tagRomanceWhoosh, Bang! Ch. 01

Whoosh, Bang! Ch. 01


This is my first submission. My stories are - will be - all set in the sixties and early seventies, before everyone had read "The Joy of Sex" and girls all used the pill. Maybe I will post an essay called "Erotica 101," if the title hasn't been used. It will let you know more, maybe too much, about me.

As the first line of the story suggests, this is related to another story, a whole novel from its length. The title here could be misleading, but it will make sense in the third and final chapter.


Barbara was a friend of Sandy's at Sarah Lawrence and had gotten her summer job through her father's fraternity network. Over the Christmas break, she had flown down to a city in the Southeast for an interview with a bank and had been accepted. The fraternity brother had been a class or two behind her father at college and after business school had joined the bank and moved up rapidly, so he wasn't involved in hiring or managing summer interns. He did, however, invite her for dinner with his family the last night of her trip.

It was a very pleasant evening at their home - nice home. They had two daughters, seventeen and eighteen, junior and senior in high school. At the end of the evening, the girls suggested that she could use their swimming pool during the summer, and the parents agreed. The father offered to drive her back to her hotel, which really wasn't necessary, since she still could have taken public transportation at that hour, but she didn't want to refuse his gesture.

During the drive, he easily kept the conversation going, and before she got out of the car, he offered to look for a place for her to stay during the summer, explaining that the bank had business with some apartment owners who might have a furnished apartment available during the summer: "Usually they don't want to rent short term, but if I ask them ..."

She thanked him, also again for the pleasant evening and for meeting his family.

After Easter, he wrote that he had found studio apartment with the details about the rent and address. Barbara and her parents agreed that it was good that she didn't have to look for a place by herself in a strange city.

At the end of spring term, she flew down again and found the apartment, certainly adequate in comparison with a college room. Her first couple of days at work were fine. When she ran into him in the building, he asked if everything was going well and if she was satisfied with the apartment. Then on Friday, he called and reminded her of the invitation to use their pool, inviting her to come over on Sunday, explaining that he had to work on Saturday. She agreed: "if the sun is shining."

Saturday, she acquainted herself with the town and found out how to get to their house. Sunday, the sun did shine. Barbara wondered if she should take her bikini or her one-piece bathing suit, deciding on the latter until she knew what his wife and daughters would wear. When she rang to door bell in the early afternoon, she had to wait longer than she expected, but then he opened the door, just wearing boxer swim trunks, and apologizing for the delay:

"I was out at the pool, as you can see. Welcome. You can use one of the girl's rooms to change, upstairs. You'll find them."

She did, finding them both very orderly - too orderly, if the girls had also changed to go swimming. She changed and found her way to the pool, expecting to find his wife and daughters there, but they weren't.

"Where's your family?"

"Oh, I guess I should have mentioned that in the letter. Anne, my wife, took them to Europe for the summer - surprise graduation present for Annette. At Christmas it was a secret. We decided she should take both of them, since maybe next year Annette will be doing something else after her first year at college. Hope you don't mind just my company."

"Not at all, just surprised. ... Lucky girls - all summer! - where are they going?"

He gestured at the other deckchair with a folded towel on it and sat down on his and started to tell her as she unfolded the towel and sat down. They chatted about Europe; Barbara had also been there. When he mentioned that they were going to the Côte d'Azur, Barbara ventured to say that they might be surprised. She hadn't been there but had heard about girls going topless there. He glanced over at her with a mild snort and agreed:

"Maybe, if that's what you mean. ... Or maybe they won't be; I'm not sure what they wear here when I'm not around, ... or how much homework they have done for the trip."

He changed the subject and suggested that they swim. Barbara got up and dove in, and he followed her. She was a pretty good swimmer, but he was fitter than she had expected, not that his figure had suggested that he wouldn't be. The pool was big enough to really swim a few strokes. He easily kept up with her, matching her racing turns at the deep end, both taking easier turns at the other end. After a few laps, they stood up at the shallow end and looked each other appreciatively.

"Yeah, I used to swim in school, not good enough for college," he remarked as they climbed out of the pool.

"Me too," she agreed, and they exchanged smiles.

