tagLoving WivesWife with Black Man (Her Version)

Wife with Black Man (Her Version)


My husband shocked me to my core when he asked me to fuck a big black cock. I couldn't believe he would ask me to do this. Didn't he want me? He told me it was just a fantasy that he wanted to try but I said "NEVER!"

I thought it was over but our relationship struggled over the next few weeks. He clearly was upset with me as I was upset with him. Why did he want this so much? I started to worry about what this would do with our relationship long term. What if he never got over this? Could I be with another man to please my husband while he watched, especially a black man? What would a big black cock feel like? The more I thought about it the more it came down to letting a complete stranger fuck me or having a strained relationship with my husband. It would only be one time and maybe I could get through it.

"Mike, I'll do this one time for you but that's it! I can't believe I'm agreeing to do this."

"Thank you honey, I agree only one time."

We talked about how to go about it and he said he would handle everything. I said I wanted to pick the guy and he said "ok honey but my fantasy is for you to be with a monster black cock. I don't want you hurt and you will be in total control on how much you can take and he would be wearing a condom. It wouldn't be the exciting if you had a black cock that was not huge, that a big part of it for me."

"OK, I'll pick the biggest, it can't be that large and I've had three kids come out of me so I'm sure I can handle it."

During the time waiting for this to happen we didn't have sex because we thought it would make me hornier and more willing to fuck another man's cock. Finally, a week later my husband said he found three candidates on Craigslist that fit the bill.

He showed me the first one, "Holy Shit, look at the size of that cock. I'm not sure I could take it all. How big is it?"

"10" long and 2" thick."

He then showed me the second one, "That's a big one but the first one is bigger. If I had my way I would do this one, I might be able to get that in all the way. I can't believe how big these are, black guys are really hung."

"This one is 8.5" long and 2" wide."

He finally showed me the third one, "OH MY FUCKING GOD! That can't be real. There's no way anybody could be that big. I can't believe that would fit in any women let alone me. I know I said I'd pick the biggest but this is too big, let me pick the first one, it's big enough."

"Honey, look at it closely, the head and the first six inches are not as thick as the rest. You could definitely get the head and about six inches in. If you're on top you can control how much you can take and it won't hurt you. Stop when it's in far enough and just fuck that part of it. It's only one time so you might as well try it once. This is the one I want you to try. You'll never get another chance to fuck a cock that is 13" long and 2.5" wide."

"The only way I'll try it is if I can be on top and I'm in total charge on how far it goes in me and how hard we fuck, otherwise I'm picking the other one."

"I totally agree, you'll be in complete charge. I bet you try to go more than 6" and you cum on this monster more than you ever have."

"There's no way I going to enjoy this, I'll do it for you because I love you and this is what you want but there's no way I'll cum and I doubt I'll even get 6" of that monster in me."

He called James right away and we decided to meet tomorrow night at the hotel. The next night we went out to dinner and didn't say too much. There was a lot of tension in the air, not knowing what to expect. I was a wreck just thinking about what was going to happen. My hands were shaking just thinking about it. We went to our room and I went in the bathroom to get prepared for the first cock other than my husband's that would enter my pussy. I stripped and sat on the toilet. I was so nervous that I was shaking. I didn't want this but it was too late to back out now. I changed into my "fuck me" lingerie. It was a satin top with matching panties and I also put on stocking with red high heels. I looked perfect for the part. There was a knock on the door and we both looked at each other and knew it was now time, I was going to be guiding a monster black cock in my pussy in a few minutes. My husband went to the door and let James in.

"Hi James, come in and meet Lisa."

James walked in and he looked just like his picture, he was about 6'2", 220lbs and was all muscle.

"Hi Mike, I'm happy to be here. Hi Lisa, you're very beautiful and I love your outfit."

I blushed, "Thanks James." I was acting like a nervous virgin teenage school girl.

"James please strip down to your boxers and get comfortable on the bed with Lisa so you can get to know each other."

"Ok Mike."

I watched James as he stripped, I was looking at his body and he had a great body, no doubt about it. When he took his pants off, I gasped as I stared at the cock head and a few inches of his monster cock coming out of the leg opening of his boxers. It was one thing seeing it in a picture but seeing it live was unbelievable. My pussy was bone dry and I was worried that it would wreck me when he tried to enter me.

