tagLoving WivesWife Of Mine Takes On Nine

Wife Of Mine Takes On Nine


We were in Atlantic City for a weekend, an occasion for us since we have two kids who are too young to stay alone. My wife and I decided to give ourselves a break and sent the kids to relatives. I like to gamble at the $10 tables and my wife likes the shows. We also both like golf, so A.C. was our choice, especially since it was within easy driving distance from where we live.

We arrived on Friday afternoon, visited the tables, and then had a light dinner. Afterwards we decided to take a walk to one of the nearby clubs and have a drink. We could hear the band playing as we approached. Inside it was crowded and there was no place to sit. We had to order drinks over people's shoulders.

As we sipped our drinks, we started talking and listened to the music. Diane is fun to be with and great to look at. She is 5'2" with natural blonde hair, a nice figure, great ass, and a sexy walk. She has a very foxy face with blue eyes and pretty teeth that really make her smile worth seeing. And so I always try and make her laugh.

As we finished our drinks we started to reach over to order another. A fellow sitting offered Diane his chair. Diane said, "No", but he insisted, and stood up to show he meant it. She accepted. Diane started small talk with the guy, politely returning the favor by being sociable.

His name was Don and he was with his two friends Matt and Ken. They were on a weekend golf outing with the guys. They had two foursomes down for the weekend and the others were to arrive later on. They were staying at the same hotel/casino. We ordered our drinks and I had the bartender set them up for another as well.

We started talking. The guys were in their mid thirties by my guess. Diane and I have been married 10 years now and we are both in our late thirties. We seemed to have a lot in common, including the general area we were from. They were fun to talk to and ready to party since they were away for the weekend with the guys.

After another few rounds I was feeling it and decided I wanted to head back to the hotel. We started to pay our check. At the same time the guys said they were heading back as well since their friends were probably at the hotel by now. We all paid up and walked out together. It was a warm night. Di had on a low cut blouse that just reached her skirt giving glimpses of her midriff. She looked very sexy walking along.

As we walked we were joking about 'follow the yellow brick road' to the riches of the casino, and other silly things. In general, we were just having a good time with new, fairly inebriated acquaintances. As we approached the hotel entrance Ken asked if we wanted to smoke a 'doob'. We hadn't done anything like that since college. We looked at each other and then said, "Sure!"

When we reached their room there was a note saying the other guys had arrived and had gone to the casino. Don turned on music and offered a beer from a full cooler that was in the kitchen area. After everyone settled in he lit up. It went a few rounds and the chatter of conversation increased. The music seemed more intense. "Free Falling" came on. It's a great song if you want to pretend you know how to sing. Ken was singing to it and Di kind of joined in.

Di and I were sitting on a couch with Ken on one end. I think Di was having a flashback, because when I passed the J she asked if I wanted a shotgun. I said, "Ok." She placed the lit end in her mouth, touched her lips to mine and gave a nice hit. She turned to Ken and asked if he wanted one, too. He said, "Sure!" rather eagerly I thought. She pursed her lips and leaned over to him. As she did, he was in an awkward position on the couch, or so it seemed, and he leaned over to put his hand on her waist to steady himself. Since her blouse just reached her skirt, his hand was touching her skin. It felt like they took a bit longer than usual. It also turned me on. We fantasized a few times over the years about having another man with us in bed, but we are both too conservative to ever think about making it a reality. It occurred to me she was probably a bit naïve and did not realize his hand on her waist was about more than keeping his balance. As they pulled away from each other Ken looked at me and I just nodded my head and smiled.

Ken passed the J to Don but kept his hand on Di's waist and started talking to her. He was talking to her about college, saying he hadn't had a shotgun in 15 years, about his twenties before he was married. She was listening and taking it all in, unaware as far as I could tell that his hand was still in place. I reached over and lightly massaged her shoulders.

I think that's when Don and Frank caught on because the mood seemed to change. All of a sudden the focus was on Diane. As the J made it's way around to me again I asked Di if she wanted a shotgun. She laughed and said, "I was wondering when you'd offer!"

When she had her hit she returned the favor again to me. Without asking she then turned to Ken and gave him one again.

Di turned to Don and Frank, "You guys want one?"

Frank said, "You bet!"

I stood up to go get another beer. As she walked to Frank I could sense without looking that Ken was staring at her ass. She had to lean at the waist to reach where he was sitting, making her ass pose nicely to our view. I turned my head to Ken quickly and 'caught' him staring. He smiled a kind of sheepish smile and I laughed, "What were you looking at?" He started laughing, too. We were like a bunch of kids, and just like kids there was an underlying tension in our laughing while thinking about the forbidden.

When Di finished the shotgun she turned and said, "What's all the laughing about?"

"Nuttin' honey, they were just admiring the view", I laughed.

