tagMind ControlWOPI Chronicles Ch. 06

WOPI Chronicles Ch. 06


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Chapter 6: David and Claire

David smiled when he heard the click of the door's security system. Ten o'clock; even earlier than usual. What a wonderfully horny woman Alexandra had turned out to be. In fact the more they made love, the more she seemed to like it, to need it. He had given Alexandra a long slow workout that morning that left her panting for more and reluctant to leave. That usually meant she would be back around noon for a quickie. He smiled. By this time of day Alexandra would be ravenous for his prick. He liked it when Alexandra came to him in great need; it heightened the irony. To the women of WOPI, he was Alexandra's personal prisoner and they thought that behind these closed doors their leader was slowly subverting his will, conditioning him to be a helpless slave of WOPI. It hadn't worked out that way. He had been able to make her his slave because she wanted and needed to be fucked. She hadn't had him in her for hours. She would be more than eager.

David got a shock, therefore, when he opened the door! A woman younger than Alexandra, blond and just as well built came in. She wore the standard WOPI garb, the deeply V-neck and excruciatingly short white smock that never failed to stiffen his prick, whoever wore it. She saw his surprise and smiled.

"Good morning, Captain Knight. I thought it was time we got to know each other. I'm Dr. Hillary, Claire Hillary, the chief psychologist here at WOPI. I supervise the women who condition the men we "invite" to headquarters. I normally spend a night with our guest after he has been here a week or so to check how well our girls are doing at keeping him happy."

"I suppose that is unnecessary with me. Alexandra seems to have taken charge of me personally," he replied nervously.

"So it seems." Her smile was a little cold. "Nevertheless, I've been wanting to spend some sack time with you for quite a while to see how good a job Alexandra is doing." She paused, then continued. "Of course, I have heard you have an especially nice dork that penetrates a woman most satisfyingly. I love to have a properly conditioned man fall into bed with me and fill my pussy to send me off my nut. Unfortunately, Alexandra has been rather selfish with you and made you 'unavailable' for my examination. It's quite a distinction."

"Perhaps Alexandra thought I was particularly difficult to control," he suggested.

"Or perhaps there was some 'other' reason," the blonde replied archly.

"I wouldn't know; I have nothing to do with the decision," David replied nervously, both because Claire seemed to know Alexandra's and his secret relationship and at the realization of the attraction he felt for her.

"No? Some of us who listen to Alexandra in hear at night, yelping with ecstasy, think you and that long thick woman-pleaser between your legs have everything to do with it," she smirked. "When our leader comes out after a session with you, we see Alexandra with the glassy eyes and silly vacant grin of a woman who has been 'screwed nude, and unglued.'"

"That we have sex is hardly a surprise, is it?" David fended.

"We think it's more than that. We believe that after the boss felt you inside her that first night in bed, she 'took a liking to you.' And we know what part she likes! If she isn't careful, a large and satisfying enough cock can sometimes make even a normally intelligent and aggressive woman stop thinking about anything except the next time she's going to get her pussy reamed. We suspect once your long thick tool penetrated our unsuspecting leader's hot little box, she forgot about WOPI and NASO. She became just another silly female who needs to get her cunt stuffed so bad she'll let a man's prick do her thinking for her. And you've been keeping the boss so well supplied with the sex she craves, she hasn't been able to or hasn't even wanted to put you under proper control."

"I don't know what you mean. It's true she enjoys making love frequently."

"*That* we know, Captain! Frequently?" Claire huffed. "Alexandra can't seem to get enough of you. When our newly over-sexed chief executive comes to visit you at night, she is already horny. Her cunt has been juicing up for hours in anticipation of getting a good reaming from your long stiff woman-pleaser. To everyone else, Alexandra is a cold, hard taskmistress. For you, she's a playmate. She only wants to please you so you will keep putting it to her. She dresses up in baby-doll nighties, and pulls them up, begging you to fondle her pussy. She rolls over in bed and spreads her legs, whimpering to get her cunt crammed full of your long thick dick. We have seen how she throws her legs in the air so your prick rubs her clit better as you shaft her deeply or lifts her ass so you will take her from behind. You've discovered our boss will do anything for the man whose meat is keeping her cunt filled to satisfaction."

"So? She enjoys sex. You said you do, too," David replied.

