tagLoving WivesWife on a Plane

Wife on a Plane


The flight from LA to Chicago took a little over four hours so Erin was going to be bored with nothing to do. It was a night flight and most people slept on those types of flights. She couldn't sleep on planes but her husband James had no problem sleeping anywhere or at any time. As she stood in line to board men were staring at her as they passed those that were still seated. This was nothing new for Erin was strikingly beautiful. She stood five foot nine and had shoulder length blond hair which she tied in a pony tail. Her eyes were liquid blue and if she stared at a man it would drive him crazy with desire for her. Her body was to die for. She was tall and slim and had kept herself in shape for her 35 years and two kids. She worked out daily and her stomach was a rippled and her muscles toned. Her breasts were not big but perfectly shaped to her total body package. The best feature about her breasts besides their firmness and her perfect nipples. They were about the size of a half dollar coin but they stood out a half an inch. She could cum from just having them pulled and sucked the right way. The last portion of her but certainly not the least was her ass. It was round and taught from her careful attention at the gym. As she stood there slowly moving forward in the line she enjoyed the eyes of men roving over her body. She was proud of the fact that she had kept herself after giving birth to two children.

How she dressed brought a lot of the looks there was no doubt.

She was wearing a red pull over top of a stretchy material that clung to her body like a glove. Her dress was a black mini skirt that was ruffled and loosed but tight round the top of her hips. The red top did not reach her mini skirt so a couple of inches of her belly was showing. She was perfectly tanned and the skin that showed was a lovely brown. She was wearing short boots with four inch heels that only made her look taller. She had tried to dress as comfortable as she could because of the long flight.

The line inched forward until they finally reached the older woman taking the boarding passes from the passengers.

"Enjoy your flight." She said as she took their boarding passes.

"Thank you but flying is not something I enjoy." Erin replied with a small smile.

"Well, maybe this flight will be different." The older woman said

Little did they both know how different this flight would be.

They made their way to their seats. They were in row 24 and her husband had the aisle seat while she had the middle one. She looked at the third seat against the window and hoped it would remain empty as they sat down. People slowly moved down the aisle and as they filed by she sighed with relief with each one that passed their row.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this will be a completely full flight. Please bring any bogs you cannot fit into the over head compartment forward and we will check them through for you. We are sorry for any inconvenience." The flight attendant said over the intercom

"Oh great!" Erin said

"It'll be ok sweetness, you will be beside me all the way. Who knows, someone interesting may sit beside you?" James said trying to console her.

"Whatever." She grimaced to him

People finally stopped getting on the plane and it looked as if they would be the only ones with an empty seat. Good, she thought, I can stretch out at least. Just as she thought it there was one more man who entered the plane. He made his way down the aisle and stopped at their row.

"I believe I am the window seat." He said with a smile.

He was a very good looking man in his mid forties with a great smile. His hair was receding in the front and was short cropped. She liked the fact that he was not trying to hide his hair loss with a comb over but simply cut it short. It made him look stronger and more masculine to her for some reason. He had piercing blue eyes that stared right through her. Erin smiled back as she and her husband stepped out of their seats to let him into the window seat. Erin noticed his body as he moved beside her and she was impressed at how in shape he was. His arms were bulging beneath the pullover shirt which hugged his body. He was broad shouldered and flat stomached. As hard as she worked to keep her body as it was she could appreciate someone else who worked to do the same. Her husband had long since stopped worrying about such things.

They moved back in as he took his seat.

"Let the games begin." He said as he looked over at Erin with those incredible eyes.

"Flying is no fun for me." She said smiling back.

"Who knows, this flight could prove to be a whole new dimension of flying for you?" He said with a smirk

"I doubt it." She said

"My name is Drake." He put out his hand.

"Erin and this is my husband James." As they shook hands with him.

His hand engulfed Erin's and she felt like a little girl being held by a giant. She thought he held onto her hand a little too long and looked over at her husband but he was busy looking out the opposite window. She finally pulled her hand back nervously and reached for the magazine in the seat back holder. She aimlessly paged through it no looking at anything but trying to make herself seem busy.

"Would you like a blanket and pillow?" The stewardess was asking as she passed by with her arms full of them.

"Yes please." Erin reached out and took them

"Me too." Drake said

Erin handed him a pillow and a blanket. He thanked her and began to cover up with it as the plane backed away from the gate. She bent over to take off her short boots and as she did her top slid up her back and her dress pulled down enough for Drake to see the top of her panties. He noticed her tanned skin and that she was wearing a thong.

"Nice." He said out loud as she finished and sat back up and saw him smiling at her.

"What's nice?" She said oblivious to what had just happened.

"That I got a seat next to someone as lovely as you." He said smoothly

She giggled and blushed a little at the compliment.

"We will turning the cabin lights off during the flight. If you wish to read you may use the overhead light located above you." The voice said over the intercom. The plane went into darkness and a few lights were turned on here and there through the plane by passengers.

She pulled the blanket up as the plane made its way down the runway and into the air. She gasped as it left the ground.

"You ok?" Drake asked her

"Yeah, just hate to fly." She pulled blanket up closer to her chin.

