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With Her Boyfriend


"Oh honey, I'm so sorry," my wife Mary said as she rushed into the kitchen where I'd been watching the evening news. As you can imagine, I didn't have the foggiest idea what she was talking about. Tears were running down her cheeks as she hugged me. The first thing I thought of was the car. Damn, accidents were such a total pain in the ass.

"It's okay, honey. Tell me about it. Are you okay?"

She held me tight still and nodded her head. I could feel the tears on my cheek.

"Come on, baby. Just tell me what happened. It'll be fine."

"I'm so sorry. I just couldn't ... sob ... help myself." I was totally confused. Still, knowing she'd get around to whatever the problem was soon enough, I just held her and rubbed her back.

The movement near the kitchen door attracted my attention before he said anything but definitely kept my attention when he did.

"Time to tell him now," he said and chuckled. Though I don't generally pay much attention to the size of men, this guy standing in the door was good sized. Probably around 6-2 or 3. Well proportioned and fit looking in his windbreaker opened onto a tank top that didn't quite cover a thatch of dark hair on his chest. His arms were crossed over his chest and he leisurely leaned against the side of the doorway. I didn't like the way he smiled at me.

"Are you going to tell him now or do you want me to?" he said. She didn't say anything. "Okay then. Hey man ... ah, Andy right? Your wife came to me ..."

"Please! Okay! I'll tell him. Just give me a minute." She was as flustered as a professional woman can possibly be.

"Tell me what?" I said mildly but felt anything but mild as I stared across the room at this ... guy.

"This is Tom. He ah works ..."

"Yeah. I know. I think I've seen him around. Agent, right?" I said to him. He nodded with a smile. It wasn't like being a real estate agent was much of a guess in a real estate office but there were several other job descriptions. As I could testify since Mary is vice president for contracts and is NOT an agent. In fact, with support staff, there were probably more people who worked with her who were not agents than were. Particularly considering that when they were doing their jobs right, they weren't in the office any more than necessary to do paperwork.

"Hey, this is going to be easier and faster just to spit it out," he said, moving into the room.

"No!" she squealed.

"I've been fucking your wife every chance I get for about two months."

"What?" I said, finding myself standing up and not remembering how I got that way.

"I guess she was talking to a couple of the secretaries. Maybe Roxanne." Another agent I'd met.

"We were just talking," she said. "About ... sex. Just talk. You know."

"Talking about sexual experiences. Comparing husbands. What they did. All about their equipment, if you know what I mean."

I wasn't happy about that but, since guys compare experiences sometimes, I could more or less understand.


"Anyway, I'd been out with Roxanne and Tina." I remembered them both well. Tina was a sexy little secretary and Roxanne was an older woman but with a fantastic shape. "I guess they agreed that I'm ... pretty good, if you know what I mean." This guy was just way too egotistic for me. If there was no other reason to hate him, the smirking ego was enough.

"Fantastic," my wife said out of the blue, returning my attention to her as she bit her lip as if she hadn't meant to say anything. The smirk on the guy's face broadened, of course. She hugged herself.

"So tell him," he said. Now I was afraid of what they were saying. They'd been screwing for a while. They were here to tell me something. God! She couldn't be leaving me, could she? I looked at her, praying I was wrong, and waited.

"He's been ... making love to ..."

"Fucking. I've been fucking you," he interjected. She nodded with a blush and nervously played with her rings. Our wedding rings.

"He's been fucking me."

"Go on. What did I tell you?" he said pointedly.

"He told me it wasn't fair to you ..."

"You are my wife," I said a little too loud. "Of course it's ..."

"What I told her was that it wasn't fair that you didn't know what was going on. How much she needs what I give her."

"You give her extramarital sex. And I'm not a little happy ..."

"It's a lot more than that, Andy," he said with that smirk and a swagger to his hips. "I give her sex when she needs it. I give her the thrill of illicit sex. I give her the best sex she's ever had in her life. And an important part of it is that I have a lot more cock to give her than she knew was possible."

All I could do was stand there with my mouth open.

"What I want her to do is to let you in on how much she enjoys a big cock and great sex. You need to know that and see her really enjoy sex for a change." What an arrogant son of a bitch!

