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Wonderful Sex


I was almost a virgin when I got married the first time. Sex was a disappointment. I had no idea what I was doing nor did she and so we fell into an unenthusiastic series of couplings that resulted in three children and a divorce. I was a terrible husband and not at all ready for domestic life.

Single life at 30 was O.K. but left something to be desired until I met a gal going through medical residency and needed a casual playmate. I volunteered and easily got the job. Margaret was not a beauty but neither was she someone you would be ashamed of taking to a party.

Margaret Gilby avoided social situations and on her day off wanted to fuck. For a girl that was raised in the Midwest culture of central Illinois, she had rather brazen attitudes towards sex. Peggy, to her friends, loved porn flix, masturbation, oral, anal, an occasional lady, and almost anything else that was erotic. Sex was her favorite topic and consumed most of her pre, during, and post dinner conversation. Her favorite "vacation" was checking into a 5 star hotel and fucking from morn till night with the only interruptions being room service.

The only problem that Peg and I had was that when we weren't fucking, we were fighting. We were both strong willed and rigid to the point of serious fault. It eventually destroyed our relationship even thought we would get together for an occasional romp.

Ingar was my first attempt at a relationship after a year of therapy.

Ingar was a Scandinavian with a nice body and a soft heart. She gave the best head I have ever experienced and was a great bed partner as well. Ingar was open to experimentation and loved sex. Hers was much warmer and loving, but no less erotic than Peg. Ingar lasted a year. She needed to be taken care of as well as her children and even a suggested loan for her ex. That finally broke the camel's back. Again, we got together on occasion for a week end or evening of dinner and sex. She was a wonderful woman but all consuming.

Barbara was a huge mistake. One that I really let ulterior motives influence my decision. We married after a one year courtship. I loved her parents and that helped us last for 20 years. When menopause hit, she became psychotic. I tried to stay but counseling, talking, bargining, and pleading all failed. She refused to give up her lover and I was so consumed by jealousy and self-pity that I left after five long months of agony.

My next attempt at love was a lesbian. I was so taken by her that I was willing to work the sex thing out just to be able to stay with her. A Svenska from Montana, she was one of the most delightful people I have ever known. Bright, witty, insightful, and skilled, we hung together like frolicking puppies. She was smart enough to know that a long term relationship was doomed to tragedy. She just walked out of my life one day and never said goodbye. My heart still aches a little about that.

Another lesbian friend wanted to introduce me to a friend of hers. She said I needed a mercy fuck and so did her friend. We had a double date at a local Italian restaurant. I drove Mary to my house after dinner and we talked until 2:00 am when I took her back to her car. Mary reminded me of Marion the Librarian. She had short curly sandy hair, wire rimmed gasses, and worked as an accountant. I figured that Mary would do for a while because there was something about her, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

I met Mary at the dude ranch that our lesbian friends had just purchased and were getting ready to open. They went to Arizona to buy some horses and asked if Mary would come for a week and feed their horses.

I threw bales of alfalfa while Mary filled buckets of oats and molasses. We drove in town for dinner and returned to a beautiful star lit night. Mary spread a blanket on the front lawn we looked at the stars and talked. We kissed for a while and I suggested we go inside to the bed.

I went into the bathroom to pee and when I returned Mary was just stepping out of her panties. She pulled the sheets back and turned around to face me. She must have made a conscious effort to hide her body. I was breathless. Mary had the most beautiful body I had ever laid eyes on. Her body was slim and fit. Her beautiful breasts curved down then up like a ski-jump. Her belly was slightly rounded and firm and her ass was magnificent. I realize these are all subjective judgments but this body could have been in any magazine in the world and people would have written in for more.

I lay next to Mary and pulled her to me. I could feel the hardness of her nipples and the softness of her breasts. My cock went right between her legs and her bush was wet and warm. As my cock slid into the warmth of her thighs, she gave a soft moan. Mary rolled me on top of her and opened her legs so that my cock immediately slid in part way and had to push the rest of the way. We rolled again and I was on top. Mary screamed and thrust towards me with such force that I felt I would be thrown off but she caught me with her legs and pulled me down hard again. Three of these bucking episodes and I gushed right along with Mary.

We lay panting and spent. I slipped down and began to lap her juices that sweetly mingled with mine. The lady closed her thighs around my head and began to pump my face, slathering her wetness all over my cheeks and nose. Mary was delicious. I could hear her muffled cries as her thighs closed over my ears and held tight. Suddenly, her thighs spread and I was given deeper access to her sweet pussy. Several deep thrusts of my tongue and Mary screamed and came again. I scooted up and kissed her with my dripping face and cum covered lips. We lay panting for a few minutes then Mary went down on me. There was only one woman who really turned me on with a blow job, but I enjoyed watching Mary enjoyed my cock.