"Yes, but I love power more. I enjoy as man only when he is completely my slave. With Alexandra it's different. She knows what she's going to get from you every night and you don't disappoint her. I've had monitors placed in this room and I watch how you meet her at the door. I see the crazy eagerness in her eyes when you take her in your arms and melt her with a kiss before she can think of anything else. You know her tits are the randy cow's weakness so immediately you reach inside her shift and begin working her gazookas. How the slut loves letting your hands on her boobs turn on that flow of hormones that will eventually overpower any woman with desire. You know that playing with the breasts of a woman like Alexandra puts her brain on standby and ignites the itch in her pussy."

"Does she know you have been spying on her?" David demanded.

"What sort of fool do you think I am?" she sniffed and continued, pacing up and down and she lectured him, enjoying her moment of triumph. "I see that soon you've got her boobs hard as rocks, her nipples erect from arousal. Then your hand goes up under her smock to knead her ass. You've told her to wear them short and to go without panties to give you easier access to her box and she gladly complies. She loves the way you play with her sex. A finger goes into her weeping cunt and you begin to diddle our leader thoroughly. A couple of orgasms later and our feminist leader is spreading her legs and moaning for a MAN's prick."

The total disdain in Claire's' voice was chilling. She was glaring at him now like prosecutor at the defendant during the summation of a trial. "When you've worked Alexandra into an insane rut, you lay her down in bed, push open up her legs, and slowly insert your long, thick cock deep into that ravenous pussy. As she feels your prick slide into her, inch by long thick inch, deeper into her burning cunt, she looses it. Slowly, rhythmically you move your cock in and out, always touching her clitoris, filling and pleasuring her. You can make her wraith and bray with lust as one orgasm after another rolls over her, deadening her brain. You keep the silly woman coming until she is physically and psychologically ravaged."

David could see that Claire's anger was directed almost as much at Alexandra as at him. Shaking her finger at him, she continued to vent. "She comes one last time when you finally unload a big charge of hot man-fuck into her pussy. The thick hot jism hits her like a narcotic. We have watched the idiotic, satisfied smile spread over her face. She purrs with contentment as she feels your dick continue to pump her pussy full of semen. Gradually, her eyes glaze over and flutter closed; her body goes limp, overpowered by ecstasy. You've put our leader to sleep with an orgasm. She doesn't know anything until morning although you rouse her to semi-consciousness several more times that night to put it in her and make her cum. And of course she won't leave in the morning until she's opened her legs and had you roger her again."

"And why should you care how Alexandra spend her nights?"

"It's my JOB to care! Her weakness can ruin everything, more that even she realized. And it's not only at night you have her wanting it. Since you've been getting into her, she thinks she can't live through a day without your cock going into her at least once. We know she slips in here about this time in the morning, when she thinks no one is looking, for a quickie. If she can, she insists you give her a full down-on-her-back, legs-in-the-air reaming. If there is no time for that, she drops her drawers, gets down on all fours, and has you bang her from the rear for a few minutes until she's breathless from multiple orgasms. So you see why I am eager to spend some time with you."

"You mean you want to see for yourself what your boss has been enjoying." David grinned slyly.

"No, I mean to put a stop to it," she retorted sharply.

"What's wrong? We both enjoy ourselves."

"Two things, Captain Knight. First, the boss is "enjoying" letting you keep her itchy cunt stimulated so much, she has allowed you to remain free of WOPI control. Worse, although she doesn't know it, we know you to pump her for information. At night between orgasms we've seen what you do. You leave your still stiff cock in her cunt

and fondle her breasts while you ply her with questions. She answers you like a happy zombie. You are using your prick to make our leader into a NATO mole."

"So I'm curious about how you operate," he replied. "I have no way of getting information out of here.

"You]d like us to think that. Unfortunately for you, one of our "guests" is a real techie who helped us get into and monitor Alexandra's Internet traffic. Since then, he's been giving us everything. They must be getting worried since their clever Captain Knight's e-mails stopped arriving," she smirked, seeing David's shock. "It'll be fun to see what they do next. But for starters, I'm just going to make sure you never fuck Alexandra again."

"And what does Alexandra think about that?"

"She wouldn't like it -- if she could think," Claire smiled smugly "But I have made sure she 'can't' think, right now and for a long time. Alexandra is fully occupied this afternoon with the pastime you introduced her to -- having her pussy filled."

"I don't believe you. She doesn't screw anyone but me.