"Lisa have you ever seen one this big before?"

"No James, it's unbelievable that it's that big."

"Go ahead and touch it, it's not even hard yet." I tentatively reached out for it and touched it and then grabbed it. It was so big and it wasn't even hard yet. It felt surreal touching another man's cock while my husband taped it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. "Let me take off my boxers so you can see the whole thing." I let go of it and he took off his boxers.

I couldn't believe what I saw! "Oh my God it's incredible, it's huge." I reached out and grabbed it but my hand didn't even come close to wrapping around it and was completely dwarfed by his cock. I started to stroke it and I pulled him on the bed with me and now had 2 hands on it jerking it while being on my knees with my face only inches from the head.

"What do you think honey? Do you want some of that? Honey? Hello? Anybody home? LISA?"

"Oh my god, it's so big. Mike, I don't think it will fit."

"It will fit honey, get him hard and let's see you ride it."

"I'm trying but it not getting hard. James, what's the matter?"

"Lisa, I'm a bit nervous, if you suck it I'm sure that will do it."

"Oh what the fuck, I'm going to let you fuck me, what's the difference if I blow you first. Let's get ready for when I get you hard so I can ride you." I stopped jerking him off and took off my panties. "James while I suck you, eat me pussy, I'm real nervous too and I'm dry, you'll rip my pussy open unless I get lubed up. When you're hard enough to penetrate me, take the KY and lube up my pussy. I'll put the condom on you and lube you up and then I'll ride as much of you as I can."

I moved around until I was on top of him, my pussy right above his face and then I started to lick his cock. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It started to leak a load of precum while I licked the cock head so I licked it all up. He grabbed my ass and pulled my pussy down near his mouth. James started to lick me from my asshole to the top of my clit. I loved what he was doing to me down there and totally lost control and now wanted to do whatever James wanted. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and put the head of his cock in and started to suck on it. It smelled and tasted musky but it wasn't too bad. I put a few more inches in until it hit my throat and then started to bop up and down on it. It finally began to grow and get wider and harder. My lips were now stretched to the breaking point but I kept on going up and down on that monster. I wanted to try and get his cock in my throat and have him fill my belly with his cum. I put his cock head against my throat and took a big breath through my nose and then pushed my head down until I finally felt his cock pop into my throat.

My husband groaned "Holy shit honey, I can see his cock in your throat".

I kept on pushing until my mouth was at the end of his cock and the beginning of his ball sac. I had taken all of him. My lips and jaw were killing me but I had done it. His cock head must be somewhere near the opening of my stomach. I suddenly felt like I was going to throw up so I quickly pulled the monster out and drooled out a ton of saliva all over his massive cock. He was now hard as steel and was ready to penetrate me. I quickly opened the condom and tried put it on his cock.

"James, lube my pussy up while I get you ready."

I couldn't get the condom on because it was too small.


I suddenly groaned when I felt two of his lubed up fingers entering me. It felt as big as my husband's cock.

I kept on trying to put on the condom but it just wasn't going on.

James kept on pushing more KY into me and now had three fingers in me up to his knuckles. I was so horny for his monster cock and needed it in me now.

"James, Mike, the condom won't go on. What should we do?"

My husband replied, "it's up to you honey, he gave us proof the he's disease free but you're not on birth control."

"James, let me put some KY on your cock and then you can fuck me without a condom but don't cum in me, only my husband can do that. I'm in the middle of my cycle and will get pregnant if you cum in me."

James replies "OK Lisa, I'll pull out before I cum, I promise."

I was so horny now that I was willing to take a chance to get knocked up by a stranger with a monster black cock. I could see that he was leaking precum already and I knew that even if he pulled out in time, I would probably have more cum in me than I normally do when my husband cums in me.

