tagErotic PoetryWhen She Smiled At Me!

When She Smiled At Me!

byUncle Pervey©

I remember growing up with Ruthie,
She was a beautiful sweet neighbor girl.
Ruthie could have passed for Shirley Temple,
And when she smiled at me, my heart would whirl!

Ruthie looked like Shirley all through highschool,
And all she had I saw was really prime!
When I'd get her alone and we'd undress,
Her beauty would stop my heart for a time!

Ruthie's naked body was a Treasure,
And my eyes never tired of feasting there.
They'd linger on her breasts and hips and legs,
And make my lust want my lips everywhere!

Ruthie's breasts were the size of a grapefruit,
With half dollar sized nipples Rosie Pink!
The nipples on her breasts were made to suck,
And when I'd sucked on them, I couldn't think!

Her waist was small just like an hour glass,
Her long shapely legs told their own story!
The glossy black curls over her vulva,
Covered Heaven's Gateway to pure Glory!

Ruthie's backside was a succulent sight,
Each naked cheek was an artist's delight.
Her crevis seperating these beauty's,
Held Treasure hidden inside out of sight!

I'd suck Ruthie's nipples til they'd harden,
And lick and rub her nipple's buds around.
When I'd hear Ruthie gasping with pleasure,
I'd trail my tongue down to her curly mound!

I'd find Ruthie's curly hair sopping wet,
And I'd start sucking up all her love juice.
Ruthie would spread her legs open wider,
And my tongue would make her climax break loose!

Ruthie's cumming was like a flowing tide,
As it gushed out I'd slurp up every drop.
I'd lick and suck her clit so she'd cum more,
And drink her cum and wish she'd never stop!

I'd move my mouth to Ruthie's silky legs,
Then move my tongue along and taste their skin.
I'd lick and suck her smooth warm inner thighs,
Then move back up, and suck her clit again!

When I'd shove in Ruthie, she'd be so hot,
Her pussy'd feel like a furnace burning.
And as I'd slide inside its slick passage,
Ruthie's pussy'd satisfy my yearnings!

When I'd get so excited I'd explode,
Ruthie'd wrap me in her legs and pull tight.
When my cock started jumping and spurting,
We'd both cry out in pleasure with delight!

It took awhile to convince sweet Ruthie,
About how good anal pleasure could be.
When she gave in I did everything right,
Cause I wanted her anal love, for me!

I'd have Ruthie lay down on her stomach,
With a soft bolster underneath her thighs.
This raised her bottom a little higher,
And made it easier, to reach my prise!

Like all surprises, I'd save it til last,
Because I'd want to taste her sweet cheeks first.
I'd lick and suck both her cheeks all over,
And her silky warm skin would quench my thirst!

When I'd start at the top of Ruthie's crack,
I'd hear her gasp with anticipation.
And when I'd slide my tongue inside her crevis,
She'd moan with pleasure from the sensation!

Ruthie'd gasp aloud when she felt my tongue,
Moving all around between her ass cheeks.
We'd both grow hotter, when I'd reach her hole,
And when my tongue'd slide in Ruthie'd give squeaks!

I'd plunge my tongue inside her tight asshole,
And lick it some more before I began.
I'd suck her anus til it got puffy,
Then turn and ease my cock into her can!

Ruthie'd always grunt when I first shoved in,
Because her asshole always was real tight.
I'd move up and down slowly with my hips,
Til I felt my cock sliding in her right!

Sweet Ruthie'd moan each time I went in deep,
And groan louder when she felt me pull back.
She'd squeeze her muscles deep inside her bowels,
Every time my balls pressed inside her crack!

When Ruthie'd feel the first spurts of my cum,
I'd feel her spincter muscle's wild spasm.
Ruthie's bowels'd milk and drain my hard cock dry,
And I'd wish I could stay in her chasm!

I lost track of my sweet Ruthie Maggee,
But she's lived inside my mind all my life.
If she could only be with me right now,
I'd love to make Ruthie Maggee my wife!!

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