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Working After Hours


Christie was on the 30-th floor of a modern high-rise office tower, only a floor below the plush and universally famous restaurant that the building was known for. Although she had never been there, The Mile High, with its pseudo aircraft type seating and servers dressing like airhostesses or stewards was the hottest restaurant in town. The Maitre D, it was said, wore a pilot's uniform, complete with wings on his chest, peaked hat, and four gold stripes on his cuffs. She halfheartedly wondered if the food tasted like airline food.

Clutching her purse and folder with her resume, diploma, letters of commendation and references, she walked from the elevator to Suite 3013 glancing at her watch, Thursday 2:55 PM, thankfully she was a good five minutes early. She stood before the Glass doors of Jacob Klein Inc. Attorneys at Law. The Glass doors were not imposing neither was the reception area, however the woman who sat behind the desk talking on the telephone was. The only way to describe the blond, blue-green eyed woman, who sat behind the desk looking at Christie, was to say she could be Uma Thurman's identical twin sister.

The woman, Christie judged was in her mid twenties or early thirties, Christie, who was, tall for a woman at 5'11", could easily see the top of the seated woman's head, the blond hair was natural all right, all the way down to the roots, and was just below shoulder in length, slightly wavy, it was brushed and held back with tortoiseshell combs, and fell to just below her shoulders. She waived her in, while speaking on the phone.

After holding her hand over the receiver, "Hi," she said, her voice low and husky, almost breathless, as if she smoked a hundred cigarettes a day, "you must be Christie, and I'll be with you in a second, take a seat in my office." She pointed to a closed door with a discreet brass nameplate, Julia Warren, on it.

Christie, nodded and went inside the office, she sat and looked about her, the walls were, as with most law offices, lined with law books, Julia's well used unmatched leather-bound books lined the lengths of two opposing walls, behind the desk were her diplomas and a picture of Julia and an holding hands, with a woman Christie took to be her mother and a large window that gave an uninterrupted vista of the city. Her desk was the neatest Christie had ever seen in a law office, it was devoid of scattered files, dirty coffee cups and overflowing ashtrays. Behind her, centrally on the wall next to the door was a large oil painting of the woman Christie thought was her mother in the photograph with Julia, dressed in burgundy gown, whose untied top almost displayed large unfettered breasts.

Julia walked into her office; Christie was surprised to see she was much taller than she was. Her shapely legs were well displayed due to a short, above mid-thigh bottle-green skirt, and low comfortable heeled open toed shoes. As Julia slid onto the high-backed executive chair behind the desk, Christie noticed her eyes, they were the color of the sea, as seen from space, liquid blue-green, with long lashes, her brows matched her long blonde hair. Pink blush matched her eyeliner and her wide lips were coated in soft coral lip-gloss. Julia wore white starched blouse, with pearl buttons; the top three were undone. She had beautifully sculpted shoulders but almost no breasts, and, while the blouse accentuated the exquisite planes and bones of her shoulders, it also advertised the flatness of her chest; Christie doubted Julia ever needed to wear a bra. The short skirt had ridden up as she sat, fleetingly Christie wondered if she wore panties.

"I'm Julia Warren, now I've read your resume, and frankly, I'm very impressed." She said, smiling.

Christie smiled too, "Thank you, I've brought my diploma, references, and personal commendations from my previous firm." She said, handing over the documents.

Julia looked through the diploma, references and hand written commendations, re-reading one or two. "Although you have a law degree, you have not practiced, why?" she asked. "I wanted to be a lawyer, I scraped by with an average pass, I took the bar exam, and looked for a job, but I discovered I could earn more being the assistant to an attorney than practicing myself. An junior associate at S&M earns $60,000.00 per year, I can earn the same working for a senior associate or junior partner without all the pressure they are under." She answered.

"Why did you leave Sinclair & McMillan?" she asked bluntly.

The sudden question caught her almost off guard. Should she tell the truth, or stick to the official version, she hesitated, then continued with the lie, "I worked for an associate who got fired, I did not think my staying there would do any good, I felt that his getting fired tainted me professionally. I was assigned to a job with far less responsibility after he left, and did not think that I had much of a career left at S&M even though the office manager, Michelle Collins, that's her recommendation there," she pointed to one of the papers in front of Julia", assured me that I was in no way accountable, for his actions." The pang of betrayal and later the hurt that set in remained a bitter reminder, and she blinked at the memory before looking into Julia's probing eyes.

"I see," she said, "you have the experience and qualifications I need, and you are asking for a salary I can match, you have excellent references, I'd be a fool not to hire you, but I feel there's something you're not telling me. I have two more applicants to interview, lets meet my partner Jake, if he's available and we'll take it from there.