I lubed up his cock with KY and we were now ready to fuck. I turned around on top of James until my pussy was over his cock. I looked behind me and saw my husband getting behind us with the video cam. I was actually excited to put another man's cock in my pussy and fuck it while my husband taped it. I grabbed his monster cock and lowered myself over it until the head was touching my pussy lips. I rubbed it up and down and finally put in against my hole and pushed down on it. The head slowly went in followed by 3" of that monster cock. The only sound was a "glisst" sound caused by my lubricated pussy lips being stretched to the breaking point around that lubed up monster cock.

"Oh my God it's huge, oh my god, oh."

I never felt anything like that before in my pussy, it was a full feeling, a very intense pressure and I wasn't sure if I felt pain or pleasure but I wanted it to last forever. I knew right away that I hooked on big cocks forever. Only woman who have fucked very large cocks know what I'm talking about. It's like a drug addicts first time.

Now I started to pull back off it and my pussy felt like it was being pulled out. I pulled back until only the tip was in and then pushed back down until I had taken an additional fraction of an inch of his cock. I kept this up for about 10 minutes until I had taken about half of his 13" monster in me. This cock now had me quivering all over. I could feel a deep tingling in my pussy and I suddenly felt the biggest orgasm of my life begin.

"Oh my god James it feels so good. Oh, Oh, Oh I cumming. OHHHHHHHHH."

I finally came down from my orgasm.

"Oh Mike you were right about me loving it. I need more of it in me."

I started going up and down on it again going a little deeper each time. I had now taken about 9" but it had taken an additional 15 minutes and I was getting tired. I could feel that his cock had reached the end of my pussy.

"Oh my god how much do I have left?"

"About 4" hon."

"James, I need a rest, turn me over and fuck me."

"OK Lisa."

James pulled me over on my back with him on top of me while keeping his cock inside me. I put my legs on his shoulders and put my hands all over his ass.

"Lisa honey, you're doing great honey, relax, and the last part of it will go in easier."

His cock was now ¾ of the way and had reached the end of my pussy but it was the girth that was giving me a problem. My cunt was stretched around his cock as tight as possible.

"James, your cock can't go in any more, it's reached the end of my pussy."

We were quiet again and lay still for a few minutes and James and I starting french kissing and he started to suck on my nipples which made me start to cum again.


James tried pushing deeper again.

"NO JAMES! NOOOO! It hurts too much, you've reached the end. PLEASE STOP! OH! OH MY GOD! HOLY SHIT! Slow, go slow, ohhhhhh, it's getting better now."

James kept on pushing and it hurt real bad, he clearly had pushed to the end of my pussy when I finally felt something give way inside me and his cock suddenly was all the way in. It was unbelievable that I had taken this cock all the way in. It had taken 35 minutes to get it all the way in. I figured his cock had actually penetrated my cervix into my womb. I had an incompetent cervix during my pregnancies but I guess it was also open when I wasn't pregnant. This allowed his cock head and about 2" of his cock to penetrate through my cervix into my womb.

"Lisa, I'm all the way in. Did you feel something open up that allowed me to go all the way in?"

"Yes James, something snapped in my pussy, I think you broke through my cervix and you cock is in my womb."

"Does it feel good? Do you love my big black cock lodged all the way in you?"

"Oh yes I love it."

His cock felt like no other I've ever had in me. I never felt so full and my pussy was constantly cumming on his monster cock. I would do anything to keep this feeling going. I reached down to my stomach and felt the bulge of his cock head above my belly button. If he leaked any cum in me or didn't pull out in time I would definitely get pregnant since I was probably ovulating today.

James now started to try and pull it out but I stopped him with a scream.

"James! Stop! It hurts! STOP!"

He stopped and said "Lisa, what's wrong?"

"I don't know James, I think your cock is stuck in my womb and the head won't go back out through my cervix without causing pain. I'm not sure you can even pull it out until you're not hard anymore."

My husband finally spoke up, "Lisa, if he can't pull out, he'll cum in you and you'll get pregnant."

"Mike, I don't know what to do. His cock head has swollen up and he can't pull out without hurting me. It's just like a dog's cock."

I felt his cock spasm a few times in me. "James! Stop! Don't do that or you'll cum in me."

"Lisa, I can't help it, all this talk about getting you pregnant is putting me over the edge. I think I just shot a little bit of cum in you but I stopped before it all came out."

