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Without Love

byX Writer©

Without Love
I have never felt more Alone
Than I do now
If you listen closely
I will explain how

I am a King seated upon my throne
Without a Queen, I'm on my own
Tho' I claim Dominion o'er all I see
This, in fact, means Nothing to me
For in all of our bloody histories
There have been no joyous victories
Without Love

The Moon will rise for Love of Night
For Love of Life, the Sun shines Bright
But Despair reigns in grey Twilight
Without Love

The Child cries out within the Man
"Can I be loved? Show me I can!"
Hearing no answer, the Child will wail
His Soul, bleak, barren, dark; consigned to Hell
Without Love

Should he accept this Fate
And await the Date
Of final drawn Breath
Or should he fight and scream
Love's Embrace his Dream
And deny all consuming Death
Without Love

Wracked with Hunger, Pain, and Strife
Is this the Reward for living Life?
Assaulting Anger, Jealousy, and Fear
Will these be Emotions you hold dear
Without Love

Bitter from all your Dreams you miss
Have you hoped all your life for This?
Hollow Void that now fills your Heart
Consuming your Humanity's good part
The death of a Soul is a cruel thing
Deny me my Crown; I don't want to be King
Without Love

Is this Life's promise, all it t'will hold?
Existence without Happiness leaves me quite cold
What is the point, if I might be so bold
Of meaningless meanderings while I grow old?
Biding my time, endless stream of days
Memories blurring into a mindless haze
Without Love

Friends become Foes in senseless fights
Intense Rivalry over fancied flights
Of imaginary sexual favoritism
The sacrifices we make for the stigmatism
Without Love

Isolation insulates against rejection
Separate ourselves from potential affection
Perpetuate the ironic lasting depression
Blaming those around us for the dejection
Without Love

Borne of this emotional fasting
We seek harder for Everlasting
Forever denied our Passion's fire
We're left only with the hunger Desire
Armed with this, again we dare
To find Another, one who'll care
Is it so crazy to want something real
To find a Companion to share what I feel
To sit by my side on the Throne up above
No longer Alone
Without Love?

I have never felt more Alone
Than I do now
Without Love

written 06NOV91-13NOV91, my first attempt at "real" poetry

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