tagGroup SexWife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 06

Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 06


David and I walked in the door laughing, and there sat Carol and Laura sitting having a drink waiting for us. Carol was on the chair wearing shorts and her usual sheer white tank top, no bra and no shoes on. She had one foot on the coffee table and was sitting across from Laura. Laura had to have had a direct bare pussy shot up Carol's shorts but it didn't seem to be bothering her.

Laura had on shorts, t-shirt, and no shoes. Laura's small framed like Carol, 5'4", long blond hair, athletic toned sculpted body, and 36D breasts with huge nipples pointing through her bra and shirt. It wasn't cold in the apartment; on the contrary it was at least 100 degrees, so she must have been getting excited over Carol's crotch shot.

When we walked into the apartment our hard-on's had gone down and our wet spots dried, but it was obvious neither one of us was wearing anything underneath our shorts. Laura jumped up and threw herself in David's arms, wrapping her legs around David's waist and grinding her pussy into David's now hardening cock. They kissed hot and heavy, it HAD been two weeks since they've seen each other after all. I took the opportunity to go and sit on the couch, prop my foot up giving Carol a nice show and giving her thumbs up on mission accomplished. Carol smiled and laughed back at me.

David carried Laura over to the couch and sat down, with Laura still clinging on to him. Laura was kissing him all over and telling him "I've missed you so much" in between kisses.

Then she slowed the kisses down and bounced on David's crotch, "I like when you go commando baby and these thin shorts almost feel like you don't have anything on at all".

She looked back at us and apologized "Sorry guys didn't mean to say that out lowed, I've been fucking horny for this guy for two weeks".

Carol told her "No need to apologize, go to the bedroom and fuck each other's brains out before David messes his shorts. We're all friends here and if you're staying with us this week we might as well get used to each other. No secrets here." She had to laugh at her own joke, so did I, and David nervously chuckled as well.

Laura looked at us then spun around on David's lap, part to join the conversation and part to rub her pussy against his hard cock. Carol adjusted herself to make sure she got a nice clean shot of her now wet, glistening pussy. I watched as Laura kept staring at Carol's pussy and slowly grinding against David's cock while continuing to softly stroke the hair on his legs, she was mesmerized staring at Carol's pussy.

David laid his head back and was enjoying the ride. I asked if anybody wanted anything to drink, and as I got up the head of my cock poked out the bottom of my shorts giving everyone a free show. I walked to the kitchen making no effort to adjust myself, but I could tell Laura was following me until I turned away to the kitchen.

Laura got up and said she had to use the bathroom, and called to me that she wanted a drink. I made us all some margaritas on the rocks and brought them to the living room. While Laura was in the bathroom we laughed a bit about making her so fucking horny with the peep shows. Then I sat on David's lap and ground my ass on his hard cock, "She's right, it is almost as if you aren't wearing anything", then I jumped off before Laura came back out.

Laura came out of the bathroom and went to the spare room for a second, then came back and sat between David and me. I handed her a glass and we toasted to friends and fun. We talked for a while catching up on what we all planned for this school year. We told Laura that David would just stay with us since it's closer to school and because he didn't want to move back home. Laura was grateful for that, now she could visit without seeing his parents, who didn't seem to like her that much.

Laura was constantly rubbing David's legs keeping him hard. She reached over and rubbed my leg, "Tony your leg is so smooth compared to David's. I'm not sure which I like better."

Laura had obviously taken off her bra when she went to the bathroom; her huge nipples were poking out her shirt. Then she put her feet up on the coffee table and gave Carol a nice show, she must have taken her underwear off as well because I could see her bush hair coming out her shorts.

Carol looked at me and gave me a wink confirming my thoughts. I got up and grabbed the picture of drinks, and with my hard on pointing the way, I refilled everyone's glass. Between the hormone levels, heat, alcohol, and the minimal clothing, we were all pretty fucking horny.

I sat back down next to Laura and she quickly put her hand on my thigh and continued to stroke my leg. She was feeling pretty loose "I just love the smoothness of your legs Tony, but I love the manly feel of David's hairy legs too."

Carol took this opening, "I know what you mean, I like Tony smooth, especially his cock and balls, no hair to choke on, if you know what I mean?"

We sat back and laughed then I chimed in "I like Carol's smooth pussy; I could eat it all day without having to floss my teeth afterwards."

