tagChain StoriesWhispers in the Dark Ch. 03

Whispers in the Dark Ch. 03


As he listened to Kara's story, Jared couldn't help but notice that his wife was squirming in her seat a bit, undoubtedly trying not to convey her arousal to the whole room. As the candles flickered about the faces, he wondered what would be next and who. As the dark figure of the Master circled the participants, he was quite surprised when a hand clamped down on his shoulder and said, "You, you will be next."

Jared fidgeted in his chair as he decided what he wanted to share, and what he did not, much like the night that the episode took place, a time of testing, a time of decision making for him was once again at hand. What would he share? What and how much of his wife was he willing to share, was he willing to tell them all his feelings about what had happened, and what had not happened? What he was still unsure of, his worries about sharing her fully with another man? After all, that is why they had come, wasn't it, to share their feelings and misgivings about sharing each other on a new level?

Jared and Tricia were a happy couple. They had been married for about 5 years. Their sex life had been nothing short of explosive since day one, and knowing before their first date that Tricia was Bi had only enticed Jared, and he was intrigued at what possibilities she might bring to his life. And that she had done. He had experienced things that other guy's dream of and never see, let alone get to participate in. But where should they draw the line? That was the recent question, and the elusiveness of its answer is what brought them here.

As Jared began to speak to the group, he was still unsure of what he would say, but now was the time, it was all or nothing, and the prospect of nothing was too bleak for him to think about.

"Well, this is my wife Tricia," Jared said, as he nodded to his right.

As he did the group took notice of the lovely blonde sitting next to him. She had a beautiful face and her golden curls created an outline down her long neck as they spilled out over her shoulder and came to rest cupping her bountiful DD breasts. Her glorious green eyes had a fire all their own in the flickering candle light, and a hint of a woman who had seen and experienced much in her 32 years.

Tricia is "bi" and because of that we have had many wonderful experiences in our relationship. We have had many girlfriends through the years, but we have always stopped short of actual intercourse with any added friends.

This summer we had a new experience with a buddy of mine who was getting divorced. And it left me feeling that I wanted more to happen between us, or actually between Tricia and him.

My buddy Matt had been having a pretty rough time since his divorce had started. And we all knew that one of the major problems in the relationship had been his lack of opportunity to experience anything "different" or "unusual" sexually. He had heard all my bragging rights about the women that Tricia shamelessly brought into our marriage bed year after year to share with me and had lived vicariously through our sex stories and experiences.

It was a hot summer afternoon and the 3 of us were out at our pool. Tricia and I were busy telling Matt the tale of our newest girlfriend and he was listening as I described the mind-blowing pleasure of receiving a double blowjob.

As I told him the story of meeting Kelly, Tricia's latest fling for the 1st time, we all became a little aroused. After all, I had met this woman only an hour before I had the opportunity to bury my face in her wet cunt while my wife rode me to explosive proportions. In telling the story I had said enough to make Tricia very appreciative because she was now leaning back against my cock in the pool and rubbing it under the warm water as she downed her Corona and acted as innocent as a little lamb.

As the conversation continued and we heard more of the things that Matt had been missing for years, Tricia began to feel that she should be Matt's Florence Nightingale, and that we should help him to broaden his experiences. There are just certain things a guy wants to get to experience at least once in a lifetime, and for me the list was very near empty, while he stood holding a full card.

Matt was noticeably excited by Tricia. And who wouldn't be. The beautiful tan body, her full melon size tits, wet in her suit and standing at full attention for both of us men to enjoy. Her round tight ass with the wet strip of neon orange fabric gently spreading her luscious cheeks apart, barely covering her two wet warm holes from our view. Her beautiful pink lips, slippery, shiny and inviting.

And of course Matt and I both knew that there was a special attraction in Tricia that could not be found in every woman, the rare beauty of a woman who loved enough to share new things, and always keep things spicy in her relationships.

I remember Tricia fawning over Matt as she listened to his complaints about his ex-wife. Her attention was subtle though, as always. She flirted with him while she shoved her hand into my swim trunks and freed my ever-growing erection. I nestled my lips in to the side of her long slender neck so that I could catch her scent in the summer breeze, and nibble and kiss her there, it was her most vulnerable spot.

She turned to face me, our eyes met. We had talked about this before, about helping Matt out now during the lonely phase of his divorce. As she peered into my soul with those grass green eyes of hers I knew what she was asking, without words, and I responded with a gentle nod.

