tagErotic PoetryWhere The Counters Meet

Where The Counters Meet


He follows her into the backroom.
She knows he is behind her
She does not acknowledge his presence
Acknowledging the presence would be too much

She stands in the corner
Wedged in where two counters meet one another
She reaches up above her head to the top shelf
She is standing on her tip toes
Her body is a perfect Venus figure

He turns around from his spot at the sink
He drops the ceramic mug in his hands
Silence rings through his head as he stares at the perfect Venus figure
She jumps
She drops the small box of plastic bags in front of her

It has begun

She turns to face him
His blue eyes are filled with lust and hunger
“I…I am sorry,” she says shyly.
She turns back towards the corner
She stuffs three stray bags into the box

He takes a step towards her
He takes a deep breath
Vanilla and chamomile
He reaches out and touches his shoulder
She jumps and turns to face him
Confusion plagues her face

“I cannot resist,” he says.
His hand travels up her neck to her cheek
He can feel her heart beating ferociously
She wants him too

She pushes herself against the corner where the counters meet
She lifts herself upwards
She is sitting in her corner
He moves closer
She moves her legs apart
He slips between the ‘v’ between her legs where the counters meet

They are face-to-face
Her breathing is erratic, nervous
His breathing is quick, excited
She smells his cigarettes
He smokes too much

Her body is on fire
She feels sweat forming all over her body
She must be flushed red

He smiles and inches close to her face
His hands cup her face
She breathes in sharply
Her heart stops
He kisses her gingerly on her mouth

Her hands wander from her thighs to his waist
She pulls him close to her body
Heat radiates between the two of them
She still does not dare breathe

He moans quietly
She can feel it coming from deep in his throat
His hands slowly move down her body
Hands take a brief hiatus at her breasts
She breathes

Her hands travel down his body as well
They stop at the waistband of his jeans
She fumbles with the button fly
It releases
He is released

He lifts her skirt up around her waist
His lips never leave her mouth
A stray finger slips underneath her snow white panties
Another sharp breath
“Is anyone coming?” she asks in a pant
“No, everyone has gone home” he replies
She nods
Another sharp breath

Her panties are around her ankles
They stare at one another
Not daring to venture another step further
He wants her
She wants him
She knows she should not
He knows that he should not

His body takes on a life of its own
His brain is elsewhere
Her brain is elsewhere
They need one another

Sharp breath

Sharp breath

He is larger than she had imagined in fleeting fantasies
She feels pain
He feels emotions that he has never felt with another woman before
And there have been plenty of other women
She moans
He ignores the pain on his legs from the edge of the counter

They kiss
Her mouth is on fire
She can no longer think intelligible thoughts
She screams from deep down in her throat
It echoes through the tiny room
It resonates through the adjoining room

Sharp breath

He thrusts against her
Her shoulders hit the shelf behind her
Her head is thrown backwards
His mouth lunges for her neck
He covers her with passionate kisses

He groans
He moans
She groans
She moans
They come

He withdraws immediately
Turns around
His face is red with embarrassment
“I am sorry,” he says
“Don’t be,” she says

She pulls her panties back up around her waist
“I can close up,” she says
“I’ll be around for a bit longer,” he says
She nods
She stands up
Leaves her seat where the two counters meet
She walks by him
Runs her hand across the small of his back

Now he smells like cum and cigarettes
Sharp breath
She will love the scent now
She stands up on her tiptoes
Profile of perfect Venus from the back
She kisses him on the cheek
Amongst dark facial hair
“Thank you” she says

She is free

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