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Wife Likes to Strip


My wife and I have been married for 6 years and have been together for over 10 years. From the beginning we liked to play games like going out with her wearing a short skirt, tight top and no underwear. We would go out to dinner or to a movie or dancing and I would feel her up all night and my wife would get very horny and we would go home and fuck our brains out.

This was great and full filled our desires just fine. I didn't really need anything more. But more is what we both got on our recent vacation. We had decided to take a road trip around a couple of near by states and just relax and see the sights along the way. The first few days of the trip went great. The weather was warm and there wasn't a lot of traffic and we had toured a few historical sites.

Things were going well and we were both very relaxed. I love the summer mostly because it allows us to wear less clothes and in regards to my wife more revealing clothes. To describe my wife she is a young 33 years old, five feet three inches tall, she has an athletic build at 120 lbs and 34C. Her tits and ass demand attention from most men. I like to watch guys' checking her out, it makes me feel good that she is with me.

Anyway about three days into the trip we both were a little tired. We had driven about 1200 miles when we drove into a smaller city. It was a nice area surrounded by desert. The wife and I had decided if we can find a good hotel we would hold up here for a few days and soak our feet and hang out. We did find a fine hotel with a nice saltwater pool and a fare choice of the local cuisine to choose from.

Soon after we had settled into our hotel room and had our evening meal, we were feeling like going out and experiencing some night life. We had some trouble locating the local hot spot and were wanting to go somewhere that wasn't to sleepy. My wife had suggested a nudie bar that we had seen on the way into town. It was a large place and even during the day when we passed by there seemed to be a lot of cars in the parking lot.

Well I couldn't deny that suggestion so off we went to check the place out. We arrived about nine o'clock in the evening and the parking lot was almost full. After we paid the cover charge we entered the place and it was pretty live. There were three stages and numerous pool tables and video poker. We decided that this looked fine and we pulled up to the bar and took up two bar stools.

After we had downed a few drinks I decided to give my hand a try at the video poker. I told my wife to hold the fort while I would try and win some money to pay for our night out. She had no problem with it and she said she was having fun people watching.

I did pretty will after about a half an hour or so and took my wining receipts back to the bar. When I arrived there was a guy on my stool. He appeared to be deep in conversation with my wife and she appeared to be enjoying the banter. I stepped up and said hello and they broke there attention away from each other and my wife introduced me. She was acting a little giddy and she told me that Bobby there had bought her a few drinks. Then she realized she hadn't introduced him to me and laughed more than I thought it was funny. She introduced Bobby as the owner and proprietor of the club. I shook his hand and thanked him for allowing me to win some money at his poker machines. My wife gave me a big smile and made a big deal out of me wining some money. Bobby congratulated me on my luck and then he congratulated me on my fine looking wife. He asked us where we were from and where we are going and we made casual conversation. At one point he had made a comment to my wife more then to me that he thought she would do really good dancing on the stage. My wife blushed and she acted shy and said she had never thought about doing that. I wrote it off as he was just flirting with her. But he said to both of us that she was very beautiful and if she wanted to give it a try there was going to be an amateur contest the next night. He said that there were no real amateurs in that kind of contest, just a few extra strippers from across town. He also said that they take it very relaxed and there really isn't much of a competitive spirit involved, but it drew a few more customers.

My wife didn't say much more about the contest and neither did Bobby. We all talked from a while longer and then Bobby excused himself as he had business to attend to. He thanked us for the conversation and asked us to stop by tomorrow even if my wife wasn't going to take a chance on the stage. After he left my wife said that he was nice and that when he approached her he asked her if she was the new talent he was suppose to interview. She also said that he was really nice from the beginning and bought her a drink to apologize for mistaking her for a stripper. I don't think my wife minded too much.