"I'm going to have a beer. May I offer you one?"

"Yes, thank you ... - maybe why I wasn't good enough at college."

"I doubt it. ... Oh, that was supposed to be compliment, not any criticism of your swimming."

"Thanks, ... I guess. ... I heard that down here girls always say 'thank you' for a compliment.

"Um-hmm, much nicer than trying to brush it off like they do up north."


"Be right back."

Barbara watched him walk back into the house and then sat down. He returned with two opened bottles of German beer and two glasses and set them down on table between their chairs and poured the beer and handed her a glass, and took his, offering:


"Prost," she responded, and they drank.

"What's that mean?" she asked as he sat down.

"German, really Latin: 'prosit;' more or less: 'to your health.' Want to make the German beer feel at home here."

They both chuckled and had another drink, and since neither of them said anything, had another one before setting down their glasses.

"You speak German?" she asked.

"Not really, despite a summer there and three years in school. I used to be better at it. And you, French?"

"And Latin, but not good enough to say much. ... Hmm, just made sense of the 'prosit'."


They smiled at each other and had another drink. Then he asked how her work was going and seemed interested to hear that it was better than she had expected, mentioning that he had once had a summer job that was just a bit more than sharpening pencils and checking that the bookkeeping machine "before computers, was doing what it couldn't do wrong."

They drank again, and then finished the bit that was still in their glasses. With nods towards the pool, they got up and dove in. This time they swam more leisurely, changing styles: backstroking a lap and then breast stroking, and then crawling again for two laps, and then he did a butterfly lap while she crawled, gasping a little for air when she caught up with him, and then they side-stroked together, facing each other, even after the turns.

As they got out of the pool, they smiled at each other again and got their towels and dried themselves.

"Another beer?" he offered, and she nodded with a smile.

"Oh, I guess I can find something to eat," he suggested: "won't be dinner, but maybe with another beer it will tide us over till breakfast."

"Good idea, thank you. Maybe I can help."

They dried off their bathing suits and went into the house.

In the large refrigerator, they found the makings for an ample cold meal, which they enjoyed at the kitchen table with still another beer, enjoying each other's company. As the sun sank lower, Barbara suggested that she should go, and he agreed, telling her to use the girls' bathroom upstairs to shower. When she returned in her street clothes, he had also showered, wearing a sport shirt and slacks, but still barefoot. As they parted at the door, she recognized that he had also used a nice aftershave lotion. As she thanked him for an enjoyable afternoon, he shook her hand and thanked her for her company, adding:

"Come back next weekend, anytime you want."

"If the sun shines."

"I hope it does."

With smiles, they parted.

During the week, when they once passed each other, he reminded her of his invitation. She nodded and whispered - since someone could have overheard them - "If the sun shines." He nodded with a warm smile, and they went their ways.

Saturday, the sun was shining, but it looked like a thunderstorm was brewing, as one had done the previous day, breaking forth at mid afternoon. He had said "anytime," Barbara recalled and couldn't think of anything she would rather do. Their talk about the Côte d'Azur had suggested that his daughters might go topless at home - bikinis. She stuffed hers in her bag and set off, wondering on the way if she shouldn't have a guest present, but then she was there, ringing the door bell again.

This time, he opened it sooner, again wearing a shirt and slacks and looking pleased to see her. She got another whiff of his aftershave as he said:

"I was hoping you would be thinking the sun was shining. It is, ... for a while at least."

"That was what I was thinking."

"Good to see you again."

"You, too."

"Let's change while it still is. You know where."

They went their ways. When she returned in her bikini, he was waiting for her with towels in his hand, smiling and saying:

"I like that better."

"Me too. I wanted to be on the safe side last week, not knowing what your wife and daughters might wear."

"Bikinis, too, ... at least when I'm around."

They both snorted and went out to the pool and sat down, then adjusted their chairs and lay on their stomachs. Barbara undid her top and slipped her arms out of the shoulder straps. They both already had enough tan not to worry about suntan lotion. For a while, they just lay there in silence, hardly looking at each other, turning their heads a couple of times. After about half an hour, she glanced over and saw that he was looking the other way and turned herself over, keeping her top in place. He still had his head turned away from her. After a minute or two, she asked:

"Would you mind if I went topless?"