I shifted Mary so her ass was over my face and I went for her pussy while she sucked my cock. Shortly, Mary forgot the cock and rocked on my face until she screamed her third orgasm. She collapsed on me. Mary turned around and began whispering in my ear. "More, more, more, more." I was excited enough to have a building hard-on but I was no where near cumming. I fucked her slow, then fast, then sweet, then almost violently. With every stroke Mary filled the air with sounds of joy and lust. She was the most verbal as well as most aggressive sex partner I had ever had. Her moaning seemed to drive me to orgasm but her body and her urging kept me up for the next round.

The sun was coming up when we finally collapsed into a near coma.

We woke at noon and ran out to feed the livestock. We had omelets and just stared into each other's eyes. Mary finally looked at me with pleading eyes and said "Do me."

I had to make a deal. Mary felt about being eaten like I felt about getting a blow job. But since we both like to give so much, we agreed that the other could do copious amounts of slurping, so long as the fucking stayed at acceptable levels.

I had never been with a woman who came so easily and so often. I have been with women who pretended to, but Mary would get herself off in less than a minute using her fingers and could repeat the same thing in a few minutes after the first. Mary's anthem was "Do me."

The garden at her house was amazing. It was an urban jungle. Stepping from her back porch into the garden was like going into another world. In the morning, Mary would bring out two big mugs of coffee and we would sit on a bench in the middle of the jungle. Birds would fly close by our heads as we would kiss and drink coffee. Mary had a white silk robe that would soon be open and her lovely breasts would tease me into a seeping erection that she would lick or use her finger to wipe the pre-cum off. I would drink my coffee and slip my fingers deep inside her and occasionally pull them out and lick off her juices. My cock would be bursting and Mary would have several small orgasms as we sat for an hour ramping up our sexual need to near desperation.

When the "Do me" came, we would run into the house shedding the robes on the way and usually lasted less than five thrusts before a huge explosive orgasm ensued. Then came the nice slow fuck and suck. I could simply look at her body and be ready to go in less than a minute, no matter how much we had been at it. After a while we limited ourselves to five orgasms before we went for a walk or swimming, or what ever.

Shortly after we began fucking one night, Mary heard a forceful knock at the door. She was going to ignore it until we heard "Police!"

Mary threw on her robe. I heard the cop ask "if everything was OK?" Mary assured him it was and finished by saying that " I'm just getting my brains fucked out." The cops laughed and left.

I loved Mary to straddle my face in the 69 position and let me adjust my head with a pillow so that the tip of my tongue just touched the lips of her pussy. It would be wet and if I held my tongue still for a few seconds a small drop of her juices would form and I would lick it off. I could do this for hours but Mary soon needed to be filled with cock.

Evenings were spent watching old movies. Mary insisted on sitting on my lap with me inside her while we watched. We rigged a chair that allowed me full access to her pussy, tits, and the TV screen. I could feel occasional contractions around my cock and Mary's body would go rigid for a second or two then she would relax into my arms and put my hand up on her breast and give it a slight squeeze. At the movies end, Mary would lean forward and I would stand and pound her ass until I gushed in her. It was then that I most feared the cops as screams and profanity filled the air.

I traveled for my job as did Mary. We usually met at her place because she had pets. When I deplaned, Mary was always leaning against the far wall of the terminal building with her arms and legs crossed and the sexiest smile on her face that I have ever seen. She would ease off the wall and meet me in the middle of the concourse, slip her arm in mine and off we would go to the parking lot. By the time we got to the car I had my coat or computer bag in front of my crotch to cover the huge wet spot from my leaking hard-on. No one had ever affected me like that.

One of Mary's favorite things was the massage table she had in the basement. We would give each other sexual massages for hours. Mary loved me to put my erection into our self-engineered glory hole. She would stroke me with one hand and massage my prostate with the other. She claimed she could get a pint of semen out of me by the end of the hour. She also loved the double penetration massage and I could get her to squirt that way. I had to be careful because the second squirting orgasm and Mary was done for the night. It took all the energy out of her, and most of the fluids. God, she loved that. We used scented oils and hands to slick up the bodies. Fucking was also great on the massage table because we were all oiled up and it added a new dimension to what we were doing.

We were both constantly masturbating as well. I would be cooking an omelet or eggs and jacking off. Mary would either sit at the table and join me or stand behind me and take over. She also loved cum on her tits and would have my load dripping from her nipples as she forked eggs into her mouth. We would call from where ever our jobs took us and get each other off verbally by detailed planning of our next meeting.

Our lesbian friends that got us together loved to have us over or spend the night with us. Mary paid them no mind and would pull my cock out in front of them in a heartbeat. But "the girls", not to be out done, would begin a torrid lovemaking session. We both seemed about equally sexually charged. Shortly after one of us started something, there were four sweaty nude bodies wreathing in a heap on some floor in the house. I guess by now the police had our number and left us alone because it really got loud as the orgasms began. We usually had something to do with the girls when they came and saved sex for after dinner. If we got going before the event we planned, the girls would have an orgasm and leave. They knew we were engaged for the day.

