tagErotic HorrorWhen Moonlight Shines Ch. 06

When Moonlight Shines Ch. 06


Yeah, I don't think I need to say that this was a long time coming. Sorry for the wait, hope you like it. Feel free to leave POSITIVE comments and suggestions.

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When Moonlight Shines pt. 6

"How's the head?" Stephanie asked Greg as they stood at the counter refilling their glasses. The movie had just ended and Rob, whilst half drunk, had gone on a rant about how much they screwed up the second movie. Garrett was just sitting on his chair with Paige on his lap while she laughed at Rob, adding a few of her own points to back up his argument to which he would shout exactly before continuing to ramble on loudly.

"It's not too bad, thanks." Greg replied, rubbing his temple before he realized what he was doing. "I think the rum has numbed the pain. Speaking of which, I think you should see to your boyfriend, I'd hate to have to clean up his puke from Garrett's couch."

"We're just joking with all that boyfriend, girlfriend stuff, but I will make sure he gets a bucket to carry around."

"Really I thought you two were on and off?"

"We tried it; the sex was good it was just everything else. I guess we're just a little too different, I'd rather relax with a glass of rum and coke while Rob wants to party, drink, smoke a little weed and get laid."

"I know what you mean although to tell you the truth I think you were great for him. He needs a nice normal girl who gives a damn about him and can keep him on the right track."

"Thanks, he does need that but I've been unable to keep him out of trouble and after the third trip to the hospital I gave up."

"Wait third? I thought he got alcohol poisoning twice?"

"He did, the third was because he picked a fight with a biker dude, while drunk, and got himself stabbed."

"Really? He said all the blood was from a car crash. Damn, he either needs a saint or someone who's going to beat him into submission."

"Ha-ha, damn right." Stephanie said, raising her glass to Greg before taking a drink. "At least we know we don't have worry about that with Garrett." She said, "I think Paige is just what he needs and he'd be a fool to let her get away."

"Yeah I guess so." Greg said sighing.

"Have you heard from Casey?"

"Nope I think I might ask Paige if she..."

"Ask Paige what?" Paige said from the living room as Rob and Garrett turned to Greg.

"Umm." Greg said clearing his throat, "I was going to ask if you could go talk to Casey."

"Why do I have to talk to the whiny one? She IS you girlfriend."

"I don't think she's my girlfriend anymore and I thought it'd be best if you talked to her about keeping her mouth shut about you."

"About me? What about me?"

"Umm..." Greg stumbled as Paige fixed him with a glare, "About you being a vampire..?" Greg finished to which Paige just smiled.

"Ahh what's her address I'll hop over there now and have a little chat with her." Paige said smiling deviously.

"No Paige, she just needs intimidated not killed." Garrett said as Paige got up.

"Aww." Paige said pouting at him while Greg wrote down her number on a piece of paper before handing it to Paige. "Alright be back in a little bit. Garrett don't you dare go to bed without me." She said shooting Garrett a knowing smile before heading out the front door and closing it behind her.

"Wait." Stephanie said looking at the door. "She's not wearing shoes, why isn't she wearing shoes?"

"I really don't know, maybe to keep quiet?" Garrett said looking at Paige's heels.

"Why would she want to keep quiet?" Rob blurted out as he lay down on the couch, flask in hand. Greg looked at him and for the first time realized how much alcohol they'd consumed and how late it was. During the movie the five of them had gone through a bottle of Jack Daniel's, a Mickey of Rum and the various beers' that Garrett had in his fridge.

"Uhh Garrett I think we should crash here for the night, there's no way that anyone's driving home anytime before noon tomorrow." Garrett checked his watch, seeing that it was well past midnight, nodded his head in agreement.

"You know how to pull out the couch and there are a couple sleeping bags in the closet."

"I....couch, bed." Rob slurred as he sauntered over to the couch.

"No way man," Greg quickly replied, "You drank more than any of us, you win the prestigious bundle of sleeping bags in the bathroom."

"Whatever, wherever this bathroom place thing is, I'll take it."

Paige walked along the edge of Casey's roof, watching her walk up to the front door. Casey kept looking behind her as she opened her front door and went in. Paige lost sight of her but heard her lock the door and walked over to the window in Casey's bedroom where she waited, smiling.

