tagIncest/TabooWhere It All Began

Where It All Began


Ronald was twenty seven, he was packing up his things to move out. He'd lived with his mother for so long and he'd finally been able to afford to move. Not that he hadn't enjoyed living at home. His mother was a sweet thing, she cooked and cleaned plus worked a full time job to raise him. He'd been here too long and was ready to move on.

Clearing out his closet had been a long day yesterday, so today he was focusing on packing up his dresser and the stuff around his room. Opening a middle drawer, he pulled out most of the things. When he reached in to grab the rest, he saw a small pink silk thong. Picking it up, he felt the smooth material between his fingers. He pressed it against his nose and breathed in, her scent still clung to the fabric.

After all the years he'd known her, after all the things she'd done for him, what she taught him was the best memory. He'd spent every Friday through Sunday in her bed. Wrapped in the sheets, naked next to her. She was older, but so much more mature and knowledgeable than he had been. He cherished those moments, he even fantasized about them.

Taking a break, he sat back on his bed. He pulled his sweats down revealing his hard cock. It had grown as the sight of that thong. He wrapped the cool silk around his hard member. Stroking up and down, feeling her against him. His mind spun out of control and as he remembered their first time. The night his own mother had taken his virginity.

It had been Friday evening, he'd turned eighteen two weeks before. Her work schedule had been crazy and they hadn't celebrated. He arrived home from football practice around seven. She was waiting, wearing a cotton sundress and sandals. Her hair was curled and bounced around her shoulders. He'd thought to himself that she looked like a college student, not the mother of an almost college student.

He'd been sweaty, but she'd bounded over and hugged him. "Ronnie baby, We're going out to celebrate your birthday. My little boy is finally a great big man!"

Her breath had smelled of wine and she was giggly. He knew it meant she had been drinking. He hurried to shower and change before leaving.

They went to a restaurant about an hour away so he could get the famous ribs he loved so much. During dinner, his mother had drunk an entire bottle of wine and could barely walk as they left. She stumbled and gripped his arm. He drove them home, but she wanted to stop to walk on the beach about half way home. He'd protested, but she'd insisted that if he wanted his birthday gift, he'd oblige.

The parking lot was deserted when they'd pulled in. His mother had gotten out of the car first, kicking off her sandals and pulling her dress off. She wore a tiny string bikini that barely covered anything. His mouth dropped open, she was almost naked in front of him. She'd never been like that before.

As she walked toward the beach, she called to him, "Come on Ronnie baby! I want to give you your birthday present!!"

He followed her to a spot down the beach to a secluded area where someone had left a bonfire burning. His mom tossed on a few more pieces of wood, causing the fire to grow. He sat near it, not sure how she was warm when she was wearing nothing.

She'd come over near him, cuddling up beside him on the warm sand. He'd felt her skin, warm against his own. Her nipples were hard from the breeze. She was giggling and the fire's glow across her face made her look younger.

"Are you ready for your present?" she'd asked.

He was being shy, "Sure mom, I'm ready."

She stood before him and began to dance. She rocked her hips, as she spun, her ass was in his face. He noticed how sexy she looked and his cock stirred. She shook her hips and swayed in time to the music in her head. As she danced, his cock grew. Soon he was full staffed and suddenly she stopped. He knew she'd notice.

As she settled in next to him, she leaned over and tugged at his pants. He stood to get away and they came down easily. His cock was rock hard and she sat grinning. As he tried to move away and pull his pants up, she tugged them down further. He stumbled and one leg came off.

Before he could stop her, she was up and her arms were around his neck. His hard member was pressed against her stomach and she was teasing him with her lips along his neck. He stepped back, but she just came with him.

"Mom, this isn't right," he tried to protest.

She laughed, "Ronnie baby, nothing I do seems to be right anymore." She sat at his feet and began to cry.

He was quick to drop beside her and wrapped his arms around her. He rocked her gently and kissed her hair. "I'm sorry mom, I didn't mean to upset you. I didn't mean it."

She sobbed against his chest and he sat back on the sand. She crawled into his lap. His hard cock was now pressed against the thin fabric of her bikini bottoms. She kissed his neck, soon their lips met and he was so hard he thought he'd burst. He never thought he'd spend his eighteenth birthday naked on the beach making out with his own mother. Much less he didn't think he'd lose his virginity on the beach with his mother.

She let him kiss her neck and down to her collar bone. Slowly he moved down to her breasts, her tender breasts that had such succulent hard nipples. He pushed aside her top and sucked her nipple into his mouth. His warm breath on her sensitive nipple, she gasped. He teased with his tongue and his hand moved to the other nipple. He twisted and teased her. Slowly he pleased her.

She spread her legs apart and his fingers made their way to her bottoms. His lips found her other nipple and he gently sucked it too. She let him rub over the silky fabric, he could feel her getting wet already. His finger tips slipped under the fabric, finding her bare cunt. He rubbed her clit with two fingers, gently teasing her. His mouth let go of her nipple and found her lips again.

She sighed loudly and he whispered into her ear, "Tell me if you want me to stop."

She laughed, "Ronnie baby, fuck me please! It's been so long, I need you so badly."

With that request, he untied her bottoms, letting them fall away. Her slick bare pussy exposed, he rubbed harder and she spread herself wider. He dipped down to her hole and slipped in one finger, then two. He pumped in and out of her with his fingers. She rocked and moaned against him. His teasing making her slippery.

Suddenly she slipped off his lap, his fingers never leaving her treasure box. As she lay on the sand, her mouth found his large cock. She slipped it into her mouth and sucked fondly. He groaned, using one hand to finger her and the other to keep his cock inside her warm mouth.

She slicked up his cock, perfect for a long fuck session. He had her stand, pussy at his nose. He buried his face in her cunt. Flicking his tongue over her bare skin, making her juices drip down his chin. She pressed his head against her, begging for more. He made her orgasm like that, her body shaking with pleasure.

He lay back on the sand and pulled her into his lap. Suddenly he was inside her and she was riding his cock. As she rocked, he watched her. The glow of the fire made her radiant, her breasts perky and bouncing. Her pussy filled with his cock, he groaned and gripped her hips. She slid easily up and down, crying out in orgasm twice. The second time, he'd flicked her clit with his thumb, bringing her to the edge.

When she'd came for the second time, he flipped her onto her back. His cock never leaving her warmth. He pushed her legs up on his shoulders and pounded her pussy. In and out, harder and harder. She pressed her tits together and pinched the nipples. That was enough for him, with a loud grunt and one final hard pump, he filled her with cum.

As he let her legs go, he collapsed against her warm body. His head resting on her still hard nipples. As he lay there, flicking her nipples with his tongue, she asked, "Did you like your birthday present?"

He sat up, grinning. "Of course I did, I'd like that all the time!"

She smiled shyly, "Really? I wasn't sure how you'd feel."

His response encouraged her, "I wasn't sure at first either, but now I know, I'd make love to you all day every day if you let me."

That's where their love began, he'd kept the bikini bottoms she'd worn that night and used them to beat off daily since. Now, he'd be stopping over every weekend to get his rocks off. He was ready for his life to continue, maybe one day he could fuck his own daughter and carry on their tradition.

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