tagChain StoriesWhispers in the Dark Ch. 07

Whispers in the Dark Ch. 07


The room was again illuminated only by the flickering lights of the candles as those assembled waited for the familiar voice to choose the one to share the story tonight.

Kristin felt the tap on the shoulder, "Begin please."

It was the unmistakable voice of the master and she swallowed and let out a sigh as she composed herself to begin.

"I have this strange fantasy that I would like to share with you," she remarks.

I am one of several people seeking entrance into a unique sex club. We are gathered on this particular night to get our assignments for initiation. We are given a neatly folded piece of paper and instructed to await until each one has received theirs before opening. Once we are given the signal I open mine to see the line written:

"Saturday morning 11:00 am. Phone call, follow instructions"

This is Friday evening and they knew that this weekend I would be all alone at the house, as my parents were out of town.

Saturday morning comes and I shower and fix a light breakfast wandering what is in store for me. Exactly at 11am the phone rings. I pick it up to her a female voice on the other end. The voice is familiar and I know it is one of the leaders of the club.

She asks me if I am ready to begin the initiation, and I assure her that I am. She informs me that I will have a visitor at noon. I am to be naked when I answer the door. This makes me gasp when I hear it, but I agree. Once I have let them inside, I am to do exactly as instructed, and I agree.

I pace the floor nervously for the next hour and shortly before noon I slowly undress until I am completely naked in my own house. The doorbell rings and I swallow hard as I make my way to the door. I look through the door panes to see a nice looking young man who smiles and calls me by name. I take a deep sigh and open the door, his eyes taking in every inch of my naked body.

I let him in and he walks with me to the living room. He instructs me to turn on the computer and fire up the webcam. How they knew I had one is beyond me. Once it is on, he gives me an e-mail address to enter and tells me that I am to suck his cock directly in front of the webcam so those viewing it can get a good view.

My heart beats faster as I think about what he just said. The thought of strangers watching me give a blow job to a man I have never met has me shivering, but I know its part of the initiation, and I want to be a member, so I set myself to the task.

I lower myself to my knees and slowly unbuckle his belt and undo the snap of his jeans. As I unzip them I find he is not wearing any underwear.

I pull out his cock and lower his jeans to the floor. His cock is thick and meaty, and he has a set balls to match. His masculine scent is intoxicating as I put my lips to the head of it and begin flickering my tongue along the piss slit to arouse the monster.

It comes alive in short order and I begin sucking it, taking it a little deeper as I hear his moans of pleasure. I fondle the balls and even now feel them filling up with a thick load.

He grabs my hair and pulls me tighter to his crotch as I suck it long and deep. This continues until he shoots a massive load into my mouth that darn near chokes me. It oozes out the side of my mouth and down my chin. I am sure those watching this is getting a thrill.

As his cock drains and starts to shrink he pulls out of my mouth and steps back. I think its over now, but it isn't. He tells me to grab a small coffee table and place it in front of the webcam so the audience can get a good view. I am then ordered to bend over with my ass pointed directly to the camera while I receive a spanking.

I gasp at the thought of it. Not only will strangers see my most intimate parts, but watch the humiliation of me being spanked naked like this. I do as I am told and bend over the table, spreading my legs and await the terrible fate.

The handsome stranger shows no mercy as he takes a wooden crop and turns my ass into an inferno in no time. I want to plead for him to stop, but know if I do, I will be denied admission, so I endure it as best I can.

Things get worse now. Once the spanking is completed I am tied face on the coffee table and spread eagle.

The stranger produces a small vibrator and turns it on. My pussy is facing the camera for all to see. I feel like a whore on display.

The vibrator buzzes away as he begins rubbing along my pussy lips, teasing them provocatively. Soon they will be swollen and soaked in my own cunt juices.

Skilfully, he runs the vibrator to the edge of orgasm then breaks away leaving me a quivering mess. This torture goes on for another solid hour. I am delirious from wanting to cum.

He then strips naked and lowers himself onto me and begins fucking me hard. Pushing his huge cock deeper into my pussy. He thrusts harder and harder, giving me the fucking of my life.

I am finally allowed to cum just before he shoots a thick wad into my pussy and then slowly pulls out. I am left there this way. My legs spread, dripping cum and wet for all to see, for another half an hour.

The stranger unties me and turns off the equipment. He dresses and leaves without saying a word.

The phone rings and it is her voice again. She informs me that once all the votes are in from those viewing the video she will call me and let me know the outcome.

Hours go by before the phone rings. I have been accepted, and am to be at the meeting Monday evening for the induction ceremony.

The master thanks her for the story and asks if anyone would like to comment on it.

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