She pressed a button on her phone, "Uncle Jake, do you have a second?" she asked. "For you Julie I have all day", came the response. Seconds later Jacob Klein walked into the office, flapping his arms, "Sit, sit! " He said simetically to both women as they started to rise. Jacob Klein was one of the most famous lawyers in the country; he had won many headline cases for his clients against sometimes impossible odds. His practice was small; each of his associates had a specialty. The firm won far more cases than they lost.

"Jacob Klein," Julia introduced, "meet Christie Sanders, an applicant for my PA position".

Julia held the references up to him, he glanced at them nodding, "Pleased to meet you Christie," he said holding out his hand. "Jules is not my only partner but also my niece. You seem well qualified for the position, I leave the choice up to her, after all, she is the one you'd be working with" he responded guardedly.

Christie, still seated, shook his outstretched hand. He smiled, winked at Julia and left the office as quickly as he entered.

Julia smiled at Jacob Klein's back fondly, as he left her office. "As I said I have two more applicants to interview, I'll let you know my decision by Friday Afternoon, thank you so much for coming in." she said. Christie, rose gathered her papers from the desk, put them in the manilla folder, leaving it tidily on Julia's desk, "Thank you for seeing me, Ms Warren, If I am not your choice please mail me back my papers, I have left a self addressed envelope inside, these are the originals, I didn't think to make copies.

She made for the door, not stopping as she left.

The phone was ringing as she unlocked the door to her apartment. Julia Warren was on the other end. "I have spoken to Sinclair & McMillan. Mrs. Michelle Collins was very frank. She said to say she regrets what happened. The real reason you left them is because you are a lesbian, you were in an office romance with her; out of fear for her own position in the firm, and being married, she decided to end it. The day she broke off the relationship with you, you resigned. You left them in good standing though. If you never lie to me again, can you start on Monday?" she asked.

Christie's heart was pumping so fast it was hard to speak, "Yes certainly, of course, what time would you like me to be there?" she asked.

"I like to start early, 8:30 will be perfect" Julia Answered, the phone went dead before she could frame a reply.

The alarm woke Christie early, after showering and drying her curly dark hair she stared at her closet deciding for the one-millionth time what to wear. Eventually, she slipped into a pair of plain frill-less white silk panties, and a matching under-wire bra that both pushed up and supported her full 34D breasts She pulled on a knee high brown cotton skirt, and beige blouse, leaving only the top two buttons undone. She completed the ensemble with a brown leather purse and matching spiked heels before leaving her apartment.

The doors to the elevator slid noiselessly open at precisely 8:20 and Christie made her way to the door, which was open. It was not Julia at the reception desk, though. The pretty young woman sitting at the reception desk looked up, smiled in query, "Can I help you?" she asked.

"I'm Christie Sanders, I am starting today." She answered.

"Oh, yah, PA for Julia?" she queried, "Yes, go on in to her office, she's waiting for you." She responded, pointing to Julia's closed door.

Christie knocked with more confidence than she actually felt.

Julia was dressed similarly to when she was interviewing, this time the blouse was gray silk, and the skirt black. Her lips were coated in mauve lip-gloss but her blush and eyeliner were the original hue of soft pink. Her wavy blonde hair was tied back with a maroon velvet ribbon.

"Glad you made it Christie, lets get started." She said from her desk.

Christie spent most of her time when she was awake, with, or working for her boss. Julia was tactical and virtually ruthless in court, her clients were mainly women, the majority of whom were openly gay. The verdicts in Julia's favor vastly outnumbered those against. Christie was often asked to work late and or at odd hours. Within days, Christie was completely devoted to her smart, efficient beautiful boss. By the end of her first month, Christie would gladly have given Julia anything she wanted. Christie strove to please, although the women were close as employer and employee could be, Christie was terrified to admit she was crazy in love with her sexy boss, however, neither had broken the personal barrier.

About six months after she began working with Julia she was woken early one Saturday morning by the ringing of the phone. She and Julia had been working late Friday night on something trivial that could easily have waited until regular work time on Monday. It had irked her somewhat that she had been kept so late, it seemed that Julia was preoccupied with something, as her mind often wondered and the direction she took with the business at hand often changed direction or faltered. Finally she had gotten home and crawled into bed at 3:00 AM. It was just after sunrise, groggily she answered, it was Julia, could she come into the office as soon as possible, something urgent had come up.

As it was Saturday and not an official work day she chose not to wear work clothes, instead she quickly dressed into a pair of designer jeans and low necked blue t-shirt, leaving her lush breasts free of a bra, she grabbed a matching denim jacket after she brushed her teeth and hair and made her way to the office, putting on her make up as she rode the subway.

The glass front door to the office was locked, she knocked, Julia unlocked the door, she was still wearing the same clothes she had been in last night, an aqua-marine short skirt now rumpled, was almost the exact color of her eyes, her blouse was crème, with mother-of-pearl studs instead of buttons, with the usual three top three undone, her beautiful hair was hanging loose and disheveled, carelessly hand brushed back and held back with a few misplaced hairpins, obviously she had not gone home.