"Normally she wouldn't. But to make sure she was in the right mood, I slipped a few drops of testosterone in her morning coffee."

"Why? Do you want to keep her safe from me by masculinizing her, make her grow facial hair?"

"Not at all, my friend. In small doses testosterone does exactly the opposite. It makes a woman more feminine in the most primitive way. Female athletes who let their coaches give them 'big T' to 'improve their performance' found out the hard way it made then perform better, all right ... on their backs, to their coach's total satisfaction. They craved orgasms so bad, even the straight women started going down for other women. Back at the women's athletic dorms it was one long orgy with the girls spending all night with their heads between each other's legs getting each other off."

"I don't believe you!" David replied.

"In that case, you might find this video I had made very interesting. It shows the visit of one of my favorite toy boy to Alexandra an hour or so ago."


"You see, she never had a chance," Claire smirked. "As we speak Alexandra is on an airplane with a testosterone patch implanted to keep her horny as a skunk. Charlie is at her bedside to put his prick in her every few hours t keep the rutting woman in a dazed, happy stupor. By tomorrow Alexandra and Charlie will be at a secluded island resort. If all goes as planned," Claire explained, "Alexandra will never return to WOPI."

"What? Do you mean ... foul play?" His reaction surprised David himself. Though sick from watching Charlie seduce his Alexandra, the thought of them actually harming her was a horror.

"How sweet!" Claire chuckled, "If I didn't know better, I'd say you're sweet on our EX leader. No, there will be no foul play, just a very dirty trick. You see, a few weeks ago I switched Alexandra's contraceptives for placebos. The poor horny dear doesn't know it, but sometime in the next few days, she'll become fertile. And my Charlie and the other boys out there will be shooting live ammunition."

David stared at her aghast.

"That's right! As a result of this crazy little affair with her new young boyfriend, in a few weeks Alexandra is going to find herself pregnant! Just think of the juicy scandal! The powerful head of WOPI is seduced by a hunk twenty years her junior. Completely sex crazed, the famous feminist runs away with her stud boy. And during a non-stop sex spree the suddenly promiscuous Miss Milan promptly lets herself get knocked up like the silliest teenager who can't keep her pants up! Worse, she won't even know who the baby's father is."

"You ARE and evil bitch," David spat.

"I try," Claire replied with sarcasm. "Imagine Alexandra trying to run this place, waddling around in maternity dresses with her tits swelling up like balloons and her tight tummy sticking out, especially if she still had the hots for Charlie and has to take time out every few hours to get mommy-to-be's pussy re-charged. No, Alexandra will be finished as the head of WOPI. I'll take over."

David stared at her in shock.

"So your girlfriend won't be back, boo hoo hoo," Claire smirked. "That will solve WOPI's problem and give me plenty of time to solve your problem, too."

"My problem?" David asked apprehensively.

"Why yes, David," she smiled arrogantly, "a serious problem. By sexually dominating Alexandra, you have been missing out on the true pleasure of sexual conditioning. Alexandra was supposed to show you just how marvelous it is to have a big sexy woman take the sexual initiative while you surrender totally in passive pleasure. You don't know yet the incomparable bliss of being totally enslaved by the sexual power of a woman who knows how to totally despoil a man's libido. Your prick has had Alexandra too much in rut for her to be able to put you under that delicious spell, to enfold you into that exquisite bondage that men come to crave."

The cheep rhetoric did little to reassure David that it might not be true.

"Fortunately, you need wait no longer. With Alexandra otherwise occupied," she chuckled ominously, "I am taking over your conditioning. You and I will make love right now and I'll start making up for what you've been missing."

"I don't think I've missed anything." he responded, defensively. "Not with Alexandra!"

"Such touching loyalty!" she sniffed. "That's because you haven't spent a night in MY arms yet, David! As a psychologist, I know how to make you experience total satiation. You will be overpowered by a sexual attraction is so strong it makes you helpless. You may try to resist me at first, but you will eventually succumb to my plump sexiness. You can't help yourself; it's a kind of mental rape. I use desire to violate first your mind, then your body, and finally your will."

David shivered, but listened with growing dread.

"It starts out the same as being seduced, David. I'm sure a highly sexed man like you has fallen many times into the clutches of a determined woman even before Carmen and Alexandra. When a woman wants to make you fuck, you look like the kind of man that always yields in the end. You will yield to me, too, but this time the pleasure will be so much greater, and the effect permanent."