Casey checked her parent's room; both of them were asleep as they should be after 1am. She debated waking them but couldn't even fathom what she would tell them. Her adrenaline had run out as well, and she was ready to pass out so she decided that she'd be able to tell them after she'd had some sleep. She slipped into her room and using the ample moonlight shining in through her large window she changed into a thong and nightgown before getting under the covers, smiling at the warmth they brought her.

Paige waited for several seconds before lowering herself from the roof so she could check on Casey. Her eyes were closed and Paige knew she'd probably be asleep already. Paige opened the window closest to her just enough for her to slide through. She swiftly let go of the roof with her left hand and guided herself through the open window with her right before landing silently on Casey's carpeted bedroom floor. She walked over to Casey's bed, a devious smile playing across her lips as she thought about the best way to wake her prey up. She slipped her right leg over top of Casey's sleeping body and lifted herself up so she was straddling her prey's chest. 'A decent chest this one has too, Greg has pretty good taste.' She placed her nails against Casey's throat and leaned towards her face.

"Scream and I'll slit your throat." She hissed into Casey's ear.

Casey's eyes shot open as she heard Paige's voice, quickly registering the sharp points against her throat and the weight across her chest. She looked up to see Paige, smiling down at her and opened her mouth to scream causing Paige to sneer at her and press her weight down while nails pressed tighter into Casey's soft throat. Casey stopped before a sound came out causing Paige to smile and lean closer to her.

"Clever girl. I'd hate to have to kill you AND your parents. I do hate to make a mess in nice houses, especially in such squeaky clean, god-fearing houses as this one. Don't speak, just listen. Tonight never happened, I don't exist and Greg was just a one night stand. If you ever even think something other than that I'll rip your left arm out of its socket and beat you with it. Don't even mention it in a confessional, there is nothing to mention. Understand? Good."

Paige bent down and kissed Casey on the cheek before climbing off her frightened victim and walking towards the window.

"If I have to come back here," Paige said turning to face Casey, "I will rip out your father's guts and hang him from a streetlamp by his small intestine. Sweet dreams cutie." With that Paige leaped out the window onto Casey's roof, leaving her shivering in her warm bed. Paige smiled at her handwork as she leapt off Casey's house, heading back to Garrett's. 'Nice girl,' She thought, 'too bad she's so uptight. I bet once you get a few glasses of Rum in her she fucks like a minx. I'll have to ask Greg about that sometime.'

Casey lay there staring at her window as she went over Paige's words. She thought about crying but decided that she didn't want to wake anyone in case Paige was outside listening. "Nothing happened." She said quietly to herself, over and over until she fell asleep from exhaustion.

"I put garbage bags over the pillows in case Rob has an accident." Stephanie said as she pulled back the covers on her side of the recently pulled out sofa-bed.

"Good idea." Greg said as they heard Rob vomit. "Poor guy just can't help himself when there's alcohol available."

"Yeah, poor guy..." Stephanie replied quietly.

"Hey he's an alcoholic, he can't help it." Greg said harshly.

"Yes he can. He doesn't drink because he wants to, he does it too escape from everything. He hates worrying so whenever he starts to worry he drinks. He hates confrontations so he carries around a flask in case he gets into one. He drinks to avoid responsibility; when the going gets tough, Rob gets drunk.

"It's not that bad..." Greg began to say before Stephanie cut him off with a look.

"He is that bad and deep down he knows it so sometimes he helps himself by getting high instead of drunk. He just needs...."

"He needs to find himself and discover how strong he really is. I know it sounds corny but at the end of the day Rob needs to have confidence in his own abilities to handle the rougher parts of life."

"Yeah, I don't think that's coming anytime soon."

"I wouldn't say that. Who thought that Garrett would ever get over...her, but look at him now.

"Yeah and all it took was a vampire chick." Stephanie said sarcastically unaware that Paige had slipped into the house and was standing behind her.

"As bad as Paige can be, she's a saint compared to....her."

"Aww Greg you're so kind." Paige said, looking down at Greg and Stephanie as they nearly jumped out of bed at the same time causing her to laugh. "Have a nice sleep you two and don't worry if you hear Garrett screaming, I get that a lot during sex. It's mostly going to be out of pleasure. Mostly." She said as she walked down the hallway to Garrett's study where she heard him typing on his computer. Stephanie and Greg just looked at each other shakily for a few minutes as Greg tried to think of something to say. Just as he opened his mouth they heard Rob start to sing, causing the two of them to turn and look towards the bathroom until the sound of his singing turned into the sound of him puking.

