Wife Stripped While Husband Watches


Molly was just as excited about trying this sexual fantasy, as I was. She bought this loose fitting summer dress that has buttons from the top to the bottom that she uses as a cover up to relax in, after removing her bathing suit. Normally, with just the two of us in the backyard, she'd sit out back by the pool wearing that and nothing else, but in this instance, it was important for her to appear more respectable, so she wore a bikini panty and a sexy bra underneath. Then, she came up with this plan that we'd have an argument. Only...

Instead of me telling you what happened, why don't I just show you. Sit there and don't make a sound, please. I don't want anyone to know you're here watching the action. Okay? Just watch the show and enjoy.

"Molly, honey, I think you've had enough to drink," I said after she pretended to trip, crashed in the chair, and nearly fell backwards in the pool.

My friend, Bob, visiting from out of state and his friend Jack, who I just met today, jumped up to catch Molly and to prevent her from falling backwards in the pool. They had been eying her all night and I knew they were both interested in her, only they had no idea how deeply interested Molly and I wanted them to be. I noticed that when Bob jumped up to catch Molly from falling, he had an arm around her breasts, while Jack was holding onto her ass, a good sign. Both had a good feel of her firm and toned body and, by the looks on their faces, they enjoyed what they felt.

My wife, tall and shapely, is a good looking woman and doesn't look her age. With her red hair and freckles, everyone says she looks like Nicole Kidman's older sister, but with bigger tits. Everyone says she looks ten years younger. Redheads always look younger than their age. Maybe it's all those freckles.

"Don't tell me what to do, Roger," said my wife with her hand on her hip and her Irish, blue eyes flashing with anger. "If I want to relax with a couple of drinks, what's the problem?"

"The problem is, honey, that you've already had more than a couple of drinks, sweetheart," I said talking to her, as if I was the psychologist instead of her and she was a difficult patient sitting in my dentist chair. "You're drunk. You've been drinking since early this afternoon. I've counted you having, at least, six drinks today."

"I'm not drunk, Roger," she said staggering and slurring her words, while walking up to my face. "How dare you treat me, as you would your daughter? I'm not a child," she said stomping her foot and for a second, I thought she was going to take a temper tantrum.

This was good. If she was an actress, she'd win an Oscar. Not expecting it, she slapped me hard across the face. Trust me, it hurt like Hell and I think my wife enjoyed slapping me a little bit too much, but payback is a bitch for what I was about to do to her.

"Why I ought to spank you for that."

"Spank me? Ha! You with your little pencil dick aren't man enough to spank me," she said playing her best Elizabeth Taylor role, in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, while swaying.

"Little pencil dick, huh? You didn't think it was so little, when you were sucking on it last night," I said.

She tried slapping me again, but I blocked her hand with my forearm. With that, I grabbed her by her wrist and I sat on the chair behind me. I pulled her down and across my knee and held her in place with a hand to the middle of her back. Then, I lifted up her dress nearly to her shoulders, pulled down her panty, and slapped her naked ass half dozen times, until it was red and she was suppressing the tears. In my sexual excitement, I may have slapped her a little too hard. Oh, my God, I was so excited that my hand was shaking and I already had an erection by so exposing my wife in that way.

At first they both laughed a nervous laugh, when I pulled her down across my knee, but when I pulled up her dress and pulled down her panty, Bob and Jack watched our little show in shocked awe. With her red pussy bush peeking through between her legs, they never removed their stare from her naked ass in the brightly lit backyard, I'm sure their cocks responded to the show of my wife's sudden nudity.

"How dare you humiliate me in front of our guests?" She struggled to stand to regain her composure, while pulling up her panty to regain her modesty. When she did, she took another swing at me, but I blocked it, again.

This is where we put our real plan into play. Just as in the video, I lifted her dress all the way up over her head. Since this was a dress that buttoned all the way down, the buttons needed to be unbuttoned for her to remove the dress. With the top button buttoned, the opening was too small for her to just pull the dress off over her head to escape. It was the perfect dress to use in this plan.

