tagFirst TimeWild Child Ch. 07

Wild Child Ch. 07


The trail leading down to the river is steep and winding but has steps carved into the hard clay and rock. It ends on a very large flat topped boulder about ten feet above the water. I had led the way down and had paused at the edge of the brush line just above the boulder to look around before we came out into the open. We were all three naked except for towels over our shoulders.

The river is well over a hundred yards wide here and has a slow lazy looking current. Mary looked down over the edge and commented, "The water sure is clear, I can see the bottom."

I chuckled and replied, "I should hope so, it's only about knee deep on this side. The main channel is on the other side. If we want to swim instead of wade, we need to follow the bank down stream a little ways to where a creek feeds in. There's a pool about six to ten feet deep at its mouth. You both can swim, right?"

Rita grinned and nodded, "I swim like a fish and Mary can dog paddle enough to keep her head above water."

I looked at Mary for a moment and then said, "Well, I guess that'll have to do but you be careful and stay away from the current. It's not very strong but if you don't swim well it could carry you a ways down stream before you could get out of it. We're not exactly dressed for cross country hikes."

"Yes, sir." She replied and then added, "I swim good enough underwater to stay out of trouble, I just have a problem with the floating part. I sink like a rock."

"Yeah, it's all that lead in her ass," Rita chipped in and then laughed as she smacked her girlfriend solidly on the ass.

"Hey, at least I've got an ass," Mary shot back and danced around, trying to return the slap.

Rita moved away laughing and said, "I can't help it if I got the tits and you got the ass."

"Yeah, between you, you'd make a pretty decent woman, if you mixed the parts right," I said with a grin. That got me a slap on the ass from Mary as they ganged up on me, protesting all the way.

With a laugh, I danced away, and headed off down another trail along the river back. "Okay, okay, I take it back. You're both beautiful in your own ways. Come on, let's go get wet."

This trail was flatter than the first and screened from the river by small trees and bushes. At the end of it, there was a steep section down to a small sand beach at the mouth of the creek. Large willow trees and oaks overhung the water on three sides but there was a large open section out toward the river. A rope swing hung from a large willow limb above the deepest part of the wide pool.

I went on down the steep incline but the girls paused to look around. I hung up my towel on a tree limb and waded into the cool water of the pool. Two steps and it was above my waist. A sound from up river caught my attention and I grinned as I recognized it as an outboard motor. This should be fun, I thought as I turned to watch the girls.

They were talking quietly and didn't seem to hear the motor or at least it wasn't registering. I waited, as the sound got louder and louder. Finally, I called to them, "Are you two paying attention? That sound you hear is an outboard motor and it's probably attached to a boat loaded with at least a couple of fishermen. Now, you might not realize it, but you're both stark ass naked and you'll probably cause those poor guys to have an accident, if you continue to stand where you are."

Both girls just looked at me for a second and then Rita said, "Oh shit, what should we do?"

I laughed and answered, "Either hide in the bushes or get down here in the water. I'd just decide and do it quickly if I was you, they'll go by here any minute now."

Mary started down the hill and Rita started back up the trail. Then they both reversed directions and nearly ran into each other; it was a Chinese fire drill for a few seconds before they both headed up the trail and squatted down behind some bushes. I was laughing my ass off and they were staring daggers at me. I had a feeling that I would end up paying for the laughter but what the hell, I had to have a little fun, didn't I.

As the boat passed, I waved at the man and woman in it, and they waved back. As they motored around the bend below the creek, I turned to the girls and grinned. "Okay, you can come on down, if you want to. I think it's safe now."

Mary stood up first and said, "You're an asshole, you know that?"

"Yeah!" Rita added as she stood up. "You could have warned us earlier."

I chuckled and replied, "Just think of it as a lesson in paying attention to your surroundings when you're out and about naked. You have to look and listen, or you'll end up flashing people that you might not want to. The guy in the boat probably wouldn't have minded a bit, but his wife wouldn't have appreciated it in the least."

They had walked down the hill as I talked and were hanging their towels next to mine. Mary turned to Rita and said, "He thinks he's so smart."

Rita giggled and replied, "Well, in a lot of ways he is, or at least he has all that experience to draw on. We'll get there ourselves one day, if we live long enough."

"Yeah, I hear you but it still gripes me. He could have warned us earlier," Mary shot back.

"If I had, then I wouldn't have had the fun of watching you two, running around like a pair of chickens with their heads cut off," I said with a laugh.

They looked at each other for a second and then both of them were on top of me, trying to drown me. I was laughing so hard that they nearly succeeded.

I finally grabbed Rita around the hips, tossed her out into deep water, and picked Mary up around the waist, with her back to me. I held her up out of the water and asked, "Are you ready to join Rita?"

