tagIncest/TabooWithout Restraint: The Beginning

Without Restraint: The Beginning

byWill Wanton©

Warning: This story deals with an incestuous sexual relationship between brother, sister, and later on also niece. The sexual actions described in detail in this story could be too extreme for some readers, like: ass rimming, toe sucking with and without pantyhose, even some panty fetish (nasty). Read further at your own discretion.

Chapter 1

It was a Thursday night, around 6 p.m. in any random week, and as usual I was sitting behind my PC surfing all kinds of smutty porn sites. I had made my usual rounds of the sites I had book marked, including a number of erotic story sites, like White shadow, Literotica and Erotic stories, and had enjoyed yet another hot incest story at white shadow's involving mother and son, and including some nasty sex like foot fetish and ass rimming, which were some of my favorite topics where stories are concerned. It was this story I had opened in a window in my task bar, like a couple of stories I had written myself. "Mother's night" and "Relative relief" were two of them. Also a story I was in the process of writing called "Without boundaries." These stories were all about incest and had some pretty nasty content.

I was planning on going to the mall to buy myself a new pack of burnable CD-ROMs, and was going to continue with the stories when I would come back. I'd even come up with a new idea that I wanted to work out as fast as possible, and write down a couple of highlights, as I always do, to make sure I catch the essence of them before they fade from my mind. So I went downstairs and saw my oldest sister Sylvia, who is 9 years older than me, sitting on the sofa. She had come to visit my mother without her husband, whom had to work late. I said hello and sped out the door to the mall.

After about an hour I'd returned, and after pouring myself a cup of coffee I went upstairs. I sat down in my chair and started to think about which title to give to my newly concocted story, when I was suddenly distracted by something on the screen, without really seeing what it was. Something was different. I looked at the icons on my screen, the windows in my taskbar, and suddenly noticed my e-mail program was opened. I knew for sure I hadn't checked my mail before I left. I maximized the window, and saw no new incoming mail, just empty boxes and the usual newsgroups on the left of the screen, one of which was a newsgroup with incest stories.

Then lightning struck! If I hadn't opened the program, somebody else must have. And if somebody has, I could only one of two persons, tan that person would have to have noticed the programs, stories, and newsgroups I amused myself with as well. I felt my heart pounding in my chest, and the blood rise to my head. Various thoughts went through my head, like what the consequences would be of the discovery, or what would be said against me.

But strangely enough I was getting calmer already. For some reason I figured: what's done is done. I can't help it now. Maybe it all ends in a whimper; better yet: how dare anyone invade my privacy by looking around on my own PC?

I had regained my calm soon enough proceeded with my first intensions. I opened the window of the story "Mother's night," and noticed the sliding bar on the right side had been moved; obviously someone had been scrolling through this story. Mmmm, so this was the story this person had been reading. The part of the story that was on screen was the part where mother confessed to her son her fantasies about having sex with all three of her children at once on one bed.

I started fantasizing about who was in my room and what she thought of the story. Did she run from my room in disgust? Or, after the initial shock, did she secretly get aroused?

Considering the fact this was MY fantasy, of course it was the second. In my fantasy I saw my sister Sylvia; tentatively, shockingly, yet intrigued, read the story I'd made using MS Word. I saw her taking a seat in my leather chair, breathing fast. And I saw her use her right hand to control the mouse to read the story further, while her left hand disappeared between her legs. Meanwhile I had fished my cock from my pants, and my mind was cooking up the elements for a new story, based on my current fantasy. Soon I was pounding my cock, thinking about my sister, rubbing her crotch as she tremendously enjoyed reading the nasty, perverted incest story on my monitor.

Suddenly I heard my mother yell from beneath the stairs: "Tony, I'm going to the mall for a little while, I'll be back in about an hour or so!"

Thank God! Now that my mother had announced her temporary departure (and of course my sister would go with her) I could concentrate on my current predicament.

As soon as I heard the front door close, I got up from my chair, stepped out of my pants and threw it into the corner of my room; the same with my underpants. With completely naked lower body I sat back down in my chair, and started jerking off as I continued fantasizing.

In between I typed a few nasty chapters for my story. This went on for at least 10 minutes.

But suddenly I noticed something moving in the corner of my eye, and shocked I looked around. To my astonishment, and embarrassment, Sylvia, my sister, was peeking through the door as it was not completely closed; also I noticed the hand in her unzipped jeans.