With her arms stretched in the air over her head and her face covered with her dress, I grabbed the tie from her ponytail and tied the end of her dress. Helpless, she was trapped. The sight of her standing there so helplessly with her panty and bra clad body so exposed to whatever was my desire, my cock was already hard with what I was about to do next.

I unbuttoned the button by her mouth and pushed down on her shoulders, until she fell to her knees. Then, I pulled down my bathing trunks and inserted my cock in her mouth.

"Pencil dick, huh? I'll show you a pencil dick," I said putting a hand to the back of her head and forcing her to blow me.

"Pencil dick," she said spitting my cock out of her mouth.

She struggled to stand and, when she did, she gave me a knee to the balls that, had I not known was coming, would have put me on the patio in pain, but I stepped back, just as she raised her knee. From where my friends were sitting and watching the action, it looked as if she had kneed me in the balls. With my wife so exposed to our two male guests, I couldn't wait for the hot pillow talk tonight, after this role play. The sex tonight would be wildly hot, for sure.

"Honey, hold still. You're going to hurt yourself, if you continue struggling."

"Fuck you," she said giving me a head butt. "I need a real man, not a pencil dick."

Not part of our plan, the unexpected head butt hurt, but it was worth the pain to make our elaborate plan more realistic.

"Gees, Molly, that really hurt. You nearly knocked me out. Give me a hand with her, guys," I said rubbing the already emerging bump on my head. "She's too much for me. She needs to be taught a lesson in obedience and discipline."

Bob and Jack popped out of their chairs ready to help. They both already had a few beers and I knew it wouldn't take much for them to be eager volunteers in our little erotic, sexual show.

"Molly, calm down, honey. We're only trying to help you."

"You mean, you're only trying to help yourself with your hand on my breast. Who's hand is that? Let go of me," she said trying to wiggle away from Bob's grope.

Bob had his big hand on one of her bra covered tits and Jack was holding her around her lower abdomen with his hand holding her in front of her panty and his fingers pointing down her lower tummy. I could see Bob sneakily fingering her nipple and Jack had moved his hand further down and had his fingers pressed against her panty clad slit. Oh, my God, just as in the chikan videos, these two horny guys were ready and willing to have their lusty way with my wife.

"Whichever one of you is doing that, stop fingering my nipple and touching my pussy," she said struggling.

"I'm not touching you," I said. "Stop struggling, Molly. We're just trying to hold you, so you don't fall and hurt yourself."

"Fuck you," she said spitting at me through the unbuttoned part of her dress, where her mouth was. "Hold me, my ass. Your two friends are groping me and touching me where no man should allow his wife to be touched."

"This will teach you for insulting my guests by wrongly accusing my friends of touching you," I said.

I grabbed the scissors that were on the table that I needed to open the cheese I had put out. With two snips, I cut off her panty, an old pair that my wife didn't care if I ruined and another snip freed her C cup breasts. She was naked and when I gave them both the nod, my friends were not shy in touching her, while pretending to hold her to stop her from struggling. I wish I had a camera to capture the looks on Bob and Jack's face, when they saw Molly naked and had access to her body.

"Let go of me, all of you," she said wiggling and squirming. "How dare you grope me? You fucking perverts," she said, while trying to give me another head butt, but I step back out of range of her head. "How dare you strip me in front of our guests?"

"You need to be taught a lesson in manners, Molly," I said. "You need to learn how to act like an obedient wife."

"Obedient wife? Is this is how you teach me that lesson by stripping me naked and having your perverted friends grope me? Untie me this instant, Roger, or you'll have Hell to pay."

"No one is groping you, Molly," I said pretending not to notice Bob's hands all over my wife's breasts and Jack's hands feeling Molly's naked ass and pussy. "There's just holding you, so you don't fall and hurt yourself. You shouldn't have drank so much."

