tagLesbian SexWhen in San Francisco

When in San Francisco


"How would you and Robin like to go to San Francisco for a weekend getaway?" Carl asked, knowing what my answer would be.

"When?" I excitedly asked him.

He handed me two airline tickets and said, How does next weekend suit you?"

"Only two tickets?" I asked.

"I can't go, but I knew you and Robin would have a great time. Miss Pris told me you could use her house, as they were going away for two weeks in Spain. Hope you don't mind that I already booked your flights?"

"Mind? I'm absolutely thrilled. Robin will be too.! I better tell her to start packing!"

I gave him a great big hug and wet sloppy kiss and went to the phone to call Robin.

"How does San Francisco sound?" I asked when she answered.

"Yummy! When do we go?" she asked.

"Carl already booked it for us for next weekend, so get packing!" I replied.

"Eddy can't go, still in tax season!"

"That's alright, Carl can't either!"

"Oh goody, another Girl's weekend!" she almost shouted into the phone.

I must have blushed because Carl looked at me, shook his head, grinned and said, "Have fun!"

After I hung up the phone, I went right to my closet and began sorting through what I would need.I picked out a few nice skirts and sweaters, and a knockout cocktail dress, just in case we went to a nice restaurant. Then I went to my lingerie chest.

"What to bring? What would make Robin crazy? What would make me crazy?" I thought to myself.

I settled on a really sheer lime green La Perla bra and panty set, a red teddy, and several extra pairs of sexy panties, and a really hot leather garter belt. Then, out of the bottom drawer, my one-piece leather strap-on. I figured Robin would bring a few toys, so I threw everything in a carry-on and was ready to go. All my toiletries could go in at the end.

I thought again to myself, "I hope no one searches my bag! But then again, so what!" Might give someone the RIGHT idea!"

That night, Carl was rewarded very well for his little present.

The weekend finally arrived and Robin and I met at the airport, half-way between our homes.

I found Robin in the bar, right where I figured she'd be.

"Did you order me one?" I asked as I walked to the table.

She just smiled broadly and replied, "It's on the way!"

No sooner had I sat down, but an ice cold Cosmo was delivered in front of me.

"We've got two hours to kill. Might as well sit here and enjoy ourselves!" she stated.

I agreed with her and we passed the next two hours with conversation about what we were going to do in San Francisco.

"By the way, where are we staying?" she asked.

"At the home of one of Carl's clients. I guess it overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge. He gave me the address. It's a three story walk-up on Lombard. You know that curvy one!"

"Where's the owner?"

"On a trip somewhere. We'll have it all to ourselves!"

They called final boarding for our flight as we finished our second drink. We hurried to the gate and boarded. The flight attendant gave us that look "Just what I needed, two drunk women". As we were about to go toward the back of the plane, she grabbed Robin by the arm and directed us to the last row of First Class.

"Why don't you sit here." she said. "That way, I can keep an eye on you!" she added with a wink.

We plopped down in our seats, taking full advantage of her hospitality.

"Sure beats sitting in 25D & E!" Robin almost squealed.

"Hopefully, we'll get free alcohol, too!" I giggled.

As soon as the wheels were up, the attendant made her way back to us and said, "My name is Julie. What may I offer you ladies?"

"Champagne?" we asked in unison.

"My pleasure!" she smiled. "Your dinner will arrive in about fifteen minutes when we reach cruising altitude."

"Dinner?" Robin quizzed.

I knew something was up. Our tickets were for coach, and now we were in First Class being offered dinner. Carl! When Julie brought us back the champagne, I had to ask, "Why the special treatment? My husband?"

"Didn't take you long to figure that out. He must have made special arrangements for the bump. I got a print out to watch for you. A little description, but the main thing was that you'd probably be the last to board!"

Robin and I burst out laughing. "He knows us all too well!" I said.

As we sat there enjoying the champagne I could feel the sexual tension between us. Even though the seats were huge, we sat close to each other. Thoughts raced through my mind. I wanted sex right now, but knew I'd have to wait.

"You horney?" Robin asked.

"My panties are soaked!" was my reply.

"Mine are past that!. I think drenched is more the word!" she added

About that time, the plane began pulling away from the gate and we buckled ourselves in.