She leaned back against the side of the pool, now between Matt and I, resting her arms on either side, making her huge tits stick out even more. I gave her a gentle nudge to tell her it was okay, that I wanted her to go for it.

Matt was telling us about another ex-lover of his, and then he said that he had to get going after one more beer. Tricia saw this as her window of opportunity.

"Well, you should come back again when you can stay long enough for me to help you out with all of this." Tricia boasted. Matt answered that he would.

"Or maybe I should just come over there now and check things out, see what you actually have to offer me under those trunks of yours—see if you are as turned on by the prospect as you say you are." Tricia remarked.

"Maybe you should," replied Matt.

"Maybe I will"—Tricia said.

I was amazed with her ability to be so sexy and such an alluring come on to this buddy of mine, someone she had never really entertained the idea of having sex with. I found her so irresistible at that moment.

She slid around the side of the pool a bit and reached her hand down to the outside of Matt's trunks and gently stroked his completely stiff cock as she gulped down a sip of Corona from the other hand. I let them alone for a few seconds. Just sitting back against the sidewall of the pool to watch my horny wife in action as she did her best to come on to another man in my presence. From where I sat she was having no trouble at all, but then Tricia had always been a very natural flirt.

"Mmmmm, well, I believe you do have something in mind for me about now don't you." Trisha chuckled. "Maybe I should get a closer inspection."

"Definitely," Matt answered.

At that Matt leaned in and started shoving his tongue down my wife's throat as she pulled his cock and balls out of the trunks and gave him a great hand job. The kiss was lasting forever it seemed, and it kind of annoyed me a little. I was completely turned on by watching them, yet a little pissed all at the same time. It was one of those kisses, a first kiss between two totally turned on individuals—the ones with the fireworks and lust of something new and daring. As they continued to kiss I moved up behind Tricia and kissed and caressed her neck as I watched them over her shoulder. I slid my hand down to her pussy to spread her lips open with my fingers, wanting to get her hot and wet for Matt. When I did Matt slid his hand between my fingers and shoved them deep inside of my wife's hotbox, causing her to moan out loud, and shudder just a bit.

It was then that I realized our neighbors were outside at their garage. And I said that I thought we were causing a bit too much commotion to be outside—and we headed in to the house dripping wet, freezing in the cold of the air conditioning. Tricia's nipples hard enough to cut glass, that's were it all really began.

The Master circled the room as Jared told his story, and finally broke in...

"Enough," He said sternly. "You, what is your name"? "Tricia, you tell us, what happened next, from your vantage point."

Tricia was completely unprepared for this, she thought that this was Jared's turn to speak, not hers. But then she began, her voice coming shakily into the group from behind the twitching candle, her green eyes glowing above its flame.

"Well..." Tricia sighed.

We went inside and I remember that I was so nervous and unsure of myself. But I knew that confidence was much more attractive than being mousy and unsure so I did my best to camouflage my nervousness with cocky confidence instead. The next thing I remember I was saying—"Okay, everyone with a cock on the couch."

I was attracted to Matt, after all he was much like Jared in the looks department both of them having dark hair, and skin tones. But Jared's Italian heritage gave him straight hair and dark chocolate brown eyes. Where Matt had the blue eyes and curly dark mop of a Greek. Both of them possessed a devilish little grin whenever they were thinking or talking about something sexual—both of them grinning slyly at me in that moment.

As the guys stripped off their wet trunks and flopped down grinning at each other I remember thinking that this was insane, how could I please two of them at once. But being who I am and being use to pleasing both my husband and a female lover all the time—it actually came very easily for me. And after only a moments hesitation I lost my self in the fun and possibilities of the event.

I went down for hubby first, licking his thick hard cock and tight shaved balls. As Matt watched in silent anticipation I could see the excitement building in his eyes as he watched me take more and more of Jared into my mouth.

"Jesus, that's phenomenal... Linda couldn't do that—she never took me in deep." Matt remarked.

Ooohhh, sighed Jared. "Then you are in for a huge treat my man."

