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Who's Got a Secret?


About 3 weeks ago my wife caught me snuggling up to a neighbor at one of our street parties. I had had much too much to drink and in my drunken foolishness, after first trying to ignore the most blatant "come on and fuck me" comments she was making to me, I finally gave in and tried to fuck our neighbour, Lorraine, behind the garage where my wife just happened to find us.

After several days of no conversation, a lot of tension and definitely no sex, she announced that she had decided that it was her turn. Needless to say I was not too keen on the idea and I knew I was going to try my best to talk her out of it. If I couldn't however, I figured I had it coming, so I would grin and bear it and accept that she was going to fuck another guy.

It had occurred to me that I should have mentioned to Sally that I actually didn't fuck Lorraine because when it came right to it, I couldn't get it up, but that was a technicality. I went there with the intention of fucking her and that's what I'm about to be punished for.

"Sal, I know that being drunk is no excuse but it isn't like I was stone cold sober and planning on screwing around behind your back."

"Maybe so, however I'm still going to play this out and given your behavior with Lorraine Parr, I don't see how you can fairly object. In fact, I insist, and if you ask me not to, I'm asking you for a divorce!"

I saw Sal's eyes blink at her use of the "D" word and under any other circumstance I think I would have called her bluff but there was something that kept me from it. Besides, I had screwed up and I owed it to Sally to do what I could to help her deal with this and put it behind us.

"Sal," I began, "I screwed up and I know it and I don't want a divorce, but isn't there some other way I could make this up to you. I was wrong and I know it and I want to make it up to you but I can't see how another wrong will make things right."

"I don't think so. You fucked around and now I feel I should. If I don't do it this way, I'll go on for the rest of my life knowing how far you tried to go to get your rocks off with someone else and now I need to know how far you'll go to try to repair the damage. This is what I want or we call off the marriage now!"

I could see she had become more forceful, but only after I had admitted I didn't want a divorce. So with great reluctance I asked. "Are you sure this will help or will it drive us further apart. I love you and I'm going to try to go along with it but I'd like you to tell me you really believe this will help mend things between us."

She looked at me as if trying to make up her mind then said. "I want things to be better between us too and that's what I'll try to do while being convinced you'll go the distance to save our marriage, but I WILL get my satisfaction from this. For one thing, I need to see that you actually go along with it and that you fall in line when I decide it's done."

She continued her lecture, "I'm going to plan out how it will happen and what the rules will be and I will give you all that information before I actually do it. If you want out, then you can go before I follow through."

Again there was something, a tiny hesitation in her voice, a blink of her eyes. She was bluffing but I wasn't sure enough to dare call her on it.

She didn't say anymore for the rest of the week and through to the following Wednesday when she called me at work to tell me that her plans were made and that she would be telling me that night after dinner.

I was prepared for her to be in a good mood and ready to hurt and humiliate me and get her revenge, but she was the reverse. Her tone was sharp and she appeared to be angry.

"I'm upset that your lack of trustworthiness and your decision to get your own rocks off behind my back has brought us to this, but make no mistake I AM going to do this." Then she proceeded to lay down the rules.

"Unlike you, I am not going to do this out where anyone can discover it. I'm going to keep it private and do it here. I . . ."

I interrupted her, "Stop Sally. If you have decided that what I did deserves knowing you fucked another guy in our house and in our bed, then I'm telling you that by doing what I did, I ruined our marriage and that it's irreparable. You're going too far."

She started at me for a few moments then continued. "I am planning on fucking a man in private and in the granny suite."

We bought this house with the thought of my parents living with us in the granny suite at the back of it, but they are still on their own and the suite has pretty much been a storage area until we had recently considered renting it out. Sally had started to fix it up a bit.

"Also, you will not know who the man is until I decide to tell you, IF I decide to tell you. You will remain in this house while I am with him and you will see him pass the front windows and know he's going to fuck me and I hope you'll consider what would happen if you ever did anything like that to me again."