"All nice and tight?" Julie asked as she looked at our seat belts.

I must have blushed a little but said, "Ready for take off!"

As she turned to walk to her jump seat in the front of the cabin, I couldn't help but notice what a great ass she had. Her just below the knee skirt had a slit up the back to mid thigh, and I noticed her sway as she slowly checked everyone else out on her way up front. When she got to her seat, she sat down, and slid a little sideways to buckle her seat belt. In doing this, her legs parted just enough to give me a great view of her crotch. Her white panties stood out like a beacon against the contrast of her dark blue skirt.

I poked Robin and whispered, "Julie just gave me a little look at her beaver."

Robin leaned over and looked. Julie's legs were still slightly apart, "Too bad she's wearing panties!"

I saw Robin's hand move to the front of her dress and slowly pop a few of the buttons near her crotch loose. She then slid her hand inside and gently began to massage herself.

"Is your hand in your panties or out?" I asked

"Oh....out! I don't want to get caught!" she sort of giggled.

Since there was no one across from us, I knew the possibility of that was pretty remote.

I watched as she closed her eyes, and began jilling herself a little faster. Before we reached cruising altitude, I heard her give a little sigh, and knew she had achieved her goal.

"When she finally opened her eyes, she just turned to me and whispered, "Really soaked now!"

"I know, the odor of hot woman is unmistakable!" I chided.

The seat belt light was turned off, and Julie began walking back through the cabin taking dinner orders.

Robin got up and decided to go up to the restroom to dry herself off a little. She took her purse with her and crossed in front of me, nearly putting her backside in my face.

"Like that?" she asked.

I didn't answer, but playfully patted her and let her by.

She was able to squeeze by Julie and entered the bathroom. Julie then made her way back to where we were sitting.

"What would you like for your entree? Tenderloin or Lobster Newburgh?" she asked with a sweet smile.

"I'll speak for Robin. We'll both have the Lobster, please."

She just sort of curled up the corner of her mouth in what I would have to say was a wicked grin and said, "I thought as much!"

Then, for some reason out of my mouth came, "Oh, we like meat, too! Just not this weekend!"

I could have died. That's what happens when your mouth gets going before your brain does. Or.....maybe I had read some signals about her. After all, she did give me a little crotch shot when she sat down.

"Where are you staying?" she asked

"My husband has a client that is letting us use her home for the weekend. On Lombard." I replied.

"Wow, must have some money! That's a high rent district!"

"They own several motels out in Palm Springs. They have to work some time I guess!"

"You two will have a ball. It's a fun city to party in!" she said with that evil little grin. "Girl's Weekend?" she added.

"Is there any other kind? I asked.

"They're the most fun!" she agreed.

She excused herself and went to get dinners for the other passengers. Robin finally exited the rest room and plopped herself down again next to me.

She pulled her panties out of her purse and secretly handed them to me. I could feel just how wet they were.

"Pee yourself?" I giggled.

She pulled them from my hand, turning the crotch outward, "Look like pee to you?"

I laughed again but was truly amazed by the amount of goo that covered them.

"Leftovers from Eddy?" I mused.

"Very funny!"

She stuffed the panties back in her purse and we settled back in our seats, just enjoying the champagne and waiting for dinner.

"I think Julie is hot for me". I said matter-of-factly.

"What's your point?" Robin asked.

"Well........I thought maybe I should see!"

"And you would find out how?" she quizzed again.

"You'll see!" OK with you?"

"Would be fun, Kinda like Vegas!" she giggled again.

By the time Julie got back to us, I had formulated a plan. She served our meals to us and went back up front. As she tidied up her serving area, I couldn't help but look at her gorgeous ass. Not too big, but nicely rounded. As I finished dinner, I began to fantasize about that ass planted on my face. I just knew she would like that.

Julie returned to remove our dishes and as she approached, I could just tell by the swing in her stride she was sort of "strutting her stuff" so to speak.

She reached across me a little to get Robin's plate and her breast was so near, I could have moved forward a little and touched it with my cheek. Was it intentional? I sure thought so.

As she picked up my dishes she asked, "Anything else for you ladies right now?"

I got up the nerve and said, "Not right now, but we'd love to have you for dinner this weekend! If you'd like. You pick the place!"