When Sylvia found out I had discovered her presence, she zipped into my room immediately, and closed the door behind her. I noticed a glazed, lust-filled look in her eyes, directed at my right hand, still firmly wrapped around my cock. I finally noticed this, but what was there to do? I was simply dumbfounded, for the second time in the last 30 minutes.

So without taking my hand of my rod, I kept staring at my sister as if I was hypnotized, and saw how she suddenly zipped the fly of her jeans completely open, and shoved her pants completely down, exposing her semi-nude lower body. Her white, lace panties were pulled tightly into her crotch, and around her relatively wide ass, and dark brown pubic hair was sticking out at the sides of her panties, at the leg holes. I also noticed she wore light brown nylon stockings. A wave of pure, unbridled lust shook my body. It was like a dream, it was all so surreal.

I could easily see the shape and size of her pubic lips, as the dripping-wet panties were sticking to them like a second skin.

Sylvia stepped out of her pants and kicked them to where mine were. She then proceeded to rub her crotch with fingers of both hands. The rustling of her hands against the material was audible along with her breath and I got increasingly horny.

"Sylvia, I..." I mumbled. But before I could finish she said: "Ssshhh. I told mom that I'd wait for Ron because I told him I'd be here, so I couldn't go with her to the mall. But Ron's not actually coming here, he's going straight home. So we have time until mom gets home."

Her fingers were, by now, moving inside of her panties and I could see them go up and down across her crotch. With squinted eyes she looked into my eyes as her other hand went behind her back and slid inside her panties, so now a hand was rubbing at her crotch, and another between the dimpled cheeks of her ass. I was watching both hands go up and down fast and furious, until they both came from her panties and my sister reached out her hands and held them in front of my face, then asked: "Which ones do you want first? The fingers from my cunt, or the fingers from my ass?"

I heard the words, that were like jackhammers to my consciousness. She just really asked me if I wanted to taste her fingers, and I got to choose between the fingers that had been sliding against her slit, and the fingers that were rubbing at the crack of her ass.

The fingers were right in front of my nose and I could clearly catch the odor of wet pussy. But even clearer was the scent of sweaty ass on her other fingers. And with eyes closed I decided to lick at the fingers coming from between her butt cheeks. I licked, and then sucked them into my mouth, and immensely enjoyed the pure taste of Sylvia's steamy asscrack.

"I knew it, you horny dog. I've read your story. Mother's night. So you like nasty, kinky stuff, huh? Just like me. I just knew you'd wanna taste my ass, and like that guy in your story, later you even get to suck on my toes, little brother. With nylons and without.

My cock almost burst of excitement. Her nasty words sounded like music to my ears. I had never heard my sister talk like that and it was driving me crazy.

"Do you mind if I enjoyed some of it myself," my sister asked me rhetorically, as she proceeded to slip her free hand down the back into her panties started slipping two fingers into her tight butt. I could here the slapping sounds of the palm of her hand against her butt cheeks, and while I tasted her fingers, saw how she removed her hand from her panties, and slipped her shiny fingers into her own mouth., to suck the sweat and anal juices off.

I couldn't bear it any longer and grabbed my sister by the hips, and pulled her toward me. I pulled her on top of me, and closed my mouth over hers. I forcefully pressed my tongue between her lips, and immediately she opened them and circled her tongue against and around mine. Moaning and breathing hard, we frenched like mad. I tasted her saliva and she tasted mine. Our mixed drool dripped from the corners of our mouths. I held my mouth a bit above hers and let a thick drop of spit slowly descend from my tongue, and Sylvia eagerly held out her tongue to catch the drool strand. We continued tonguing each other's wet mouths while my hand slipped along her hips, around to her buttocks. After kneading her bubbly cheeks, my middle finger slipped through the crack of her ass, and even though the lace of her panties was still between her crack and my finger, I easily felt the incredible heat coming from it. I pressed my finger deeper in between and firmly rubbed at her crack.

"Yeah, rub your finger at my hole. Harder!" she whispered huskily.

This way I massaged between the cheeks of my sister's ass as we continued drinking each other's spit. I removed my finger from her sweaty crack and held it under my nose, after which I smelled the most intoxicating, delicious odor of ass.