Laura looked at me and Carol "You shave you cock and pussy?"

Carol laughed "As if you don't know, you've been staring at my pussy all afternoon. Like I said we all have to get used to each other. It's too fucking hot in here and if we didn't have guests we would be naked for sure."

Laura agreed, "It is like an oven today, the air is so still. Don't consider me a guest, I have to get used to your house rules don't change on my account."

Carol needed no encouragement; she pulled off her top and slid off her shorts in seconds. "Whew, that's better, those clothes really hold in the heat," then she put both feet on the coffee table and let her legs fall open exposing her pretty, clean shaven, very wet, and very swollen, pussy for all of us see.

The mood instantly changed to overdrive and I pulled my shorts down letting my cock slap against my stomach, then I reached an arm behind Laura's head and propped my foot on the table "Much better for sure." I said.

Laura looked at us both, "Wow you guys are free aren't you?" then she turned to David "Do you guys sit around like this often?"

David pulled his shorts off, "With this heat and being upstairs you have to. We are all good friends so it's no big deal."

Laura looked at David's shaved balls and reached out to touch them, "You've shaved; they are so smooth and soft now, what a difference."

Laura massaged David with lust in her eyes. David responded "Ya, once I saw Tony shaved he said it made them more sensitive, and it does. Oh man that feels good, Honey."

David was leaking precum, "Feel free to join us," as he told Laura this he was pulling up her top and she just lifted her arms and let herself be stripped.

Then he went for her shorts and she stopped him "What's the matter baby too much for you? You don't have to I'm sorry for pushing you like that."

Laura turned red and apologized, "No it's not that, I'm not shaven and I would feel awkward in front of everyone."

Ever the dominatrix of the group, Carol stood up "Nonsense, it's totally natural. Just be comfortable with or without clothes, no pressure here just fucking blistering heat."

Then Carol walked into the kitchen with the picture and made a new batch of margaritas. As Carol came back into the living room Laura lifted her ass and gave Carol a clear pussy shot as she put her legs straight up in the air and pulled her shorts off. We all laughed and clapped. We made a toast to no clothes and free flowing drinks.

Laura looked over at me, running her eyes up and down my body, "You shave your under arms too, don't you?"

I looked at her "I'm Italian I have to shave everywhere."

David chimed in "I bet that feels great doesn't it Laura."

As David said it Laura touched my chest and ran her hand down to my stomach, as if in a daze "MMM HMMM!" escaped her lips.

David continued "His skin is soft and smooth isn't it."

Laura didn't look at anybody; she just watched her hand stroking my chest, "So soft. How did you get rid of the stubble?"

I told her "Nair, works wonders."

Laura jerked her hand away, blushed, and apologized to Carol "I'm sorry, I got caught up on the feel, I didn't mean to touch your husband."

Carol was lightly stroking the top of her pussy while she watched, "The rule in this house is 'If it feels good and nobody gets hurt then it's ok'. Did it feel good Laura? Obviously Tony enjoyed it you got him dripping and David isn't bothered by it because he is sitting there stroking his hard on, and I didn't mind it, it just got me so horny I had to start playing with myself. Looks like everybody enjoyed the scene and nobody is hurt from it, all still friends right?"

David and I reassured Laura that we were all still good friends, then David reached across Laura and rubbed my thigh "It is nice and smooth and feels good. Look my hand didn't melt and Tony just got a little harder when I touched him. No harm no foul."

Laura looked up at David "Maybe we should go to our room and release some stress?" then she grabbed David's cock and gave it a couple of strokes.

Carol told Laura, "Oh just sit on that cock right now and get off girl, you know you need a good fucking."

Laura was standing to head to the bedroom when David grabbed her hand, spun her around, and then pulled her down on top of him. He lifted her hips and started to push himself inside her. She must have been soaking wet because she slid right down David's pole. She was facing him and so he pulled her chest towards his mouth and sucked in one of her nipples.

Laura gasped "Oh god, I missed this," but you can tell she was holding back being fucked in front of us.

Carol came up behind her and pressed her tits to her back and put her mouth to Laura's ear "There doesn't that feel good? David has such a nice big cock to fill your pussy up."

Carol reached around with her right hand and grabbed Laura's other tit, that wasn't being sucked by David, and started to tweak the nipple. Carol started rolling it around with her finger and thumb, and gently pulling it.

