tagNovels and NovellasWhoring Her Mother Ch. 05

Whoring Her Mother Ch. 05


Lana was rushing around their home so much; Frank thought she was going to have kittens. They were celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary and she had absolutely refused to tell him what his present was. It was special, he knew that, it had to be, because his redheaded bride was dressed to the nine's in a low-cut, burgundy silk dress, patterned stockings and high heels. She still looked great for 45 and he still loved her as much now as he had the day they met at Burger King.

He now owned that Burger King, as well as 7 others, which is how he had been able to afford her Anniversary present, a silver Mercedes that was now parked in their driveway.

He looked at her, her body still luscious, that great ass of hers, those long legs on that 5'10" frame, her 36C tits and the light dusting of freckles across her nose. He was married to a MILF, not that anyone else was going to get that chance. She was all HIS and had been since that long-ago meeting.

He heard the doorbell ring and Lana went to answer it, practically running. He heard her squeal "You made it and right on time!" and she walked into their living room with a stunning, raven-haired beauty in tow. She offered the woman a glass of champagne and sat her down on the couch. The woman was nicely made up, her hair up and seemed friendly. She didn't take her coat off and waited for Lana to introduce them.

"Frank darling, this is my friend Lois. Lois, this is Frank. What do you think, Lois?"

"You were right hon, he's gorgeous."

"Lois was my best friend in High School Frank, they used to tease us and call us Clark Kent's girls."

"I don't get it."

"Lois and Lana. Lois Lane and Lana Lang, Superman's girlfriends?" Lois added.

"I've never been much into comics, but I guess it's cute," Frank said. Lois seemed pleasant enough, although he wondered why she was here tonight.

Lana leaned close and whispered ... although loudly ... "Frank, Lois is THE one ..."

Frank's eyes widened. "You mean the one you ...?" Lana nodded.

Lois reached out and took Frank's hand. "Frank, Lana and I ran into each other last week and had coffee and she made her little ... confession. I had to admit, I was intrigued and flattered and then, turned on. We talked some more and she told me she'd like to make it come true."

"You mean ...?"

"Yes, Frank. I'm going to have lesbian sex with your wife and you're going to watch. After that, both of us are going to fuck YOU."

Frank looked at his wife, who had a shit-eating grin on her face. She stood up and took Lois' hand and they began climbing the spiral staircase that led to their master bedroom. The kids were at Lana's parents for the night, so they could indulge in whatever they wanted, no holds barred. Frank realized he was standing there thinking when he should be upstairs doing and ran after the twosome.

He reached the room and saw they'd already started without him. Lana's dress was in a puddle on the floor and Lois was removing her lacy black bra and fondling her tits. He couldn't believe how sexy this all was and he saw Lana close her green eyes and throw her head back and moan.

"Lois, darling, that feels so FUCKING good. Bite my nipples baby, chew my tits while my husband watches," Lana hissed as Frank sat down in the big armchair in the corner.

Frank couldn't believe he was watching this gorgeous, raven-haired beauty lick and bite his wife's gorgeous boobs. He was transfixed; nothing in his life had led him to believe this would ever happen to him. Lois seemed to know what to do and where to touch and caress, it didn't look like it was HER first time with a woman.

Lois dropped her coat at last and Frank's jaw dropped with it. She was wearing a black corset, expensive fishnet stockings, a tiny black thong and decadent 5-inch black stilettos. She shook her hair loose and it fell like a black waterfall down to her butt. Frank had thought Lois was attractive, she was fucking GORGEOUS.

"God, you're a fucking sexy cunt," Lana hissed, echoing Frank's thoughts but in words he'd never heard her use before.

"Likewise, bitch," Lois snarled, pulling Lana to the large bed. "I wish we'd done this years ago, think of all the minds we could have blown," Lois giggled.

"I can think of one we're GONNA blow," Lana giggled back.

"Amongst other things, yeah," Lois purred, pressing her lips to Lana's. They were now kissing passionately, tongues really going at each other, stroking and probing, Lana's hands were now fondling Lois' tits, which were around the same size as her own. She wasn't tentative at all; Frank could tell his wife really wanted this. She pulled the corset down, exposing Lois' tits, which she began sucking. Lois arched her body forward to make it easier on Lana; she turned around and winked at Frank. She had gorgeous, soulful brown eyes.

The two women fell back on the bed, tit to tit, Lana on top. Frank watched as Lois' hand moved down and spread his wife's pussy wide apart and slid her fingers in. Lana nearly screamed and arched up and back, panting. He had just seen his wife have an orgasm, her first brought on by another female.

"Okay baby, that was just for starters. Help me get out of this thing and I'm going to taste your sweet little red box," Lois growled.

"Can't," Lana teased. She turned her body slightly and displayed it to Frank. "I shaved it off." Her pussy was indeed, totally devoid of hair. Lana was full of surprises tonight.