Acting much like Nicole Kidman in that scene from the movie, Dead Calm, where she's aboard a yacht and a guy tries to rape her, Molly gave Bob a mule kick to the nuts and Jack a backward head butt. She was playing her role to the nth degree.

"The three of you losers combined aren't man enough to give me one good fuck," she said slurring her words for good measure to show them how drunk she was, even though she spent the night sipping water, instead of gin.

With a nod of my head and a wink of my eye, they knew what I meant; I gave Bob and Jack the go ahead.

"Not man enough? I'll show you," said Bob.

"I have to sit down," I said putting a splayed fingered hand over my face. "I'm dizzy from the head butt she gave me," I said pretending that I was too dazed to watch what they were doing to my poor, out of control, drunken wife.

I took a step back and pulled up a chair to watch Bob pull down and kick off his swimming trunks. Oh, man, this was good. He had a big cock that I knew Molly would love. His cock was already sticking straight out by the naked show and feel of my wife that we had already given him.

This was what we both were wanting to do, explore our sexual fantasies, while preserving our reputations. He bent my wife over the back of a chair, wet his finger and inserted it in my wife.

"Stop! Unhand me, you brute. How dare you violate me with your finger. Roger!"

"I plan on violating you with more than my finger, pretty lady," he said giving me a wink and a nod.

With a pressured push and a hump, he filled Molly up with his cock. Humping himself in deeper, he started pounding her hole.

I couldn't believe it. Bob was fucking Molly and I had front row seats to the sexy show. I couldn't wait to ask her how Bob's cock felt in her pussy later.

"Wait. What are you doing? Stop. Let go of me. How dare you? Roger do something," she said stomping her foot again. "Roger! He's fucking me!"

"Fill her pie hole," I said turning to Jack, while still rubbing the bump on my head. "I can't stand the sound of her voice. She's giving me a worse headache than I already have."

Eager to oblige, Jack pulled off his bathing trunks and moved his cock towards the unbuttoned area in her dress, where her mouth was. When she wouldn't take his cock, he grabbed a handful of her ass and pinched.

"Ow! How dare you pinch my ass, you asshole!"

When she still refused to take his cock in her mouth, he pinched her nose. When she opened her mouth to breath, with one quick hump, he filled her mouth with his cock. I sat back on the lounge chair watching Molly being fucked by Bob, while she sucked off Jack.

"Slap her ass, Bob," I said. "Give her the good spanking that she needs to obey me."

Bob was eager to oblige and paddled her ass with his big, meaty hand, while he fucked her and while she blew Jack. Bob was really humping Molly now and Jack was fucking her mouth. Molly was playing her role by trying to spit Jack's cock out of her mouth and trying to mule kick Bob. Still both men had their way with her. It was an amazing show to watch.

Then, I couldn't believe it when they switched positions. Now, Jack was fucking my wife doggie style and Bob was fucking her mouth with his cock. A gruesome, twosome gangbang, my wife had gotten her wish. Maybe next time, I'll invite a couple more guys over.

Both men, shot their loads at the same time, Jack in her pussy and Bob in her mouth. When it was over, she pretended she fainted. Totally passed out, I untied her, pulled down her dress, sat her on the lounge chair and covered her with a light blanket.

"Don't worry. She was so drunk. She'll never remember any of this," I said to my friends with a wave of my hand. "If she does remember any of it, she'll think it was a dream and if she says any differently, I'll tell her she was out cold drunk. Want another beer?"

"Nah, we should get going, Roger," said Bob. "We have to get up early tomorrow. Thank your little woman for the fun evening," he said with a laugh. The three of us turned to look at Molly pretending to sleep off her drunkenness.

"Let me walk you to your car," I said excited about the pillow talk I'd have with Molly about this later.

We did that the entire summer, enlisting a new tag team of men, my friends, her friends, people we knew from the past and new friends we made. I can't wait for next year when we come up with something else for our sexy, summer loving.

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