Garret heard the sound of voices from the living room and thought he could make out Paige's. He continued his typing, carefully listening until he heard the door squeak ever so softly, causing him to smile. He could almost see Paige attempting to sneak up on him and just when he thought she was right behind him he quickly pushed his feet of the desk, spinning his chair around suddenly. He smiled as he saw Paige standing there, surprised for the first time since he'd met her. Paige looked down at him and smiled as she saw the smug look on his face before grabbing him by the ear, causing Garrett to wince. She pulled him to his feet and kissed him deeply on the lips.

"No more stalling. You, me and that bed of yours are going to make some noise. Before you even start to complain about your friends in the next room..."

"What complain?" Garrett said, interrupting Paige as he picked her up off her feet and carried her to his bedroom. Paige responded by kissing and gently biting Garrett's neck, as he collapsed on his bed with her on top of him.

Garrett reached around and gave Paige's ass a firm, two handed squeeze as her lips moved up from his neck and latched firmly onto his. They continued passionately making out for a few minutes, completely unaware that Stephanie had lost a heated game of rock, paper, scissors and had gotten up, closed Garrett's bedroom door, saved his work, shut his computer down, flushed the toilet for Rob and gotten back to bed, smacking Greg in the back of the head along her way.

Shortly after Stephanie had gotten herself back to bed, Paige pushed Garrett back and smiled down at his puzzled face as she removed her shirt, freeing her breasts and hardened nipples. Garrett's face lit up like a kid on Christmas as he raised his head in order to take Paige's left nipple in his mouth while she started pulling his shirt up, dislodging his mouth briefly as she pulled it over his head. Garrett shrugged Paige's hands off him as he moved his head over to her right nipple, while his hands unzipped her fly and worked themselves into her lacy, red panties. Paige let out a moan as she felt Garrett's hands caress her already wet pussy while he bit down on her right nipple rather hard.

Garrett could smell Paige's arousal the second he unzipped her pants and he barely needed to touch her bald pussy to cause her to moan loudly. He caught himself briefly stopping to check if his friends were still awake. Paige grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head to hers so she could shove her tongue into his mouth. His mind went instantly back to the hot and extremely horny vampire chick lying on top of him. As soon as his mouth was free from hers, he pulled her pants and panties to her knees at which point she slid them to her feet before kicking them off and turning her focus to removing his pants and boxers. He lifted himself off the bed to assist her as she deftly removed the last of his clothing before lowering her mouth to his already hardened dick. She made sure he was looking her right in the eye before she took it into her mouth while her hands caressed his ass.

The sensation was incredible as she sucked his cock nearly completely into her mouth within seconds. With his eyes still staring directly into hers she slid most of his cock out of her mouth until she had little more than the head past her lips. She held him there, using her tongue to lick the tip of Garrett's cock as he began softly moaning. He closed his eyes while she ran her tongue around the tip of his cock before taking him to the hilt in one motion. He moaned loudly as he felt part of his cock go down her throat while she deep-throated him without gagging.

Garrett could barely stop himself from shooting his load the instant he felt the back of her throat. Paige's tongue lay on the bottom of her mouth still wriggling around, while she lightly brushed his cock with her teeth. Combined with the continual sucking that she was somehow managing to do, Garrett felt like his mind was about to melt from the sensations his cock was being subjected to. After what felt like hours, but was closer to a minute or two, Paige released his cock from her mouth before smiling proudly at Garrett. He lay there while she crawled along his body stopping briefly to give him a kiss before resting her pussy inches above his face. Garrett could feel the heat coming from it and didn't want to disappoint after the stunning blowjob he had just received and dove right in.

He didn't do his usually teasing licks along the thighs; instead he eagerly licked and sucked her pussy lips while sliding two fingers inside of her tight snatch. Paige moaned happily as she held his head to her body with one hand while playing with her left tit with the other. Garrett rotated between sticking fingers in her cunt and sticking them in her ass while he sucked, licked and nibbled at her pussy. Her moans quickly increased in volume while her grip tightened on Garrett's head.