She blushed but smiled, finally realizing the attention she was receiving. She said, "You boys!"

Then she turned to me and said playfully, "And you, you're not even warning me about what they were doing!"

I said, "I couldn't help myself. Besides, who doesn't look? It's the touching that makes it interesting!"

And, without thinking, I reached under her blouse from behind and began massaging her back and shoulders. Without her usual inhibitions that would have caused her to tell me to stop massaging her in front of people, she just lowered her head and said, "mmmmmm, that feels goood."

After a moment or two, I asked, "Would you like another beer, too?"

She nodded. As I stepped away she said, "Oh, don't stop, that felt good!" Before I could reply Frank stood up and began massaging her back through her blouse.

He said, "I'll take over from the bench until the starting quarterback gets back." I don't even know what that meant at the moment, but it had it's own sense to it. I went for our beers in the kitchen.

As I returned to the room everything looked the same except Frank was now massaging her back under the blouse. She was standing where I had left her and had one hand on the armrest of the sofa to steady herself as Frank worked her back. Her blouse began to inch up her back as his strong hands willfully kneaded in a way that forced it upwards.

I handed everyone their beers and opened Di's for her. Frank finally stopped and said, "She just loves a good back rub."

She replied, "Yes, I do."

I sat down on the sofa and pulled her to me so I could continue the back rub. She was sitting again between myself and Ken. I was stimulated by the thought of her being shared, even knowing how remote the possibility really was. I began rubbing her back again and undid her bra clasp, giving me free access to her whole back. She looked at me funny. I kept massaging. The guys were having a hard time not staring as I pushed her blouse up exposing her full back.

I said, "My hands are tired. Your turn Ken." She kind of resisted, but I pulled her hands toward me so she had to turn her back to him. He took over the back rub. As she leaned forward towards me I started rubbing her shoulders. I raised her blouse in front, in between the two of us, so no one else could see much, just teasing her. I pulled her bra off and set it on the couch.

She said, "It feels good, but I don't know about this..."

After a minute or so, she looked at me and began to pull her blouse in place. Instead I pulled back just enough to hold her hand and expose her. She looked at me and I could tell by her breathing she was getting turned on. I pushed her back onto Ken, began to massage her chest, and asked softly, "So, if you like your back massaged, do you like your front massaged, too?"

She sighed, "You are pushing the limits", but offered no resistance, just closed her eyes and stretched so her breasts pushed out a bit more.

If it wasn't for the music you could have heard a pin drop.

I shifted myself to the edge of the sofa and placed one of her legs on the coffee table, and the other on my side near the back of the sofa. She didn't even open her eyes, but her ragged breathing told me the helpless, exposed position she was in had her hot.

Just then, I heard someone at the door. Two guys came walking in and by the reaction of the others, it was two of their friends they were expecting. As they came in the living room, Diane opened her eyes. She began to sit up and reach for her blouse, this time with urgency. I took her hands and pushed her back again onto Ken.

He got the idea and reached from behind over her shoulders and began to massage her breasts. She looked at me with a bit of fear and bit of a wild look in her eyes. I said, "Relax honey, everything's alright."

She closed her eyes again. I unzipped her skirt on the side to loosen it up. The two new guys came over watched. I stood up and turned to Don, "Maybe she likes her leg massaged." He came right over and began to massage her calf.

Ken pulled her blouse off. She helped by shifting her shoulders, so I knew she was not saying 'no'.

Don pulled her skirt off, then continued massaging her leg, moving up to her thigh.

As I stood up, I looked at my wife, laying on a sofa in a hotel room, one man massaging her breasts from behind, the other massaging her leg, naked except for her panties. She was beautiful!

Don began to tug at her panties. She was saying, "Noooo..... Noooooo..." in a soft breathless way. I leaned down to her and whispered, "It's ok with me if it's ok with you. You just tell me if you really want to stop now."

She looked up at me, then kind of sighed and lifted her hips to allow Don to pull her panties off. I stood back, waiting for whatever these guys decided to do, whatever Diane allowed them to do.

It didn't take long. Don pulled her to him and turned her around so her ass was facing the room and her face was in Ken's lap. Ken was hard from giving her a breast massage. She took him in her mouth as Don entered her from behind. After about 5 minutes of furious action, with Di shuddering to a climax more than once, they relieved themselves from what had been building all night long. As Don pulled out, Frank immediately entered her in the same position.

As Frank pounded her, 3 other guys came in. Well, the two foursomes were all here, and none of them looked like they were about to leave. It was looking more like a college frat house, all the guys with beers watching some girl being used, to their and her delight.

When Frank finished, Di turned around on the couch, picked up her blouse and covered herself as much as she could. She noticed for the first time there were 3 more guys. She looked a bit scared and excited, all at the same time. One of the 3 who had just walked in came over to her and said, "I don't know what's been going on here, but it's my turn."

