in surprise, his previous expression gone.

"What the fuck!?"

"You looked like you needed it. Geez, don't get mad."

"You can't be doing that!"

"Why not?"

"Because, by the fuck, I'm your brother!"

"Well, if I can't kiss you, what other man would I trust?"

"Oh, my god." he mumbled, shaking his head while staring at me. "Look, just don't do it again, okay?"

"Whatever.", I said, giving up and turning to look out the little backseat window.

Now, he'd ruined my mood.

Mom and Olivia bought yet more clothes in the little town while Jarid and I were sent across the narrow street to the drug store with a list, our escorts just outside in a pickup.

We split up, each with our own item hunt and out of each other's way until I began to get upset about the situation. Why wouldn't he get with the program? Why wouldn't he just stop being such a killjoy and ruining everything for everyone? I understood his thinking, but it had no place at Wheeling Park and he didn't seem to get that. I never would have labeled him as a prude before, but this was how the Park seemed to have changed him.

I found him in the hair care aisle. He was looking at hair gel for men with a bottle of Old Spice in his hand.

"You don't use that stuff." I said.

He looked around at me and blushed a little, even while his lips constricted in mild anger.

"It's on the list." he said.

"No, it's not. You're getting it to wear for Livy, aren't you? Right on, bro.", I said with a smile, thinking maybe he got it after all.

As I moved closer to him, looking over his choices on the shelf, he angrily said, "No, dammit, it's not on your list, but it's on the list, believe me!"

"Oh, I get it. Hey, don't be upset, it's no big deal."

"No? Then I'm not getting it, if it's no big deal." he said, putting the cologne on the shelf.

"Jarid, come on."

"I am not some-!"

"Well, hello! Fancy meeting you here!"

I knew that voice. Even as I turned, my insides seemed to go to mush at the sound of it, here of all places. Jarid and I both stood in a state of shock while the Magpie looked at us.


"Mr. Lackey.", I finally managed to say.

"I know, what a coincidence, eh?" he asked with his Guidance Councilor's smile, sticking out his hand.

I took it and we shook as he completely ignored Jarid.

"Ummm, yeah, really." I agreed awkwardly, glancing at my twin, who looked like he was seeing the ghost of our parent's marriage.

I should point out a couple of things here about the Magpie. First, he liked me and always did because of hockey and my grades and he was forever praising me and trying to convince me to speak at assemblies and pep rallies, trying to get me on the school float during the Christmas parade, that stuff. From my perspective, he was just a funny dweeb who we made fun of in the locker room.

From Jarid's perspective,... Well, as I said, Jarid has trouble with people. He wouldn't even talk to the few loser girls who seemed interested in him and it came to the point, I suppose, when the school's small gay community must have gotten ideas about him.

Apparently, Lenny, whose last name I won't mention, tested the waters with Jarid and was told something that kept him out of school for the rest of the week. Whatever it was Jarid said must have been bad, because only he, Mom and Dad, Lenny and his parents even know. Lenny's already fragile self confidence was visibly shattered on the following Monday and for the rest of the year, making a lot of the students actually feel sorry for him, which didn't help Jarid's lack of popularity at all.

The Magpie also knew what Jarid said. He was the first person Lenny went to and Jarid ended up in his 'Sensitivity and Tolerance' class during noon hour for a month. He actually failed the course, but wasn't required to retake it. I remember asking him why as he was working on his bike in the garage one night. He told me that the Magpie had given him one too many chances to prove he was smarter than him.

Ever since then, Jarid and the Magpie were on bad terms, right up until graduation.

"Oh, and the name's Howard, by the way. You're not one of my students anymore, you don't have to call me Mr. Lackey, heh!"

"Oh, I,... I guess,..."

"You know," he said, "I thought that was you out on the lake with your friends, but I- well, what are the chances, right? But, here you are."

(Oh, no!)

He wasn't letting go of my hand and I felt frozen on the spot, remembering how much of me he saw.

"I,... don't know what you mean.", I stammered, trying to look innocent, even as I flushed and my eyes faltered.

He put his other hand on my forearm, really freaking me out now, and said, "It's alright, Jen. We're all adults."

"Let go of her arm." Jarid said quietly.

The Magpie glanced at him and said, "It's alright, Jarid. Jenifer's a big girl and she can-"

"I said get your hands off my sister, Magpie!"

Jarid took my trapped forearm in one hand and grabbed the Magpie's with his other, squeezing and driving his fingers into the inside of his wrist and making him cry out, snatching both his hands back as Jarid snatched mine.

"Congratulations, you little bastard!" he angrily spat, cradling his wrist as I grabbed Jarid's hand in mine, moving behind him a little. "That's an assault charge, and-!"