She wiggled in my arms and shook her head.

"Ok, then," I said and started to lower her to her feet. As I did, my rampant manhood slipped between her thighs and ended up pressed tightly against her hot sex.

She clamped her legs together and wiggled slowly back and forth along its length; little sounds of pleasure coming from deep in her chest. Rita swam up to stand in front of us, a frowning, questioning look on her face.

"Hey, what are you two up to?" She asked suddenly.

Mary moaned loudly and moved her hips faster. I stifled a moan of my own and replied, "She's doing what you did this morning, sliding up and down on a sausage. Only she's got it squeezed tightly between her legs and against her sex."

Rita grinned and then I felt her hand touch the head of my dick, when it came out from between Mary's thighs as she moved back and forth. About then, Mary let out a soft yell as her hips jerked and shook as her orgasm washed through her body. The heat along my dick went up another hundred degrees.

"Get you some, girlfriend," Rita said with a laugh. "I'm going to have to try this." She added with a grin in my direction.

With a long groan, I came all over Rita's hand, which made her jerk it away for a second, in surprise. With a laugh, she grabbed it again and gave it a light squeeze. "It looks like I may have to wait a while."

I could only nod my head and hold onto Mary, who was mostly limp and whimpering softly as her hips fluttered and twitched gently in the afterglow of her pleasure.

After a moment, I blew out a noise breath and whispered, "I think I need a nap."

Rita laughed and moved closer to kiss me over Mary's shoulder. A second later, she yelled and jumped back, grabbing at her left breast. I heard and felt Mary chuckle.

"Now we're even," she said. "You pinched mine and I bit yours."

"Next time, just suck on it, mine are just as sensitive as yours are," Rita said in return.

"Ain't that the truth?" I put in and then laughed. "Right now, I'm the one with a sensitivity problem."

Mary giggled and flexed her hips against my still semi hard manhood. We both groaned softly and she pulled away suddenly, which brought even louder groans from each of us. I released my hold on her waist and she had to grab onto Rita for support, as her legs didn't want to hold her up.

After a second or two, she sighed and then giggled, "I think I may need a nap myself, for some unknown reason, I don't have the energy to stand up by myself."

"Hmmmm, it couldn't have been that house burner of an orgasm you had, could it? I kept expecting to see the water boiling and steaming there for a while." Rita told her, with a kiss on the cheek.

I laughed and said, "I don't know about the water boiling but I've got a cooked wiener. I'd hate to think of how it would be, if I had actually been inside her. It would probably be a cinder."

Rita giggled and said softly, "Well, maybe you'll find out tonight when you fuck her in her cute little ass. She wants you to, you know."

"Hey, big mouth!" Mary said sharply.

Rita giggled and hugged her, saying, "That's alright, girlfriend, I want him to do the same thing to me but I'll wait until we get back home." Then she rubbed her breasts against Mary's collar bones and added, "Of course, I've got to figure out a way, so your face will be stuffed into my pussy, while he does fuck you."

Mary yelled, "Hey, now!" And struggled to get out of Rita's bear hug, but not before I noticed the slight shiver that ran up and down her body.

Rita must have noticed also because she just hugged her tighter and whispered, "You know you want to taste my sweet little pussy, all hot and juicy on your tongue."

Mary froze for a second, a shocked look on her face. When she did, Rita kissed the shit out of her. Mary struggled strongly for a few seconds and then moaned softly as she gave in to the kiss. I just stood there with my mouth open during this whole exchange.

Rita broke the kiss suddenly, a wild look on her face. She looked at Mary for a moment and then glanced at me. I grinned at her and nodded. She grinned back and whispered, "That was a surprise. I don't know where it came from but...." She let the sentence die as if she wasn't sure what she wanted to say or how to say it.

"Uh huh," Mary whispered softly, staring at Rita.

Rita giggled and I think she blushed under Mary's gaze. Mary grinned shyly and added, "That wasn't like our practice kisses. Not at all like them."

Rita nodded slowly and kissed Mary softly on the lips. When Mary kissed her back the same way, she moaned softly and pulled Mary's naked body tighter against her own. This brought a soft moan from Mary. Rita's hands were wandering over Mary's back and when one dropped under the water to caress her ass, Mary moaned louder and kissed Rita harder. I just grinned at them and shook my head as I thought about later tonight. It should be very interesting to say the least.

I'm not sure who broke the kiss but when they did, they just stood there looking into each other's eyes. After a time, Rita whispered, "Girlfriend, I think we have a problem."

Mary grinned and nodded. Then she took a deep breath and said, "Maybe not, we're supposed to be trying new things aren't we?"

"Yeah, but trying each other wasn't one of the things that had ever crossed my mind." Rita replied.

