Wonder Woman's Most Fulfilling Adventure



Two weeks later Wonder Woman was back at the maternity lodge, again happily nursing her rapidly growing daughter. The plump little angel had suckled almost thirty minutes at both breasts before falling back to sleep, drugged by her mother's rich milk. As always, the experience left Wonder Woman very much aroused. A nurse had taken the infant away and she was about to begin masturbating when Queen Althea arrived.

"I came to see how you're feeling. Are you all recovered?" the queen asked.

"Oh yes, Althea. The herb baths have me fully healed and feeling wonderful. Thank you for coming You have been so good to me, Althea," Wonder Woman overflowed. "Being here is wonderful and I love my new daughter so much. I owe it all to you!"

Queen Althea smiled back knowingly. With a hint of hardness in her voice she said, "Well, not `everything,' sweetie. There is someone else who had just a little bit to do with it." She gestured and in stepped a powerfully handsome horned figure. "Perhaps you should get to know your little girl's father."

Wonder Woman looked and her happiness turned to horror at the sight of satyr-god, Pan, the Amazons' ancient enemy. A thousand thoughts tumbled through her brain at the same time. Despair! Treachery! Shame!, but also, to her chagrin, a powerful physical attraction to the undeniably macho form before her. The Queen saw her reaction and waved her hand. Everything but the attraction disappeared.

"But how....? I thought ... that night ... the pillar ...?"

"Didn't you learn anything about the birds and the bees out there in the World of Men?" Althea asked sarcastically. "Babies don't come from Paris in a box and they sure don't come from humping yourself to silly on a granite dildo, my dear. You got knocked up the same way as every other woman in the world has. My husband put his big marvelous prick between those pretty legs of yours and filled your fertile cunt full of his semen. You were impregnated by a master cocksman, darling," she smiled and looked with pride at the beaming Pan.

Wonder Woman could only gape.

"You were dazed but still in a delightful rut when we pulled you off of the phallus," Pan continued. "I had inseminated my daughters quickly so I could spend the rest of the night with you. I wanted to make sure you were well serviced," he grinned. "I climaxed you several times to ready the body for conception, especially after the `preparations.'"

"Yes, you see I did more than just hypnotize you that night to make you horny and submissive," explained Althea. "The herbs in the massage oil my servants used contained large amounts of a substance very much like female sex hormones. Breathing those fumes re-arranged your monthly cycle and made you extremely fertile that night."

"All you needed was my sperm," continued Pan. "Your conscious mind didn't even know when I laid you back and put my penis in you, but your reptile brain knew. I hardly needed to get you into the best position. You yourself lifted your legs to my shoulders so that every stroke would slam my cock deep into your hot cunt. Your hips bucked and thrust in perfect time with me. Every entry was deeper than the one before. You began to orgasm almost as soon as I penetrated you and you didn't stop until I unloaded a bucket of come in you."

"But we made sure, Wonder Woman." Althea was taunting her now. "We kept you on your back with your legs up on pillows so none of the semen would run out until my sexy mate could get it up to do you again. Then he fucked you a second time. We kept pillows under your ass and plugged your vagina with a dildo to keep you full of my husband's potent cum come all night. I put you back into a trance so you would sleep. My serving girls kept working the dildo bringing you to one soft rolling orgasm after another to promote conception. There was no way you could have left the island without being knocked up."

"You'll pay for this, Pan! I'll..." Wonder Woman snarled.

"Do nothing. You can do nothing," smirked Althea. "Your powers are already fading. Soon you will no longer be Wonder Woman."

"You're Wrong, Althea. I lose my powers only if I *willingly* give myself to a man. The night of the Presentation doesn't count. You yourself just said, I was drugged and hypnotized."

"Yes, of course you were. That's why it was important to send you back to Gotham horny as a skunk, to learn there that you were pregnant, and in your despair..." Althea's voice trailed off.

"Oh, no!..." Wonder Woman gasped. "Steve!"

"Yes, Wonder Woman," Althea hissed triumphantly. "You *willingly* gave yourself to Steve. Then, when he and everyone rejected you, you came running here into our trap, as we knew you would!" Althea beamed.

"With you out of the way, Wonder Woman, resistance to my plans for the World of Men is crumbling. Your sexless strength was a perverse example to millions of women. Now things are returning to `normal,'" Pan sneered. "Althea and I have been traveling around influencing events and attitudes quite successfully."

"While you were fucking yourself sill with the girls in the birthing lodge, Althea started a popular new talk show on public TV," Pan continued with a self-satisfied smile. "You would be amazed how many top women executives, professionals, scientists after watching Althea have given up the struggle and let their husbands and boyfriends make them pregnant. Young women are dropping out of law schools and medical schools in droves to take care of unexpected babies. Mid-career men are finding new opportunities opening up as their smarter women rivals find they have to stay home to nurse "surprise" additions to their families. You might be interested to hear that even Batgirl hung up her ears when she found she was going to be the mother of twins," Pan beamed.

A crushed Wonder Woman began to sob inconsolably. "What.... what happens to me now?" whimpered the humiliated and defeated ex-


"That's the best part, my dear!" Pam boomed. "You and your new daughter will make you home with us at the Palace. I am going to make you my Junior Queen. Althea has spent eons practicing how to please a man and she is one hell of a fuck," Pan smiled affectionately at his elegant mate. "But she has so many things to do -- traveling with me , casting spells, and all. More pregnancies would interfere with that . We decided I needed a younger, stronger mate to do the child bearing from now on."

"Oh, no! No, No!" cried Wonder Woman, but her body betrayed her words. She burned with shame to realize she was terribly aroused at the thought that this virile creature was going to breed her ... again and again.

"Oh yes!" Pan gloated. "Although you are no longer Wonder Woman, you are still a marvelously strong and healthy woman. I'm going see that you stay pregnant from now on. You will be a wonderful baby making machine for me. I'm sorry we will have to take your daughter away from you for a while, but as you know, nursing delays the re-establishment of your fertility; we couldn't allow that. Now, would you like me to start breeding you again right now or later this afternoon when we take you to your new home?" Pan asked.

Wonder Woman continued to sob softly, but a very visible wet spot was growing on her gown.

"Well, I guess you have the Wonder Slut's answer," sniffed Althea.

Pan stepped forward and pushed aside his tunic. He fondled Wonder Woman's breasts for a few seconds until she was moaning in both despair and arousal, then he pushed her down over a chair, pulled down her panties, and rucked up her gown. Positioning his cock at the opening of the weeping cunt of the ex-superheroine, the smirking god turned to Althea. "Do you want to wait outside darling while I impregnate this bitch?"

"Oh no, my Lord. She's almost as much my project as yours. I want to WATCH!"

The End

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