Laura was starting to go crazy and I could see her pussy juices dripping down David's balls "Oh god what the fuck I can't hold back, you're going to make me cum."

I got up and pulled the coffee table away and climbed between David's legs to get a closer look at the show. Then Carol gave me orders "Tony clean that mess before it hits my couch."

I could see what she wanted me to do, so I stuck my tongue in Laura's ass crack as she went up and down on David's cock. My tongue went down to the back of her pussy, setting her off on her first orgasm.

"OH NO, UGH! I CAN'T STOP IT" Laura blurted out through gritted teeth.

Carol pulled her nipple hard and told her "Let it go baby, feel the pleasure that's all that matters, let us make you feel good, cum for us let it go and cum hard".

Laura shoved her pussy down hard on David's cock shoving my face into his balls "Oh GOD YES, YES LICK ME, PINCH MY NIPPLES, OH YES!!!!". Laura came in buckets, she was leaking out of her pussy and it flooded down David's cock and balls, I sat there licking it all up.

Then David pushed hard into Laura and he shot his load deep inside her pussy that sent her into another orgasm. More cum flowed out of her and I just kept licking. Laura leaned forward and lifted up off of David's cock. I took the opening and started to lick her pussy clean. Laura went stiff "You're licking his cum out of me, oh my god that's so hot. You're making me cum again. AGGGHHHH!!!"

David smiled at her while I dove into her snatch and sucked out David's cum until she pushed down on my face and came again flooding my mouth with her cum and nice big globs of David's cum. Laura lifted off of me, turned around and sat on David's stomach. Laura was staring at David's withering, dripping cock between her legs. I figured our cover was pretty much blown, so I grabbed onto David's cock and licked and sucked him clean. Laura stared down at me and watched me suck her boyfriend's cock as he did nothing to stop me.

Carol broke Laura's trance by taking her finger under Laura's chin and lifting it to her mouth and kissed her. As she pulled back away she said "If it feels good then go with it, nothing else matters. We can all just have a good time, just let yourself go, and enjoy the sights, sounds, and feel of anybody and everybody."

Laura looked back at her "That was so fucking hot, I've never cum that much or that hard in my life".

Carol laughed, "See, and we are all still friends, no fuss no muss. Now let's move to the bedroom and have some fun I need to cum something fierce." She grabbed Laura's hand and pulled her off of David and guided her to our bedroom. David and I followed, with David holding my ass.

We got into the bedroom and Carol pulled Laura onto the bed and started to kiss her neck and around her chest. Laura went into horny mode right away as Carol started to confess all "We can have so much fun Laura, let go of all your inhibitions and enjoy what you feel and see."

Carol kept lightly kissing her neck and moved down to the tops of her boobs. This was the first time David and I got to watch two women making out, and it was hot. I laid down on one side of them and David on the other. Carol moved on top of Laura, as Laura spread her legs open to allow Carol to lie in between them. This allowed David and me to move in on Laura and start to play with her. David whispered "I love you" to Laura as he started to kiss her neck and face.

I started kissing her chest and moved to her right nipple, while Carol kissed her way down her stomach to her pussy lips. When Carol put her tongue in Laura's pussy she moaned into David's mouth. I got up and went behind Carol and shoved my cock in her pussy forcing her face deep into Laura's pussy. Laura lifted her legs to wrap around Carols neck giving her full access to her open pussy.

Laura was writhing and moaning into David's mouth as he kept making love to her mouth. I was driving into Carol's hot pussy, not looking to cum yet, just getting Carol ready for David. I wanted to watch Laura's eye's as David fucked Carol and maybe I would fuck David.

Laura broke their kiss and looked at David as he said "Feels good doesn't it baby? You look so hot right now."

Laura's eyes rolled back in her head "Oh yes, did you like your cocked sucked by Tony, you don't mind a guy sucking your cock?"

David kissed her again "It felt great, everything feels great."

Laura kissed him hard "It was so hot seeing you with another guy. Carol is eating my pussy. Oh god I'm cumming again."

I took this as a cue to start fucking Carol hard so that her mouth would move around Laura's pussy even harder. Carol came and screamed into Laura's pussy. The vibration must have sent Laura over the top. Laura started to buck and scream through another orgasm. It was too much for me and I filled Carol's pussy full of my all day built up juice.