"Please, Tom," she moaned.

"I told you, right?" he said in a threatening voice. "We'll do it like I said or you can look for someone else to fuck you."

I waited for her to tell him to get out but she said nothing. Only nodding.

"I think it's time you left now," I said bluntly. After all, I didn't have to be nice to this asshole. His face changed as he smiled rather nastily.

"So, Mary. Should I leave now?" he asked her.

"No," she answered. "Please, Andy."

"Like I said. She has to have it now. You can either sit back and watch or I'll leave. If I leave, I'm not sure what Mary will do but I'm pretty sure you won't be happy about it." He seemed totally comfortable with all this.

"Please don't make him leave, Andy."

"What she's not telling you yet is that if you say no to this, I'm out of here and out of her life forever." She gasped, telling me more plainly than she could have any other way that she didn't want that. "It doesn't mean that she's not going to get some on the side. In fact, I'll bet she'll be looking about five minutes after I leave.

"But think, Andy. Where does a woman go to look for a big cock? What does she have to do to get one in her? Hang out in bars? Maybe. Start selling her little ass on the street somewhere? Possible.

"But you know what, Andy?" He waited for me with that stupid look on his face. Self- satisfied at least. "She's going to have to look for a long time to find what she's already found and, whether you believe in the stereotypes or not, she'll find half a dozen black guys with nearly the right qualifications before she finds one white guy.

"If she's real lucky, she won't have to look for too long before she finds what she needs or something close enough for her." He actually frowned then. "Since I like her a lot, I just hope to hell she won't get herself in too much trouble before she finds it."

I was thinking about her hanging out in bars and didn't like that at all. What would she do? Would she ask guys the size of their cocks? Would they tell her or insist she find out for herself? I thought probably she'd have to look, even if they were willing to tell her. And a lone woman in a bar wouldn't be safe even if she wasn't looking for what he was saying she would look for.

He spoke my worst fear before I'd more than had it cross my mind.

"At worst, she's going to be some pimp's best girl or shipped off to some mideast country as some rich sheik's whore. I'd really hate to see that happen." He actually looked like he cared.

"Please, honey. I don't want to do that. Please!" she squeaked in a wheedling little girl voice.

"Mary. For god's sake. You can just tell him to go away and forget about this. Like always." She actually went pale, her mouth dropping open.

"Oh no!" she gasped. "I could never ..."

"Hey, I'm telling you, man. After once, it's pretty hard for the girls. But after a month or two, there's just no way." He looked like some kind of bizarre teacher or psychologist. "I've had a few girls swear off, of course. Or their stupid husbands made them when they found out.

"All of them are divorced. I've seen them around a few times and they always beg me but, like I told you, it's a one time thing. It's just so much better when everybody understands things. No complications, you know. And there are always others I can work with so it's no big thing to me. It's ... well, it's just that I like Mary and you seem nice enough."

"Please, honey." She was literally begging. On her knees now with her hands clasped. I'd never seen her like that since she is usually a very strong woman. You don't get to be a vice president in a good sized company without being pretty strong.

"I g-guess I just don't understand," I said. "Yes, I know what you want, honey. Just ..."

"Okay," he said with a satisfied nod. "The only way for you to really understand is to show you."

He walked across the room and I saw better why I couldn't just stand up and try to tie into him. He was big enough that he'd flick me away like a flea. Well, maybe more like a mad pit bull, but the effect would pretty much be the same and, whatever hold he had over my wife, he'd probably make good on his threat to leave.

Until I saw what the problem was, I certainly couldn't jump in with some ill advised effort to solve it. I sat back to see what happened.

"Mary, you can take them off now," he said softly, smiling at her and her face changed as she looked up at him. Tears were still on her cheeks, drying, but she smiled hugely and turned toward him where he stood in profile to me.

He took off his windbreaker to show powerful looking biceps as she moved to him on her knees and began working on his belt, held with a large buckle that would have almost covered my stomach. He kicked off his slip-on loafers as she worked on the button of his pants and then the zipper. I noticed her hands shake as she pulled at his pants before he helped minimally and they came off.

