tagLoving WivesWife Takes On All Cummers Ch. 01

Wife Takes On All Cummers Ch. 01


(This is my first attempt at writing a story so I tried to use my fantasies as a guide to developing a plot. I am very grateful to Literotica volunteer editor Angel Love for her assistance and comments.)

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The phone rang just as Susan walked back in the door. "Hello" she said as she answered the call.

"Hi sweetheart, how's it going?" replied her husband Jeff.

"Great, I just got back from taking Kim and Joey to school. How are thing's at the office?"

"Same old shit baby. Paper, paper and more paper. Sometimes I wish I was still working on a field assignment, but at least this way I'm home every night."

"Yeah, I love that too. You were on the road way to much before. It's nice that Larry moved you back to the office even if I had to help you get the promotion."

Jeff said, "That's really why I called sweetheart. Larry has another one of those bad headaches and he's on his way over to see you even as we speak."

"Oh really, I suppose he wants me to provide some oral relief again."

"As a matter of fact he thinks your blow jobs are the best medicine he's ever had and frankly I can't help but agree. You are damn good at it." he said.

"But I haven't put on any make up or anything sweetie. I wish he would give us more notice," Susan complained while secretly she was getting excited thinking about wrapping her lip's around Larry's 8" hard cock, the biggest she had ever had.

She could feel the moisture already building in her pussy knowing Larry might also take time to fuck her in the ass, something Jeff wasn't aware she had let Larry do.

"Don't worry honey, he's just stopping by on his way to another meeting so all you need to do is suck and swallow, then he'll be on his way. He damn sure doesn't care if you have make-up on, he just wants to fuck your mouth and take the pressure off. OK?"

"Sure it's OK baby, you know I love doing what I can to help your career. I better get off the phone and get ready for him. I'll call you after he leaves. I love you."

"Love you too sweetheart. Have fun," Jeff answered as he hung up.

Susan hurried to the master bathroom where she quickly applied her makeup. As she put on an extra thick layer of bright red lipstick she thought about the changes she had gone through in the last year. She and Jeff had been married for 12 years and until a year ago she had never had sex with anyone but Jeff. Theirs was the Hollywood version of a typical suburban marriage with Jeff working his butt off to make the mortgage payments while she was the loving wife and mother to their two children, 11 year old Kim and 10 year old Joey.

She was a 31 years old red head, 5" 6", 124 lbs., worked out regularly and retained her pre-pregnancy figure of 36C-27-36. She kept a clean house and catered to Jeff's needs when he wasn't working out of town. Their sex life was good, sometimes great, and Susan was content except for wanting Jeff home more frequently.

When Jeff told her he was being considered for a supervisory position in the home office she was thrilled. Then they discovered that Jeff was just 1 of 3 people being considered for the promotion and Jeff said he needed to do something special to ensure he was selected. Susan said she would do anything she could to help.

One night after work Jeff and his boss Larry went out for a drink and Larry told Jeff that he would get the promotion provided Susan serviced him sexually. Larry said he had fancied sex with her from the first time he had seen her.

Once Jeff got over the initial shock and anger of Larry's proposition he told Susan about Larry's request. After much discussion and 3 days of thinking about it Susan agreed to do her part as long as Jeff could handle the thought of her sucking and fucking the boss.

Now here they were a year later with Jeff loving his new job, Susan loving the nasty sex with Larry and their marriage hotter than ever.

Recently they had even invited a few more of Jeff's friends and co-workers over to enjoy Susan's body and new found sexual freedom. Jeff loved watching her service other men and he particularly enjoyed licking her clean afterwards, something so nasty and kinky it gave Susan multiple orgasms.

Just then the door bell rang and Susan rushed to answer it. "Hi Larry" she said as she opened the door, "Jeff called to say you were coming by."

"Uh-huh, I told him I have another headache and I need your special service," Larry said as he entered. "Damn, you sure look good Susan. You are one beautiful woman. I never tire of looking at you. Is that red lipstick for me?"

"Actually it is. I know how you love to watch when I wrap my lips around that beautiful cock of yours. Jeff said you're in a hurry so do you just want a quick blow job here in the living room?" Susan asked as she reached to pull down his zipper.

"I'm not that rushed Susan. I have time to enjoy some of your high quality ass first if you're up for it." Larry said as he pulled her in tight and grabbed a handful of her tight ass cheeks.

"Oh fuck yes," Susan moaned into his neck, "I was hoping you'd have time to cram it in my butt again. I love it when you take me that way."

With that Susan turned around and dropped to the carpet on her knees, legs spread and head on floor so her ass was offered up for his use. "You fucking slut, you are hot for a good ass fuck aren't you?" Larry said as he removed his pants, knelt down and flipped her dress up over her back.

Susan seldom wore panties anymore so Larry was greeted with the view of her shaved, wet cunt and rubbery ass hole which seemed to be winking in anticipation. He immediately crammed 2 fingers in her soppy cunt hole as he spit on her waiting ass hole and stuck his thumb in it for the proverbial bowling ball grip.

Susan groaned as he wet his fingers in her pussy and thumbed her ass, "I am a slut baby, a slut for your big cock. Fill me up Larry, I want you to fuck the hell out of my ass while we have the chance, I can eat your cum anytime."

Larry pulled his fingers from her pulsing cunt hole and replaced his thumb by sticking his tongue into her tight butt. "Oh my God, that is so fucking nasty." Susan grunted, "I love it when you eat my ass."