She blushed a little, and without so much as a waver replied, "I have Saturday off, I'd love to!"

Robin looked at me in disbelief as Julie walked to the front of the cabin.

"Told you so!" I said.

Robin just grinned and asked, "How did you know?"

"I thought the panty shot was just a little too obvious! Not to mention that WE are a little too obvious!"

"When in San Francisco!" she giggled.

For the remainder of the flight, I kept thinking about how bold I was by inviting Julie for dinner. Not only for inviting her out, but the way I said it, "We'd love to have have you for dinner!". Made me wet just thinking about it, not that I wasn't already wet. As I watched her working, I imagined her standing there naked. She definitely had nice full breasts, and her face, needless to say was gorgeous. Her Auburn hair was pulled back and rolled to the back of her head , probably to conform to company rules, as it was apparently quite long. She was definitely hot!

The pilot announced our descent into the Bay area and we buckled our seat belts again. Julie made a pass though the cabin just to make sure we were all buckled in. She stopped and knelt down by us and smiled warmly.

"Can't wait for Saturday night! Here's my card, call me with the address and I'll pick you up!"

Robin gave her a card with her cell number on it, "Call me Saturday morning if not before!"

Julie got back up and went to her jump seat. This time, she smiled when she saw me looking and gave me a little wink.

We finally landed and arrived at the gate. None too soon, as all the champagne made me have to pee really bad. Robin and I got out of our seats, collected our purses, and headed for the front.

"See you Saturday!" she mouthed.

Boldly, I gave her butt a little squeeze as we went by. When she turned around I mouthed, "Til then!"

Robin just shook her head as we exited, "Guess you were right!"

I just grabbed her hand and said, "Always am!"

By the time I got to the bathroom, I nearly peed myself from all the fluid and being so horney. Robin waited for me and when I left the stall she said, "Let's get to Lombard!"

Miraculously, our luggage was waiting for us when we got to the baggage claim. We quickly grabbed it, and went out front to get a taxi. When we exited the door, a driver was standing there with a sign in his hand that said "Robin & Marsha"

"That's for us!" I said gleefully.

"He thinks of everything!" Robin remarked.

The driver escorted us to the limo and we got in the back. Kind of reminded me of our trip to Vegas.The driver took his time, slowing down to tell us some of the history and the scenic areas of his beautiful city. As we began our descent down Lombard street, there were hundreds of people taking pictures of the "Crookedest street in the World". He pulled into the drive about three quarters of the way down and said, "You're home!"

He got out, opened the door for us and led us to the door. I tried to tip him, but he insisted that it was already taken care of.

I knew where the key was hidden and got it, then opened the door. What a view! In front of us was a gorgeous view of the Bay. We literally ran out onto the deck and took it all in. We wandered around to the other side and there was a spectacular view of down town. Not like being in the woods! We finally went back inside and there was a note."Our home is yours. Enjoy everything!" was all it said. Robin was already in the bar mixing Cosmos when I joined her.

"Here's to a great weekend!" she toasted.

"When in San Francisco!" I added and touched her glass to mine.

We each took a long sip and put our glasses on the bar at the same moment. I took her in my arms and gave her a very sexy kiss, snaking my tongue into her mouth, and entwining mine with hers. She seemed to melt into me and we slowly lowered ourselves to the floor. I lay beside her, running my hands over her breasts and down her belly to the heat of her sex. She arched her back and pulled her dress up, allowing me access to her now pantiless mound. Two fingers slid easily into her and she pushed herself back against my hand. I kept my fingers busy inside her as I slid down her body, slowly unbuttoning her dress with my free hand, pulling the material aside and exposing her hardened breasts and pointy nipples. I almost inhaled them into my mouth as I went back and forth between each of them, leaving a trail of saliva across her cleavage. I kept making my way lower, and began tongueing her navel as I approached my goal. I felt the pressure of her hand on the back of my head as she began to force me lower. I could smell her womanhood emanating from deep within her as I continued to slide now tree fingers into her. As I twisted and turned them, her lubrication was making a sloshing noise each time I withdrew.

Right before I put my mouth over her sex I whispered, "You are sooo, soo wet, girl!"

She now forced me down and I replaced my fingers with lips and tongue, driving my tongue deep into her, causing her to buck hard against my face. I sucked her lips into my mouth, keeping my tongue buried in her as she came immediately.