We stuck around for the evening and drank our fare share. Bobby had stopped by and joined us a few times. He was always very friendly with my wife and I could tell he was turning on the charm with her. He had the skills to charm the ladies, I'm sure he needed them to run a strip club. My wife was eating it up. I noticed a couple of time when Bobby would stand next to my wife he would rest a hand on her thigh. She did nothing to deter him. I admit it turned me on to watch Bobby work my wife. I had watched all the girls working the stage and there were a few that were really hot and there were a few that weren't as good looking as my wife. I thought if she ever did get up on stage she probably would do just fine.

When it was time to go Bobby came over and gave us two free passes to get in with one free drive each. I thank him and shook his hand and my wife thanked him and gave him a hug. As we turned to leave Bobby said he hoped to see us tomorrow and that he hoped my wife would consider his idea of joining the show as he playfully slapped my wife on the ass. My wife jumped a little and gave a loud laugh.

When we got back to the hotel room my wife was acting pretty horny and she jumped on me tackling me to the bed. She straddled my stomach and sitting up she asked me if I would like to see her take her clothes off in front of all those people. I jokingly said hell yes and told her she is hot. She started moving like she was dancing and slowing pulled her top up and over her head letting her tits flop freely. I reached up to cup her tits and she playfully blocked my hands and said there is no touching the merchandise. I replied with a resounding "BullShit" and wrestled her on to her back and pinned her arms over her head. I started sucking her tits and nibbling on her nipples. Her nipples were already hard and she squirmed under me as I manipulated her sensitive tits. It wasn't very long until she was begging me to fuck her. So I let her arms free and reaching down pulled her shorts and panties off in one move. I put my hand on her pussy and she was soaking wet. I quickly pulled my close off and mounted her in a hurry. She met my passion completely. We had one of those aggressive hot passionate fucks that only come around once and awhile. She came pretty quickly and I also came during her release.

We laid there together feeling each others body and she asked me what I would think if she really wanted to get up on stage. Honestly I thought it would be great if that was what she wanted to do. She said that she was thinking about it and if she did decide to do it she would want a few drinks in her first. I told her it would be kind of cool for me to see her on stage dancing around naked and that I think I would get pretty turned on knowing I was going to fuck her later that night.

My wife must have been thinking pretty hard about it because she needed to be fucked a few more times throughout the night. In the morning she was still feeling pretty randy and we messed around in the hot tub out side. We didn't fuck but she had my cock in her mouth at one point and I had made her cum with my fingers. When we left the hot tub I went to the font desk to request more towels. When the young kid came out of the office I noticed he was a bit flush. He smiled at me and I made my request and he had the towels right there. He had a funny grin on his face. When I move to walk away I caught a glimpse of the security monitors in the office. There was one monitor looking straight down at the hot tub. I guessed why he was flush and smiling. I was wondering if they had tape on that monitor. Shit I had my wife's tits out at one point and from the angle of that camera I'm sure he got a good look at them.

The rest of the day was uneventful. My wife had fidgeted all day. She had a strange nervous energy she just couldn't get rid of. She had chosen to wear a pair of small tight shorts and a little tank style top without a bra. Something she usually won't do in public. We had gone out for lunch and did some shopping. She had turned me on to no end watching her tits flop freely under that top and her nipples sticking out. I really enjoy seeing other guys take notice of my wife but that day guys were staring with out trying to not be obvious. She had on a pair of high heal shoes that help in the display of her shapely legs and with those shorts framing her ass so perfectly she was a knock out and I spent the day with a constant hard on. I was taking every opportunity I could to squeeze her ass and tits and feel her pussy through those shorts. With all of my attention she also was getting very horny. Her nipples were in a constant start of arousal.