Lois got naked and moved her lush, sensual body between Lana's legs and did indeed start eating her pussy. She also reached up and fondled Lana's big tits and moved her hands all over Lana's body. Lois seemed to appreciate his beautiful wife and he realized he was now in a room with two MILFs and he would get to fuck both of them.

"My turn, whore!" Lana laughed, flipping Lois over. She moved down Lois' legs, running her hands up and down the fishnets, obviously into Lois' dark beauty. The schoolgirl fantasy had never abated, it appeared.

"Love this body, you got better with age," Lana purred, squeezing her new lover's tits. It was now her time to eat pussy and she went after it like a thirsty woman in the Sahara went after water.

"God, so did you," Lois panted. "Promise me we won't lose touch this time?" She grunted as Lana started to pump her fingers in and out of her pussy.

"You've got it."

"I want to do a sixty-nine with you, Lois. I've read about that in the dirty novels Frank doesn't know I read ..." Lana chuckled " ... and I want to do that, I want that so badly."

"By all means."

Frank was thrilled beyond his wildest dreams to see his gorgeous wife and her old friend move together into the sexy position, Lois on top this time. It was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen, Lois' olive skin tone against Lana's slightly paler, but tanned, skin. Lana liked the sun, she was one of those few redheads that could obtain a nice tan.

They were really going at each other too ... grunting, squealing, squirming together, fingers and tongues moving in and out of steaming pussies, he even saw Lois rim and finger his wife's ass. Lana screamed, no shrieked, and came hard.

"That was ... fantastic," Lana said, trying to catch her breath.

"It sure was," Lois agreed.

"You both looked amazing," Frank said, giving them a small round of applause.

"I think it's time we fucked this stud, don't you?" Lois said.

"Oh, most definitely."

Lois and Lana literally pounced on Frank, he was glad he had removed his jacket, because they almost tore his shirt off. "He's got a pretty nice body himself," Lois commented. She pushed him down on the bed. "May I assume I get to fuck him first, being the guest?"

Lana nodded. "You may. Fuck my husband baby, he can eat my pussy. I can never get enough oral and he's damned good."

"I hope to find out," Lois said. She swooped down and started sucking his cock to get him ready. Lois' style was different than his wife's, Lana was slow and serpentine, Lois was fast, wild and aggressive. It was an interesting change.

Lois got on top of his cock and immediately began fucking the hell out of Frank. She pulled Lana close and while she was screwing Frank, she continued making love to his wife. Their tits mashed together and their lips did the same. Lana's eyes met Lois' and they knew neither would ever forget this evening.

"God Lois, you're a fucking great piece of ass!" Frank exclaimed. His wife laughed. "She sure is Frank, you nailed it."

"Frank, why don't you fuck your wife and she can eat my cunt at the same time? I think she'd like that, wouldn't you slut?"

"Oh God, I sure would," Lana sighed. "This has been a wonderful anniversary, thanks to you, Lois!"

"Your gift beats mine all to hell," Stan joked. "She probably gets more miles to the gallon, too." The two women laughed.

Frank was inspired and the minute his cock went into his wife's cunt, he really gave it to her. He varied his style and Lana noticed, instead of his usual, smooth and steady strokes, he gave it to her hard, then he slowed down to prolong their fun. She was blissfully licking and swarming all over Lois' body, the trio managed the feat of cumming at the same time.

Lana's fantasies had yet to run dry. She shared a shower with Lois and their bodies emerged from the water, glistening and sexy. Frank grabbed two large towels and began drying their bodies, the women were making out as he did so and soon, they were all on the bed again, Frank alternating between their bodies, fucking his wife, then Lois, then back again. They were able to keep kissing each other and enjoyed the sexual free-for-all until dawn. They all slept for a few hours, then Lana made them all a lavish breakfast -- the three of them were famished!

"You're welcome to visit us any time Lois ... for any reason," Frank chuckled. He genuinely liked his wife's old High School friend and he hoped she'd come around again. Not just because of the heated sex they'd shared or because she was beautiful, but because she seemed to make Lana very happy and that mattered a lot to Frank.

"Baby, I'm going to say goodbye to Lois, can you put the dishes in the Dishwasher?" Lana asked.

"Sure thing, babe."

Lana walked arm-in-arm with Lois outside to her car. She gave her a big hug, looked to see if anyone was looking ... they weren't ... kissed her with passion again and handed her a large envelope.

"It's all there Lois, plus an extra $500 bonus. I am SO glad I ran into you again and you were up-front enough to tell me what you were doing, you made our night. Tell Sandy I owe her a big thank you and I don't know how I'll ever be able to thank you enough." Her eyes were almost misty with gratitude.

Lois checked her Cell and saw she had no calls for that day as of yet. "You don't have to thank me; it was one of the best nights of my career. If you really DO want to thank me though, invite me over again ... soon. I'll clear everything with Sandy, this one will be on the house."

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