"No one else, save him, will know about this. Unlike me, you will not be humiliated in public. This is a private issue between you and I, and it will go no further than you and I, unless you screw up! I will have him as many times as I decide. If you don't like it then leave."

"I think that not to know who it is will drive me crazy and to agree to stand by while you carry this on as long as you want would be more than I can bear." I answered almost in tears.

There was a long pause while Sal thought this over. "I will not agree to let you know who it is until I am ready, but I will agree that either I will not carry this on beyond Sunday or. . . . I will let you know it is not working for me and I will leave you."


"Yes Sunday. This is going to happen this weekend."

I could not keep the tears away but as soon as I had them under some control I said, "I love you Sally. I have no idea why I let myself get into that foolishness with Lorraine but I did and I will abide by your rules and if I cannot I will leave on my own knowing that it was me who screwed up our marriage."

Once again I'm sure I saw that flicker of fear when I said I would leave on my own but Sal covered it and no more was said.

When I came down from the guestroom Thursday morning, Sal was in a bad mood and, everything she said and did, showed it. I ate my breakfast in silence and went to work. Her mood was no better that evening so I went to what had become my room and tried to read.

There was something else troubling me!

When we had thought my folks were going to live there, I had installed the wiring for surveillance cameras thinking it would help us to keep track of them and help when we were needed. The impulse to attach a camera was great but I knew I couldn't actually watch them fucking, but I would at least know who it was.

I decided that, if I got caught, it just might push Sal to leave me so I didn't do it.

The next morning, Friday, Sal was in no better mood.

Friday's dinner was eaten in silence. When we were done I began to clean up behind us, something I had noticed that she did like, when she said, "I'm going out to pick him up. I don't want his car or anything else to connect him to us here."

And with that she went up to her room. I could hear the shower running and then about 45 minutes later at about 7:45 she came out of the room looking really good. She was not dressed in a slutty way, but she sure looked great.

"I'd ask you how I look," she said, still in an angry mood, "but the truth is, I don't care too much what you think just now. I'll be back in about an hour or an hour and a quarter. If I don't see you at the window, I'll knock until you appear, then he and I will go to the suite."

"I'll knock again when we leave. Do you understand? When I get home, if I want to talk to you at all, I'll come to your room. Otherwise, I don't expect to see you until tomorrow morning."

She was still in that angry mood and when I nodded my agreement, she left.

About 65 minutes later I was startled by a knock at the window. I looked up to see her scowl and that there was someone else with her wearing a heavy coat, collars up and a hat pulled down so I could not see who it was.

It was almost midnight when they finally broke it up!

I was almost distraught. I didn't think anyone could feel as bad as I did!

Is this how Sal felt when she caught Lorraine and I?

I was listening for them and had been since about 10:00 and had heard the apartment door close before she knocked on the window. I wiped away the tears as best I could and dutifully appeared at the window when they went by.

I was in my room when I heard her return about 1:00 AM where I was waiting and hoping that she would come to see that I was totally repentant and that this need go no further but after I heard her bedroom door close there was not another sound that night.

I don't think I slept at all.

After dressing and putting on some coffee, I was ready to make whatever breakfast she wanted when she came down. I was clinging to the hope that she would tell me it was over.

I was NOT prepared for what did happen.

"Good morning." She said in a quiet voice, all traces of her angry mood from the past two days, gone. Her already good mood expanded when I offered to make breakfast and for the next hour, I puttered around "sucking up", actually making the promised breakfast and cleaning up, waiting for whatever news she would give me.

There was none.

She began to clean and vacuum and do laundry, humming and singing all the while. I didn't think I could be any lower than I had been the day before, but I was. Whatever happened with him last night, it certainly put her into a good mood.

By suppertime I was exhausted and down more than ever and beginning to realize that my marriage was over. There was one brief moment when Sal came to my room, apparently to drop off some clean towels from the wash, when my appearance must have taken her back, but as I looked at her, I could see the look on her face harden.