"What makes you so sure. I've always come out on top before."

"Very funny! This time you loose, because I'm not just some little girl who is hot for your pecker. I want more than to get you excited enough to make you stick it in me when you weren't at first intending to. I hardly care about the sex. I'm out to totally dominate you."

"And how do you propose to do that?"

"Let me show you," she replied. :"Shall I open my blouse for you so you can stare at my big feelable, suckable tits? I'll drop my skirt. Seeing me just in panties inflames your desire. My body is arousing you, but I do not want to excite you, Captain Knight. I want to use overpowering lust as a drug to tranquilize you. The craving for my body is starting to make you weak and docile, unable to resist my will. I am using sex to pacify you, to take away your will and ability to fight me."

David fought to ignore her words but they poured over him like a river at flood.

"Look at me, David," she said, softer now, stating to inch slowly closer. "Look at my big round tits. See them bouncing, bouncing up and down. You can't take your eyes off of me, can you?. Stare at me, David. Gape. Gaze at my wide hips swaying back and forth. They are putting you into a trance, David, making you feel warm and helpless, aren't they? You feel lazy and languid. You'd love to have sex with me, but you are enervated. You only want to lie in my arms. You are so weak, David," she whispered. "My sex has taken away all your strength. You have to let me do everything for you now." she said sitting down by him and putting her hand in his pants.

It felt wonderful. "Claire!" he moaned.

"Don't speak, darling. I know how badly you want me. That's all right... Do nothing. Rest. I'll unzip you and play with you prick until its hard enough. I'm going to get you ready to fuck like a lascivious aunt fondling her innocent teenage nephew." She smiled to see his eyes glaze as the erotic daydream she suggested took him. "You are a good little boy that knows his auntie is naughty. She wants to make you do bad things. You don't want to be bad, but auntie knows how to touch your penis and make it feel good. So you let auntie continue." she said cradling his head to her bosom. "Auntie is going to make her little boy do anything she says. That's a good boy, Captain. Rest your head against my bosom. You need to rest," she said stroking his face gently.

Unconsciously, David's eyes closed and his mouth opened

"Take my breast," she cooed, placing the erect nipple of a hard round booby to my lips. "You want to nurse me. Suck my tits like a baby. My breasts will soothe and quiet you. You will soon forget, forget everything. I rubbed my pretty boobies with a mild tranquilizer. Sucking my boobies will lightly sedate you. The drug makes you feel very good, Davie, very happy, very peaceful. You are content to lie in my arms and let me soothe you, stroke your penis, and arose you. It feels very nice. You are getting very sleepy, Davie, drifting slowly, like a feather, down, down into my power, deeper, deeper." She smiled as his eyes closed and he began to nurse.

"You are feeling very weak, Davie baby, too weak to control Alexandra any longer; you do not even want her. She's like all the other women that used to please you; they demanded too much exertion. You are no longer capable of that, my little darling. From now on you will need a woman like me, strong enough to satisfy you without your effort. After I we fuck, you will be unable to have sex with any woman who does not dominate you. I'll make you crave sex and you'll be dependent on me to satisfy you. Your need will make you my slave. But you will accept your enslavement gladly because I will keep you drained. You'll be sated and happy until its time to leave WOPI."

Her words were now just a pleasant buzz in his ear, like the soft flap, flap, flap of a ceiling fan on a hot afternoon siesta far away.

"And now the time has come to yield completely to me Davie. Surrender fully to me as I gently put you to sleep." His pants were down and she laid him back on the soft couch. "Lie down and relax, now." she whispered as he sank back on the bed. "It will soon be over. I will make this feel so ... good, Davie," she whispered now, as she took his throbbing penis and slid it up into her warm moist cunt. "I'm on top of you Davie, dominating you the way you like it. I've got your penis up in me, it can't escape; it doesn't want to escape. You love the feel of my weight, pinning you helpless on your back. You can feel my power over you and accept it. I'm fucking you, Davie, my pet. As I ride up and down on your cock, moving it in and out of my pussy, you are slipping deeper under my control. I will fuck you until you can no longer think. Only feel... feel so sleepy... feel so good to get fucked... to sleep. Fucked... to sleep. Fucked..." The last thing he remembered was his come spurting up into Claire's pussy. Then blackness.

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