We were in a clothing store and while she was in the back looking through the racks, I came up from behind her and slid my hands up under her top and squeezed her naked tits. She leaned back into me and moaned softly as I pulled and twisted her nipple. We were interrupted by the sales lady as she came over to help with the shopping. The sales lady was nice and she helped my wife find some clothes. When my wife went to try them on the sales lady told me I could go with her to help her with my opinion. While I was in the dressing room with my wife, she started doing a little teasing dance as she changed her clothes. She was really good. I told her this and she smiled shyly. When she was finished and she had removed the last pair of pants she was trying on and she was a little bent over facing away from me. I took that opportunity to release my hard cock, grab my wife by the hips and pulled her thong aside shove my cock into her pussy. She was very wet and hot and ready to go. She let out a fairly load moan on my entry and slowly stood and put her hands on the wall. I started pumping feverishly. There was that familiar slapping sound of my body slapping against her ass. I ran a hand up under her top and squeezed her tits. I leaned forward and started biting her neck. My wife was pushing back to meet my every thrust, damn she felt good. I was surprised when I felt my wife start to cum, she hardly ever cums from cock only. That was enough for me I also started to blow my load. Just as we were coming down wouldn't you know it the sales lady showed up and asked us how things were going.

After we were back on the street heading for the hotel my wife said she was a little tired and would like to take a nap. Back at the hotel she pulled off her top and shorts and laid on the bed in just her panties. She looked good like that. I wasn't in the mood for a nap so I headed off to the pool. When I returned to the room I quietly opened the door figuring I didn't want to wake her. When I stepped into the room I could see in the mirror that my wife was completely naked with her legs spread and she was using her vibrator. She was really worked up. I stood there and watched her, she had cracked an eye and when she noticed me standing there through the mirror she erupted in a violent orgasm. I walked in and sat down on the edge of the bed leaned in and gave her a kiss. When we finally broke the kiss I told her that she had just put on one hell of a show. She said that she wanted to dance that night and the thought of it has kept her horny all day. I told her that it would be fun and I was looking forward to the show.

We had spent the rest of the day hanging out and talking about what it was going to be like. She told me that Bobby had asked her to show up before eight if she wanted to be in the show. So we made sure to be back at the hotel with enough time for her to pick out what she was going to were and get ready. We had stopped off at a local liquor store and picked up some Tequila so she would have something to help with her preparations. It turned out that she had showered and put back on the same outfit she had on earlier and she packed a few pieces of clothes that she might wear on stage. During her preparation time we had taken five or six shots and we were feeling pretty good.

We arrived at the club a little before eight. When we entered Bobby spotted us right away and moved towards us. After he made his greetings he moved in front of my wife grabbed her wrists and pulling her arms up from her body, he gave her a look over from head to feet and back again. While he did this I noticed my wife's nipples growing under her shirt. I know Bobby noticed also. My wife wore a shy look and acted young and shy while he did this. Bobby lowered her arms but didn't release them and he asked her if she wanted to dance tonight. She looked him in the eyes and told him she wanted to dance. Bobby looked at me then back at her and he said great. He asked me to excuse him as he needed to take my wife around and give her the tour and briefing. He then told me to grab a seat. As Bobby threw an arm around my wife and started leading her off I kept and eye on them as Bobby seemed to introduce my wife to the bartender and waitresses. I also noticed that the hand attached to the arm around my wife was holding up her left tit. I knew at that point things could get interesting.

Bobby and my wife disappeared behind the curtain that separated the public area from the dancer's area. As I sat and waited the bar waitress came by and sat a drink down in front of me. I gave her a look and she said that my wife had told her what I like to drink and that Bobby said to keep the drinks flowing. So I never had to buy a drink that night.

Bobby soon appeared on stage with a mike and he announced the contest. The first girl came out and she was wearing cut-off shorts and lose fitting top that clung to her arms leaving her shoulders bare. During her first song she had pulled off her shorts and top. She still had on a thong and a bikini style top. During the next two songs she lost those. She had a nice body with medium tits that were shaped nicely. The next two girls came out and basically went through the same routine. Both girls were cute. I had to admit I was having fun watch these girls get naked and having my drinks flowing for free.