I didn't go down for dinner and at 8:00 she knocked on my door to say she was off to pick him up, adding that I had better be at the window. In moments, I decided I had nothing to lose at that point and as soon as her car sped off, I had the web cam in my hand and was on my way to the apartment.

The only place I could find for it that I thought would be safe from discovery, was the large bookshelf in the living room. Sal had put some books on it and I managed to put it up high, mostly covered by the books and some magazines, then I returned to plug in my laptop.

I would soon know whom it was she was using to end our marriage.

I had barely made it back to our front room when I heard her knock. I made the appearance and as soon as they went past I headed for my room and my laptop.

I saw them both enter the door, saw Sal remove her hat and coat and then watched as the mysterious "he" revealed himself. What I saw came as more of a shock than I thought my system could handle.

I have been had!

This is a man I know my wife has loved for a long, long time. This was NOT a man who was going to fade out of her life once she brought this episode to an end. He would not go away, ever!

He would not bring our marriage to an end either, for there, with my wife was her brother Kurt and, if you are thinking incestuous thoughts, you should know that Kurt is gay and that the only family members that still see him regularly have been Sal and I.

They are very close and I have to admit, I like him a great deal too. Sal was doing a damn good job of putting me back in line through this charade.

Now how do I handle this?

I thought about it for a long time then decided to retrieve the camera and play the contrite husband. I left the computer on digital record and I watched them sit down and, although I had no sound, I could see that they were talking and laughing. They had always been that way, able to spend an entire evening talking about things that mattered to both of them.

Again, about 11:30 I heard the apartment door and I rubbed my eyes as furiously as possible and put on my best hurt and humiliated look. As soon as they were out of sight, I retrieved the camera and went to my room as per my instructions.

As happy as I was, I was hurting that Sally felt so badly about my behaviour that she needed to do this to me.

My idiotic behaviour hurt her far more than I realized.

However, I needed to get past that or I would be discovered.

An hour later I heard Sally come in but once again she did not come to my room.

Next morning I rubbed my eyes as much as I dared and did my best to look like I hadn't slept at all. When Sal came down, in that excellent mood once more, I made breakfast in silence and drank some coffee while she ate breakfast.

I must have done a good job looking so mournful as she finally broke her silence on the subject and said. "I am going to live up to my word Peter. There will be no more between him and I after tonight and, if you keep your end of the bargain, I'll keep mine and we'll work to repair this marriage."

She was smiling but when I didn't cheer up at her "good" news she became visibly concerned.

I have no idea where the inspiration for my next move came from but it fit too well, not to follow it. I looked straight at Sal who was now very visibly concerned and said, "Is that your final position. You are going to see him again tonight?"

Her hesitation gave her away but she persisted once she got her balance back. "That was what I told you last week and I will live up to it!" she said, almost indignantly.

I continued to stare, blinked, stifled a sob, then said, "You did say no more beyond Sunday. . ., when I agreed to this humiliation it was because I wanted to do what I could to salvage our marriage. I was at fault and you deserved and got your revenge."

"I made a one-time mistake, a bad one, and you had your revenge on Friday night. Allowing for hitting back twice as hard as you were hit, you certainly got seconds last night. I've done what was far more than fair to try to repair the damage I did. If I sit through this any more I wouldn't be able to salvage enough self-respect for it to be worthwhile for either of us to repair our marriage."

"I am truly sorry for what I did to you and to us Sally but I've done more than I should have and I will do no more. I will split everything as fairly as is possible but based on your decision to see him again tonight, I'm leaving."

Dustin Hoffman could not have done better. The proof was the shock and fear that came to Sally's face and the tears that came to her eyes. She was speechless. I started to get up and she finally spoke.

"Peter, you hurt me, you really did!"