As a brief wearer, I never understood guys who wear boxers but thought it was a matter of style and choice. I thought the dark blue with green diamond pattern was ugly but still his choice. She helped him get the pants off one foot and then the other before carefully folding them and putting them in the chair behind her. Her hands were shaking.

I watched her lick her lips, her eyes bright and wide open as she reached for his underwear. As she pulled them down, she moaned in a high pitched tone that was almost an appreciative squeal. Definitely appreciative.

Not taking her eyes from what he had between his legs, licking her lips still, she got his underwear down where he could step out of each leg. Absently, she tossed them in the chair with the pants. From my point of view, his heavy, hairy thigh, muscular calf and narrow waist looked far more masculine than my own far less muscular or hairy body. In fact, I almost don't have any body hair at all and very little muscle, though what I have is reasonably toned.

At once, he turned slightly toward me and shifted his weight to the near leg and I saw his cock. I could see that he had a right to be proud of his endowments and passingly wondered how he could wear briefs if he chose to. At my first sight of it, it lay against his leg, dangling from the mat of dark pubic hair well down. Probably at least to where his boxers had extended.

I'm not a connoisseur of men's cocks by any stretch and, like most I'd seen, it was darker skinned than the rest of his body, wrinkled, and uncut. Even in gym classes, I hadn't seen an uncircumcised guy. My wild guess right then would have been about seven inches (an inch or more longer than me) and about average around. Bigger around than mine but not much.

He just smiled down at her as she picked it up in one hand and, holding it straight out from his body, started slowly stroking it, the loose skin sliding along its length. Of course, with each stroke, it grew and, from my vantage point, it looked like a flesh colored missile. I don't remember the name of the missile but it looked like it. Longer than wide, slightly pointed at the red tip but about the same thickness the entire way.

But the more I watched, the more amazed I was. It seemed like every time she stroked it, another inch appeared. Fairly hard now, I thought it was closing in on twice mine long but still not too much thicker. It seemed to put all its energy into lengthening like one of those tiny balloons the clowns tie up into little animals.

Since Mary had never done it to me, I was amazed when she put her mouth over the tip and hollowed her cheeks sucking on it as her hand still moved up and down its length from her lips to his pubic hair. Mostly the skin moved along it. She looked like she was in heaven as she did it and I felt wild jealousy.

"That's enough, baby. Get up now," he said softly and even gave her a hand so she could do it. I noticed that his cock - long, narrow, and straight out from his body - was hard now. "Just lay down on the table like you do your desk, honey." The implications of that statement hit me as I watched her bend over, spread her legs until her stomach was against the table, and reach across to grab the other side of the table.

He looked like a happy auto mechanic as he edged her mid-thigh length skirt up and up until it was over her pert bottom.

"Where are your panties?" I asked.

"Tom doesn't want me to wear undies any more," she said as he aimed that missile between her legs. "Mmmmm," she moaned as he fed it into her little pussy. His hand was still around the part of it outside of her body as he rocked out a little and more in a few times. Her head was up, biting her lower lip, a big smile with her eyes closed as she moaned.

Still holding it in a fist, he moved it all the way out (to her little yip) and all the way in. Then he let go of it and pushed forward again. It looked a little like the limb of a tree going into her. I half expected her to actually lift off the floor as he stroked in and out of her. Then she cringed and turned her head.

"It's ah t-there," she said. I had no idea what she was saying but he turned to me.

"It's against her cervix now. Do you hit her cervix?" I had to shake my head. I looked and saw that there was probably three inches or more that still wasn't in her. A clear separation between their bodies. His hands went to her hips and he very deliberately held her as he pressed harder into her.

Suddenly, more went into her and both of them gasped loudly. She lifted one foot off the floor as her face grimaced and she panted. "Ooooooooooo," she groaned as he pushed more into her. I could only sit there with my mouth wide open as I watched. She squealed each time he pushed into her further, sighed when he pulled back a little, and squealed again.

When they were tight together, he stopped and reached under her. Though I couldn't see it, I knew he'd found her clitoris from her movements and squeals.