She followed Julia into the office, which she closed and locked. "Christie," she said, "When you came to work for me I asked that you never lie to me, do you remember?"

"Yes, Julia, I remember, and I never have, I promise" Christie answered truthfully.

Julia nodded, "Then answer me this, why don't you find me attractive, or was that fling you had with that damned Michelle Collins a one off thing? Are you just toying with me?"

"Oh my god! Julia, of course I find you attractive. How can you even ask me that? I am totally crazy in love with you! I have been from the first day I met you here in this very office" Christie answered hotly." I just thought you were straight, and I don't want just another office romance. After the fiasco with Michelle I want it all, out in the open, no secret meetings for a quick thrill or feel in the filing room, or half a night of guilty sex seedy motel. I want to go home and sleep with you every night."

"You thought I was straight, holy shit girl, ninety nine percent of my clients are gay, I'm the lesbian specialist in this firm, fuck!" She swore again, her wide mobile mouth set in a huge grin. "So you want it all, eh? Come here!" she ordered inviting Christie into her arms.

Christie moved willingly into her arms, their bodies melding, her large breasts pressing against Julia's small ones, her hands in moved into the lustrous blond hair, Julia's hands were all over Christie, their mouths sucking tongues probing, Julia's hands wandered over Christie's body, questing and feeling at her ribs, slinking under her thin blue t-shirt, feeling her heavy breasts, kneading the warm willing flesh as they continued to lock lips in a never ending passion filled kiss. Christie's right hand moved under Julia's blue skirt, and yes, the long awaited answer to her first thought concerning Julia's underwear was, yes, Julia wore no underwear.

Julia disengaged herself, and seated herself on the corner of her uncluttered desk, rucking up her short skirt exposing her pussy to her eager personal assistant for the first time, Christie almost lunged between Julia's wide spread knees, sinking her head down to Julia's pussy. Julia's pussy was covered in long, really dense curls, her thick loose lips hung long and droopily through the tight bush, now covered in sweet smelling dew, above the wet oozing gash standing proud of the folds, approximately the same size as the final digit of her thumb was her clit. Christie's mouth was drawn to this, she puckered her lips and sucked hard, Julia bucked, pulling free.

"Don't do that! I cum if you do that." She panted.

Christie lunged forward and continued to suck the proud little digit noisily, while her fingers roughly fucked Julie, using her hand like a spear, impaling Julie as far as her four fingers could travel inside Julie's wet, warm wanton cunt. Julie began to breath deeply through her nose, she spread her knees almost unnaturally wide, Her thighs began to twitch, and then, she squealed, her hands digging into her lover's hair. Christie's mouth was filled as she sucked. dew oozing from Julie's finger fucked cunt, her clit throbbed twitching in time with the beating of her racing heart, cum filled Julie's mouth from the pulsing penis-like clit.

Julie sprawled back, breathing deep, shuddering, Christie clambered after her, and snuggled close, her head on Julie's heaving chest, she could hear and feel Julie's heart beating.

Her heart rate began to regain some normality, still lying on her back on her leather-bound desk, with Christie's beautiful face resting on her chest, she stroked her face and jaw, her warmth, the heaviness of her breasts, she slid her fingers over these wonderful orbs. She reached down and pulled the skimpy blue tank top over Christies head, letting the tits free, she fingered each large pink nipple, they were already rubbery hard, now they puckered and the tips grew heated, almost desperately she reached down and silently cursed Christie for choosing jeans, she struggled briefly with the button before pulling off her tight pants and panties together.

Christie's pussy was completely hairless, her excitement had began to show, the slim tight outer lips were shining with a musky sweet smelling dew, she held her breath as Julie's one had left her engorged nipple and crabbed downwards over her belly, down to her waiting pussy, automatically, her thighs opened invitingly, Julie's hand cupped Christie's pussy, which she squeezed possessively, before spreading the outer lips allowing the cool morning air into her superheated core, two fingers spread the labia, gentle fingertips traced tight circles around Christie's clit, without warning, she slid her thumb into Christie's cunt, it felt like wet cloying velvet, she used her thumb like it was a penis, she fished it side to side, in and out, toying and teasing, while her finger continued to circle her aching clit, she wanted to cum, she needed to cum, the pounding in her head reached a fever. Julie pinched her nipple savagely; torturing and pulling the trapped flesh between thumb and fore finger, bring on her orgasm. It came exploding like a volcano, deep inside her belly, each swipe of Julie's fingertips around her clit made her shiver, she began to bite her bottom lip as the tickle built into something she had no control over, it came like a freight train, smashing everything before it until she screamed, her body convulsing, every fiber of her being touching heaven. The aftershocks were just as delicious, she lay sated as her lover stroked and loved her.

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