tagLoving WivesWife Enjoys a Pearl Necklace

Wife Enjoys a Pearl Necklace


Lisa and I had already had some wonderful encounters with some great people. We continued to look on-line for a compatible couple and also single men and women. My wife Lisa, as I have mentioned before is 33 years old, has a gorgeous round ass and 36C tits that have very suckable nipples. She has auburn hair and keeps herself trimmed down below, either with a landing strip or completely bald.

We were fortunate to find at the same time online a nice couple and a nice single male. Single men are the easiest to find of course, nice ones much harder to find. This male was a bit younger than we had considered playing with, he was 24. We often felt that younger men had a harder time keeping their tongues from wagging and sharing their stories with others. After a lot of discussion with him on the subject we determined that he was indeed an honest, discreet man who would be a lot of fun to play with.

Corey shared some pictures with us and he was a very nice looking guy. His penis was a little smaller than we expected but my wife was never a size queen and looked for the complete package and not just "The" package.

We agreed on a time and decided that we would have Corey visit our home. Lisa explained to him that we would probably not do anything but talk and get to know each other. Corey was game and said that he would be most comfortable with that situation.

Lisa wore a buttoned shirt and a killer pair of tight pants. Her tight shirt only showed off her beautiful breasts more.

Corey arrived promptly and I invited him to sit down. Lisa came out of the bedroom and came to the living room where she sat on the couch next to him. I offered him a beer and when I returned moments later I noticed that she was sitting a bit closer to him and chatting. She was staring at his handsome face and had a hand resting gently on his knee. She must have really been attracted to him as I expected little else but a chat and a few drinks.

I sat across from them on the love seat and watched as their flirting continued. He put his arm on the back of the couch behind her and continued to talk and stare at her tits when she would look my way. She said she had to refill her wine glass and when she left the room he told me he found her very attractive and would love to play with her if she would like. I said it was up to her but I felt that he was a very nice guy and if not now then maybe next time.

Lisa returned and sat right up against him. He looked at me and smiled, she had undone a few buttons on her shirt which gave me the cue. He said that he had to use the rest room but would be right back. Lisa told me to put in a porno and that would surprise him when he returned. I quickly hit play on the porno in the DVD player and sat back down. I kept the volume low so I would be able to hear their moans if things progressed the way I thought they might.

Corey returned from the rest room and his grin was huge now. He sat next to Lisa and placed his arm on the back of the couch but this time slid it down around her shoulders. She leaned into him and kissed him on the mouth. I watched their tongues darting in and out and was aroused just watching them begin to make out. His hand quickly slid up to her tits and he began to undo the few last buttons on her shirt as he continued to kiss her. Her hand meanwhile was rubbing his cock through his jeans.

He opened her shirt and pulled a cup down and took her nipple gently into his mouth. She rubbed her hands through his hair and leaned her head back as he feasted on her nipples. She was trying to undo his pants but was having a difficult time as he became more vigorous on her breasts. She lifted his head, kissed him and climbed on to the floor in front of him.

He quickly undid his belt and she helped pull his pants and tighty whities down. His cock sprang out of its cage and she quickly took it into her hand and devoured it. His cock was indeed on the smaller side but she loved it, deepthroating him and licking his balls as his cock rested in her throat. He pulled her hair back so he could watch my wife at work.

I crossed the room and sat down on the couch to have a better view. He looked at me and commented on how amazing she was at sucking cock. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that now....

He fondled her tits as she continued to ravage his cock. He asked if he could fuck her tits. She responded by lying on her back and smiling. He quickly straddled her chest and began to slide his cock between her tits. She would lick the head when it peeked through and would pull him forward to take it all the way down her throat. He started to moan loudly as she slurped up and down on his cock. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and came like a porn star. Jets of cum covered her tits, neck and cheek. She took his cock back into her mouth and sucked the few drops left in his cock.

He climbed off of her and laid down on the floor next to her. She made no attempt to clean the mess on her neck and chest but did wipe her face off. I had moved to the couch to watch the two of them on the floor but she quickly rose to her knees and took my hard on into her mouth. Corey moved to the couch to watch her suck me now. He stroked his cock as she ate mine.

He was hard in minutes and soon I was cumming on her tits as well. Her chest was sticky and coated in cum as she shimmied over and took his cock back into her mouth. This time she gently sucked him and told him to watch the porno. She reached over and stroked my cock as we watched the sex on screen. They moved to the floor and she sucked him for almost 15 minutes before he announced he was going to cum again. This load she stroked onto his belly and her hand was covered with his cum.

She rose and came back with a towel for him and her chest was now cleaned up as well. He moved to the couch and slowly, and it seemed, reluctantly pulled his pants back on. She put her shirt back on minus the bra and sat down between us.

They made out again and she stroked my cock. I thought she was going to go another round with him but Corey said that he probably would not be able to get a third erection very quickly.

He rose and Shellie squeezed his cock and told him that next time she would give his cock a test drive. He said that he would like that very much and gave her another few kisses before heading out.

Lisa returned to the couch and gave me a wonderful kiss and we continued the night making out and her sucking me. We found a keeper in Corey and had a wonderful night discussing our future adventures.

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