tagAnalWhite Grandma For Black Man

White Grandma For Black Man


Patrick Saint Augustin is the name. I'm a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Toronto, Province of Ontario. I work as a Security Guard during the summertime and study at the University of Toronto during the school year. I was born in the city of Brockton, in the state of Massachusetts, and moved to the Confederation of Canada three years ago. I'm still a United States citizen but a permanent resident of the Confederation of Canada these days. I moved to Canada mainly because of the Recession. When things get better in America, I'll happily return. Canada is quite boring, folks. Toronto is tolerable for now.

Why did I choose to live in the city of Toronto? Well, that's quite easy. My first trip to Ottawa I had a tough time in the nation's capital. Of all the capital cities in the modern world, I think Ottawa is the most boring. Its people are dull. About twenty two percent of Ottawa residents are people of African, Asian, Hispanic or Arabic descent. They're a bit livelier and more flavourful than the usually dull Canadians of European descent. The city doesn't exactly have a lively night life, and for a young person seeking entertainment, Ottawa is kind of dead. Most Canadian cities are like that, unfortunately. I took one look at Ottawa's dull atmosphere and lack of diversity and headed elsewhere.

In Toronto, there's a lot more of everything. Toronto has everything that Ottawa lacks. If Canadians were smart, they would make Toronto the capital of this small, cold nation of theirs. The town of Toronto is a busy metropolis comparable to my favourite American cities, Atlanta and Boston, both in sheer size and racial diversity. I feel quite at home there. Forty six percent of Toronto residents are people of African, Asian, Hispanic or Arabic descent. It's the most diverse city in all of Canada, next to the city of Vancouver. I found myself liking this town the first time I laid eyes upon it. Why? It's bright, lively and colourful as opposed to lily-white and boring. Yes!

I'm an openly bisexual Black man, which isn't an easy thing anywhere on the planet. I've accepted this as part of my fate. Life hasn't been a bed of roses but I've got no choice but to be myself. The way I see it, closets are for clothes, not for people. I love women and men. And I don't hide it. These days, I've got a lot of freaks that I occasionally hook up with. There's Lois Janet Anderson, this chubby, blonde-haired and green-eyed, sixty-something White woman from Great Britain who lives near my apartment in the town of Brampton. I do her whenever I'm bored. She's a lazy White bitch who's unemployed, living off Canada's social welfare system. When her government checks run out, she bugs her son Adam Anderson and his wife Adele for money. Adam is a real Mama's Guy. Even though he has a wife and daughter to take care of, he shells out major bucks to his lazy mom. And Lois blows the money on sex and booze, usually. Like a lot of fat White sluts, she can't resist Black men.

The other day, I went over to Lois house for some mid-afternoon fun. As soon as I got in, she looked at me with lust in her eyes. I can't stand these needy old White sluts but when I get horny, I'll fuck almost anything. Lois is addicted to Black dick, and I like that about her. She got naked, revealing her plump, sickly pale White body. I unzipped my pants and she got on her knees to receive my blessing. A blessing that comes in the form of a ten-inch, uncircumcised Black cock. Eagerly she fastened her lips around my dick and sucked me off. I thrust my dick down the plump White slut's throat.

I sip some orange juice while Lois sucked my dick and licked my balls. Man, I don't even like these White sluts. I just like to pump them and dump them. They know the drill. No attachments. The only woman I ever see myself marrying is a Black woman. A sexy, educated Black woman who is going places and accepts my bisexuality. Since I've yet to meet such a woman, I just play around. Lois is a really good cock sucker. In no time she has me hard as hell. I reward her efforts by blasting my hot manly cum all over her plain, pale face. The old White slut guzzles up every last drop of my cum. I slapped her face with my dick a couple of times.

Next, I put Lois on all fours and spanked her fat White ass. Then I placed my dick against her asshole and eased it inside. In preparation for this afternoon's backdoor encounter, she had already applied lubricant all over her glistening pink asshole. Lois grunted as I penetrated her asshole. Yes, a lot of these seemingly prim and proper White sluts like to grunt when I fuck them in the ass. Does that surprise you? It really shouldn't. I gripped Lois wide hips and thrust my big Black dick deep inside her tight White ass. The plump White chick squealed as I fucked her in the ass.

I love fucking fat White women in the ass. Especially old White sluts like Lois Anderson. I swear that bitch had an ass made for butt fucking. I grabbed a handful of Lois long blonde hair and yanked her head back while slamming my dick into her asshole. I fucked her hard until I came, flooding her asshole with my cum. Then I pulled out. I made her kneel before me and clean my dick with her tongue. Like a good White slut, she cleaned my Black dick with her tongue after I fucked her in the ass. That's what I like about her. Afterwards, I took a shower and left her place. I had better things to do. Things like making money, updating my class schedule for next semester and interviewing prospects for my future wife.

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by Anonymous10/06/17

Butt Fucking Prim and Proper White Women

You Lucky Guy this s what I Love to do too, Love nicely shaped tight Older women Bums and Saggy Tits

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