Garrett could feel her nails dig into the back of his head as he started sucking on her clit, whilst he pumped two fingers into her pussy. Paige's body reacted instantly, her hips humping against his mouth and fingers at ever increasing speed. Just when he thought he had her on the edge, she pushed his head back and slid her body back along his until her pussy was grinding along the length of his still hard cock. Far from complaining Garrett moaned at the sensation before Paige roughly pulled his head towards hers and kissed him hard. She briefly stuck her tongue into his eager mouth before she began kissing along his jaw line, towards his right ear while her nails lightly scratched his back. All the while she was carefully grinding against his dick, rubbing against it with her pussy without ever letting it enter her.

Garrett just laid back and lost himself in the sensations his body was feeling. In days past whenever he brought a girl home while his friends were in the next room he'd try to be as quiet as a mouse, tonight he was moaning as loud as he ever had. Part of him couldn't help it while the other part didn't care who was in the next room. All he cared about was the pleasure he was feeling and the girl who was providing him with pleasure beyond anything he'd ever experienced.

"Ready lover?" Paige whispered into his ear before lifting her hips and impaling herself on his waiting cock. Garrett was unable to do anything but grunt as he felt his cock go from the warmth of Paige's body into the fire of her pussy. It was like a tight, wet, oven that held his cock firmly in place. Paige looked down at him before slowly riding his cock, stopping occasionally to hold him all the way inside her. After a few glorious minutes of this, she increased her speed until she was going up and down at inhuman speeds. Paige fought the urge to close her eyes and just enjoy the intense pleasure so she could watch Garrett's face while she fucked his brains out.

Garrett just held on to Paige's hips and moaned as his cock plunged in and out of her for what felt like years. He was beyond ecstasy, his mind nearly melting. Soon he felt the oncoming of an incredible orgasm and tried to tell Paige he was about to cum but found himself unable to get the words out. Paige, however, felt it coming as well and as suddenly as she started she stopped, her pussy hanging a few inches above Garrett's hard cock. He looked up at her questioningly as she placed her thumb over the tip and smiled down at him.

"Not yet lover." She said to him as he laid there panting, the need to cum slowly leaving him while his cock began to soften slightly. Paige giggled as she bent down and kissed him, hungrily shoving her tongue into his mouth. He kissed her back immediately as she lowered her pussy back onto his cock. Garrett moaned into her mouth as he grabbed both of her ass cheeks and held her tightly against him, enjoying the inferno his cock was being held in. As he felt Paige's legs wrap themselves around him, Garrett rolled her over onto her back, his hands moving up to her breasts and he separated his mouth from hers. She looked up at him, smiling devilishly, while he eased his cock out her pussy. He stopped with just the tip inside her and looked at her expectantly, smiling.

"I'm afraid," Garrett said to her, "That I don't know what you want me to do." Paige laughed softly before pouting up at him, causing Garrett to laugh.

"Silly forgetful Garrett. What I want is for you to fuck me as hard and fast as you can. I need you to make me cum while your big, hard cock plunges in and out of my tight little pussy. So stop smiling and fuck me." She emphasized her point by digging her nails into his shoulder's, drawing blood. Garrett responded by grabbing her hips, pulling his cock from her pussy and turning her around. Paige moaned softly as he gave her ass a smack before jamming his cock into her pussy once more. Paige moaned louder than Garrett did as his balls slapped against her ass and his hands roughly grabbed her breasts. He closed his eyes, losing himself in the pleasure and the sound of Paige's moaning. He felt his orgasm build up somehow stronger than before and decided not to fight it. Instead he increased his pace as he felt her pussy began to clench while her moans increased in pitch. Then all at once he stuck his cock in as far as it would go and came with a loud grunt. The first spurt of cum was just enough to push Paige over the edge and she joined him in climaxing.

Stephanie and Greg looked at each as they heard Garrett and Paige moan and groan. Greg smiled as Steph just shook her head.

"He needed that." Was all she said before she rolled over, hopping they were done. Greg looked at Stephanie for a second before making up his mind and grabbing her shoulder. Stephanie felt herself be rolled over and looked at Greg questioningly as he bent down leaned over and kissed her. It took a few seconds but before long Greg felt her grab the back of his head and kiss him back. They laid there kissing and feeling each other up for a few minutes before falling asleep, wrapped up in each other's arms.

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