She shivered and screamed as her fluids flowed into my mouth. I could feel each contraction of her vagina as she held me tightly against her dripping hole. Over and over again waves hit her. Each time I thought she was done, she would start again. I lost track of how many times she orgasmed, but I know it was at least four. When she finally relaxed back onto the floor, I stopped sucking her and slowly withdrew my tongue from her swollen hole. I got up on my elbows and looked down at her swollen sex, seeing a trickle of juices still flowing from her. I put my head back down and lapped them up, causing her to shudder again.

"Enough!" she moaned. "Enough, already!"

I got back up on my elbows again as she looked down at me.

"You're face is a gooey mess!" she giggled in her usual little way.

"And who's fault is that?" I asked coyly.

"You started it!" she said pulling me up on top of her.

As she did that, my dress rode up, exposing my drenched underwear.

"We're going to have to do something about that!" she commanded.

I slid up her body and began sticking my sloppy tongue into her mouth, forcing her to taste the juices she'd left there. I slowly started forcing my crotch against hers, causing my totally wet panties to get even wetter. They were now being moisturized from both sides. I could feel the heat from her sex as I ground my clit against her mound. I knew this was going to be quick. I had been holding it in all morning.

Robin sucked on my tongue and mumbled into my mouth, "Cum for me! Cum for me, baby! Cum on my pussy!"

That was all it took. I went over the edge with her words and ground hard against her as I came. I could feel the spasms deep within me, trying desperately to escape my vagina. As one wave ended, another started and I orgasmed over and over, each time grinding harder into her mound. I finally collapsed on top of her, my tongue still buried in her mouth.

It was one of those totally earth-shattering, see stars, and nearly pass out kind of cums.

I finally rolled off of her and lay spread-eagle on the floor.

"Talk about a mess! Look at your panties!" she laughed.

I pulled myself up and looked down at what used to be a perfectly clean pair of pale pink panties, that were now so wet, they looked like they just came out of the laundry. I pulled them off and threw them at her.

"Suck on these!"

I knew that was exactly what she would do. I just sat there watching her as she savored them, sucking my juices out of every spot on them, and there weren't many spots that were not totally drenched. God, it made me horney all over just watching her.

I finally grabbed them away from her and got up to the bar again, downing my Cosmo in a couple of gulps.

"Let's play tourists!" I suggested.

We hopped in the shower together and quickly washed off, not wanting to get started with anything that we'd have to finish before we went out. As we stood there after the shower, both naked and drying our hair, I couldn't help but notice how great we looked. Everything still tight and high. Not bad for over 50. We quickly threw on some comfortable clothes and tennis shoes to hike those hills.

We left the house and went up the block to catch a cable car. What a hoot that was. Most of the people on the car were tourists and we all sort of looked the same. Camera, back pack, you know the rest. We rode it for about five minutes and decided to do some walking. We found several small boutiques and spent an hour trying on different clothes that we couldn't wear at home.

Robin went into the dressing room with several things I didn't see her pick up and suddenly popped her head out the door.

"What about this for our date tomorrow?" she asked as she opened the door showing me what she had on. Now Robin, is for the most part very conservative in her dress. This was definitely not conservative!

She stood there in front of me in a totally sheer white blouse and a very tight pair of black velvet pants. She was stunning.

"You wouldn't dare!" I stated.

"Not only will I dare, but I'm probably not going to wear a bra with it, either!" she retorted.

By this time, the girl who was running the boutique came over and looked at Robin.

"Dynamite,girl, absolutely dynamite!" She said turning to me, "I wouldn't wear a bra with it either!"

"OK, now find something for me!" I asked.

She went to the racks and soon came back with my outfit. Also a very sheer green blouse, ruffled collar and sleeves, and a pair of Rhinestone embellished jeans that had two lips on one cheek. I took them from her and went in the dressing room to try them on. Perfect! The material in the blouse was sheer enough to see the outline of my nipples and areola but not to the point of being rude. I came out of the room to their eager eyes.

"Hot!" was all Robin said.

The young girl, obviously proud of making a choice that I loved, merely smiled.

We both changed back into our comfies and I paid for the outfits.

"You didn't have to buy mine!" Robin whined.

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