She was as surprised at herself, as was he, quickly turning his head and seeing that she wasn't, and then turning it back. After a moment he replied:

"If you don't mind my looking," and snorted.

"Hmm! ... I guess not, since I asked. I like to, but only have alone."

"Don't, yet," he replied and turned back to look at her, rolling on his side.

They smiled at each other wryly. She had her hand on her breast and twitched the edge of her top. He snorted and asked:

"Then why did you decide to ask here?"

"'Cause I like to, but haven't dared with others around - the couple of time that happened - a couple of girls did - with a few people on rocks on the Maine coast. I didn't want to give the guy I was with the wrong idea. We weren't together; he was just the one in the group, but sort of pairing off, like happens on that kind of weekend."

He nodded.

"So I wanted to try it with someone where that wouldn't happen; dare to try it, where if it felt too uncomfortable, I could change my mind without looking like a fool: doing it, and then wanting to cover up."

"Um-hmm," he agreed with a smile.

"Of course, it's comfortable. I meant, felt uncomfortable with others around.

"Like feeling that you're being looked at all the time?"

"Yeah," she replied with a grin.

"But you agreed that you wouldn't mind my looking?"

"Only way to find out."

"Um-hmm," he agreed with a chuckle, and then chuckled again and added:

"In fact, I guess I have to look, ... for the sake of your experiment."

Barbara snickered with a nervous grin and nod and drew her top away, very aware of her aroused nipples, watching his eyes stare at them, feeling herself flush, but enjoying it.

"Uhn! Nice," he responded, and she had to smile at him, appreciating that his eyes moved up to her face, staying there. They both snorted with bemused smiles. She rubbed her forearm over her aroused nipples, not with much affect, since she saw his eyes glance down at them again.

Then he looked back up and said:

"Actually, my wife and I often don't wear anything out here, ... when the girls aren't around. When we first moved here, when they were little, we all didn't. But then, ... well, ... you can imagine."

"Um-hmm. ... So you think they still do?"

Probably, without their tops. ... Okay, so I've seen that that they have some tan below the edges of their tops."

"Um-hmm, like me. ... You don't mind?"

"That they do?"

"That I am?"

"If you don't."

"Not with just you, at least."

He glanced at her breasts again and smiled and then turned away from her onto his back, and for a while they both just lay there in the noonday sun, faces turned up to it, with their eyes closed.

When she heard him stir, she opened one eye and saw his far hand disappear behind his hip. She quickly closed her eye and then half opened it again, first checking that his were still closed and then glancing down to see that there was a slight bulge in his trunks. Her eye closed again, and a slight smile passed over her lips. Then she heard him moving and felt her nipples tighten. Without opening her eyes, she murmured:

"You have very warm eyes; I feel them."

"I couldn't resist looking again; you said you didn't mind."

She turned her head and smiled at him, seeing that he was now lying on his side, the bulge at least as evident as before, and agreed:

"Um-hmm. ... Actually, I like it, ... even though I blushed before. Nice, warm eyes."

"Yours, too," he replied softly as their eyes met, both smiling slightly.

When his eyes wandered down her body, hers glanced down at his trunks again, returning to see that his had already returned to hers. Her nipples tightened again, apparently so obviously that his eyes caught the change and glanced at them again.

"Warm eyes," she murmured with a slight snort and smile.

He returned her smile, and she closed her eyes again. After a few moments, he asked softly:

"You like to skinny dip?"

Barbara started at his question, blushing again as she felt her nipples respond as she sought for a response to his logical escalation of her initiative - her initiative!:

"You want to?! So I can see you? - 'If you don't mind my looking?' ... It won't be the first one."

"That's good. ... I guess not, since I asked."

"That's my line."

"Still just as appropriate."

"Um-hmm," and then without looking at him she added: "You didn't answer my first question."

"Or you, mine."

They both snorted, and he rolled back, both of them looking up at the sky.

There was pregnant pause.

Then she replied:

Not since I was ten, with my sister and little brother. That was fun, ... but this is ... well, different."

"Yeah, I guess."