He leaned over close to her and whispered, "Well, if you get scared you just grab onto to me."

He was so close his breath was hot against her ear. She smelled his cologne and it was heady. She loved a man who smelled good. She took a deep breath and glanced over at her husband but his head was already lolling to the side as he slipped off into sleep. Drake chuckled and leaned back into his seat again. He was going to have some of this sweet thing before this flight was through he decided. Her husband was not even aware of what kind of woman he had and Drake was going to show her what she was missing out on.

Erin tried to sleep but she couldn't. She laid her seat all the way back as she dozed a little and was dreaming of a cabin of warmth in the cold mountains of Colorado. She could almost feel the crackling of the wood fire and the warmth of it moving up her leg.

Up her leg? She started as she realized there was a hand on her leg under her blanket. She wrinkled her brow at the thought of her husband getting frisky on a plane. He never did that kind of thing so she was surprised but not in a bad way. She had often dreamed of him becoming more adventurous in their sex life. She opened her legs slightly as she felt his hand move higher. What a naughty boy she thought, as the hand made its way to the top of her thigh and touched against the front of her panties. In her dozing state of mind it was only then that she realized the hand was not on her right leg but on her left! Her husband was on her right and Drake was on her left! She clamped her legs shut hard against the hand that was between them. This only made the fingers press harder against her panty covered pussy. She glanced over at her husband trying to get his attention but his mouth was open as he snored in oblivion. She looked quickly over at Drake and he was feigning sleep but that hand between her legs was very awake. She tried to move it with her hand and opened her legs as she pushed it away from her. Unfortunately he was much stronger than she was and this only helped him gain access to her better. His strong fingers rubbed against the front of her pussy and she felt herself responding to the manipulations. She squirmed down into her seat trying to escape the fingers but this only moved her against them more. With her seat laid back she could not move away from them so she clamped her legs shut again. When she did this it brought the fingers up tight against her pussy again. All of this movement got her pussy wet and she panicked as she realized her body was responding. Her hand still gripped the wrist that was lodged between her thighs in a vain attempt to stay off the attack.

She turned her head toward Drake and gasped, "Please."

He turned his head toward her until they were face to face and she could feel his breath.

"You don't have to beg baby." He said as he smiled and his finger slipped past her small covering of panty and into her wetness.

She let out a small gasp as she felt the finger enter her wet pussy. He wiggled it back and forth slowly and sensually as she tried to push the hand out again. She opened her legs again a little and the finger slid deeper into her wet pussy.

Her body was responding and she was losing the battle. The more she tried to fight it the more that slow moving finger made her lose. His thumb found her clit and began to rub in small circles. She moaned and Drake smiled as he watched her face that was so close to him. Her body slipped deeper into lust as she began to respond and her legs opened to him more. She realized her hand was not pushing against his anymore but now was simply gripping his wrist.

His manipulations were masterful. She had been fingered by several men in her life but none who knew where and when to touch like this man. Her husband was always so rough and hard and never did it for her but for his pleasure. This man was out for one thing and one thing alone -- her pleasure.

"Oh God!" She said out loud as she felt a ripple of pleasure course through her.

"You better cover you mouth with something. It is only going to get better." He said softly

She pulled the blanket up into her mouth and bit down hard into it as he rubbed across her clit again. She was in total abandon now. Her legs were spread wide and her hand which hand been simply holding his wrist was now pushing it harder into her sopping wet pussy. His finger was all the way inside of her how and she fully realized how big his hands and finger really were. It pushed up against her G spot and rubbed it slowly back and forth and then in a slow circle. She moaned into the blanket and felt her orgasm building closer. She was ready to cum and pulled the blanket out of her mouth.

"Oh fuck yes! Make me cum!" She said in heated breath

"Not yet baby. I want this to be good."

She groaned as she realized he was going to stretch this out and make her suffer. This was not going to be some wham bam thank you ma'am encounter. He was on a mission to rattle her life.

His other hand slipped behind her head and pulled her mouth into his. She readily opened her lips to him as his tongued snaked into her mouth. She was so hot she would have done anything he asked at that point. She had never been so horny and so ready to cum in her life. She moaned into his mouth as he brought her to edge again and just before she reached her orgasm he stopped and pulled his hand back. She quickly grabbed it and pushed it back to her pussy.

He pulled his mouth away from hers.

"Oh you are a horny little slut aren't you? If I can do this with my finger imagine what I could do with my cock inside of you?" He chuckled at her frustration.

He kept this onslaught of her pussy up for over thirty minutes bringing her to the edge of orgasm and then denying her release. She was constantly trembling as her body was out of control. The blood in her head and pussy was pounding so loud she was sure everyone on the plane could hear it.

"Please, please, oh fuck, please make me cum! I can't take it anymore!" She pleaded as her mouth crushed against his.

"Ok baby, you better cover your mouth good because here you go."

It was more that she could imagine. His thumb grazed against her clit in a rapid circling motion as his finger plunged into her pussy and found her G spot and in quick rubbing motions drove her into orgasm. She started cumming on his hand and it was the hardest orgasm of her life. She was screaming into the blanket and her eyes rolled back into her head as she nearly passed out from the release of her orgasm. Her pussy was gripping his fast moving finger and thumb and her legs clamped down on his hand. She just kept cumming and thought she would pass out before it stopped. When she finally started coming down from it his finger and thumb slowed and softly rubbed her as she began to catch her breath.

