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Wife's Night


To see my wife sleep with another guy was my fantasy for years. My wife and I have been married for over 10 years. I must have played out my fantasy in my head daily. While we made love I imagined watching her and her lover to be getting a total fucking of her life. Let me paint a picture of her looks. She is 5 foot 7 inch with dirty blond shoulder hair with a natural wave. Great hours glass figure with nice 36 d breasts. After two kids she still can turn guys heads anywhere we go, although she does not see it.

Well I tried several times to bring this fantasy only to be rejected by her. I must say that although she wants nothing to do with this she still enjoys kinky all types of sex. We have had anal, blow job swallowing toys etc.

Now getting back to my plan was simple and hopefully would result in her sleeping with another man. For one thing I did not want to do it in our town just in case someone we knew was to recognize us. Us not being big club patrons but still did not want to take the chance. I set up a weekend with the kids being left at the grandparents house. Now we were off for two days of playing.

Setting up the weekend I asked my wife to pack her sexiest outfit which was a short body tight black mini skirt, with a black form fitting top showing plenty of cleavage. Next was the three inch heels with black thigh high garters. In another words fuck me outfit which she got for me and would wear for our special nights.

We headed off to dinner nothing special and after words was to get out to a club for some dancing. Now is where my mind wandered a bit. On our way to the club I got a flat not planned of course. I called triple A and they gave the usual within one hour they would be there. On a Friday night that meant more like two or three hours. Not wanting to miss the best part of the evening I went out to change the tire myself. After getting the flat off I found out that my spare had no air in it. I guess checking it along with the other tires would have been a great idea. I left both the spare and the flat in the trunk and got into the car to wait for the triple A people to show up.

How lucky I saw the tow truck pull up and it must have been only about 10 minutes later. I did not pay any attention to the truck since it was a tow truck but there were no tripe A signs on it. The man checked out the situation on the tire and than he caught and eye of my wife in the passenger seat. I think he immediately got a bulge in his pants and she was just sitting there: of course all dolled up but he could only see her top part. I wandered what he would have done if he saw the rest of her, probably cumm in his pants on the spot.

Now a wicked thought ran through my head. How perfect would this be of a set up to get my wife laid by another man. Since he was not sent by triple A just some privateer looking for poor saps to make money on there would be no record of any type to trace. Being outside with the tow truck driver I asked what he could for us. He was talking that it would cost for a tow to the shop to get the flat fixed and the spare as well. Knowing the spare only needed air I went along with this but made a counter proposition to him. I came right out and told him that my wife was someone I hired for the night. I told him that I already paid for her but he was welcome to her as long as there was no rough stuff and he had to bring us somewhere private.

Now I could see his pants bulge growing knowing that he could possibly get some of that luscious piece. I told him to hold on and went to talk to my wife. I got up to her and told her that he had to tow us in to his shop and both tires were bad. She did not see anything wrong with this and did not suspect anything.

We got into the cab and I made her sit next to him. The whole trip he managed to only briefly look at the road and rest of the time he spent looking at her body. Her garters were basically showing from beneath the skirt as it rode up her. Her cleavage was in plain view and impressive. She held my had and I managed to rub on the inside which only made her hotter. I don't know if she was onto any of this but we got to the shop which was in a pretty crappy part of the town. Typical junk yard heaven. Little light, dirty, and very desolate. I had a little bit of uneasiness but the lump in my throat was replaced by my fantasy to watch my wife fuck someone else and have me watch.

We got out of the wrecker and went into the shop. My wife asked for the rest room which the guy pointed to. I told him that I would disappear to pretend to go back to the car for something and this would give him some time to get into my paid dates pants. He of course agreed happily and off I went, but really I just went behind the door to hide and look. He quickly opened the bathroom door and I saw my wife there playing with herself. I couldn't believe it. She was so hot and turned on that maybe this would be perfect. She at first reacted to him telling him no, but I guess its hard with your juices flowing down your fingers and leg.

He walked up to her and zipped down his zipper. She did not protest after that instead she bent down and talk out his cock and started kissing it. Only a few seconds and that I stuck it in her mouth. I was dumbfounded by this but loving it. My own cock was rock hard in my pants and hurting to come out. She sucked this guy for a few minutes then I heard her whisper something to him and saw her get up on the sink. This was one of those old fashion sinks that would sit a person just about perfectly for fucking. She spread out her legs with her skirt bunched up around her waist and stockings showing he got a hold of her tits and immediately impaled his cock in her juicy pussy.

They both must have been really hot for a piece as no more than a minute or two went by and I saw him arch and grunt knowing he was filling my wife, whore to him full of his cumm. I could not believe what had just taken place. My wife just sucked and fucked a stranger in an old garage. I could barely move with my cock hurting being all cooped up in my pants. I decided to give them a couple of minutes to straighten themselves up.

I came in like nothing happened and said that I got my tripe A card. He said that there was no need that he could fix the tires for free. Of course I thought as he just got a great fucking from my wife or a whore to him.

Within ten minutes we were on our way back to head off to the club. I asked my wife if she was ok. She said yes and asked if I ever though about my fantasy of watching her fuck another man was something I still wanted. Without hesitation I answer yes. Both of us knowing what it mean.

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