tagLoving WivesWhile in Jamaica

While in Jamaica


It had now been over a month since our first and only incident of sharing my wonderful and sexy wife Michelle with another man. Although we may have both been a little reluctant to actually plan an evening like that again, since then we have had the hottest and most erotic sex in all our years together and each time we made love we would always tend to relive the exciting details of what happened that night.

We did this virtually every time we've had sex since that night. There was no doubt in both our minds that the evening she spent with Sean had opened a whole new world for us in eroticism we never experienced before and we were enjoying it together. Our sex was hotter and better than ever and the really nice thing is that we wanted each other more. We had never been so hot for each other.

Now we were off to our much anticipated and very needed romantic getaway trip to Jamaica. I knew deep down that something would happen again but I just wasn't sure what, when, or how and wondered if this might be the venue. We had only casually mentioned maybe doing something while we were there. Michelle bought some new clothes and a wonderfully revealing swim suit that I was pretty sure was just for the occasion. The possibilities were starting to get exciting.

We flew from Miami to Montego Bay and then a drive out to the resort in Negril which was built on cliffs overlooking the turquoise colored waters of the Caribbean. The water was so clear that it seemed the farthest you could see out you could also see the bottom of the ocean. We had a beautiful bungalow on a cliff. The huge bed was draped in flowing white sheer cloth and a huge rotating fan was over it. The huge shower had a sexy open roof where you could look up at the stars as you stood there naked taking your shower and if it rained it was really fun.

Down below us to the left was a very private area for sunning and where they would occasionally give seaside massages. We both took a shower together refreshing ourselves from the travel. We washed each other and other than me getting hard we only kissed leaving any excitement to be satisfied later.

Michelle brought out her new aqua colored bathing suit that fit her beautifully and showed off her assets so nicely, especially her sexy ass. Although it wasn't a thong it still showed a nice portion of her firm ass cheeks for anyone's eyes that cared to enjoy the sexy sight. Finally she put on a short and extremely sheer cover up that did nothing more than give any admirer the image of sexy lingerie.

"I'm going to go down and lay out for awhile. Do you want to join me?"

"No, actually I'll just stay here I want to start this book I brought with me, but I'll keep an eye on you," I told her.

"Ok, suit yourself," She said as she gave me a quick kiss and grabbed her towel, sunglasses, phone, and sun tan lotion. I watched her ass sway as she walked away. I thought to myself that it almost seemed like she even walked with a new sexiness since our night with Sean. It wasn't quite the same sway she had done while walking away from me and into Sean's arms, but it was close. She also had sandals on that had a little heel that helped push her bottom out as she walked and also gave those sexy clicks on the pavement.

A few minutes later I looked down and I saw her lay down on a lounge chair near the adult pool. She arched up and waved up at me and I waved back. At first she was the only one there but soon a good looking and young guy came in from the other direction and laid out as well. I noticed him checking her out a few times and sat back to enjoy watching any possible show.

I thought of an idea that might get us both going for an erotic evening tonight and picked up my cell phone. I dialed her number and saw her pick up as she briefly looked up at me.

"Hey, what's up."

"Oh nothing, I'm just sitting here enjoying watching a good looking guy watch you."

"What? Where?" She quickly asked.

Don't turn around I told her, but she apparently couldn't wait and looked behind her. Luckily he was looking the other way and he didn't notice her looking at him.

"Ohhh, She whispered. I didn't know I had an admirer." She said teasingly.

Then I lowered my voice and said, "He looks like a nice enough guy why don't you be nice and give him a little thrill and reach back and unsnap your bra as if you wanted to avoid any tanning marks?"

At first she was silent but then said, "Just unclasp it? No more? Hmm, OK, I think I can at least do that."

She put the phone down and then seductively reached back and slowly unclasped her bra letting the straps fall to each side but making sure she kept her chest securely pressed to the chair. I saw him looking and I told her.

"Ahhh, that got his attention. I think he liked that honey. That was so nice of you babe, you made us both feel good" I said.

"Good, I hope you liked it," She cooed.