"OK James, I want us to be still and maybe you're hard on will go down enough so you can pull it out of my womb."

"OK Lisa, I'll try."

Now everybody knows when you're not supposed to do something, the opposite always happens. I was trying to hold still and not have my pussy contract on his cock when I suddenly felt my cunt tighten up like never before.

"OHHHHH MY GOD! I can't control it. I'm cumming!" My cunt started to contract and I started to move my hips and pull on his ass to get him in deeper.

James started to pound me, really pressing into me all the way as hard as he could while only pulling back and inch or two each time so he could pound me hard.

"OH YEAH! That's it. Oh my God that's it. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! CUMMING AGAIN!

I screamed and came again. We just kept on fucking and the pace had picked up now and I was fucking back hard. My hands were on his ass pulling him in hard. I started to kiss James again, frenching him while lifting my pelvis to allow him maximum penetration. We were locked together with our lips and at the groin. I felt James' cock swell even more inside me and I knew he was about to cum. If he came now I would be knocked up for sure.

"James, noooooo, stop, don't cum inside me, pleeeease! Pull it out!"

He tried to pull it out but it was stuck and I started to scream in pain. I finally felt him start to spasm in me and felt his cum shooting inside my womb.


He jammed his cock in and shot load after load in my pussy while I pulled on him to get in deeper.

"OH James, that's it baby, cum in my pussy. I can feel your cock cumming, it's so hot."

He shot load after load in me, he came for over a minute and after that we stayed coupled for a long while and I was rubbing him all over.

My husband finally spoke up "How was it honey?"

"It was great; I can't believe I got the whole thing in me. Mike, it's unbelievable, did you see how many times I came; I've never done that before."

We kept on kissing and touching each other and finally James started getting hard again and started moving his hips again. Shit, he was already hard again.

My husband said "James maybe you should stop since you came in her."

I didn't want James to pull out of my cunt even for a second, "let him fuck me again honey, I'm sure it will be fine."

James and I started to fuck again. We fucked hard for about 30 minutes and I came many times and James finally dumped another load in my womb. We stayed still for about 5 minutes until he finally pulled out and some of his cum poured out of me.

"James, look at all of your cum in me."

"Honey we need to get his cum out of you, you'll get pregnant."

I ignored him while lifted my pelvis up so his cum wouldn't leak out of me.

"Honey, get a cup from the bathroom, quick!

My husband quickly handed me the cup and I put it up to my pussy and squatted on the bed. His cum poured out of me and didn't stop until the Dixie cup was half filled. I knew I had at least that much still in my womb and now all that sperm was swimming for my egg. I pulled the cup away from my pussy.

"Do you guys want me to drink it?"

They both said "YES!"

I brought the cup to my lips and I could see this wasn't going to be easy. I've tasted lots of cum before but never this much and I could see it was thick. I started to drink it down while staring into James eyes; I never would normally do this but I was so horny and I wanted to let James know that I was his sex slave forever.

"James when you ready again you can fuck me again since I already have your cum in me."

"OK sweetie, I think I'm ready again."

"NO! You can't let him cum in you any more, you'll get pregnant."

"Honey, trust me when I say that it's too late, he shot so much cum in me that I'm definitely going to get pregnant by him. I'm going to enjoy riding him again, feeling his cum shooting deep inside me and we'll worry about the pregnancy later.

We fucked all night long with James never having to pull out because his cock was so big even when it was flaccid. It's an amazing feeling to have a cock in you when it's not hard. It's real comfortable but still has all the benefits of a cock in your pussy. James must have dumped 6+ loads of cum in me before we fell asleep with his cock still in me. I woke up to him fucking me again. He finally finished and pulled his cock out of my now sore pussy. His cock had been in me for lord knows how many hours straight. My pussy looked like raw meat; it was wide open, raw and red. It was completely filled with cum and I was careful not to spill any.

"Mike, do you see what James has done to me? I can't believe all his cum that's in my pussy. Thank you for talking me into this, it was the greatest sex I ever had."

I waited for a while until all of his cum drained into my womb. My belly had a real full feeling and was slightly swollen from all his cum in my womb.

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