I heard the rapid heel falls coming behind us, but they didn't register until Olivia was standing to my left in those snakeskin boots.

As she scrutinized the Magpie with every fiber of her being, her right arm seemed to wander out on its own decision, reaching across me and then Jarid almost like a tentacle, her fingers quickly searching for a solid hold on his hip before gently pushing us back and behind her.

"Who are you and what the hell are you doing with my babies?"

"Uh, this is Mr. Lackey, the Guidance Councilor at,... school and,... he,...", Jarid trailed off when Olivia turned and glared at him.

"You think I don't have this in hand, Jarid? Huh?", she demanded.

"Sorry, Olivia." he quickly muttered, looking down and grabbing the back of his neck as if he just missed his own execution at the chopping block.

Olivia looked back at the Magpie, who seemed to have recovered from the initial shock of meeting her under these circumstances. But, even I could tell that my brother was right about him. He was too stupid to know what he was dealing with here and I finally appreciated what Jarid was trying to tell me about Olivia the day before.

"Your babies?" he chuckled, then explained, "You see, Madam, as Jarid said, I'm Howard Lackey, the Guidance Councilor at the school where both he and Jenifer graduated from and, having met both their parents, I happen to know that these are not 'your babies'. So, Madam,... The question now becomes, who are you?"

He got his answer pretty fast.

At the same time that Olivia's hand grabbed his shoulder, digging her thumb into that little gap between the chest and the inside of the bicep, she clamped her other hand over his mouth. He didn't have time to raise a hand of his own, or to make a sound before she was forcing him down to the floor while his right arm and leg convulsed uncontrollably. She must have had him by a vulnerable nerve cluster as he helplessly slapped at her hands with his left, eyes darting around in sudden panic.

I quickly cast my eyes around as Jarid did, but we were the only ones in the aisle and nobody else seemed to notice anything.

"You might say I'm their stepfather!" she seethed in his face. "If you find that a little hard to deal with, think of me as the person who has pictures of you with your little telescope doing things that would be pretty embarrassing if they showed up on the bulletin board at school!"

I watched as a dark spot appeared at the front of his tan rugby pants and rapidly spread. This was unbelievable. Olivia made the Magpie pee himself right in front of us. I watched as his court shoed foot rattled and convulsed against the metal of a bottom shelf, trapped, ironically enough, between two tightly packed bundles of diapers.

"Now, you listen and you listen good, cause I'm only gonna say this the once, you little worm! If I ever catch you within twenty-five feet of my babies again, you'll wake up in the fuckin' hospital! If I ever catch you touching them again,... You won't wake up. I guaran-tee it!" You got that, you little fuckin' creep!?"

"Gmuv-muvb-umm-mp!" the Magpie conveyed.

Then she had him up, apparently satisfied with this answer. Even though she'd let him go, he was still pretty screwed up and the hard kick in the butt she gave him to get him going sure didn't help. He crashed through a display of stacked canned goods, sending cans of Similac everywhere and landing on the floor amidst them with a broken groan.

Now, people had noticed. There were a few who were rushing to his aid, but then Olivia spoke in a voice loud enough to be heard.

"God damned crackheads!"

People looked at her and saw a streetwise, forty year old woman with two children. They slowed their approach and petered off, pretending to have passed some needed item on a shelf, picking something up at random and going on about their business.

"O-M-G,...", I managed.

"Let's just finish up and leave now, come on.", she calmly encouraged, grabbing the Old Spice and a bottle of men's hair gel from the shelf and dropping it into my basket with a wink for Jarid.

Like me, he could only stare from her to the twitching Magpie before she shuffled us along ahead of her in the opposite direction.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

"Swimming?" Jarid asked, obviously wanting none of it.

"Yes, swimming." Olivia confirmed, happily looking in the bags of clothes she and Mom had gotten and separating them into four areas.

"I don't swim."

"Today, you do. It's hotter than Hell's lakes of boiling blood out there and the four of us are going to cool off."

"I don't need to-"

"Here they are." Livy announced, taking a small package out of a bag and handing it to Jarid. "Go put them on, we're going soon."

"Speedos!?" he almost shrieked.

"Yeaaah.", she answered, looking him up and down while I giggled.

"No. No way. You might get me in the water, but not with these things on."

"Don't be so provincial, sug. Dad wears them and look at him. You'll look sexy."

"Yeah, Jarid." I chimed in. "Don't you wanna look sexy?"

"Shut up, Jen. I'm not wearing these, Olivia, and that's-"

"Jarid, stop telling your sister to shut up!" Mom called from her room in back. "And do what Olivia says!"

We both looked at him with raised eyebrows as he looked from Mom's room to both of us with this great little defeated look on his face.