"Oh I did but now you have us both admiring you, and we want a little more."

"What do you mean by more?" She asked.

Then I whispered my plan to her. "Well, he doesn't know that you know he's there so why not pretend your texting in your phone and raise up, just a little, on your elbows so he can at least get a glimpse of the sides of your beautiful breasts."

"Again she was silent at first and then she said, "I don't know babe, do you really want me to do that? Already?"

"Yes," I immediately answered. "Come on, it's only the sides of them babe, anyway this is a perfect tease and it's so innocent too."

After another silent moment she said, "OK, just a minute."

She put the phone in front of her and as she did she raised herself up on her elbows just enough to leave the tips of her breasts in their cups but enough for our friend to get a good look at the creamy sides of her full tits as they so seductively hung down.

She put the phone back to her ear and I told her, "Oh my God babe, that was so erotic. He was totally transfixed on getting a look at their sides."

"Really? That's nice to hear, she whispered back but that's enough, OK? I mean your bringing out the exhibitionist in me and it's starting to get to me too."

"Oh no I told her, come on, you've brought us this far now you have to finally satisfy our curiosity. You don't want to be known as just a cock teaser do you. Come on, just one last thing, you owe it to your two admirers."

I could see her smile and she timidly asked "What now?"

"Now, we both want you to somehow raise up high enough so that they leave your bra cups and we get just a glimpse of those wonderful and sexy nipples of yours."

"Oh babe, no that's too much now, come on." She said.

"Now now, come on hon, he's really getting excited and so am I. Just a short look. It's so innocent and this is the place to do it, besides it'll get us both in the mood for a wonderful romantic evening together," I now pleaded with her.

Then I heard only silence for what seemed like a full minute. I thought I may have pushed her too far and then finally she said, "You are so bad, but then she added, is he really watching me?"

"Honey, yes, he is excited right now, honest and there's no better time than right now and right here in this beautiful romantic oasis." I said.

I waited. Would she really do it?

Finally, she put the phone in front of her and raised up on her elbows as if texting. She did this for awhile and I was sure she had decided she wouldn't go any further. Then it happened, slowly she raised her upper body up more allowing those sexy breasts to hang down. Now the sides of them were easily seen again. She did this for a minute but then, finally, she actually arched her back more and rose up high enough for her breasts to finally leave the confines of her bra cups that stayed back on the chair. They hung there motionless now with their dark and hardened nipples exposed for both our eyes, in plan view looking so sexy and so damn desirable.

Our friend who was less than 20 feet away was really enjoying the view. I could even see him moving around a little to get a better look. Then she did something that blew me away. With her right hand she actually reached back adjusting her bottoms and as she did she momentarily exposed her right cheek and then actually turned the upper part of her body to the right and in his direction. The move now allowed him to see her entire right breast. My God her nipples were hard, firm, dark and proud pushing out.

Then slowly she placed her chest back down on the chair signaling the end of our entertainment. "She did it," I actually heard myself whisper.

She then put the phone to her ear and I heard her whisper, "Well, was that ok?"

"Oh my God babe I said, that was so hot and so erotic. I love you. Now get back up here. I need you."

"Easy there Tiger, she teased. I got about another 30 minutes of sun. Go ahead and think about what just happened and what we might do tonight. I'll be up soon. Oh and who knows, maybe now I'll have a chat with my good looking friend down here."

"Ok, I said. You are so hot."

"Why thank you sir, be up soon," she said, and then pushed end on her cell phone.

I went inside so I'm sure she thought I was gone but I continued to watch through the window. I was now a voyeur for my wife and couldn't help it. Sure enough as he got up to leave he walked by Michelle and stopped to briefly talk. She smiled and leaned up to shake his hand as they spoke. She didn't raise up as high as she did earlier but she still had her bra unclasped. He stooped down and they talked for a few minutes and then they waived goodbye to each other. After he left she reached back and re clasped her bra and got her things and then got up to leave.

When she came back in the room I again told her how hot it was watching her show herself to him like that. We kissed and she mentioned it was a little uncomfortable but that she knew I liked it and she would even try to do more of it for me while we were there.