That was when I slid across the floor towards Matt's stiff cock for the first time. He had a nice cock, long and straight, but much thinner than Jared's. As I took his cock in my hand I slid my tongue over the tip of his cock and ran my piercing inside the slit gently, setting Matt into a deep moan. Then I rimmed the head with my warm, wet tongue and slid it down his length—teasing him to the fullest before taking him inside my wet warmth. When I finally took him inside of me, I sucked him down my throat pining my nose about half way down his balls. This must have been an incredible sight for him—he let out a huge "holy-shit" and threw his head back closing his eyes. He couldn't watch if he did he was going to cum right then and there.

After playing with his balls, running my tongue all over them, flicking them like I do my girls clit and getting as hot as I could with out letting him come I slid back over to my husband—I'd keep one hand on his cock the entire time I attended to Matt's needs.

I played with Jared, taking him down the back of my throat and holding his full cock there, pinching and squeezing with the muscles of my esophagus. I could feel the first hot stings of precum leaking from his cock and sliding down the back of my throat. Thinking that seeing Jared's juices would get Matt hot, I saved a little and brought it to the top with me—carefully releasing Jared's cock and drawing a long, clear, shiny string of precum up with me from the head of his cock to the tip of my tongue.

"Mmmmm...you juicy boy you," I said.

"I could stay in your mouth all day." Jared replied with a huge sigh. "But I think it's time to give something else a try."

Then Jared slid off the couch and I went back to giving Matt my full attention as Jared put me on all fours and shoved his thick cock into my dripping cunt. As I sucked Matt down again and again, fondling his balls with my mouth and hands, he could feel the power of every thrust Jared's cock made into my love tunnel.

"I have the perfect view." Matt remarked.

"The view from back here is pretty awesome too...I can see her sucking you down over and over again." Jared replied as he looked over my shoulder.

Then Jared asked Matt if he wanted a turn at bat, but Matt was happy where he was, I guess he didn't want to push it the first time we were all together. I was actually quite surprised that Jared had offered my pussy to his friend before we'd really discussed it. But it didn't matter, because in no time at all Matt was crying out that he was going to cum, I guess he was trying to warn me, thinking I'd want him to pull out of my mouth, instead I clamped down and sucked in the entire length of his shuddering cock and ½ his balls as I swallowed every salty drop of pleasure from his body. When Jared heard and saw Matt cumming in my mouth he lost his load as well and we all came together in a sticky pile.

The Master interrupted, "Jared, what made you decide to share a part of your wife you never had before?"

"I don't know, she just felt so good—so warm and wet—tight and inviting. I guess I wanted my buddy to get the chance to experience the feeling that to me is the best in the world—the thing that nothing else can compare to for me." Jared answered.

"And what did you think Tricia? You said that you were shocked by Jared's suggestion?"

In the heat of the moment I was thinking that it would be fun, and that it would feel great. I didn't want him to regret giving into the moment later. I didn't want to do something that meant taking a chance on changing our relationship. I didn't want him to be playing the "I wonder game" the next day or week—wondering if Matt felt better than he did, or that I liked doing Matt more. It would never be possible for me to find someone that I had a better sexual chemistry with than Jared. Our bodies were made for each other and it is the years of love, time, and attention to our sex life that has made us the dynamic duo we are in bed. We know each other's bodies better than we know our own and that is what makes our lovemaking something that nothing, or no one else could ever touch, at least not for me.

But in reality I worry about the fact that he may expect me to do the same for him with our girlfriend, and I am not sure that I am willing to share "that" it has always been the one and only thing that we hold sacred for each other, no outsiders allowed—they can watch all they want and play with us while we are at it—it's so one sided of me, to know it won't change anything I feel for Jared, but to worry that it would change his feelings for me if I shared him completely. Tricia replied.

Pacing the group once again, the Master sighed—"Yes, I see that this is a definite reason for you two to join our group. Perhaps we will have to delve into these feelings in more depth at next weeks meeting. Perhaps we will come to a decision as to what a good therapeutic resolution would be for your problem—I have some thoughts, but we will wait until the next meeting..."

As the master walked away again, the candles flickered in the cool breeze as Jared and Tricia took hold of each other's hands—both sighing in relief that their turn was over—and in disbelief that they would find the answers they were looking for—here in this group of diverse individuals.

As their thoughts circled these ideas, they heard the Master's steps slow again as they heard him deem "You, you will tell us your story next..."

And the silent whisper of a breath that refused to be released filled the room, only the candles dared to move as they danced—there flickers taunting us all in the still darkness of the night.

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