"I know Sal and if I could take away that hurt I would, but we both know I can't. I would have spent the rest of our lives together making you happy to make up for that hurt which, I believe would have been more productive than simply piling my hurt and humiliation up beside yours."

"Sal, you chose the route. Hurt and humiliation for hurt and humiliation and I showed you how far I was willing to go to save our marriage by submitting in the first place. It is that important to me. But you need and deserve a husband, however flawed, who has personal dignity and self-respect. I have already severely damaged mine. I'll have none left if this goes any further."

"If, . . if I agree to end it with him now, then what?"

"You agree to let me make it up to you as a caring loving husband who has made a bad mistake. You let me serve your needs and wants as someone who has chosen to do it for you and not someone who has been humiliated and forced to do it."

"How do I know you won't do it again?"

"You don't! You do have some pretty good indicators though. I would never have gone this far if I believed I would screw up again. Why put myself through that? I would have just left."

Sal looked at me for the longest time, then said, "I do love you. I tell you this in all honesty; I never stopped loving you even when I was with him, but I'm not satisfied that I have been compensated for the hurt you put me through."

"I'm not ready to make love with you yet. I'm not going to lie to you Peter, I enjoyed my time with him but, if you and I have a chance to rebuild, I'll end it now with him but I want you to agree to service me at my request even if you don't get off yourself."

"Is this a permanent arrangement you're proposing?"

"No, but I'm not ready to put it all behind me right now either." Sal appeared to blush profusely. She seemed to take a moment to pull herself together, then asked, "Will you agree to respond on demand when I need to get off and don't feel like doing it myself,. . . for a month?"

"I'll ask the same question I asked before. Do you believe this could help us put all this behind us and rebuild a relationship as equals?"

"Yes I do. I believe it will help me see what you're willing to do to make up for the hurt you caused and I think that if you are as sincere as you say, it will show and we'll get past this!"

"One month from now and on the clear understanding that either of us can walk away from this marriage if we don't feel we are getting any closer. On those terms Sal, I'll agree to try it."

Once again she winced when I said that either of us could walk away, but then she relaxed then Sally smiled almost as if embarrassed, and added, "My option, one month even if you don't get off?"


Sally's face took on a serious look and she said, "I'm going out to the granny suite and I'm going to call him and tell him I've agreed to end this between us. Then we're going to dress for a late lunch at the club and when we come home I'm going to have you relieve some of my tension."

After dressing we left for the club where Sal behaved, at least publicly, as if there were nothing wrong. She took my arm as we entered the dinning room and carried on as a married couple might. During dinner the conversation was like two people catching up on old times.

Between dessert and liqueurs she excused herself and went to the ladies room. When she returned she was blushing again and seemed embarrassed, but somehow giddy, and we had not had that much to drink!

As we got up to leave, Sally handed me something saying, "Take these for me Peter. It will give you something to think about on the way home."

It was her panties!

Sal has never done anything anywhere near as exciting as this before. This was going to be an interesting month!

Back home I had no sooner closed the door behind us when Sal hiked her skirt up over her hips, flashing her now bare pussy, then sat down on the sofa lifting her heels to her behind with her knees spread and said, "Eat me Peter."

I was surprised as Sal had never before indicated she wanted oral sex. We had done it a few times before and at the time I thought she had enjoyed it but that was all. At least up to now, she had never given me any notion she was all that keen on it.

As per our agreement I fell to my knees and buried my face in her now bald pussy. She was wetter than I can ever remember her being. I lapped away like a starving man and it seemed that in no time at all she reached a climax, her body shuddering as she called out my name.

Sal was actually blushing when she recovered from her orgasm and sat up. She smiled then gently pushed me back and stood up.

"That was nice Peter. I'll be wanting more of that." She said as she left the room.

Although I was hard as a rock and aching to get off myself, I felt better than I had in months. That was the closest I had been to Sal since I acted like such a fool with Lorraine and it felt good, so I ended up working instead.

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