By the end of the third girl's set I noticed Bobby coming out from the curtain. I realized that this was the first I had seen of him since he went through with my wife. He was making his rounds when my wife first came out to start her set. She really didn't look nervous at all. She was a little flush but she didn't look nervous. She was wearing a short flimsy skirt and a light top. I could see the bikini top underneath. She looked hot. Soon after the music started and she had been dancing around in her teasing manor, Bobby took up a seat at me table. As I was watching he was making comments about how good she was doing and that she was a natural. I had to agree, she looked like she had done this before. She pulled off her top and the bikini top was barely big enough to contain her tits. The top made her tits look huge. I loved the way her tits bounced around in that top. After her first song ended she was walking around the stage picking up the few dollars that were there and she was talking with guys that were sitting next to the stage.

Her second song started and I have to tell you I was a little nervous if she wasn't. She started dancing around calmly and teasingly for only a few seconds when she started teasing with her top. She finally removed it completely and held her arms in front of her tits. She moved for a bit then she finally let her tits free giving everyone and good look at her almost naked body. I thought she looked great up there with just a thong and her tits flopping free for everyone to see. She was moving around naturally like it was no big deal.

During the short break between songs I notice Bobby by the back of the stage handing my wife a drink. She took it eagerly as she stood there talking with him with her tits bare and her only clothes was a thong and high heals. They laughed at something and then the music started. My wife danced to the center of the stage and lowered herself down to her knees and started wiggling her ass and shaking her tits. She spun around and spread her legs a couple of times. Then she stood up, turned her back to the crowd, and then slowly pulled her thong off lowering her upper body placing her head to her knees with her legs straight. This gave everyone a good look at her pussy and ass. Her pussy looked wet and I knew it probably was because of how turned on she must be. Then she straightened up and proceeded to dance around the stage giving the guys, that offered money to her, a good look at here pussy and or tits.

When the song ended she moved off the stage out the back entrance. I watched the next two girls go through their sets before my wife emerged from the curtain. She made her way over to me. She pulled a chair right up next to me and gave me a big smile. She grabbed my hand and asked me what I thought. I told her I thought she did great. I told her I couldn't believe how calm she was. She said that the drink had helped a lot and that Bobby had given her a line before she came out. I thought that was interesting. She said it was no big deal. She said Bobby had shown her around and introduced her to the girls. She said the other girls were very nice and helpful. She said Bobby explained the rules and was very nice about it all. She also said with a smile that he had grabbed her ass a few time and may have squeezed her tits once of twice. I thought that was interesting also. My wife said it was no big deal. She told me that one of the rules was that she couldn't kiss me while she was working. I asked her why, and she said it had something to do with the other guys in the club thinking it would be alright to kiss her too. I asked her what was next. She said she was going to do a few more sets before it was over.

Bobby showed up about that time. He sat on the other side of my wife and pulled a chair up close. He asked her how she felt and she told him she felt great. He told her that she had done wonderful and he couldn't be happier with a first timer like her. My wife seemed to puff up and she seemed very proud of herself. Bobby threw and arm around her shoulders and gave her a good squeeze or two. When he did this my wife's tits bounced very sexy in that small top she had worn on stage. I watch Bobby as he stared at her tits when he did this. My wife knew what he was looking at as she was looking into his eyes. She brought her arms together bunching up her tits to make them look even bigger. Bobby gave a laugh and my wife looked around at me as if to say look what I did.

Another round of drinks made it to the table. We all had a drink or two while we sat there. One of the girls came to the table and told my wife that she is on in a few songs. My wife jumped up and excused herself. I could tell she was drunk now. Bobby got up also and said he would walk her to the back. Bobby placed a hand on her shoulder and through an arm around her waist and seemed to guide her through the crowed and towards the curtain. As they were passing through the curtain Bobby lowered the arm around my wife's waist and grabbed an ass cheek in his hand. My wife didn't appear to do anything about it.

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