Then she said, "I'm feeling more comfortable actually now that I truly know you enjoy it and don't think badly of me. Honestly it was kinda fun letting Mike see my breasts a little, and I wanted to make you happy honey."

"Mike?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry, yes, that's his name, it's nice cause he's from Florida too. He's here alone, but he's married," she now said almost sounding disappointed.

Then after a moment she quickly added, "But he did say they are separated right now. It's kinda sad, I guess she's leaving him for some guy with lot's of money. I felt a little sorry for him, you know, here all alone."

I smiled at her concern and then brushed her hair back a little with my hand and asked, "Did you like him? Then I thought that question may have sounded like I was suggesting something she may not be ready for right now and quickly added, "I mean, you know, when you two talked?"

"Oh when we talked? Yes, he seemed really nice the little bit we were able to talk, a little young, but really very nice."

I took note of her answer, "A little young". It was an interesting comment and I couldn't help but wonder if the thought of letting him do more than just see her had crossed her mind.

Feeling bolder I asked "So good looking? Nice body?"

"Oh yes, very nice, both actually." She answered softly and truthfully. She seemed to know where I might be going with this and she didn't seem to mind at all.

I pulled her close and kissed her deeply. Then I looked down into her eyes and whispered, "I'm curious, was he nice enough and good looking enough to let him fuck you?"

"What? No, of course not," she quickly said but then she must have realized she was reverting back to her old ways, the way a committed and loving wife was 'supposed' to act.

She looked up at me a little surprised and searched my eyes to see if I was really serious with that question. She must have realized I was serious. She was silent for awhile and then said, "Oh honey, I don't know about that just yet. I mean it's still early, you know we only just got here."

I understand I told her, it is early, I guess I was just curious if you thought that he was nice enough and good looking enough that if the circumstances were right that he would be a guy you would maybe let, fuck you. I really wanted her to tell me the truth so I said, "Honey, it's just that I'm still learning about my wonderful sexy hot wife and I really just wanted to know if he'd be your type, you know, to let something like that happen, that's all."

Normally she would laugh this sort of thing off or call me a pervert or quickly change the subject, but not now. Now she was more comfortable both with herself and with us.

She knew I was only asking her a question about her taste in a man and only wanted a truthful answer. She now also knew deep down that any answer she would give would not upset me. It could even be a turn on.

She looked up at me, hesitated only a moment, and then answered truthfully and confidently, "Well, OK, yes, he did seem very nice and he was good looking and had a really nice body.

"And?" I questioned.

Finally a soft smile came to her face and she said "Well to answer your question, ok yes, I think he is the kind of guy that I would let, you know, let fuck me."

I didn't even let her off on that response. I kissed her and then said "Come on, you think?"

She moved closer and gave me a brief kiss back and then looked into my eyes and boldly said, "Yes, actually I'm sure I would let him fuck me baby."

"Elaborate," I asked.

"Ok, he's the type of guy I would let do that. To let have me. He was young and sexy and truthfully, I even imagined his cock. I saw it in his bathing suit and I think it was kinda big and even a little hard."

"Hard, because of you, and for you." I said.

"I know, I thought of that too," she said.

"Did it look as big as Sean's?" I asked.

"Well no, not that big, but still big." .

Let me ask you a question, "If you two did get together, just a hypothetical, did you think at all about where would it be?"

Well, maybe in our place, you know, where you could watch him take me, but also, well, maybe I would even go to his, you know, alone with him, while you waited back at our place."

This was the second time she had introduced the idea of me not being there with her as she let someone fuck her. I wondered if she really would be more comfortable if the next time it happened like that. It would be hard for me but I also knew I could handle it. Especially if it was better for her.

So I went ahead and asked her, "Babe, do you think it would be easier If you went alone and I waited? I mean would you be more comfortable and maybe be more willing to let yourself go a little more?"

She looked at me lovingly and said, "Well, I'd want it to be good for you too."