Car trips were a frequent delight. We would go to hiking spots or hot springs for the day. Since it was Mary's turf and she had seen it all, she frequently had her head in my lap and my cock in her mouth. If we got to new territory, Mary would slide over next to me and slowly stroke me as we drove. I loved the feeling but rarely came as my attention was on the road.

When I got my traveling job I purchased a cabin in the mountains for a retreat. I found a fire sale. The place had neighbors but not visible and I had plenty of land to assure that it stayed that way. The log house needed lots of work. I put a new roof on it, blasted and chinked the log exterior and cut some trees back for fire suppression. Next my son-in-law built a huge stone fireplace, refinished all the wood floors and tiled some others. It was small, efficient and a show place. My favorite room was a sun porch that had windows facing South and was warmed by the winter sun. The eves were enough to block the hot summer sun.

Mary would bring her cat and stay for a month or so between our jobs. We would sit naked on the sun porch and tease each other as we sipped our morning coffee. I also had a huge secluded back yard and a bench. In the summer we lazily played with each other as we had our morning caffeine. The girls came by about monthly. In the summer we would all lay out on a blanket and end up fucking and or sucking most of the afternoon. Of the two lesbians, my closest friend, asked me one day if she could fuck Mary. She did this in Mary's presence as well as her partners'. I said it was fine with me, but she had to ask Mary. Mary gave that girl a fucking that she will long remember, as will I. She admitted that she had fucked a college roommate years before and had enjoyed it. She much preferred men but wasn't opposed to a sweet pussy on occasion.

Mary and I had come out of a movie one night. As we passed an alley on the way to our car we heard a soft sobbing. We discovered a beautiful young Asian girl who appeared to be in her mid-twenties. She had been beaten up by her boyfriend who got violent when he drank. We took her home with us. Together, we cleaned her wounds, gave her some support, a drink of the hard stuff, and put her in the guest room. A risky move on many levels but this one turned out OK.

Li was 26 and a daughter of a shrimp fisherman in Louisiana. She had come to the big city to go to college, then stayed when she met her boyfriend during her senior year at the university. Things went fine for a while until he began drinking, then the world got ugly.

As I said, Mary was not a quiet lover. Li had heard the moans and screams and came to see if things were all right. She cracked open the door and found ecstasy instead of abuse. I guess she was enthralled and stood and watched for quite a while. Thinking about this all night she made an offer to Mary and Mary tendered it to me.

Li wanted to live with us. In return she would do housekeeping and cooking. She would do this for room and board. But, she also wanted to be our sex slave. She was dead serious. She loved domination but not pain, although a slap on the ass was fine. She would serve both our desires as long as it didn't get to kinky.

Mary and I talked this over in depth. After we figured we had covered all the bases and agreed on safety valves and triggers, we invited Li to stay. Li explained that she would look for a job as soon as the newness wore off and then a "good" boyfriend. We agreed.

Li cooked a wonderful shrimp dish for supper then insisted that we stay in our chairs for desert. Li scooted under the table and ate Mary's pussy to a thunderous orgasm and blew me into surrendering a gigantic load in Li's skilled mouth. Li turned down our offer of reciprocity, wanting to wait a few days. Li loved to watch us fuck and would bring us water, lub, or anything she thought could make our experience better. She was an expert masseuse and we soon had a massage table set up at my place. Li rarely wore clothes in the cabin.

When I went to Mary's, sometimes Li would accompany me and sometimes Mary wanted alone time. Li was part of the Mary thing for me. I didn't fuck her when Mary wasn't there. While I had both of their permissions I felt a little uncomfortable about it. Mary and I talked about it and she agreed on what ever I was comfortable with.

When Mary and I played with each other over morning coffee, Li would frequently sit if front of us and tell us how hot it was to watch and how nice it was the way we gave each other pleasure. Sometimes Li would ask us to perform a specific act. She loved to see me do Mary on the blanket on the lawn doggie style. Li would play with her pussy as she watched.

During this scene, Mary especially liked to have her tits milked like she was a cow. Li would pull her tits and I would slam her from behind. On other occasions Mary would eat Li while I continued to pound her pussy from behind.

Our scene lasted for six months or so. Li found a super job and shortly thereafter began dating an exec. in the company. She got an apartment and moved out. She brought her man friend by on occasion and would cook dinner. The last we heard she had a different husband and was an executive in the company where she got her first job.

We still fuck a lot after years of being together. When things start to go a little flat we will invite a couple we know to come and fuck with us. We began by just watching each other and then moved to trading partners. One of our "treats" is to go to the city and attend a huge swing club. We just sit and watch then come home and fuck our brains out. Most folks think we are newly weds. Most of the time we feel like that.

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