"And? How does it smell? How does my ass smell? Do you like it?" my sister was asking me hornily with that nasty language.

I bent over and held my finger in between both of our noses. Together we smelled the ass-scented finger and we both started licking at it. After a minute or so I literally dripped of our combined spit, and I reached back again. This time, however, I slipped my hand inside her panties and slipped my finger between the warm cheeks of her ass. I felt the warm moisture in her crack and then felt the wrinkled anus. I rubbed and massaged her asshole with my finger while Sylvia moved her lower body around like a bitch in heat, and moaned as she closed her eyes.

"Do you like that, Syl? Do you like it when I rub your shithole with my finger like that? Do you like feeling your own little brother's finger sliding over your nasty hole?"

"I love it. Rub harder. Massage my fucking butthole with your fingers, Tony. You drive me wild, I just can't stand it."

"Do you want me to go inside? Do you want my finger deep in your ass? Me fucking your ass with my finger until your SHIT is on it when I take it out? Say it! Tell me what you want and how you want it. Look me in the eyes and tell me."

"Oh Tony. I want your finger in my ass. I want you to finger fuck my asshole hard and deep until it's got my shit all over it. I would be so nice to feel your finger fuck in and out of my steaming horny poopchute. Do it! Fuck my ass with your finger. I want to see my shit on your finger."

"Tell me the words. The names for your shitter."

"Hole, Shitcrease. Asshole. Butt. Crapshute. Pucker. Stick your finger in it and FUCK my ass with your fingers."

I frenched my sister wildly again as my finger started sliding into her hot ass bit by bit. At a certain point my finger was lodged in her ass to the knuckle and I felt how my sister clenched her sphincter around my finger. Slowly I stated sliding in and out.

"Do you like that? How I slide in and out? This is just the beginning. The beginning of all the things I wanna do with you. Later I'm gonna take my finger out of your ass, and lick it off, stick it in my mouth and suck it, and taste your ass on my finger. Than I'll lay you down on your back, push your legs up and wide, press my face between those lovely ass cheeks of yours, and stick my tongue deep...deep into your tasty asshole. And then I'll fuck it. I'll fuck your nasty asshole with my tongue. I'll squish it in and out and suck your ass. How does that sound? Would you like to feel my mouth on your pucker? And my tongue all the way in your ass? Say it!"

"I want your tongue in my ass so much. I get so hot thinking about how you'd suck my ass. Your lips over my brown hole and that sloppy warm tongue in the crease I shit from."

"Watch this, Sylvia. Watch what I'm doing."

I pulled my finger from her milking anal snatch, from her panties, and brought it to my nose. Then I sniffed at my finger again. The sharp anal odor wormed it's my in my nose, straight to my soul, and as my sister watched on, I slipped my tongue across my finger, tasting the bittersweet anal grease that was smeared all over it.

"Mmmmm...I can taste your sweet ass on my finger."

I put my finger in my mouth and as I looked Sylvia in the eye, sucked off her anal juices.

"We don't have a lot of time left. But before we have to stop I really wanna lick and taste your ass. I'm gonna lay down on the floor, and you'll squat over my face."

And so I laid down on the floor of my room, with naked lower body, and watched my sister standing over my head with one foot on each side of my head, facing my feet.. With great anticipation I watched her bend her knees, and coming down. The squatting motion made her panties pull into the crack of her ass. I could see her crotch was completely soaked. The closer her ass got to my face, the better I could smell it. When Sylvia had squatted so far that was removed from my face only about three inches, she suddenly stopped.

"I've got a nice surprise or you, and I think you'll like it," she said with a tremor in her voice.

I noticed how her asshole was clenching and relaxing behind her panties. God how I want to see her meaty asshole. And after a bit of moaning, she fired off a thunderous fart, straight into my face. The odor was tremendous.

"Oh, Jesus, Syl. That's so fucking hot. Your fart smells so fucking good."

I then reached around her hips with my arms and pulled her wide ass down, until the cheeks of her ass rested against the cheeks of my face, and my nose and mouth were pressed up against her ass crack. As I smelled her fragrant butt, I licked over her panties, on the spot where her asshole would be. Sylvia shifted more weight on my face and my nose and lips were now pressed completely between her bubbly cheeks, so the only air I could breathe was the scented odor of her shitbox. With my tongue I continued to push the material of her sopping wet panties against her hole, which I felt clenching beneath the pressure of my tongue.

