tagErotic PoetryWhere for art thou Secretary?

Where for art thou Secretary?


After a tedious days work, I, the naive, gullible secretary am relaxing innocently in my local park in the glorious evening sunshine.


Laying in the park in thy underwear nothing more,
A nun a virgin or maybe I'm a whore.
Sweltering rays upon my freckled lily white skin,
Transparent lacy panties exposing treasures within.

Thy skirt thy blouse scattered by my feet,
Thou sun blazes down upon my melting meat.
Strangers I hear from beyond the naked eye,
My virginal innocence reeling them in to pry.

The thin cotton strands barely covering my mound,
Oh so many men impatiently loitering around.
Thou eyes from these voyeurs peer across the grass,
So I raise my hips and reveal a tight virgin ass.

Pleasures fill me as I turn onto my back,
Scant lace white fabric divulging my crack.
Arms extending above my honeysuckle hair,
Hauling my bra rendering thy nipples blatantly bare.

A gasp from afar as my legs drift out wide,
Those pink swollen lips am not able to hide.
Feels this sexy urge as my hands travel south,
Twisting my panties whilst licking my mouth.

Down goes my protection approaching thy knees,
Hoping for someone to just fuck me please!
Arching my back prodding my bush up high,
All I receive is one pitiful sigh.

As bodies gather round my innocent frame,
A voice bellows out, "Is she game?"
As my ipod drowns my ears with music and joy,
I poke out my pussy like a lost little toy.

The park keeper shouts. "Leave her alone!"
But on seeing my virginity he merely rubs on his bone.
They all watch on as he drops to his knees,
Jerking his cock hoping somehow to please.

He slides down real close dipping his tip,
Then drills his thick rod deep in my slit.
He bucks he groans and helplessly starts to push,
His come is then swallowed by my starving hairy bush.

He retreats selfishly leaving me laying and bare,
They all stand dormant without a solitary care.
Tugging and pulling their gullible tools,
They squirt through the air like predictable fools.

Stream after stream of hot sticky glue,
Splattering my virgin skin until they are finally through.
They all look down at each useless spent cock,
I look up and laugh. "Is that all youv'e got?"

On realizing their shame they finally run,
Tall vanishing shadows in the early evening sun.
I wonder to myself. "Where are their dates?"
It's obvious I think. "Fucking their best mates!"

I lay on my back with thou sun still hot,
Only hoping for more than a helpless spraying cock.
But alas my fingers slip down to fondle my front,
And make myself come hard and utterly soak my cunt.

As the sun disappears I stroll wearily away,
Hoping to return on a more appreciating day.
My pussy dripping juice as I walk down the lane,
My mind on the strangers, "Oh I hope they will drench me again one day."


Such is virgin life in our park.

Rachel L.

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