Just as she thought it was over his thumb pressed down hard against her clit ad he drove his finger deep as he could inside of her. She immediately came again as hard as the first time. She was making guttural noises into the blanket so loud she knew everyone could hear her. He pistoned his finger into her again and again as she found herself having multiple orgasms. She was out of control. This man owned her and she could do nothing but allow him whatever he wanted. When he finally stopped she was spent and limp in her seat. She felt him move the arm rest that was between them and then his hand gripped her behind the head and pulled her head toward his lap. She was so overcome by her orgasm she did not resist and when she saw him pull back his blanket she realized his pants had been opened and his cock was standing at full erection. He grabbed her pony tail and guided her mouth to his cock head. He held it to her mouth with his left hand and she obediently opened her mouth as he pushed her head down under his blanket.

She took the head into her hot mouth and tasted the precum that had gathered to the tip. She swirled her tongue around the head tasting the tangy juice. He moaned as he pushed her mouth deeper onto his cock. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed as it hit the back of her throat to allow his long cock access. She wanted to swallow this mans cock and make him cum as she had. She pushed her mouth down until it entered her throat and she felt his pubic hairs tickle her nose. She held him there for as long as she could and pulled it back out of her mouth to hold the head tightly as she took another deep breath.

She continued deep throating him for at least fifteen minutes. Down until his cock entered his throat and held him deep while he moaned. Sliding her mouth slowly up until she would swirl her tongue around the head and then begin her slow deep decent back down his long hard cock. She was all the way down on him when she felt his cock head swell and his balls in her hand draw up tight and she knew he was going to cum. She pulled her mouth off his cock quickly and gripped the shaft at the bottom tight so as to keep him from cumming.

"What the fuck?" He groaned as he pulled the blanket back to ask her why she had stopped

"How does it feel not being able to cum when you want too?" She whispered as she let her tongue swirl around the head of his cock and looked up at him smiling

He chuckled and pulled the blanket back over her head as she took him deep down her throat again. This time when his cock swelled she kept it deep in her throat as she felt him jerk in orgasm. She felt the hot lava of cum explode into the back of her throat and swallowed the first shot. She pulled her head back until she was just holding his cock head in her mouth and she stroked his shaft slowly as he sot again. He cum was thick and hot in her mouth and she would swallow with every shot from his pulsing member. One, Two, Three...Seven, eight, nine...Finally his last shot came on the tenth time. She could not believe how much he came and how long it took. She did not pull her mouth off of his cock until she was sure no more cum was in it. When she finally did she sat up in her seat and licked her lips.

"Now that's what I call cumming."

"Funny, that's what I call it too." He said as he zipped his pants

She quickly looked over at her husband but she need not have worried. He was fast asleep and in another world. She straighten her mini skirt beneath her blanket and turned to face this man who had taken her to a new place in her sex life. He kissed her deeply and she felt so tired all of a sudden. She let her eyes close as he settled back into his seat and the next thing she knew she was being awakened by her husband as the plane was landing.

"Wake up sleepy head, we're here!" He said smiling down at her, "What made you relax so much that you finally went to sleep on a plane?"

"Oh, I had a little help from Drake here and the rest was easy." She said slyly

"Thanks a lot man, she has never slept on a plane before this." James leaned across to shake his hand.

"Trust me, it was my pleasure completely." Drake said chuckling as he shook James' hand.

They pulled into the gate and the seat belt sign was turned off. James stood in the aisle looking at the forward cabin. Drake pressed something into Erin's while James looked away. She glanced down and saw it was a business card. She turned it over and there was small note.

Call me and I will finish this the right way. His cell number was underneath the note. She shivered as she thought about finishing what had been done to her a few minutes before. If she had cum as hard as she did with his finger what would he do to her with his big cock? She couldn't wait to find out. She turned and looked him in the eyes.

"I will." She simply stated and got up and followed her unsuspecting husband out of the plane.

When they were waiting for their luggage Drake got his first and came by her on his way out.

"I can't wait." He said and winked at Erin

"What did he mean by that?" Her husband asked as he walked away.

"I guess he is anxious to get home." She said glibly

"Oh, well I can't wait either." He said as he picked up one of their bags, Are you cold, honey?"

"No." Erin said looking at him strangely

"Then why are you shaking?" He asked.

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by Anonymous05/29/18

another job well done..!

good story, swift and to the point.
i really liked it allbeit brief.
ignore the whingers about spelling and grammar
there was a few errors, so what.. wasnt enough to detract from the story
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The Story Was Alright!

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To "really"

I dated this gal back in the 80's, nice lady and after a half dozen dates we ended up in my place. For some reason, she did not want her tits touched, but everything else was fine. Then she sort of relaxed,more...

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You lost me when you claimed her nipples were the size of a half dollar. Really? Nipples almost 1-1/4" in diameter? I CALL BULLSHIT!!! Keep it real!!

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