"Uunnh...your tongue feels so good against my asshole, Tony. I'm gonna take off my panties. I want your tongue in it. I want your tongue hard and deep in my ass."

Sylvia stood back up and quickly slid off her panties. Suddenly I was confronted with my sister's naked lower body for the first time. I could see an enormous brown triangle of pubic hair on her cunt, shining in the light because of the wetness, and when squatted back down toward my face again, and the cheeks of her ass spread automatically, I saw her fat pubic lips spread wide open, I saw the beautiful wet red gash in between, and then I saw her asshole. Her meaty, big, wrinkled, brown asshole. The rim was a dark purple, but the fuzz on it and around it was the same color as her pubic hair. She squatted exactly over my face and the combined odor of her leaking cunt and her wafting pucker drove me insane. Her pussy hair rested against my chin and was sopping wet. Without hesitation I planted my nose firmly against her asshole and inhaled the fragrance of her shitter. I was out of my mind of lust and couldn't restrain myself any longer, so I started lapping fast and furious over her smelly brown hole. Thick clods of saliva dripped down through the crack of my sister's ass as I continued wetting her bunghole. The taste of her sticky asshole had me over the edge. Sylvia was riding my face like Zorro, poking her own ass down on my mouth.

"Jesus, you drive me wild, completely wild," I groaned, and pulled her soft ass against my face, to close my mouth over her brown crease and loudly suck my sister's ass.

Suddenly I felt her tongue slide over my nutsack and her warm drool was leaking over my balls into the crack of my ass. Swiftly her warm wet tongue slid over my pole, after which she took my cock in her right hand and started talking nasty again.

"Your fat cock is delicious, Tony. Your balls taste great, and your dick is so tasty. I could suck your hot horny cock all day long. Lick all the pre-cum off of it."

Then she took my cock in her mouth and started slurping away at my meat. Her head bobbed up and down like crazy and I felt her hair tickle my thighs. Her warm mouth sucked hard as I felt her tongue slide around the head inside her mouth. Her drool leaked from her lips over my cock and balls, until it gathered in a small pool at the crack of my ass.

Suddenly I felt her middle finger rub the spit in between the cheeks of my ass, and the tip of her finger smeared the sticky goo into my anus.

The feeling of my sister rubbing my asshole was intense. In thanks I drilled my tongue as far as possible into her tight asshole, and started tongue fucking her butt as loud sloppy noises accompanied my tongue.

I pulled up my knees and spread my legs as wide as possible. With completely bare lower body I laid under my sister and she made good use of this by roaming two fingers through my butt crack.

"Oh Jesus, Sylvia, finger my ass! Stick your fingers in my ass and fuck me hard and deep," I moaned out loud.

"You want my fingers in your ass, you pervert? Tell me. You want me to shove my finger up your asshole and finger fuck your butt?"

"Stick your finger in it."

Sylvia wet her finger with saliva, and proceeded to rub my asshole. Her warm spit on my hole felt fantastic. And then slowly she slid her middle finger into my ass. The feeling of her finger sliding into my backdoor was fucking great. Like taking a really good shit. After only a minute she was really frigging my ass as I continued fucking her butt with my tongue.

"Oh goddamn it, Tony. Your tongue fells so fucking good in my ass. It's so sloppy in there. But we have to stop. We have to. Mom will be home soon. But we'll make a plan to continue this some other time and we'll make a whole night out of it."

Puffing and disappointed we left each other's shit holes in peace, but we knew this would be continued some day, and what would happen than would surpass any fantasy I ever had up to that point.

We quickly dressed, although Sylvia gave me her panties as a remembrance. I told her I'd never wash it. She gave me another drooly tongue kiss and went downstairs. I wrote, as well as I could under these circumstances, what happened in my new story and spent the rest of the evening jerking myself into a frenzy, holding my sister's stained panties to my mouth and nose. For days I waited anxiously until she would inform me of when and where we would continue our perverse eruption.

Chapter 2

Two days later my sister and her husband came to visit my mother in the afternoon and it took an hour before I finally heard her footsteps on the stairs. I was shaking and my heart was pounding in anticipation. She came into my room and closed the door behind her.

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