I fell back off of Carol's dripping pussy and Carol lifted up with her face smeared with Laura's pussy juices and, looking at Laura, "That was so nice and you taste so good. Do you mind if David eats me out and cleans up Tony's mess?"

Laura looked at David "You heard her she needs cleaning; now get that hot little tongue down there and lick Carol's pussy."

David scooted down on his back as Carol walked on her knees to David's mouth. She then lowered herself onto his mouth. Laura sat there with her mouth open "That is so hot, lick her. Oh my god you're eating another guys cum David, do you mind it? Does it taste good to you?"

David moved his mouth away from Carol's pussy "It's delicious, come have some."

Carol didn't give Laura a chance to baulk about it; she just swung her leg over David and then right over Laura's face and sat down. Looking up at Laura I could see her tongue moving slowly around Carol's thighs.

Carol wasn't going to put up with that she wanted to cum, "No bitch stick your tongue in there and fuck my pussy. You know what you like done to you, just start doing that. Yes that's it, suck my pussy, look for that cum, search it out. Now move your face around and make love to me. OH YA THAT'S THE TICKET HER I CUM TAKE IT AND SWALLOW IT ALL."

I got between Laura's legs, spread them apart and shoved my cock balls deep into Laura's pussy. Laura was shocked and the force of my fucking her made her push her face into Carol's pussy and moan. Then David got behind me and shoved his cock into my ass making a nice tight sandwich. Carol held the headboard and came all over Laura's face.

I know from experience that Laura was getting a mouth full of Carol's juice and mine. She held her own and sucked and swallowed. David rocked his cock in and out of my ass forcing my cock to slow fuck Laura, who was not looking up at the two of us. Then Laura started to moan and she had another orgasm.

Carol had pulled off of Laura so that she could see her big macho boyfriend fuck a guy in the ass while she was getting fucked. Laura lay on her back with me fucking her and David behind me shoving his big cock in my ass. The lust in Laura's yes was unforgettable as she lifter her head and watched her boyfriend fuck a guy, while she was getting fucked.

Carol grabbed Laura's head and pushed her tits to Laura's mouth. Laura was a quick student as she grabbed on to Carol's nipple and started to suck. Laura never really lost eye contact with me and David. David rammed home a couple more times, pulled his cock out of my ass, and shot his cum all over my open ass.

David's cum oozed down my ball sack and down into Laura's pussy. I pulled my cock out to get coated with David's cum then I rammed it back into Laura. David's cum made Laura extra wet and messy which took me and her over the edge again and we both came.

We all rolled onto our backs, with the girls next to each other and David and I next to each other. Laura was the first to speak "I have never been so fucked in my life. I can't believe that every single fantasy a person could possibly think of happened today. Has this been going on for the past two weeks while you were here David?"

At first we thought 'oh great now reality sets in and she is pissed that David cheated on her and fucked another guy'. David was on the end of the bed, I lay next to him, then Laura, then Carol. Laura turned towards me and Carol snuggled up to her back spooning her with her arm loosely draped over hip. David was spooning me with his soft cock smashed in between my cheeks dripping with his cum from the fucking we just had.

Laura looked past me at David "Well David tell me you like all this sex, sucking cock, fucking a guy, and eating and fucking pussy?"

I could feel David's cock flinch in my ass but I just lay there. David finally spoke up "It didn't start out that way, but it all just feels so damn good, it has to do with them not the act. Carol and Tony make me feel good, and I think we all made you feel really good. If something feels that damn good then what makes it bad?"

Laura looked at me for some kind of acknowledgement. Carol, always the dominatrix voice of reason, clued Laura in by grabbing her breast and softly massaging her nipple, which was obviously responding by getting hard, "Look Laura, we are just here to have fun and enjoy each other, it's not about breaking you two up, or us for that matter. Our relationship goes beyond sex. And why is it so different than going bike riding or jogging if that makes you happy?"

Laura put her head back against Carol letting the nipple massage take over "I don't know. It feels so good I just am having a hard time with it I guess."

Carol whispered in her ear, "But it feels good, let it go. Feel your nipple, nice and hard, your body likes it, follow your feelings." Carol then grabbed Laura's hand and pulled it to her own breast and made her feel herself.

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