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Wife With Two Men


This night we are at the Friday night Fredericks dance at a nudist resort. Judy started out the evening wearing a black silk robe; now she is naked. We have been there for several hours. Two men have been at the same table as us for almost an hour, Ted and Tony. Both about our age. Business men from Atlanta; here just for the weekend. At one point Ted asks Judy to dance. It was a fast dance and she said okay. They looked good on the floor. Tony said that Judy was a lot of fun to be with. I said that she's great. The song ended but Judy and Ted stayed on the dance floor.

The next song was slow. At first they were dancing conventionally; hand-in-hand. Soon, Judy had both hands around Ted; his around her back. His hands were cupping her ass and pulling her close to him. Her naked breasts were pressed tightly against his chest. She was grinding her hips as she danced. Her hands went to his ass, too. Tony was saying that he wanted his turn on the dance floor with Judy. At the end of the song they came to the table. Before she had a chance to sit, Tony was pulling her back to the dance floor and the show was repeated with Tony. I was getting so excited just watching them. After that Judy never sat through a dance all night. One of the three of us was with her on the floor. When she rubbed against me I could tell that she was excited, too. She was so wet and her nipples were like rocks.

We stayed there until the last dance. We told the guys that we had a long drive and they suggested that we stay with them in their company condo on the new side. As we were walking over to the condo Ted was complaining about stiff legs. I told him that Judy gives a great massage. It was agreed that she would take care of him as soon as we got to the rooms.

Inside, Ted spread a sheet on the carpeted living room floor. Judy had him lay on his back. She was using suntan oil because we didn't have our massage oil. She started on his legs very innocently. Then, she offered a full massage and knelt at his head and started to rub down his chest. As she leaned forward her breasts were dangling just above his face. At one point he kissed the tip of her nipple and she giggled. This caused him to get braver and tried to suck it the next time. This also brought on giggles. As she continued rubbing down she leaned further forward placing her cunt just in his reach. This, too, he kissed causing a squeal of delight from Judy. By now, she was stretching so far forward that she was almost in the sixty-nine position. Ted was actually sucking on her cunt as she passed up and down him with her massage. She was giggling each time he did it. Tony and I were sitting in easy chairs watching the great show.

Judy had progressed her massage down pass Ted's stomach and was massaging his groin area; still with her knees by his head. She could have easily shifted positions but must have enjoyed the attention that he was giving certain parts of her body.

Eventually, she laid down on him. She started by just brushing against his hardening dick with her hands as she massaged the area then eventually, massaging the, by then, swollen dick. She even kissed the head causing Ted to moan with anticipation. Ted rolled them over and laid on top of her. She opened her legs for him and he started to kiss her cunt. Soon, his tongue was darting inside. Tony said he had to have a piece of this action and went to them on the floor. Ted twisted himself so that he was laying between Judy's legs. He was concentrating on that half of her body while Tony started to caress her breasts. I continued to sit and watch the terrific show. She took Ted's dick into her mouth and was holding Tony's in her hands. She started to rub Tony's really hard and he came all over her hands.

She rubbed the come all over Ted's balls while she continued to suck him. They rolled over again and Ted stopped eating her. Judy was on her back. Ted was kneeling at her head while she sucked him. Tony, was already hard again and was positioning himself between her legs. As he went down I watched his dick slide in. Judy arched her back as he went all the way in. She was rubbing Ted's dick as she sucked and as Tony fucked her. Ted moaned and started to cum in her mouth. She never stopped sucking until he was limp. Tony fucked for a long time before he came again.

We were up all night drinking wine and playing with Judy or fucking her. Towards daylight we all fell asleep; Judy and Ted in the bed, Tony on the floor and me on the couch. Before I fell asleep I could hear that Judy and Ted were not ready to sleep yet. Early in the afternoon we cleaned up and left their condo.

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