tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhile You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping


I fall onto the couch in a huff. Kyle, my roommate, raises an eyebrow at me.

"What's eating you, Andrea?" It is late and his voice is a little husky from not being used.

I sigh, "I can't sleep. It's frustrating, I'm tired but when I climb into bed, nothing happens."

Kyle shrugs and turns his eyes back to the TV. He doesn't usually say much, more often than not I just get looks from him, which say far more than he does. I sigh again and I get another sidelong glance from him. This one tells me that he is annoyed.

A part of me wants to insinuate that Kyle and I do something to 'tire' me out but I resist, last thing I needed was to complicate my roommate situation. Good roommates are hard to find and Kyle and I get along well. He picks up after himself, isn't loud, and because he is a guy, I don't have to worry about any girl drama. Of course the fact that he is easy on the eyes doesn't hurt either. We share a common bathroom and occasionally I get to see him half naked, which is a definite plus.

"What are you watching?" I ask.

"Horror movie."

"Any good?"

"So far."

"Is this the one with that blond girl from-"

"Yes," he interrupts.

"She's a terrible actress."

He rolls his eyes at me.

"Won't it keep you up, watching something scary this late?"

Kyle groans and throws his head back, "Go to bed. I can't watch if you keep talking."

"I told you, I can't sleep."

With a deep breath, Kyle pushes himself up off of the coach and walks back into his bedroom. I take the opportunity to grab the remote and flip the channel to see what else is on. From the bedroom I hear him yell, "You better not be changing the channel!" I switch it back to his stupid horror movie and roll my eyes.

Kyle emerges from the bedroom with one of his hands cupped and motions for me to hold a hand out. I do. He dumps two white pills into the palm of my hand.

"What are these?"

"Sleeping pills. Take two and let me watch my movie," he says, exasperated.

I smile, "Thanks, Kyle. If I take these, will I still be able to get up in the morning?"

"You'll be fine, just go away."

"Best roommate ever!" I say and give him a hug he is clearly unprepared for.

"Whatever," he says, although I am pretty sure I saw him smile.

I go to the kitchen and get myself a glass of water then head back to my room, giving Kyle a wave as I pass.

Back in my room I roll the pills in my hand. He said to take two... I decide to take a half pill, and if I am still awake in a half hour, I will take the other half... and if I am still awake after that, I'll take the second pill. He said it wouldn't keep me from waking up in the morning for work, but why chance it?

I snap one of the pills in half, take it with a big swallow of water, and deposit the remaining pill and a half in my dresser drawer. I turn off my besides lamp and snuggle down.

Consciousness floats just beneath the surface. I feel awake, but not. My limbs are heavy and I don't seem to have the energy in me to move them. For a moment I wonder what had woken me and then I hear it again.

"Andrea? You awake?"

I want to roll over and tell Kyle that, yes, I am awake, but my body doesn't respond. For a moment I panic, but then I remember the sleeping pill I had taken. It must be messing with my system. How nice of Kyle to check in to see the pills he had given me had worked.

I hear Kyle step into my bedroom and close the door. Odd.


He moves closer, and I can feel him right above me. Kyle reaches down and tucks my hair behind my ear. What is he doing?

I am curled on my side and Kyle pulls on my shoulder moving me onto my back. He then pulls down my blankets and I regret that I am only wearing an over-sized t-shirt and a pair of panties. I wish I had slipped on a pair of shorts or something. Although, I still can't figure out what the hell he is doing. He had given me sleeping pills that should have knocked me out cold, so what was he doing in my room?

I feel him run his hand up and down my bare leg. Shit.

With a soft feathery touch, he runs his fingertips up and down my leg again, stopping just below the panty line. I hear him groan and then the weight on the bed shifts. I feel my shirt rise and pull over my head. What the fuck.

And then I feel him on my nipple. Kyle has his mouth around one of my nipples and is sucking it gently, making it tight and hard. He licks, nips and sucks at it. He then turns his attention to the other nipple and works at it as well until it is as hard as the other. He then grabs my breasts, kneading them as kisses his way down to my belly button.

Then I feel his fingers rub my slit through my underwear and I just the thought of what Kyle may do next makes me wet. I had fantasied about him before, honestly, I had a hot roommate, what girl wouldn't? But I hadn't fantasied about this; him sneaking into my room while I'm in a knocked out drugged state. I guess I should have propositioned him when I was on the couch.

Kyle continues to rub me through the cloth and I'm getting really wet. At this point I'm sure he can tell. I'm practically dripping. The rational part of my brain wants him to leave but the other, horny part, wants him to keep going. And he does. The fabric has become slick with my juices. He groans again and then he pulls my panties off and I am then completely naked in front of him. He moves again and he is climbing in between my legs.