Mary nodded in agreement and said, "Then we'll just have to wait and see what happens and where it will go. We've been friends forever and we know most everything there is to know about each other." Then she smiled shyly and dropped her eyes as she added, "I have thought about it, more than once, if the truth be known."

Rita giggled and whispered, "Me to."

Mary giggled back and kissed Rita on the lips. Rita noticed me watching her and grinning like a fool. She blushed deeply, and broke the kiss. Suddenly, Mary looked over her shoulder and whispered, "Oh shit, I forgot about you Uncle Rick."

I laughed and shook my head. "Damn, I give a girl the orgasm of her short lifetime one minute and then the next; she's kissing her best girlfriend. I can see where you would forget me."

Mary started to protest but I laughed and went on. "I'm teasing you. I know what you meant and I understand the reason."

"I'm glad someone understands because I really don't," Rita said shyly. "I've never done anything like this before and while it feels funny, it also feels right, somehow."

"Love is love." I told her. "It doesn't matter who it is, a boy, your best girlfriend, an Uncle, even if he's not related to you. Mary is your best friend and confidant. Sure, you love her, and in the sexual atmosphere we're in here, it's only natural for it to turn somewhat physical. How physical, is up to you two. Just give it some thought first and make sure that it won't interfere with or hurt your friendship."

Both girls nodded and then Mary giggled and said to Rita, "He's is pretty smart, isn't he?"

Rita smiled at me and nodded before she replied, "Yeah, he is. Maybe that's why I love him so."

Mary laughed and said, "Lust is more like it, you're a horny little bitch."

"Look who's talking," Rita said and kissed Mary softly.

When this kiss broke, Mary grinned over her shoulder at me and said, "First, she wants you and now she's after me. What's next, the cows in the field or the deer in the woods?"

Rita laughed and said, "You're enough of a cow for me."

Then the wresting match was on, as Mary tried to dunk her under water. I laughed and turned to swim across the pool and back.


When I got back to the sand beach, the girls were sitting side by side on the bottom, just their heads and shoulders above water. I settled down to sit near them, breathing hard.

After a couple of minutes, Rita asked, "Uncle Rick, can I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure, you can ask me anything, you know that. I might not answer you, if it's too personal, but then again you never know." I replied.

"Well, uh, well," she stammered for a moment.

"Look, just ask straight out. I doubt that you will shock me." I told her with a grin. I had a feeling that this question was going to be something else, if she was this flustered just asking it.

"Have you ever had sex with another man?" Mary suddenly blurted out and then covered her mouth with her hands.

I chuckled at that and with a grin, replied, "I got a blow job from a guy once, many, many years ago but other than that, no."

I paused a moment as I thought about where this question had come from and where it was going. "I've never met a guy I was that attracted to. Anyway, I have a dick to play with, so why should I play with someone else's. I'd much rather play with a warm willing woman." I ended with a laugh.

"See, I told you so," Rita said to Mary.

"Yeah, I figured as much but I had to be nosey." Mary replied and then giggled. "Especially, if I was going to stick my nose into someplace it had never been before."

Rita giggled and said, "Make that noses or more likely three noses. I figure Uncle Rick's will be stuck someplace or the other."

Mary giggled and whispered, "It ain't his nose that I'm wondering about. It's something much longer and harder."

She looked over at me and asked, "Is it going to hurt when you, huh.... You know do that to me?"

I grinned as I asked in reply, "You mean, when I fuck you in the ass?" She nodded but didn't say anything, so I went on. "Not if we take our time and get you relaxed and ready. I figure a good spanking, followed by a nice oil rub down of those hot red cheeks, should get you all wound up and ready. Then it will be time to lay you over a couple of pillows and start to loosen you up. I'll start with my tongue and then a finger. Then two fingers and finally my dick."

I paused a second to let her think about what I had said and then asked, "How does that sound to you?"

Her eyes had gotten wider when I mentioned the spanking and then she shivered as I talked about my tongue and fingers in her ass. She took a little shuddery breath and nodded her head, quickly. Then she swallowed hard and whispered, "I think I'm in trouble."

Rita giggled and asked, "How's that?"

"I'm not sure if I can handle that all at once," Mary answered and then she shivered again. "I'm not sure I'm as ready as I thought I was." Then she giggled and added, "I'm close to coming right now, just thinking about it."

"Me too," Rita whispered and then she took a couple of deep breaths and said, "I think we need to swim or something."

"Good idea," Mary whispered and got to her feet and waded out to deeper water. Rita followed her. I sat where I was and watched them paddling around and splashing each other.

Rita splashed me and said, "Come on, Uncle Rick."

I chuckled and shook my head. "I think I'll save my energy for later."

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