"Fucked. I said it before and I'm saying it again, this is totally fucked."

"Jarid!" Mom shouted.

(Mom shouted?)

"Just go put them on." Olivia said, handing him a few bags. "Here, here's the other clothes we got you."

"Wh-?" he started before shooting an evil look at us and stomping off to the bathroom.

"He's not too happy today." I commented.

"I don't think he's ever happy." Livy said, handing me a few bags, too. "I don't think he ever has been. Maybe we can change that, you think?"

"I'd like to see him happy. It was pretty cool the way he got the Magpie off me."

"Yes, I saw that. I'm surprised you didn't punch him out, Bad Barbie.", she teased as I looked in one of the bags.

I looked back at her and imparted, "I'm surprised too. I've been thinking about that all the way back to the Park and,... I was freaked out. Really freaked and,... scared. I don't,..."

She smiled and brushed some hair out of my face with loving fingers and replied, "It's alright, sugar. We can't take care of ourselves all the time and there's no reason why you can't depend on us to look out for you."

Now I smiled and moved into her arms, saying, "Thanks for what you did, too. I was glad Jarid was there, but things could have gotten serious if you hadn't shown up. He might have called the cops, or something. It's a good thing I told you about that first day out on the sandbar, huh?"

"Yes, it is."

"You don't really have any pictures, do you?"

"No. And you'll notice I didn't mention that little scene to your mother. No need to upset her, hmm?"


"You're a good girl." she said, kissing my forehead.

"And you take care, just like you said."

"Always, sugar. Now, there's a new bathing suit in one of those bags that I personally bought for you, knowing your little thing with water. It's in a little bag all by itself, you can't miss it, so run to Mum's room and put it on, okay?"

I blushed a little at the mention of my aquaphilia, wondering what she got me with that in her mind, but asked, "How come so many clothes?"

"Well,... I love to rip them off of pretty girls who I think may have some naughty thoughts running around their lovely heads and need to be punished."

She grabbed my sides, poking and tickling, making me scream and run for Mom's room, trailing laughter behind me.

Less than an hour later, we were all at the water's edge. Jarid had insisted on wearing another pair of shorts over his Speedos until we got to the water and Olivia had mercy on him.

She wore Mom's black, two piece bikini, the top way too small on her.

Mom had her white one piece on. As she explained to me while we were getting changed in her room, Livy had removed all the outer edging seems and inner liner and it was sexy as hell on her like that. Her dark, erect nipples showed clearly through it along with her freshly trimmed bush.

The 'bathing suit' Livy bought me, which I did find inside a smaller bag, was a little pair of bronze coloured, silk panties that were almost low enough to show my clit with a matching bra that let my boobs take a lot of their natural shape.

"I can't.", he said, looking at the sand as we all stared at him expectantly.

"You said you would." I was quick to point out.

"That was then, I can't do it now."

"It's alright, honey, look at us." Mom said, trying to make him feel better about it.

"Yeah.", was his only reply, choosing to look at the water instead.

"Jarid, it's hot and I wanna swim." I complained. "Don't make us stand here waiting."

"Go ahead, don't let me stop you."

"Actually, why don't you two go on ahead? We'll be right behind you." Livy promised.

They were halfway by the time we gained the sandbar. I could see Jarid's shorts at the water's edge behind them. I was quite turned on now, feeling that wet silk and eyeing Mom up and down. Now that her suit was wet, it was a whole other thing and my eyes were glued to her crotch and how it was drawn into her slit, her lips plainly visible.


"Yes?" she asked with her special smile as I approached.

"You're so pretty." I told her as my hand went between her legs.

"Mmmm, baby. I love you."

I felt her hand between my legs now and we kissed while we groped one another.

"Soooo horny!" I whispered in her ear while she was lovingly nibbling mine, our erect nipples brushing, sometimes grinding together and revving me up all the more.

"Mmm, just hang on, hon."

She tried to straighten her suit the best she could, with me 'helping' of course, and waited as Jarid and Livy reached the sandbar. I was so horny for her I could barely stand it, but then, when Jarid was standing in front of us, my little ambitions seemed to widen a bit. The reason he didn't want to take his shorts off was because he had a hardon and the little dark blue Speedos' wouldn't contain him. He had to hold them closed at the top, pulling up on them, and he stood there beside Livy looking angry and embarrassed at the same time. How she got him out there like that, I couldn't imagine, but I had to hand it to her.

And I couldn't take my eyes off him. I could see everything he had and I let out a long, low giggle despite myself. I didn't notice how big it was the night before.

"Jen, I swear to god, if you laugh, I'll never, ever speak to you again!"

"Call me Barbie." I said, still staring unabashedly with what must have been one hell of a grin on my face.

"Stop it!" he demanded.

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