"Maybe I shouldn't have asked. ... I didn't say I wanted to."

"But you were thinking about it?"

"Only if you liked to."

"Hmm! ... I don't know. ... Do I have to tell you now?"

"Of course not."

They both closed their eyes again and were silent, just enjoying the sun.

After a couple of minutes, Barbara's nipples tightened, and with a half opened eye she again glanced over at him, at his trunks, not finding the bulge that had been there before. Her eye closed, and again a slight smile passed over her lips. A few minutes later, she turned on her stomach again, and then he did, and they sunned for a while more. Then she turned her head towards him, seeing the back of his. She snorted slightly as another slight smile drew up the corners of her mouth, and then another one, almost a grin, and she said:

"I like to skinny dip," and snorted, smiling at him before he raised his head and looked at her. He snorted sharply with a smile, snorting again before he replied:

"I do too."

"We knew that," she replied with a snicker. He nodded with grin, and then asked:

"Do we want to?"

She snorted again and remarked:

"I guess we do, if I said that. If I survived going topless ..."

"I only looked a couple of times."

"Hm-hmm! But I survived. ... I guess if I want to ever try skinny dipping in company, this is a good time to ... experiment."

"Hmm! I'm flattered that you think so."

They both snickered with grins and turned onto their backs again. Barbara's nipples were aroused, and he noticed, but then they were again looking up at the sky. "Um-hmm," they agreed and began to push their last piece of clothing past their hips.

"I may not look like Michelangelo's David" he murmured, sounding a little apologetic, adding:

"But you've got nice legs."

"This is a little embarrassing, ... especially if you say things like that. Hmm? ... Oh. ... Hm-hmm! If that's a compliment, thank you."

"It is," he replied with a snort.

They glanced at each other with wry grins and then were looking up at the sky again as they drew their legs up and slid their clothing up their thighs and over their knees and down to their feet.

They sat up and then looked at each other. Her breasts were a little tanned, still showing the tan line of her top, but there was a distinct line where her bottom had been. It didn't look like he had had much time sunbathing with just his wife. She couldn't see his cock between his thighs. With smirks at each other, they stood up, his cock definitely larger than David's, and both dove into the pool.

They paddled around, keeping separate, one and then the other swimming to the deep end of the pool a couple of times. When she saw his first racing turn - after hers - she realized that hers had shown just as much of her bottom, but rather enjoyed the following ones with this knowledge. Then they were just standing chest deep in the water, Barbara's nipples below the surface.

"Better than when I was a kid," she remarked with a smile.


"They want to float, ..." she replied with smirk:

"... back then, I was as flat as my brother."

"Like my daughters ... back then."

"Hmm! Not now."

He nodded with a grin as she added:

"My sister was twelve. That's why it was the last time we did that."

"About the same here. ... "Hm-hmm! I wonder if they will ... on the Cote d'Azur."

"Will your wife let them?"

"Hmm! Maybe, ... if she does, ... if she sees women her age going topless. ... Hm-hmm! They'll probably not want be sitting around with their mother."

"Um-hmm. But not out of sight?"

"Probably. ... Oh, we talked about that, ... - Anne with them. I don't know what they do with their boyfriends - not too much, I hope - but Anne was going to tell them about the facts of life for girls their age, about protection and give them some."


Yes, we agreed that it was better ... no, ... well, that if it came to that, that they would be more likely to use protection than to obey rules about 'don't do this and don't do that.'"

"You're right," she replied with a grin.

He grinned back and then glanced up at the ominous cumulus clouds that were beginning to block out the sun and then back at Barbara and said:

"Maybe we should get out, before it starts lightening. I think he's cooled off."

"Um-hmm," she agreed, glancing down at the water, without direct sunlight reflecting off it, able to see to see his body through the ripples, and added:

"He has."

"Hmm!" he snorted as their eyes met again.

They climbed out of the pool and returned to their chairs, only looking at each other again after they had picked up their towels and started to dry themselves. Standing there with their towels covering them, their eyes met again, both smiling as they dried themselves, both rubbing between their thighs, she holding her towel over her breasts with her other hand. They both turned towards the pool as they continued to dry themselves, not looking at each other as they dried their backs and then their hair.

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