I feel him place one hand on my upper thigh and the other hand goes between my legs. He easily slides one finger into me. Then another. And then he slowly begins to fuck me with his fingers; slow but steady. Then I feel his thumb moving against my clit and my pussy begins to tighten. I know what's happening and he does too. Kyle begins to increase his tempo ever so slightly and I am close. So close. Even in this drugged state I'm breathing fast and heavy. My breath catches and I am almost there...

The weight sifts on the bed again and I Kyle climbs off. Fuck. So fucking close.

Across the room I hear him open a drawer and then I hear a soft, familiar hum.

Shit. How the hell does he know where I keep my vibrator? This is not the first time he has been in my room then... I hear the zip of pants and thud of them falling to the floor. I have no control here, but still my body is excited, tense in anticipation.

Kyle is back on the bed and between my legs again. He turns the vibrator to low and he moves it up and down my slit, close to my hole, but not quite. I'm still very excited from my almost orgasm and I want him to fuck me. With the toy, with his dick, at this point, I don't care. I just want him to fill me, fuck me.

He slides the vibrator inside of me and I moan. Then I feel his mouth on my clit, his tongue teasing me as he fucks me with my toy. My orgasm builds quickly. He slides the toy in and out of my cunt and I can feel my juices dripping down my thighs. My pussy tightens and quivers and... OH MY GOD. And Kyle keeps fucking me with the vibrator even as I come. Pumping it in and out of me and his mouth is on me and for a moment I don't breathe.

Fuck. Holy fuck. Fuck.

He pulls the toy out and licks my slit and presses his tongue inside of me. I quiver again. If I had control of my body I would hold his head and mouth there... but he does so without my asking and another orgasm rocks out of me as he eats out my dripping cunt.

I feel spent and exhausted, although I haven't done anything but lie here. Kyle moves again on the bed, and I'm ready and anxious for him to thrust his dick inside of me and fuck me to another orgasm. He falls on top of me, covering me with his body and I can feel his dick, hard and tip wet with precum against my stomach.

He rocks against me. Slowly. His mouth is against my ear and I can hear frustrated huffs as rubs his cock against me. I feel him then begin to jerk himself off against my stomach. He's not going to fuck me. I want to yell at him. I want to beg him to please, please fuck me with that hard cock.

Kyle's breathing is ragged. "Andrea, Andrea," he moans and then he grunts, jerks, and I feel hot jets of cum against my stomach. For a moment nothing happens. Kyle is still against me. He is hot and heavy on top of me and I have an odd desire to wrap my arms around him.

He sifts; pulls away. "Fuck. Fuck. FUCK." He makes a strangled noise and then he is up off of the bed. I feel him pick up the discarded vibrator and leave the room.

I hear him in the bathroom running the sink, talking to himself as he does so. I hear him open then slam close the linen closet.

He walks back in and I hear him return my toy to the drawer. He is then above me, cleaning me off with a wet wash cloth. He is gentle, careful as he wipes his cum off of my stomach and my cum from between my legs.

Then he is pulling my shirt over my head, trying to get my arms back into the sleeves. It is almost funny how awkward it is. He gets my shirt on me then I hear him open another drawer and he is back, pulling a new pair of panties onto me. I am still bothered that he knows where everything is. And I really should be more bother by what just happened than I am.

Once Kyle has gotten me straightened back out, he pulls the cover back over me. I feel his breath against my forehead, and then I feel his skin. He has placed his forehead against mine.

"Please don't know, please don't know," he chants, sounding anguished. Then he kisses my forehead and is out the door.

In the morning when my alarm goes off I feel good; tired, but a good, relaxed kind of tired. I switch my alarm off and head to the shower. I turn the water as hot as I can stand it and try to decide what to do. I am exceptionally confused. On one hand I am appalled that Kyle did what he did while I was "asleep". On the other, I deeply enjoyed it and wanted him to go further than he did. I'm still not sure why he didn't fuck me. It was obvious that he wanted to.

Hell, even before... what happened happened, I had contemplated asking him if he wanted to have sex. I liked Kyle. I was attracted to Kyle. But still.

I shut the water off.

Later, when I walk into the kitchen Kyle is already at the table eating breakfast. He glances up at me but didn't say anything, but I can feel anxious energy rolling off of him.

"How was your stupid horror movie?" I ask as I pour coffee into my travel mug.

Kyle seems to freeze behind me, confused, as if he thought I was going to scream at him, "What the hell were you thinking last night!"

After a moment's pause he says, "It was okay." I nod.

He coughs, "How did you sleep?" He makes eye contact with me. This is it. He seems to be bracing himself.

I smile, "Those pills you gave me were fucking awesome. I woke up feeling great, like all of the tension had been wrung out of me."

Kyle looks like he might be sick. "Great," he chokes out. He looks down at his cereal and pushes it away.

I splash some milk into my coffee and screw the top on.

"I might have to have you hook me up again next time I can't sleep," I say.

"Sure," he mumbles. I smile at him again.

"Seriously, last night was great," I say walking out the door.

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