He pried her ass cheeks wide open as his lips created a seal on her ass hole and his tongue plundered her sensitive opening. Susan felt her guts tighten as a small climax rippled through her, his licking and ass sucking setting off bombs of pleasure inside her rectum.

Pulling back Larry quickly reamed her ass with 2 fingers in preparation for his final assault. Susan reached back, gripped her ass cheeks and pulled them wide open in anticipation of the pleasure to come. Larry spit once more on her quivering sphincter and than crouched behind her placing the mushroom head of his 8" cock at the entrance to her hot bowels.

"Do it" Susan groaned, "Ram that fuckin' cock in me!"

Larry shoved and the head popped past her tight ring and Susan grunted as he slowly drove the last of his meat into her waiting rear.

"Your ass is so fucking tight and hot, I can't get enough of it." Jeff said as he bottomed out in Susan's guts.

Susan moaned with lust as his nut sac slapped against her sloppy wet cunt-hole and he started stroking his big meat in and out of her clenching ass.

"That's it baby, fuck your sluts asshole, fuck me hard baby, pound that fuckin' meat home!" she squealed as he picked up the pace and started ramming his stiff cock in and out of her ass.

Susan was humping and wiggling her butt, grunting and puffing like a rutting pig as he slammed his raging hard-on into her. Her first anal climax ripped through her as he continued to pound his meat stick home, his balls slapping her cunt.

"Oh fuck me-e-e-e-e baby, give it to me you bastard, I want every fuckin inch!! Ohhhh God I'm cumming again-n-n-n, agh-h-h-h fuck!!!!"

"Shit I'm almost there too, I'm going to cum!" Jeff grunted as Susan felt his cock swell in her ravaged ass canal.

"Give it to me baby, ram that fucker in there and pump your load in my tight ass!!" Susan yelled.

Making one final thrust Larry drove his cock deep in her grasping butt canal and ejaculated the first shot of cum into Susan's greedy bowels; "There, there, oh-h-h fuc-k-k-k Susan here it comes, uug-h-h-h!!!!!!!!!" Larry's spurting seed coated her ass canal as he emptied his balls into the beautiful wife turned slut.

Susan groveled on the carpet panting and moaning in lust as orgasms ripped through her guts. She loved the feeling of Larry's hot cum plastering her steamy ass and it triggered her desires for a lot more hot raunchy sex.

Coming down off their sexual high Larry slowly pulled his wilting cock from Susan's ass, marveling at how her ravaged sphincter remained open and beet red as she rolled over onto her side and smiled up at him.

"Thanks Larry, I needed that."

"My pleasure my lady, but now I'd better clean up and get to my meeting," Larry replied as he headed for the shower.

Returning from a quick shower Larry found Susan still nude sitting on a towel on the couch. "Draining that sweet ass, hell I thought you liked my cum!" Larry gently laughed as he started to retrieve his clothes.

"I don't just like it, I love it; but that was a huge load, you must have been saving it up." Susan replied. "I hope there's some left for my tummy."

Sliding from the couch to get on her knees in front of Larry before he could dress Susan said; "Come on baby, let's see if there's any of that sweet juice left for mama." Dipping her head she slurped his limber cock meat into her hot mouth, sucking and licking as she softly fondled his balls.

"Damn-it Susan, I really must go," Larry muttered even as he felt his dick start to harden again. "You've turned into such a greedy slut," he groaned as he watched his growing cock slide in and out between her red, whorish lips.

Pulling his marvelous cock from her mouth for a moment Susan agreed; "Yes I am babe, greedy for your cum. Fuck my mouth Larry, fuck it like you did my ass," and she crammed his now hard cock back into her mouth.

Grabbing her by the back of the head Larry fed her 8" of cock, driving it into her gullet, forcing her to breathe through her nose. Again and again he pulled it back and than fucked it back into her throat, loving the feeling as her throat muscles gripped it while trying to expel his meat invader.

Susan gripped his ass cheeks and helped him cram his rampant cock in and out of her throat, fucking her face like a well used cunt. Orgasm after orgasm rippled through her as she felt his cock swelling in her mouth and throat. She took great pride in her ability to swallow his huge slab of cock meat when he held her face pressed tight to his stomach and jets of tasty cum started shooting straight down her throat.

"Swallow every drop you fuckin' whore!!" Larry yelled in passion as he blasted her throat with his sticky wads. Susan savored and swallowed repeatedly as he pumped his load into her belly.

Larry finally relented and released his hold on her head so she could dislodge his satisfied cock from her throat and Susan fell over on her back gasping for air.

"That was fucking incredible," Larry panted as he came down off his sexual high, "You are the hottest slut I've ever had."

"And you are the best fuck I've ever had Larry. I love your talented 8" cock, your wonderful tongue in my ass and your sweet cum; not you, just the nasty sex you give me," Susan responded with a cum-coated grin.

Later after Larry had gone on his way Susan called Jeff to report on the visit. "Hi sweetie, just wanted to let you know Larry was here and I took care of him."

"Thanks honey, how did it go?" Jeff asked.

"Just the usual baby, I sucked his cock in the living room and he gave me a huge load to swallow. I was a good slut-wife though, I sucked him dry. It's no wonder he had a headache, his balls were full but now it's all in my tummy," Susan replied with a giggle.

"Geez, wish I had been there to see that honey. Thinking about you sucking Larry's cock has me cranked up and horny! Maybe we can party a bit this weekend if you're up for it?"

"Sure baby, I'll see if my folks will keep the kids Saturday night and you can line up a couple of hunks to party with."

"Fuckin-A honey, I'll see you after work."

(To be continued)

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