tagHumor & SatireWilma, Wilber and Elrod

Wilma, Wilber and Elrod

byJust Plain Bob©

For nine years I thought that Wilma and I had a good marriage. We seemed to be compatible in most areas, I liked everything she cooked (except her Tuna Casserole, but I ate it just to keep peace in the family), and we had a good sex life. I'd always heard that a good sex life was the key to a successful marriage and I believed it. I made damn sure that I took care of Wilma in that department, so it came as a shock to me one day when I came home and found Wilma gone. The note on the kitchen table was straight to the point:

Dear Elrod,

It pains me greatly to do what I am doing, but I have found someone else. You are a hard working man and a good provider and you are a kind and considerate man, but I have found some one who does for me thing one thing you never did - satisfy my sexual needs.


To say that I was confused would be an understatement. Not meet her sexual needs? That was just pure, unadulterated horseshit! I always made sure that Wilma and I made love every Tuesday night at 9p.m. and every Saturday at 8p.m. Regular as clockwork, she could always depend on me. And I know it was good sex because I always came. But that's not even the worst of it! Before I could recover from Wilma's note the phone rang - it was my Momma.

"Elrod, what's going on over there?"

"What do you mean Momma?"

"What's this I'm hearing that Wilma has moved in with Wilbur?"

Now that floored me. Wilma moving in with my older brother? That was just not possible.

"I don't know anything about it Momma. I just got home from work and found Wilma gone."

"Well you need to get over to Wilbur's right away and get things straightened out before our family becomes the town's laughing stock."

Momma usually gives good advice, but this time I ignored it. I mean, a man's got his pride right? But a man's got his curiosity too. Two nights after Wilma left me I went over to my brother's house after dark and snuck around to the back of the house. Now, Wilbur never has been one for modesty so I figured he wouldn't pull down his shades and I would be able to look into his window and see just what it was that he did that satisfied Wilma's "needs". What ever it was it had nothing to do with cock size, I had Wilbur beat there by a country mile. I am a patient man and have been know to sit in a deer blind, motionless, for hours, but after only an hour of waiting outside Wilbur's bedroom window I was beginning to get antsy. What if someone saw me, got suspicious and called the cops?

I had just decided to give up my vigil when Wilma walked into the room. I watched as she undressed (God, did that woman have a great body) and lay down on the bed. She reached over to the bedside table, opened a drawer, took out a rubber cock and started working on herself with it. Wilbur came into the room and undressed. He walked over to the bed, said something to Wilma, she spread her legs wide and Wilbur did one of the most disgusting, god awful things I'd ever seen - he buried his face smack dab in the middle of Wilma's furry pussy. And then he made it worse! He started to lick it and I watched for five minutes as my depraved brother continued to do so (he even stuck his tongue in it - ugh!). I saw now why Wilma had left me. In her heart she must have been as degenerate and depraved as my brother for I could tell from the look on her face that she was enjoying this deviant activity.

Shaking my head in disgust I turned to leave just as Wilbur pulled away from her and lay down on the bed the wrong way. He had his feet next to Wilma's head and his head was by her feet and Wilma rolled over onto him and pushed her bush down onto Wilbur's face and then, and I swear to the good Lord almighty that I'm not lying here, she lowered her head and took Wilbur's dick into her mouth. Sweet Jesus! I am grateful that Wilma and I never had any children - how could I ever explain to them the disgusting, perverted woman that their mother had become. After five or some minutes they switched positions again and settled down for normal sex in the approve position - missionary, I believe it is called, but they were not through proving their degeneracy. After several minutes of normal sex Wilma got on her hands and knees and Wilbur did something that guaranteed that he would find himself burning in the fires of hell - he pushed himself into Wilma's asshole. The look on Wilma's face was unbelievable - the wanton slut was enjoying it! I stayed watching until they finished their depravity. I decided that I would go home and spend some time reading my Bible and thanking the good Lord for getting that woman out of my house.

I was going to have to do something about my hardon too.

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