He took her hand and pulled her up. She looked at me as if to say, "What should I do?"

I just shrugged my shoulders.

As he pulled her towards the bedroom her ass was jiggling as they went. She looked back over her shoulder once before disappearing. Two of the guys followed immediately. The others stayed and continued partying. They included me in the conversations as if I were an old friend. And, I guess by now I was.

Noises came from the bedroom, sometimes an 'ohhhhh' in Di's voice, or a 'uh-uh' in a guys voice, or the slapping of skin on skin. I could occasionally make out directions being given like, 'move up a little', or 'turn your head'. As about 45 minutes went by, all except Don and Frank went to the bedroom. Some returned from the bedroom to get a drink or hang out again before drifting back into the bedroom. I finally decided to go see for myself what my wife was doing.

They had placed several pillows under her tummy as she lay on the bed face down. Her ass was sticking up in the air.

One of the new guys was pounding her from behind. Another guy had his cock near her mouth. She would suck him in as she could, making muffled, "unnggghhh" noises, until she had to let him go as she had her own climax, changing her sounds to higher pitched wails until she shuddered. Then she would gobble him in again.

The guy finally came in her. As he pulled out I could see cum was dripping down her leg. The guy she was blowing came too. She got some on her face, and he kept it near her face until she licked him clean.

She focused herself back into the room, still laying there with her ass up in the air, pillows under her tummy. She turned her head sideways and smiled as she saw me. She asked, "Where have you been?"

I said, "Nowhere. Where have you been?" Clever, huh?

She said, "Come here." So I went over to her and kissed her. She kissed me back hard. I whispered to her, "Do you want me now?" She whispered back, "Yes!"

I made her kiss my cock, then I mounted her from behind and started thrusting as hard as I could. It didn't feel like Diane at all. It felt like a piece of strange, if you know what I mean. She finally came, and I allowed myself to.

A guy named Hap came into the bedroom with a jar of Vaseline. He began fingering her ass with a Vaseline coated thumb.

She began murmuring, "I don't know... I don't know..."

He put his cock in her pussy as he kept fingering her asshole. She started bucking as the rhythm increased.

"Are you ready for more?" he finally asked.

She groaned, but somehow managed to say, "Yesssss."

He moved his cock to her asshole and plunged in, then began pumping for all he was worth. She was going 'unnnghh' over and over again, then shaking as she climaxed. As soon as Hap had started, another guy tied her left wrist to the top of the bed. When he had finished, another guy, Lenny, stepped up and plunged in. Another guy started tying her left foot as Lenny started on her ass. When he finished, amid her louder noises, another guy stepped up and did the same. As soon as he started one of the guys began to tie her right foot up to the bed.

She had taken 4 cocks up her ass in rapid succession, and now she was all tightly spread eagled on the bed, exhausted from cumming.

One guy mounted her from behind and began to ream her ass for the fifth time. Another went to the top of the bed and began to stroke her mouth as if it were her pussy. She just kept repeatedly shuddering. As one of them would finish, another would start in the same two positions. There was cum running down her chin and her ass.

Finally, it calmed down. We untied her and got her a beer. She sat with her back against the headboard and just kind of smiled weakly at all the guys. There was no shyness left. Her legs were open and her pink lips swelled up, dripping.

She said, "Well, have you had enough?" and laughed.

We started laughing, too. She was gorgeous laying there sprawled out, sexually complete, still enticing.

After a few minutes of resting, two of the guys on either side of the bed started playing with her again. Her body began to respond. She pushed herself down on the bed and began to let them do what they wanted with her.

It was late. I went to her and whispered I was going to go back to our room for awhile, that I'd be back. "No stay!", but I shook my head and said it was ok, to enjoy the night. She kissed me goodnight as one guy played with her breasts and the other began pressing into her pink lips.

As I left the bedroom, another guy jumped on the bed. I could only imagine what the three of them were about to do. Departing, I could hear noises beginning yet again.

When I returned in the morning, Frank answered the door. I asked if everything was ok. He smiled, slapped me on the back, and said I had the best wife ever.

I entered the room. It was dark. There was a smell in the room only an orgy can make, musty and stimulating. She was asleep on her side. There were two guys asleep with her, one spooning her from behind, and one being spooned by her. She was holding his cock. The guys behind her had his arm resting across her breasts.

I woke her up. She looked startled. I helped her get dressed and back to our room. She slept all day. When she woke up I had room service brought up. We started talking. She was sexed out and worried about me. I was sexed up and worried about her. I held her until she fell asleep again.

I wonder what happens next? I know I'm happy and lucky to have this woman. I think I'll keep her.

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