"Do you pinch her clit?" he asked me as she squirmed. I never have. Actually, I may have touched it but I'm not absolutely sure. I shook my head. "You know I'm way inside her womb now right? It's almost like a double fuck. The top half in that tight little cervix and the rest in her tight little puss. Fantastic feeling and they love it."

She threw her head forward and had a very obvious orgasm, her body squirming and humping up.

In no apparent hurry, he started fucking her then. At first it was just an inch or two in and out but then she squealed again as he pulled out and I was pretty sure he was far enough out that it had left her cervix. Pulling even further back out, she humped up before he plunged back into her all the way. She screamed as it again passed into her womb. She had another massive orgasm.

For the next 15 minutes that made me tired watching, he moved almost all the way out of her, plunged back in completely to the accompaniment on her screams and squeals and repeated orgasms, and repeated the whole thing over and over and over again.

Finally, his easy stroking coordination broke down and he grimaced as he was buried at the deepest and his body spasmed. She squealed continuously as he came deep inside her.


Very carefully, Tom drew his cock out of her insides in a strange comparison to pick up sticks combined with removing the dipstick from an engine to check the oil. Careful but long and easy.

When he finally came free of her, it dropped down between his legs. Still partially hard, it went out from his body but was still overcome by gravity. Somewhere near the tip half glistened with his cum but the rest seemed a little wet, probably with hers. Standing that way, it was more impressive than I'd seen it before. Even when it had been hard as my wife sucked it, it wasn't as if you'd have to get it back in a pair of pants as it was now. Doing that, at that point, would have been very unlikely.

Mary, her breathing slowing now, was laying over the table about the way she'd started except that it seemed the energy had been drained out of her by his long cock.

"Tell you what, Andy. Mary's your wife and all," he said. "But the cum I put in her isn't going to come back out for quite a while. I suppose in a little while she'll be able to tell you how long it usually takes.

"But from what some of the girls have told me, if you fuck her now, it will be like teasing. They've told me it's very frustrating for them to want it to touch everything and their guys can only reach a tiny bit of the outside. Sort of like eating a great dinner out and not being able to swallow. Know what I mean?

"What the other girls have told me though is that they like to please their guys after I've been with them by letting them have anal sex with them. They say that's pretty good and the guys don't get upset because they can still feel it, at least.

"Also, you could eat her and I guess doing their clits is good but most of the guys like to taste their women. There won't be much taste until it starts coming back out, whenever that is.

"But," he grinned. "Know what? I'll let you taste what you'll get later."

In spite of him standing close beside me, I didn't know what he was talking about.

"Not only that, but it will show Mary that you really accept what she's decided on." I just frowned and shook my head, not understanding. Lacking the understanding, I didn't move as he lifted that prodigious weapon toward me. Looked at like that, it seemed even longer and thicker than it had before. I could also look at the strangely pointed head of it from close up, seeing the difference between it and my own more clearly. "It's okay," he said softly as I stared at the glistening skin as he pulled what loose skin still covered part of the front part of it back.

I looked up at him, he smiled down at me, and nodded his head.

I would really like to say that I either didn't know what was happening or that he seemed further away from me, because of his length, than he was. But I don't think that was it. In fact, I really didn't have to think or do much of anything.

I opened my mouth (for whatever rationalized reason) and the strange head of it was laying on my tongue. He was still smiling as he moved forward a little and it was further in my mouth. For whatever reason, I licked and clearly tasted Mary but with another flavor mixed with hers. Feeling a kind of climactic humiliation that had begun the second I knew why he was in my house in the first place, it just seemed appropriate that I should taste their mixed cum from his hardening cock.

"Tastes good, doesn't it?" he said as he moved it in and out. "Nobody can deep throat it but you're doing good getting it hard for her again. Usually the girls are too wiped out to get it hard for seconds but a lot of their guys enjoy getting it ready for them."

I truly didn't know what I was doing but he certainly seemed to understand completely. It wasn't long before he was stroking it in and out of my lips and that strange tip was touching and retreating from the very back of my mouth. Just when I was sort of getting used to what he was doing to me, he stepped back, removing it completely. Embarrassed, I wiped my mouth where I'd slobbered with the back of my hand.

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