I knew right then that she would be more comfortable and probably let herself go a little more if she went alone so I said, "Oh babe, It would still be wonderful for me. I'd be so excited wondering what you two might be doing."

She smiled upon hearing this and quickly said, "Really? You would? I'd promise to tell you all about everything that happened and I would take such good care of you when I got back, I promise."

"I know you would babe, and you'd probably even be better for him I would think."

"Well, yes, I think so too." she said.

Then I kissed her again and whispered in her ear, "He saw your breasts and I know he saw your hard nipples too."

"I know, I did that for you honey." She whispered back with a hint of a smile.

I kissed her again and then took her by the hand and sat her down on the nearby couch. I looked into her eyes and whispered back, "Yes, you did do it for me, and I loved that you did, but you also enjoyed doing it, and you did it for him as well. You did it so he could enjoy it too, didn't you?"

She knew I was right and admitted, "Yes, honestly I did it for him too, your right."

Then I asked her, "Then I want you to be honest with me and to yourself and I want you to tell me that you did it for him as well. You let him see you so that he could enjoy looking at you and seeing your naked breasts and their sexy hardened nipples. You did it for him so he could enjoy the pleasure that a man gets when he looks at a sexy woman like you, especially when she let's him look at her. You did it so he would become sexually excited and would feel good."

She was a little hesitant to admit to all this so soon but she knew I was right. She loved doing nice things for people and this was surely a nice thing. She searched my eyes and finally she got her courage and said back to me in her soft voice, "Yes, I did, I let him see my breasts and my nipples too. I did it so he could have pleasure in seeing them, so he could get sexually excited, aroused, and hopefully, well, maybe even hard for me."

I could tell all this talk was turning her on too. Her nipples were now standing out so hard and proud in her tiny bathing suit top. I smiled at her and kissed her and said, "There, that was being honest and I love you for saying that. You made us both happy today and you got us both feeling good and excited."

We both took a shower in the open roofed shower stall. I was still excited from everything that had happened and couldn't get rid of my hard on. She noticed and she dropped to her knees and gave me fantastic blow job. She had me leaning up against the wall as she worked my cock in and out of her warm mouth as the water cascaded down her naked back. She probably knew I wouldn't last long and was already close to cumming. She told me once that a woman knows it's almost time when the cock, and especially it's head, starts to swell and sometimes even twitches. She took my cock out of her mouth and looking up at me as her hand pumped my shaft she asked, "Baby, did you see when I turned my body towards him and I let him see, everything? My whole breast and it's hard nipple?" Then she put it back in and really went to work sucking.

That did it, I couldn't help it and I started to cum. She took the first shot in her mouth but then took it out so she could actually see my ejaculations and aimed it over her tits. She quickly swallowed the cum that was in her mouth and then licked her lips.

As I shot spurt after spurt she would encourage me by saying things like, "Ohhh, that's it, come on. My husband got so excited watching me show my tits to another man didn't he?"

"That's it baby show me how excited that made you, give me all that wonderful warm cum, come on, shoot it, all of it."

I came so hard, it was fantastic. After a minute my cock stopped shooting it's cum and I let out a gasp.

Now this is when most woman would feel their done performing and they would get up and go clean themselves off, not Michelle, not anymore. That's maybe what she would've done prior to our sharing her with Sean as well but since then she's become so much more sexual. When I was shooting my cum she was so intensely watching how each spurt left the tip and shot over her tits. She really enjoyed watching me cum. She was like a schoolgirl seeing her first cock shoot it's cum and that look was such a turn on. Now, while I was still partially hard, she went into part 2 of her new fabulous technique.

Shortly after the last spurt she would gently cradle and softly massage my spent balls with her left hand as she softly squeezed the shaft with her right literally milking it forward drawing, what she knew would be, one last drop to the tip. Then when she saw it, the pearl drop glistening at the tip, she looked up at me to make sure I was watching and she so slowly with her tongue licked the tip making sure I could actually see the drop of cum go on her tongue. Then while watching my eyes she slowly swallowed it and let out a satisfied "Mmmm and then said, Thank you baby."

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